The Swanner name is thought to be of German derivation.  It is seen spelled Schwanner, Swaner and is possibly the same name as Swanger or Schwanger. 


            There was a Johannes Schwanner who came to America from the Palatine on board the ship “Friendship” who came to Pennsylvania on 20 Sep 1738.  Palatine later became part of Germany.  According to Alvin K. Swonger, who is researching this family name, Johannes Schwanner and his descendants stayed in Pennsylvania.  Johannes owned an Inn in Chester County, Pennsylvania.


            Alvin Swonger feels that the “Smokey Mountain” branch of the Swanner family are descendants of 

Jacob Schwanger.  Jacob Schwanger was the pioneer of this family in Pennsylvania.   These records can be seen of the internet at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/w/o/Alvin-K-Swonger/GENE9-0001.htm    Jacob Schwanger was born in Aberschviller, Lorraine, Germany on 14 Oct 1714.  This area of Germany is now in France.  Jacob married Maria Susanna Leyenberger, the daughter of Paulus and Susanna (Welschhans) Leyenbergder.  Jacob died about 1788 in Middleton, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania and his wife Maria also died in Pennsylvania some time after 1877.  Jacob Schwanger was a lineweaver and after he immigrated to Pennsylvania he became a farmer.  Jacob Schwanger signed his oath of allegiance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 10 Oct 1747.  The name in America was often spelled Swanger.  Their first daughter born in America on 22 Oct 1749 was christened in the church at Tulpehocken in Berks County, Pennsylvania and was named Anna Maria Schwanger.  By 1757 Jacob and family had moved to Schafferstown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and he purchased property in 1775 in West Pennsboro, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Jacob and Maria Schwanger had children:


                                    Paulus Schwanger born 05 Aug 1736 in Helleringen, Loraine, Germany

                                    Peter Schwanger born 29 May 1740 in Helleringen

                                    Maria Magdalena Schwanger born 01 Jan 1741/42 in Helleringen

                                    Jacob Schwanger born 05 May 1743 in Helleringen

                                    Isaac Schwanger born 25 Nov 1744 in Helleringen

                                    Catharina Schwnager born 19 Oct 1746 in Helleringen

                                    Anna Maria Schwanger born 22 Oct 1749 in Tulpehocken, Berks Co. Pennsylvania

                                    Eva Elizabeth Schwanger born 26 Aug 1751 in Tulpehocken

                                    Michael Schwanger born about 1753

                                    Abraham Schwanger born 16 Feb 1757 in Schafferstown, Lancaster Co. PA


            Jacob Schwanger married Anna Maria Schmid.  Their Children were:


                                    Philip Schwanger born about 1770

                                    Barbara Schwanger born 18 Mar 1771 in Berks County, Pennsylvania

                                    Anna Maria Schwanger born about 1772

                                    John Jacob Schwanger born 25 Apr 1773 in Berks County

                                    Christina Schwanger born about 1774

                                    Elizabeth Ann Schwanger born 28 Apr 1778 in Berks County


It is this John Jacob Schwanger that Alvin Swonger believes is the ancestor of the Smokey Mountain branch of the Swanner family.  This name is seen spelled Swanner and Swanger in these early Tennessee records.


            John Swanger lived in Carter County, Tennessee as early as 1796 and died about 1819 in Washington County, Tennessee.  John Swanger married Violet Boring.  Violet was the daughter of Absolom and Nancy (Miller) Boring.  Their children were:


                                    John Swanger born about 1791

                                    Mary Swanger born about 1795

                                    Nancy Swanger born about 1799

                                    Jacob Swanger born about 1800

                                    Joshua Swanger born about 1802 in Tennessee

                                    Phillip Swanger born about 1805 in Tennessee

                                    Joseph Swanger born about 1809 in Tennessee 

                                    Catherine Swanger born in Tennessee

                                    Robert Swanger born after 1810 in Tennessee



Joseph Swanger/Swanner married Susannah (Susan) Wilson in Cater County, Tennessee on 11 Nov 1832.

The marriage license reads:


                                    State of Tennessee

                                    Carter County              To any Licensed minister of the Gospel, or any Justice of the peace for said County By virtue of the power & authority in me Vested I do Authorize you or any of you to celebrate & perform the rights of matrimony Between Joseph Swanner & Susan Wilson.  Given under my hand this 11th day of November 1832

                                                                                                            Geo, Williams Clk


            Joseph and Susannah (Wilson) Swanner had children:


                                                Amon Swanner born abt. 1831

                                                Mary Swanger born abt. 1835

                                                Malinda Swanner born abt. 1837

                                                Lucinda Swanner born abt. 1842

                                                Joseph D. Swanner born abt 1844

                                                Sarah Swanger born abt. 1845

                                                Rachael A. M. Swanner born abt 1852

                                                Julia C. Swanner born abt. 1852


This name is spelled both as Swanner and as Swanger in these Tennessee records.


            The 1830 census of Carter County, Tennessee reveals:


                                                Swanner, Joshua and family

                                                Swanner, Philip and family

                                                Swanner, Wytt and family


            The 1840 census of Carter County, Tennessee reveals:


                                                Swaner, Joshua and family


            The 1850 census of Carter County, Tennessee reveals only:


                                                Swanger, Joshua 50 years of age and living alone


            The 1850 census of Washington County, Tennessee reveals:


                                                Swanner, Joseph 47 years of age Farmer

                                                Swanner, Susannah 45 years of age

                                                Swanner, Amon 17 years of age

                                                Swanner, Mary 13 years of age

                                                Swanner, Vilinda 13 years of age (twin?)

                                                Swanner, Lucinda 12 years of age

                                                Swanner, Joseph 7 years of age

                                                Swanner, Sarah A. 5 years of age

                                                Swanner, Rachan 1 year of age

Next door was his brother:

                                                Swanner, Phil 50 years of age Blacksmith

                                                Swanner, John 23 years of age Farmer

                                                Swanner, Jacob Ul 13 years of age

                                                Swanner, Benjamin 12 years of age

                                                Swanner, Samuel 10 years of age

                                                Swanner, Ann E. 6 years of age

                                                Swanner, Lea R. 4 years of age

                                                Swanner, Wm Henry 2 years of age     


There was also listed 3 houses away:

Swanner, Sarah 35 years of age who was living with the Mordecai Price family


            Lucinda Swanner married Joel Hamrick on 08 Feb 1858 in Washington County, Tennessee.  This name is also spelled Hambrick.  Their children were:


                                                William Hambrick born about 1859

                                                David Hambrick born about 1860

                                                James Hambrick born about 1867

Their marriage records read:


State Of Tennessee – Washington County.

To Any Regular Mintier Of The Gospel, Judge or Justice Of The Peace.

                                    I Do hereby empower you, to solemnize the rites, of MARRIAGE between

Joel Hamrick and Lucinda Swanner and join them together as Husband and Wife, in the holy estate of Matrimony: and this license to office endorsed by you, with the date of such marriage, within six months.  Witness: Henry Hoss Clerk of the County Court of said County, at office in Jonesboro this 8th day of Feb 1858


On the back of this record you can read:


                                                            No 1449

                                                            Marriage License

                                                            Joel Hamrich


                                                            Lucinda Swanner

                                                            Executed by me

                                                            On the 8 of Feb


                                                                    J. D. Price                                                                     

                                                                    J Peace



            Joel Hamrick/Hambrick is shown as having served during the Civil war with the Confederate troops in the 60th Regiment of the Tennessee Infantry in Company F.  This company was from Washington County.  Also in this company was Amon and Joseph Swanner, his brother-in-laws.  There was also a John Swanner, a Joseph Hambrick in this same company.  There was also a James Falmbrick in Company F.  It is easy to see how and uncrossed cursive H may have looked like a Fl.  I believe this is actually a James Hambrick. 


            The 1870 census of Washington County, Tennesse reveals:


                                                Swanner, Joseph 65 years of age Farmer

                                                             , Susannah 60 years of age Keeping House

                                                             , Lucinda 27 years of age At Home

                                                             ,Rachel 22 years of age

                                                Hambrick, William 12 years of age Works on farm

                                                               , David 11 years of age Works on farm

                                                               , James 2 years of age

                                                Swanner, Joseph 26 years of age Farmer

                                                             , Eliza A. 23 years of age Keeping house

                                                             , Frank 3 years of age At home

                                                             , …ora E. 5 months old (female)


All were living in the same household.  This Lucinda was the wife of Joel Hambrick and these Hambrick children are his sons.  This is just after the Civil War and something had apparently happened to Joel Hambrick.  From the dates of birth Joel Hambrick apparently survived the Civil War as his son James was born in 1867/68.  Rachael A. M. Swanner had married Joseph Daugherty on 01 Apr 1867 in Washington County, Tennessee and they had a son born about 1870.  It is interesting that she also is living back at home in this census and since her son is not listed she may have been expecting at this time.


            The 1880 census of Carter County, Tennesse shows that Joseph Swanner had moved.  In district #5 of Carter County, Tennessee you can find:                           


                                                Swanner, Joseph 70 years of age Farmer

                                                Swanner, Susannah 60 years of age Keeping House

                                                Daugherty, James 10 year old grandson

Next door are:

                                                Hambrick, David 20 years of age Day Laborer

                                                Hambrick, Susannah 21 years of age


David Hambrick was the son of Joel and Lucinda (Swanner) Hambrick/Hamrick.  Also living three houses away are:

                                                Jestus, Harry 39 years of age Works on farm

                                                Jestus, Martha M. 43 years of age Keeps House

                                                Jestus, Isaac R. 9 years of age

                                                Jestus, Mary A. 5 years of age

                                                Jestus, Steven 72 years of age Father Works on farm

                                                Navy, Elias 23 years of age Step-son Works on farm

                                                Navy, William E. 19 years of age Step-son Works on farm


This is Martha M. Navey the widow of John Jackson Navey who was killed during the Civil War.  Martha Navy remarried James H. Justice in Carter County, Tennesse in 1869.  This is Susannah Navey’s family.  Susannah Navey married David Hambrick on 11 Dec 1879 in Carter County and are living next door to his grandfather, Joseph Swanner in 1880.  David and Susannah (Navey) Hambrick moved on to Randolph County, Arkansas with the Navy brothers about 1890. 


David Hambrick married Susannah Navey and they had a son Thad Hambrick.


Their son Thad Hambrick married Gussie Rapert and had a daughter, Arvena Hambrick


Their daughter Arvena Hambrick married Harold E. Brackett


Their son, William Brackett married in Lakeside, Michigan on 10 Oct 1970 Jane R. Hauch