The Swindle name is believed to be English. It is said to mean "one who came from Swindale" a chapelry in the parish of Shap in northern Englandís county of Westmoreland. The original meaning of the name is thought to be derived from a dale or dell where swine were raised or perhaps a haunt of wild boars.

The family claims a coat of arms, which has a boarís head and two crossed blue swords with gold hilts on a silver shield.

There was a William Swindell who was born before 1584 in England and was killed in an Indian massacre in Virginia. He died on Captain Berkley's plantation about 60 miles from Jamestown, Virginia in 1624.

In Cheshire, England on 08 Oct 1578 a William Swyndles married Margery Barber. On 10 Dec 1598 in Cheshire, England a William Swindles married Izabell Hiberte. On 29 May 1610 in Cheshire England a William Swindles married Elizabeth Mallbone. There are several others by this name in Cheshire. William Swindles and Isabell Hiberte had sons, Thomas Swindle and Daniel Swindle.

In a muster taken 30 Jan 1624 there is a Thomas Swinhow (Swindell) who was reported as having arrived on the "Diana" and living in the maine of the Corporation of James City, Virginia. There was a Thomas Swindell who arrived in Westmoreland County, Virginia in 1654. It has been indicated that Thomas Swindell moved to the eastern shore of Virginia. There was also a Daniel Swindell in this same area as mentioned as tithables in that county in 1666. Thomas Swindell had a son named John Swindell who married the daughter of George Willis. George Willis gave the couple a cow in 1668. John and ... (Willis) Swindell lived in North Hampton, Virginia and he died in North Carolina 1750. Thomas Swindell, who arrived in Westmoreland County, Virginia in 1654, was an indentured servant and John Walton and John Baynol who were Virginian "Planters" paid his transport. John Swindell was still on the eastern shore of Virginia as late as 1700 when he witnessed the will of John Tilney of Nassawaddox.

In 1702 John Swindell moved into Bath County, North Carolina and in that same year proved headrights to 240 acres. This John Swindell may have been the father to Thomas Swindell. In 1729 there was a Thomas Swindell who was a cooper from Beauford Precinct of Bath County North Carolina. Thomas Swindell purchased 100 acres on the north side of the Pamlico River from James Singleton.

There was a Timothy Swindle in Culpepper County, Virginia in the 1770's. This area was settled by Germans but it is believed that this Timothy Swindle was not German.

Timothy Swindle married Rebecca Crease (Crees, Crest, Criece, Greys) who was clearly German. Rebecca Crease's family was from Wurttemberg in what was to become Germany. Timothy and Rebecca Swindle had children:

Sarah Swindle m. Frederick Baumgardner

Michael Swindle m. Elizabeth Utz

John Swindle m. Hannah Weaver

George Swindle m. Hannah Cornelius

Rebecca Swindle m. John Fray

It is obvious that the Swindle family came from England possibly as early as 1624. They settled in Virginia, moved into North Carolina by 1702, into Tennessee by 1815 and later into Arkansas by 1860.

John Swindle married Mary McPherson, the daughter of William McPherson, about 1696 in Lower Norfolk, Currtuck County, Virginia. Some of their sons were:

Timothy Swindle

John Swindle

Parker Swindle b. abt 1730 in Hyde County, N. C.

Josiah Swindle

William Swindle

Zedekiah Swindle

Josiah Swindle was born about 1732 in Albermarie, Hyde County, North Carolina. He signed his will on 07May 1804. His estate was probated in 1806. He left mechanic tools equally divided among sons, furniture to daughters and most of his estate to his wife, Ester. Josiah Swindle was married at least three times. The name of his first wife is not known but they had a son:

Caleb Swindle

Josiah Swindle married 2nd Sarah ... . They had sons:

Samuel Swindle

Abraham Swindle

Josiah Swindle married 3rd Ester ... . They had children:

Robert Swindle

Ananias Swindle b. 1758 in Hyde County, North Carolina

Willis Swindle

Marget Swindle born 1764 in Hyde County, North Carolina

Pricilla Swindle

Delilah Swindle

Ann Swindle

Elizabeth Swindle

Samuel Swindle was born about 1754 in Hyde County, North Carolina. He died about 1807 in the same county. Samuel is believed to have moved to Bladean County, North Carolina from Hyde County in the late 1700's. Samuel Swindle married Mary ... . Samuel and Mary Swindle had children:

Willis Swindle

Samuel Swindle

Henry Swindle b. abt. 1776

James Swindle

James Swindle was born about 1777 in North Carolina. He died in 1850 in Tennessee. James Swindle married Mary Howe, the daughter of Job Howe Jr.. They were married on 08 Mar 1808 in North Carolina. Mary Swindle died in Tennessee. William and Angelina Swindle were living in Arkansas in 1860. Mary Swindle died before 25 Jan 1825 as her estate was probated on that date. James and Mary Swindle had children:

Thomas Swindle

Seth Swindle b. abt. 1810

William E. Swindle

Nathan Swindle b. abt 1813

Thomas Swindle was born 02 Feb 1811 in North Carolina. He died 29 May 1904 in Benton County, Tennessee. Thomas Swindle came to Tennesse with his parents when he was four years of age ( 1815). Thomas Swindle lived in Gismunda, Tennessee for over sixty years. When Thomas died he was reportedly 93 years, 3 months and 20 days old and was the oldest man in the county. Thomas Swindle was a Methodist and member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South and was licensed to "exhort", which is to preach, about 1850-1860. Thomas Swindle married 1st Miriam Anderson, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Anderson, on 15 Jan 1833. Thomas Swindle was Justice of the Peace in Benton County, Tennesee in 1869. Thomas and Miriam Swindle had children:

William Anderson Swindle

Louisa C. Swindle

Felissa Ann Swindle b. abt. 1836

John S. Swindle

Isaac Harrison Swindle b. abt 1838

James Eli Swindle

Green P. Swindle b. abt. 1840

Asa E. Swindle b. abt. 1843

Thomas Swindle married 2nd Nancy F. Harris on 12 Jul 1873 and they had children:

Mary A. P. Swindle

Isabella Swindle

Doctor Bennet Swindle

Clark M. (Martin) Swindle

Louellen Swindle

Enoch Hawkins Swindle

William Anderson Swindle was born 18 Jan 1834 in Benton County, Tennessee which was Humphreys County at that time. He died 26 Jan 1914 in Randolph County, Arkansas. William A. Swindle was a farmer and trader. William A. Swindle married 1st Angelina Smith on 10 Nov 1850 in Benton County, Tennessee. Angelina was the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Lewis) Smith. William A. and Angelina Swindle were living in Arkansas in 1860. Angelina Swindle died in Randolph County, Arkansas in 1860. William A. Swindle volunteered in the Civil War from Arkansas in 1863 under Captain William Black and Colonel Shaver. William A. Swindle was in battles in Missouri and Siloam, Arkansas. In 1864 William A. Swindle returned to Tennessee and lived there until 1911 when he returned to Arkansas to live with his son, Dr. William T. Swindle. William A. and Angelina Swindle had children:

Dr. William T. Swindle

Anna A. Swindle

Paralee Swindle

William A. Swindle married 2nd Mary Lewis on 20 Jul 1864. Mary Lewis was born in Benton County, Tennessee 06 Oct 1840 and died in Randolph County, Arkansas on 23 Aug 1905. William A. and Mary Swindle had children:

Arty Swindle b. 18 Jul 1865

Ada E. Swindle b. 10 Jul 1871

Isabelle B. Swindle

Ida Swindle

Dr. William Thomas Swindle was born in Benton County, Tennessee on 13 Mar 1854. He died 04 Aug 1924 in Middlebrook, Randolph County, Arkansas. In Benton County, Tennessee he married Vandora Hatley on 11 Dec 1873. Vandora was Victoria Vandora Hatley, the only child of Wyley and Leah (Nowell) Hatley. Vandora Hatley was born 11 Dec 1858 and died in Maynard, Randolph County, Arkansas on 12 Feb 1924. Dr. William T. and Vandora Swindle had ten children:

Nancy Elizabeth Swindle m. Daniel Odom

Larken Leonard Swindle m. Annie Green

Uler or Ula Balkus Swindle m. John Francis Rapert

Arcus Eli Swindle m. Effie Jones

Anderson Horace Swindle m. Bell Curtis

Pizoler Belle Swindle m. Felix Johnson

Dovie Dee Swindle m. Frank Luter

Warner Thurman Swindle m. Ethel Lindsey

Izra Swindle died young

Tula Swindle m. Patrick Parker

Dr. William T. Swindle traveled back and forth between Benton County, Tennessee and Randolph County, Arkansas where he practiced medicine.

There is an interesting story passed down by Arvena Hambrick Brackett concerning her grandmother Ula Balkus Swindle. Arvena says her grandmother "chewed tobacco and that she would sit on the porch and spit it out into the street". It should be understood that this was a rural area and the street was a dirt path.

*According to another family historian a family Bible records Ula Balkus Swindle as Uler Balkus Swindle. My mother, her granddaughter, says her name was Ula?

Ula (Uler) Blakus Swindle married John Francis Rapert in Randolph County, Arkansas.

Their daughter Gussie Rapert married Thad Hambrick in Randolph County, Arkansas.

Their daughter Arvena Ula Hambrick married 2nd Harold Earl Brackett in 1947 in Berrien County, Michigan.

Their son William Brackett married Jane Hauch in Lakeside, Berrien County, Michigan in 1970.