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Ancestors of Barbara Winifred JENKINS

      2206. Luke HITCHCOCK, born Abt. 1614 in Marlborough, WILTS, England895; died November 01, 1659 in Wethersfield, HARTFORD , CT895. He was the son of 4412. John HIDCOCKES and 4413. Mary FRANKLIN. He married 2207. Elizabeth GIBBONS Abt. 1640895.

      2207. Elizabeth GIBBONS, died April 26, 1696 in Springfield, , MA895.
Child of Luke HITCHCOCK and Elizabeth GIBBONS is:
  1103 i.   Hannah HITCHCOCK, born Abt. 1645 in Wethersfield, HARTFORD, CT; died August 31, 1733; married Chileab SMITH October 02, 1661.

      2208. James EGGLESTON, died March 30, 1613 in Settrington, YORKS, England896. He married 2209. Julianna HARKER.

      2209. Julianna HARKER896, died Unknown.
Child of James EGGLESTON and Julianna HARKER is:
  1104 i.   Bygod EGGLESTON, born Abt. 1586 in Settrington, YORKS, England; died September 01, 1674 in Windsor, HARTFORD, CT; married (1) Mary TALCOTT; married (2) <Unnamed>.

      2214. Roger BRONSON, born Abt. 1576 in Earl's Colne, ESSEX, England897; died Abt. 1635 in Aldham, ESSEX, England897. He was the son of 4428. John BROWNSON and 4429. Joan. He married 2215. Mary UNDERWOOD May 12, 1600.

      2215. Mary UNDERWOOD, born Abt. 1576 in Lamarsh, ESSEX, England897; died Abt. 1623 in Earl's Colne, ESSEX, England897. She was the daughter of 4430. John UNDERWOOD.

More About Roger BRONSON:
Baptism: September 15, 1576, Earl's Colne, ESSEX, England897

More About Mary UNDERWOOD:
Baptism: February 02, 1575/76, Lamarsh, ESSEX, England897
Burial: March 18, 1622/23, Earl's Colne, ESSEX, England897
Child of Roger BRONSON and Mary UNDERWOOD is:
  1107 i.   Mary BRONSON, born Abt. 1622 in Earl's Colne, ESSEX, England; died Bef. 1670 in Hartford, , CT; married Nicholas DISBROUGH April 02, 1640.

      2220. John Hall, born 1584 in Kent, , England898; died May 26, 1673 in Middletown, MIDDLESEX, CT898. He married 2221. Esther.

      2221. Esther, died Unknown.
Child of John Hall and Esther is:
  1110 i.   Richard Hall, born Abt. 1620 in England; died March 27, 1691 in Middletown, MIDDLESEX, CT; married Mary.

      3200. Thomas Stevens, died Unknown. He was the son of 6400. Anthony Stevens and 6401. Katherine Broke. He married 3201. Mary Walle.

      3201. Mary Walle, died Unknown.
Child of Thomas Stevens and Mary Walle is:
  1600 i.   Thomas Stevens, died Unknown.

      3456. John(3) KNIGHT, born 1587 in Romsey, Hampshire, England899; died May 1670 in Newbury, MA899. He was the son of 6912. William KNIGHT and 6913. Elizabeth CARTER. He married 3457. Sarah HAWKINS 1615.

      3457. Sarah HAWKINS, died Bet. 1622 - 1623 in Romsey, England900.

More About John(3) KNIGHT:
Baptism: January 30, 1594/95, Romsey Abbey, England901
Child of John(3) KNIGHT and Sarah HAWKINS is:
  1728 i.   John(2) KNIGHT, born May 14, 1622 in Romsey, Hampshire, England; died February 27, 1677/78 in Newbury, MA; married Bathsheba INGERSOLL 1647 in Newbury, MA.

      3458. Richard INGERSOLL, born in Sandy's, Bedfordshire,England; died 1644 in Salem, MA901. He married 3459. Ann LANGLEY October 20, 1616 in England902.

      3459. Ann LANGLEY, born 1595902; died July 30, 1677 in Newbury, MA902.

More About Richard INGERSOLL:
England Connect: Sandy's, Bedfordshire, England

Marriage Notes for Richard INGERSOLL and Ann LANGLEY:
Sailed from Geavesend, England on the Mayflower in Mar 1629 and arrived in Pylymouth, MA May 15, 1629. Knight, Descendants of John Knight p. 11
Child of Richard INGERSOLL and Ann LANGLEY is:
  1729 i.   Bathsheba INGERSOLL, born 1622 in Sandys, Bedfordshire, England; died October 24, 1705 in Newbury, MA; married John(2) KNIGHT 1647 in Newbury, MA.

      3472. Nathaniel(1) MERRILL, died March 16, 1654/55. He was the son of 6944. Nathaniel(2) MERRILL and 6945. Mary BLACKSOLL. He married 3473. Susannah JORDAN.

      3473. Susannah JORDAN, died Unknown.
Child of Nathaniel(1) MERRILL and Susannah JORDAN is:
  1736 i.   Abel(3) MERRILL, born February 20, 1642/43; died October 28, 1689; married Priscilla CHASE February 10, 1670/71 in Newbury, MA.

      3474. Aquila(1) CHASE, born 1618 in Newbury; died December 27, 1670 in Newbury, MA. He was the son of 6948. Aquila(2) Chase and 6949. Martha Jelliman. He married 3475. Anne WHEELER.

      3475. Anne WHEELER, died April 21, 1687. She was the daughter of 6950. John WHEELER and 6951. Anne YEOMAN.
Children of Aquila(1) CHASE and Anne WHEELER are:
  1737 i.   Priscilla CHASE, died Unknown; married Abel(3) MERRILL February 10, 1670/71 in Newbury, MA.
  ii.   Thomas Chase, died Unknown; married Rebecca Follansby November 22, 1677 in Newbury, MA903; died Unknown.

      3520. George(2) Abbott, born May 28, 1587 in Yorkshire; died 1647904. He was the son of 7040. George(3) Abbott and 7041. Bridget Miller. He married 3521. Elizabeth.

      3521. Elizabeth, died Unknown.
Children of George(2) Abbott and Elizabeth are:
  1760 i.   George(1) Abbott, born 1615 in Bishop's Stortford, Co. Herts, England; died December 24, 1681 in Andover, ESSEX, MA; married Hannah Chandler December 12, 1646 in Roxbury, MA.
  ii.   Nehemiah Abbott, died Unknown.
  iii.   Thomas Abbott, died 1659905; married Dorothy Swan; died Unknown.
  More About Thomas Abbott:
Burial: September 07, 1659, Rowley, ESSEX, MA905

      3522. William Chandler, born October 12, 1595 in Bishop-Stortford, Hertfodshire, England906; died January 26, 1640/41 in Roxbury, Norfolk, MA906. He was the son of 7044. Henry Chandler and 7045. Anne Bayford. He married 3523. Annie Bayford November 06, 1625 in Farnum, Essex, England906.

      3523. Annie Bayford, born June 12, 1603 in Farnum, Essex, England906; died Unknown in Roxbury, Norfolk, MA906. She was the daughter of 7046. Francis Bayford and 7047. Johan.
Children of William Chandler and Annie Bayford are:
  1761 i.   Hannah Chandler, born May 22, 1630; died June 11, 1711; married (1) Francis Dane; married (2) George(1) Abbott December 12, 1646 in Roxbury, MA.
  ii.   William Chandler, died Unknown.
  iii.   Henry Chandler, died Unknown.
  iv.   John Chandler, died Unknown.
  v.   Sarah Chandler, died Unknown.
  vi.   Thomas Chandler, born Abt. 1630906; died May 25, 1703 in Andover, Essex, MA906; married Hannah Brewer October 02, 1650 in Andover, Essex, MA906; born Abt. 1630 in Andover, Essex, MA906; died October 25, 1717 in Andover, Essex, MA906.

      3524. Dennis Gary, died Unknown.
Child of Dennis Gary is:
  1762 i.   Nathaniel Gary, died Unknown; married Ann Douglas.

      3528. Ralph(3) Farnum, born 1634 in Wales, Great Britian; died January 08, 1691/92. He was the son of 7056. Ralph(4) Farnum and 7057. Alice. He married 3529. Elizabeth Holt October 26, 1658 in Andover, MA907.

      3529. Elizabeth Holt, died Unknown. She was the daughter of 7058. Nicholas Holt and 7059. Elizabeth Short.
Child of Ralph(3) Farnum and Elizabeth Holt is:
  1764 i.   Ralph(2) Farnum, born June 01, 1662; died 1738; married Sarah Sterling October 09, 1685 in Andover, MA.

      3536. John BANCROFT, died Unknown.
Child of John BANCROFT is:
  1768 i.   Thomas(2) BANCROFT, died Unknown; married Elizabeth METCALF July 15, 1648 in Dedham, MA.

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