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Ancestors of John Franklin Bush, Sr.

      3336. William Hudson247, born Abt. 1528 in London, England247. He was the son of 6672. Henry Hudson.
Child of William Hudson is:
  1668 i.   William Hudson, born Abt. 1560 in London, England; died 1630 in England; married Alice Turner.

      3346. John Bluet247, died 1565247. He was the son of 6692. Richard Bluet and 6693. Mary Chichester. He married 3347. Elizabeth Portman.

      3347. Elizabeth Portman247.
Child of John Bluet and Elizabeth Portman is:
  1673 i.   Anne Bluet, born in Holcombe Regis, England; married Cadwallader Jones.

      3350. Needham Langhorne247, died 1673. He married 3351. Mary Bostock.

      3351. Mary Bostock, died 1653.

More About Needham Langhorne:
King: of Newton, Brownshall, Northamptonshire, England247
Child of Needham Langhorne and Mary Bostock is:
  1675 i.   Mary Langhorne, died 1694; married ? Baldwin.

      3364. Lawrence Townley II248,249, born in Barnside, Lancashire, England249; died January 1596/97 in Stone Edge, Lancashire, England249. He was the son of 6728. Lawrence Townley I and 6729. Helen Hesketh. He married 3365. Margaret Hartley.

      3365. Margaret Hartley249.
Child of Lawrence Townley and Margaret Hartley is:
  1682 i.   Lawrence Townley III, died Bet. 1654 - 1655; married Jennette Halstead.

      3366. John Halstead250,251. He married 3367. Elizabeth.

      3367. Elizabeth252,253.
Child of John Halstead and Elizabeth is:
  1683 i.   Jennette Halstead, married Lawrence Townley III.

      3392. Rev. John Field253, born 1519 in near Bradford, England253; died March 26, 1587 in Cripplegate, London, England253. He was the son of 6784. William Feld.

Notes for Rev. John Field:
This person is a common ancestor for myself and President Thomas Jefferson. I would be Jefferson's fifth cousin seven generations removed (twelve degrees). The Presidents George Bush may possibly also be related to President Jefferson on this same link, as they have a Field line, but its connection to this line is unclear. With this research I have now established links to each of the first four presidents, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison, as well as William Henry Harrison.
Child of Rev. John Field is:
  1696 i.   John Field, Jr., born Abt. 1579 in Parish St. Giles, London, England; died in prob. Boston, Lincolnshire, England; married Elen Hutchinson.

      3400. Samuel Iremonger253, born 1580 in Goldenfield, England253; died 1626 in England253. He was the son of 6800. William Iremonger and 6801. Alyce Davys. He married 3401. Anna Lawson.

      3401. Anna Lawson253, born 1585253; died 1625253. She was the daughter of 6802. Thomas Lawson.
Child of Samuel Iremonger and Anna Lawson is:
  1700 i.   Samuel Irenmonger, born July 23, 1607 in Donnington, Berkshire, England; died 1650 in Virginia; married Bridgett Cordray.

      3402. William Cordray253, born 1575253; died Bef. November 02, 1623 in Chute, Wiltshire, England253. He was the son of 6804. Thomas Cordray and 6805. Jane Coxwell. He married 3403. Bridget Goddard.

      3403. Bridget Goddard253. She was the daughter of 6806. Edward Goddard and 6807. Mary Kingsmill.
Child of William Cordray and Bridget Goddard is:
  1701 i.   Bridgett Cordray, born 1604 in Chute, Wiltshire, England; died 1650 in Dennington, Suffolk, England; married Samuel Irenmonger.

      3408. John Wither253, born Bef. 1600253; died Aft. 1652253. He was the son of 6816. William Wither. He married 3409. Jennett Wither.

      3409. Jennett Wither253. She was the daughter of 6818. Brian Wither.
Child of John Wither and Jennett Wither is:
  1704 i.   William Wither, born 1600 in Arkholme, Melling Parish, Lancashire, England; died 1684 in Arkholme, Melling Parish, Lancashire, England.

      3416. Thomas Keene, Sr.253, born Abt. 1560 in England253. He married 3417. Elizabeth Gosnold.

      3417. Elizabeth Gosnold253, born 1570 in Suffolk, England253; died 1659 in Poss. Stafford County, Virginia253. She was the daughter of 6834. Robert Gosnold III and 6835. Ursula Naunton.
Child of Thomas Keene and Elizabeth Gosnold is:
  1708 i.   Thomas Keene, Jr., born Abt. 1593 in Ley, England; died January 1652/53 in Northumberland County, Virginia; married Mary Thorley.

      3418. Edward Thorley253. He was the son of 6837. Anne Urundel.
Child of Edward Thorley is:
  1709 i.   Mary Thorley, born 1620; died 1662; married Thomas Keene, Jr..

      3932. John Pigg253, born Abt. 1630 in England253; died Aft. 1684 in Prob. New Kent Co., VA254,255. He was the son of 7864. Charles Pigg. He married 3933. Jane.

      3933. Jane256,257.
Child of John Pigg and Jane is:
  1966 i.   Edward Pigg, Sr., born Abt. 1660; died Aft. August 05, 1739 in Spotsylvania Co., VA.

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