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Ancestors of Helen Edith Hefner

      174. Samuel Coleman161, born April 27, 1704 in Caroline County, Virginia161; died 1748161. He was the son of 348. Robert Coleman III and 349. Mary Clayton. He married 175. Elizabeth Wyatt.

      175. Elizabeth Wyatt161. She was the daughter of 350. Francis Wyatt and 351. Elizabeth Kennon.
Children of Samuel Coleman and Elizabeth Wyatt are:
  i.   Wyatt Coleman, married Sarah Lindsay.
  ii.   Francis Coleman
  iii.   Spilsbe Coleman
  iv.   Robert Coleman IV
  v.   Thomas Coleman
  vi.   Mary Coleman
  vii.   Ann Coleman
  87 viii.   Elizabeth Coleman, married Shadrick Tribble.

      176. John Ferguson162,163, born Abt. 1682; died Bef. November 03, 1749. He was the son of 352. Robert Ferguson and 353. Martha Baugh. He married 177. Mary Rud.

      177. Mary Rud, born Abt. 1685; died Aft. 1728.

More About John Ferguson:
Residence: E. Lothian, Scotland163
Child of John Ferguson and Mary Rud is:
  88 i.   Moses Ferguson, born 1700; died 1750; married Martha.

      180. Stephen Gill, born Bef. 1675; died 1753 in Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., VA. He was the son of 360. Isaac Guille and 361. Anna. He married 181. Martha.

      181. Martha

Notes for Stephen Gill:

"Three Gills were naturalized in Virginia in 1705 by the names of John, Joseph, and Stephen Guil. They were not English, but French Huguenots."

"Mr. Charles Cozens, 362 acs., Henrico Co...... mentions Trans. of 8 persons, including STEPHEN GILL, JOS. GILL, AND JOHN GILL. 1704."

"Henrico County Record Book No. 2, 1678-1693 [this is apparently a copy made from an earlier book]

1 February, 1685 (1686)

Stephen Guil Servt to John Steward Junr (of Apps) being brought by Willm Chambers (in hehalf of ye sd Steward) before this Worll Court is adjudged ten years old; & is order'd to serve Seven years according to Indenture wch not being exhibitted is proved by Mr Richd Kennon ye importer & acknowledgmt of ye sd Chambers;"

More About Stephen Gill:
Residence: Henrico and Chesterfield Co., VA
Child of Stephen Gill and Martha is:
  90 i.   Joseph Gill, born Bef. 1728; died Abt. 1778; married Elizabeth.

      188. Alexander Cummins163, born December 10, 1677 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia163; died Abt. 1738 in Prince William County, Virginia163. He was the son of 376. William Cummins and 377. Anne. He married 189. Sarah Mutton in Great Wicomico Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia163.

      189. Sarah Mutton163, born Abt. 1680 in Great Wicomico Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia163. She was the daughter of 378. John Mattonne, Jr. and 379. Sarah.
Child of Alexander Cummins and Sarah Mutton is:
  94 i.   Simon Cummins, born Abt. 1700 in Stafford County, Virginia; died June 1771 in Fauquier County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Harrell.

      190. Daniel Harrell163. He married 191. ? Smith.

      191. ? Smith163.
Child of Daniel Harrell and ? Smith is:
  95 i.   Elizabeth Harrell, married Simon Cummins.

      192. John French163, born 1635 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA164,165; died October 07, 1712 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA166,167. He was the son of 384. William French and 385. Elizabeth Symmes. He married 193. Mary Littlefield January 16, 1677/78 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA168,169.

      193. Mary Littlefield170,171, born December 14, 1646 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA172,173; died October 07, 1719173. She was the daughter of 386. Francis Littlefield and 387. Jane Hill.
Children of John French and Mary Littlefield are:
  i.   John French, born May 15, 1679; married Ruth Richardson February 13, 1706/07 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA; born December 04, 1685.
  ii.   Elizabeth French, born July 24, 1681; married Thomas Abbot December 25, 1706.
  More About Thomas Abbot:
Residence: Andover, MA.

  iii.   William French, born November 26, 1683; died April 21, 1685.
  iv.   Sarah French, born September 15, 1685; married (1) Joseph Frost; married (2) ? Flint.
  96 v.   William French, born August 08, 1687; died February 25, 1744/45; married Mehitable Patten Bef. 1713.
  vi.   Mary French, born March 16, 1689/90; married Nathan Shed.
  vii.   Hannah French, born February 18, 1691/92; married Jonathan Richardson.

      194. Thomas Patten173, born August 1636 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA174,175; died June 16, 1690 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA176,177. He was the son of 388. William Patten and 389. Mary. He married 195. Sarah Kendall May 20, 1686 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA178,179.

      195. Sarah Kendall179, born June 22, 1653 in Reading, Middlesex Co., MA179; died November 20, 1734 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA180,181. She was the daughter of 390. Deacon Thomas Kendall and 391. Rebecca Paine.
Child of Thomas Patten and Sarah Kendall is:
  97 i.   Mehitable Patten, born February 28, 1686/87 in Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA; died January 15, 1741/42; married William French Bef. 1713.

      198. John Milliken, born Abt. 1665 in Scotland; died 1749. He was the son of 396. Unknown Milliken. He married 199. Elizabeth Alger Abt. 1690 in Boston, MA.

      199. Elizabeth Alger, born Abt. 1669 in Dunstan, Cumberland Co., ME; died February 09, 1754. She was the daughter of 398. John Alger and 399. Mary Wilmot.

Notes for John Milliken:

"It doesn’t take any great leap of the imagination to realise that John Moligan, carpenter, who was a resident of Boston by 24 Sept., 1685, is the same John Milliken (also a carpenter) whom Ridlon identifies as being admitted to the Boston Scottish Charitable Society in 1685, and who later of moved to Dunstan in Scarborough."

More About John Milliken:
Occupation: carpenter
Child of John Milliken and Elizabeth Alger is:
  99 i.   Elizabeth or sister Milliken, married Jonathan or Benjamin Furness.

      200. Samuel Butterfield181, born 1681 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA182,183; died 1735184,185. He was the son of 400. Nathaniel Butterfield and 401. Deborah Underwood. He married 201. Rachel Spaulding December 07, 1703 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA185.

      201. Rachel Spaulding185, born September 26, 1686 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA186,187. She was the daughter of 402. Andrew Spaulding and 403. Hannah Jifes.

Notes for Samuel Butterfield:
The work of someone who has done a very nice job of presenting his family history information, integrated with historical events, is found at, where he writes:

"Jerathmeel Bowers served as a captain in Queen Anne’s War. Green [95-96] records an order he gave to one Samuel Butterfield, who was subsequently captured by Indians and held for over a year." Green, Samuel Abbott. 1883. Groton During the Indian Wars. Groton, Massachusetts: Published by the author. Others have written that this happened about 1703.
Children of Samuel Butterfield and Rachel Spaulding are:
  i.   Samuel Butterfield, born July 24, 1704.
  100 ii.   Ebenezer Butterfield, born July 13, 1706 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA; died 1795 in Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA; married Sarah 1730 in Chelmsford, Middlesex Co., MA.
  iii.   Rachel Butterfield, born July 03, 1709.
  iv.   William Butterfield, born March 16, 1711/12.
  v.   Hannah Butterfield, born August 20, 1714.
  vi.   Johanna Butterfield, born April 30, 1718.
  vii.   Deborah Butterfield, born December 06, 1720.
  viii.   Jonathan Butterfield, born January 03, 1720/21.
  ix.   Mary Butterfield, born November 08, 1723.
  x.   Rebecca Butterfield, born May 19, 1726.

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