Edmund Buxton is at this time the patriarch of the Buxton Family.  Edmund was born on January 24, 1768 according to the Moses Buxton Family Bible. According to a article in the September 4, 1897 Cincinnati Commercial Tribune Edmund was born in 1762 in England. Also, according to this article Edmund left England at the age of 20 and came to America with his brother Charles and settled in New York. Edmund had a roving spirit and it took him place to place until he ended up in what is now Pittsburgh,PA. While there he met John Cleves Symmes who was putting together a group of people to go down the Ohio River and settle in what is now Cincinnati, Ohio. Edmund Buxton set out from Redstone, Pa ( Present Day Brownsville, PA ) in July of 1788 for Kentucky, he reached Maysville, Kentucky, then called Limestone, in August. On November 18, 1788 Edmund along with 24 other people landed at the mouth of the Little Miami, on the north bank of the Ohio. According to the Miami Baptist Association there were 6 Baptists in this group and Edmund Buxton was one of them. Edmund was a shoemaker by trade as well as and all around handyman. As the early settlers had little use for boxed toed boots and side laced shoes Edmund worked at his trade only on rainy days and evenings. His other time was used in assisting in clearing the forest and building houses. It is reported that Edmund was of a Jovial disposition and he soon became a favorite of the village and especially the ladies. According to the Buxton Family Association Book written in 1955 Edmund met his wife Lydia Flinn on the boat ride down the Ohio to Cincinnati. Lydia is the Daughter of Caption David Flinn. It is reported that when Edmund ask the Caption for his consent to marry Lydia the caption said " If I did give my consent to you you would not be able to support her." But, Edmund was ready with his reply. " If you give your consent I will never ask for assistants to support her." They fell in love and got married about 1790 at Fort Washington, Columbia, Ohio. Edmund was about 22 and Lydia was about 16. Edmund and Lydia had two children in Columbia. They were a daughter Dorcas and son Charles. In the fall 1794 Edmund and Lydia move from Columbia which was frequently flooded to White Station now Carthage. While living at White Station they had one child David. Edmund negotiated the purchase of a half section of land 320 acres at $1 and acre from John Cleves Symmes located about one mile east of White Station.  In 1797 Edmund received his deed and immediately built a log cabin. Edmund and Lydia had seven children at the Buxton Farm. Also, in 1797 Edmund started Building his new brick home which would be called Edmund Hall. Edmund raised the first wheat in Hamilton County, had one of the first orchards in the county, Edmund was a member of the Columbia Baptist Church from 1790 to 1793. Edmund and Lydia later became members of Carpneter Run Baptist Church. Edmund became a member on April 20, 1797 and Lydia a member on February 27, 1802. On July 23, 1803 Edmund was excommunicated from the church for the sin of adultery. The fact that he did not protest made it appear that he was guilty. But, he may not have been. It appears that this came about when the church appointed him to talk to a Mary (Broman or Bowman) concerning a report of her communing with churches not their order. On February 24, 1804 Mary ( Broman or Bowman ) was excommunicated from the church for fornication. At the 1880 Buxton reunion Newton Sities Edmunds grandson describe him as an small energetic clobber that played the fiddle. Edmund was never able to complete Edmund Hall because he contracted Pneumonia 1805 and passed away on July 20, 1806. Lydia and the oldest son Charles finished the house. Edmund is buried at an unmarked grave in the Plainfield Cemetery. Lydia lived a widow for nearly 11 years before she married John Shanklin with whom she lived until her death on June 16, 1836. Lydia is buried in an unmarked grave at Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Churchyard Cemetery.