Edmund Buxton Jr. was born in Hamilton County, Ohio he is the son of Moses and Prudence ( Bacon ) Buxton.Edmund came west to Indiana in the late 1830's. Edmund married Harriet Larew on February 14, 1839. Edmund first show up in the 1840 Jennings Township, Scott County, Indiana Federal Census. According to the census records it was Edmund and his wife Harriet and daughter Nancy Ann Buxton who were the first Buxtons to settle in Indiana. Edmund would have been 21 his wife was 19 and thier baby was a new born.  Edmund received a Land grant from the United States government on April 10, 1843. He was given 40 acres of land in Jefferson County, Indiana on the Border of the county. According to the Moses Buxton Family Bible Edmund had Daughter Prudence B. Buxton on February 07, 1845 she died 3 days later on February 10 1845. In the 1850 Jennings Township, Scott County, Indiana Federal Census it list's Edmund as a farmer and the value of his land at $1500. Edmund at this time is 31 his wife 30 he now has a eight year old son Isaac and 3 year old son Moses. In the1860 Jennings Township, Scott County, Indiana Federal Census Edmund is now 41 years old and is listed once again as farmer. The value of his land is $4500 and his personal real estate was worth $850. His wife is 39, son Isaac is 18, Son Moses is 12, a new daughter Elizabeth is 7. Isaac, Moses, and Elizabeth all attended school in the last year. Edmund died on September 6, 1867.