Isaac Buxton was the oldest son of Edmund Buxton. Isaac married his first wife Sally Jane Boles on February 12, 1863. Isaac and Sally had 2 children. The first child was Emma a daughter. We do not know when Sally died or how she died. But, I believe that she die giving birth to her son and last child William.  As the oldest son Isaac inherited his father's farm. When census records were taken in 1860 when Isaac's father Edmund was still owner of the farm he was in Jennings Township, Scott County, Indiana according to the census. In 1867 Jennings Township was split up and Johnson Township was formed. So, we find Isaac Buxton in the Johnson Township in 1870 Federal Census from Scott County, Indiana. According to the census Isaac's occupation is listed as farmer, with real estate valued at $4000.00 and personal property valued at $800.00. As we see in this census record Isaac was listed alone. But, we know he had two children. I believe that after the death of his wife that he sent the children to live with relatives.  On November 17, 1870 Isaac married again to Sarah Alice Miller. The physical position of the Buxton Farm has never moved but its location on paper has. It started out in Jennings Township, Scott Co., IN, it move to Johnson Township Scott. Co., IN, and now in the 1880 Federal Census it is now listed in Graham Township, Jefferson County,IN. This movement on paper is because the property was located on the boarder of Scott and Jefferson counties. The present location of the farm is  on county road 1400 West right off of Highway 56 it was a 40 acre farm with 20 acres on one side and 20 acres on the other side of the road. According to the 1880 census Isaac's children by his first wife are know living with him and his new family. Isacc know has five new children ranging from nine to one years old. Isaac has a total of eight children with his second wife. Two of his sons Edward and Omie die young. His daughter Maude dies giving birth to her first child. Isaac was a highly respected citizen of the county. According to the March 4, 1909 edition of the Scott County Journal Isaac bought the Charlie Chasteen property in Blocher, Indiana and did move there and retire from the farm. Isaac turned the running of the farm over to his youngest son Oda. Isaac died of Lobar Pneumonia on June 2, 1924. Isaac was buried next to his parents at Scaffold Lick Cemetery in Blocher, Indiana.