Oda Buxton is Isaac Buxtons 2nd to youngest child. Oda was born on May, 26 1884 according to his wife Eula Buxtons bible. Oda was still living at home at the age for 16 and was listed as Farm Labor on the 1900 census.  Oda like his father before him was a farmer and also worked for the Scott County Stone Company. The 1930 census lists his employment as State Highway. Oda was known as a very friendly and helpful person in the community.  . According to the Scott County Journal Oda was to take over running his fathers farm in March of 1909. It is unclear at this time what Odas exact living arrangements were. According to the Scott Journal Leland Buxton was born on his grandfathers farm in Graham Township, Leland was born on March 11, 1911. If Oda was living on his fathers farm at that time I am not sure. According to and old plate map ( no date on the map ) of Jefferson County, IN. Oda owned a 80 acre farm on Highway 256 in Republican Township. We know Oda lived on his farm in Republican Township for some time because birth records for his son Loran indicate that he was born there. Loran was born August 1, 1913. The census records for 1910 thru 1930 place Oda in Graham Township, Jefferson County, IN. The farm in Republican Township is right on the boarder of the township so this could have cause some confusion for the census takers at that time. Oda had two more sons Leo and Lenoid. Oda died suddenly at home of a Hart Attack on December 13, 1946. Oda is burred with the rest of his family at Scaffold Lick Cemetery.