The Saulny family began in a small town called Villa Saulny in the northeast of France. Saulny has about 1300 inhabitants. Its name finds its roots in the word "Sel" which is "salt" in English. That is because Saulny was in the Middle Age (around 1400) on the road by which merchants brought salt from the mines to the different cities of Western Europe. On the way of this ancient road you would find other town names inspired by salt such as "Chateau-Salins" (something like ďSalty Castle ").


The church of Saulny was built in the 14th century when the name of the village was "Salnei". It was built on the back of a hill where grapes were raised to make Bourgogne type wine. But there is no more wine raised in Saulny since early 20th century. During World War II Germans renamed the village "Salnach" as they invade France. Nowadays strawberries, apples and pears grow in those fields.

There is something like a castle but it seems more like a big house or manor of the seventeenth century.  The church built in the time of Joan of Arc who was born and lived near there, it is still magnificent.  About Saulny family living in the Villa Saulny we know for certain that there is none at the present and none was found buried there with the surname. We know that the Lord of Saulny was the owner of the mine. In the XIII century people went out of the Village taking the name of the village as their surname.

In these times we know of Saulny living in Toulon in the South, Pyrenees Mountains, Paris and Loire Atlantic zone, from this last one is where our ancestors came. 

The city of Nantes, in the department of Indre (44) France, was an important port where many ships left to America. In the city of Nantes, Julio Verne (1828-1905) was born; in his biography you can read about the importance and the beauty of this city.


Many Saulny ancestors were sailors, and one of them was Pierre Saulny, the first Saulny in USA who came to Louisiana, New Orleans and started a big family there. Another Saulny was Louis Charles Guilleaume Saulny, who was also born in Nantes, and came to Mexico being the first Saulny in Mexico and started a Mexican family (see Historia de la familia Saulny in Mexico). Other Saulny that is not a close related is Paul Henri Saulny who went to Venezuela (see Historia de la familia Saulny en Venezuela).


We would like to thank JoŽl Saulny for his donation of Chroniques of Ives Saulny, a genealogy work of Saulny from the year 1600 made by M. H. Leray. Gregory Osborn from New Orleans for his genealogy investigation under Anita Saulny, to  Mary Gehemanís comments about the costumes in Louisiana and all the emails from our relatives in Louisiana and California that let us to know how the big Saulny family in the USA is made of.  Or we can say how our family is built.


First Generation:


Pierre SAULNY was the first Saulny in USA. He was born in Nantes, France. There is a date of birth in 1774. Some data doesnít match so we take between 1894 to 1800 as his date of birth. He married Catherine DINET (1797-1853) free woman of color native of Pestel on the Island of Santo Domingo, Haiti. They married in New Orleans in 1820 and lived in the Suburb Marigny on Moreau Street between Elysian Fields and Frenchmen Streets since 1822 in a house situated on Esplanade Street between Conde and Royal Streets, until at least 1835. The residence of Catherine Dinet is an area that exists today and was inhabited by many free people of color as well as Creoles of European descent.


They had four children; all were born in New Orleans in the residence above stated. :


--Victor Saulny. He was born at 7 pm on November 1, 1822.


--Alfred Louis Saulny. He was born at about 3 am on February 15, 1824. Died on April 15, 1858


--Emile Saulny. She was born at 4 am on January 16, 1826. Died in September 29, 1872


--Isidore Saulny. She was born at 3pm on March 2, 1829. Died in December 11, 1851




Second Generation:


Alfred Louis SAULNY. Son of Pierre and Catherine Dinet. He married Florine AVRIL in February 17, 1846 in St. Maryís Chapel. She was born in November 24, 1825 and died in May 17, 1855 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her parents were Paul AVRIL, native of Bordeaux France and Marie OTHON, free woman of color.


They had two children born in New Orleans:


--Louis Saulny. He was born in April 4, 1846.

--Alexander Saulny. He was born in March 13, 1850



Third Generation:


Louis SAULNY. Son of Alfred and Florine Avril. He married Marie BRUL… in October 1878. She was born in 1852 in New Orleans, Louisiana.


They had one child known:


--Leoncio Bartholomew SAULNY. He is son of Louis and Marie Brule. He was born in 1879. He married Louise MERLIN in October 3, 1904. She was daughter of Samuel MERLIN and Lumina CAPAS.


They had seven children that were born in New Orleans Louisiana:


--Leoncio Bartholomew Saulny Jr.

--Merlin Saulny

--Marguerite Saulny

--Berenice Saulny

--Beverly Saulny

--Alfred Joseph Saulny

--Calvin Saulny