Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2004 1:34 PM
Subject: My Uncle Les
My uncle, Leslie Meade, died early this morning due to complications from a blood disorder caused by cancer. He had been ill for several months and was undergoing treatment and observation, in and out of the hospital regularly the past several weeks.

The husband of my Mom's sister and my "Anka" Donna, Uncle Les was a father figure more than anyone else in my younger years. They stayed with me and Missy during most of Mom and Dad's many vacations and business trips...and we shared Christmas at their house for many years when it was not at our house. My cousins Leslie Scott, and Marla were almost like brother and sister to Missy and me. All of our trips to Kentucky involved stopping by their house.

A professor of biology at Morehead State University, he was without question the most intelligent and funniest member of our family. My uncle Les filled my imagination with the wonders of nature, teaching more biology than I ever learned in school, while keeping me in stitches from laughing so hard at his simple and self deprecating humor.

I will miss this great and good man...I am honored to be one of his pall bearers...

Don't have funeral information yet but it is expected to be around Wednesday of this week in Morehead, Ky.