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Aaron-R-Clemts   Created By
The Clemts Family Home Page

Adam-L-Clevenger   Created By
Home Page of Adam Clevenger

Alan-Clendenon-Ca   Created By
Home Page of Alan Clendenon

Alfred-D-Clements   Created By

Alison-Clement   Created By
The Wangsness/Clement Family Trees

Alyson-M-Clemente   Created By
the clemente gal

Alyssa-Clevelle   Created By
Archuleta, Baer, Clevelle, Eidson, Hunt, Jaramillo & More

Alyssa-Clevelle-FL   Created By
My Genealogy Research Tree

Alyssa-Clevelle-NM   Created By
Alyssa's Genealogy Research

Amanda-Cleland-Oregon   Created By
Amanda and Zach's Family Page

Amber-A-Clements   Created By
The Clements and Lowe Family Tree

Ami-L-Cleary   Created By
Ami Cleary's Family Tree

Amy-S-Clements   Created By

Amyjo-Clemens   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Andrea-M-Cleland   Created By
The Amato's/Staunton's

Andrew-J-Cleverdon   Created By
Andy Cleverdon of Lynton, Devon

Andrew-R-Clements   Created By
The Andrew R. Clements of Belgrave, Australia

Andrew-Ross-Clements   Created By
The Andrew R. Clements of Belvidere, Illinois

Andy-Clenney   Created By
The Ancestors of Rachael Merriem Clenney

Ann-B-Clevenger   Created By
Home Page of Ann Clevenger

Ann-Maureen-Cleary-New-York   Created By
Ann Cleary Home Page

Ann-theresa-Clemensryan   Created By

Anne-Cleary-CA   Created By
Labries of Southern Colorado

Anne-Clee   Created By

Anne-Clemens   Created By
The Living Clemens Family Tree

Anne-Clemens-   Created By
The Living Clemens Family Tree

Anne-Clemens-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Anne-D-Clements   Created By
"The Mc Mullin's of Cape Breton Island ,Nova Scotia,Canada

Annette-Cleary-   Created By

Annette-N-Clements   Created By
Thomas Jackson and Viola James NeeSmith Family

Annlee-E-Clendenin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Anthony-Clemente-jr-MI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Anthony-Clemons   Created By
Descendant's of Preston Bradley and Lillie Bell Clemons

Anthony-J-Cleary   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Anthony-L-Clements   Created By
The Anthony L. Clements of Benton Tennessee

Arlin-D-Clement   Created By
The John B Clement Family

Arnold-H-Clemenson   Created By
Arnold H. Clemenson

Aroha-M-Clendon   Created By
Ormsby Whanau, Kawhia, NZ

Barbara-A-Clemons   Created By
The White/Morrison/Hall/Clemons/Brewsters of MA/GA/PA/FLA/ME

Barbara-Clements   Created By
Delaney/Clements, Barbara A. of Ireland, NY, MD, D.C., VA.

Barbara-E-Clements   Created By
campbell-taylor ancestors

Barbara-E-Clerke   Created By

Barbara-H-Clendening   Created By
HUBBARD / LOTZ - Wheeling, West Virginia

Barbara-J-Clement   Created By
The Tryon and Clement Families in Maine

Barbara-J-Clements   Created By
Barbara Clements

Barbara-J-Clendening   Created By
Theresa VOGT

Barbara-J-Clendening-PA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-M-Clegg   Created By

Barbara-S-Cleaton   Created By
Sorrells Genealogy Home Page, Asheville, North Carolina

Barry-Cleary-On   Created By
My Tangled Roots

Barry-F-Clendenning   Created By
the barry clendenningof australia

Bea-Clelland   Created By
The Giebel Home Page

Bea-L-Clelland   Created By
the giebel family

Becky-L-Clem   Created By
Lee&Becky Clem of Seville,Ohio

Becky-S-Clear   Created By

Benoit-Cleroux   Created By
Hutchison/Cleroux Family

Bernadette-A-Clemens   Created By
Tracing Back through the Adams Family to the Colonials

Berniece-M-Clemons   Created By
The Parker Eason Clemons of DeWitt, Arkansas

Bernis-G-Clement   Created By
The Bernis Gerard Clement(s) of Gretna, Louisiana

Bessie-M-Clevenger   Created By

Beth-Clem   Created By
Clem's of Frederick MD

Betty-Cleveland   Created By
"The P.L. Timms of South Carolina

Betty-F-Clevenger   Created By
The Francis Authur Clevenger Family

Betty-J-Cleveland   Created By
The Clevelands of Ridge Spring

Betty-T-Cleveland   Created By
"The P.W. Timms of South Carolina

Betty-branum-Clem   Created By
Joe Riley Branums of Gurley, Al

Beverly-A-Cleghorn   Created By
claghorn and cleghorn in the civil war on both sides

Beverly-Cleaves-FL   Created By

Beverly-R-Cleaves   Created By
The Cleaves Family Home Page

Bill-Clements   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bill-Clemmons   Created By
William L. Clemmons of Columbus County, NC

Bill-L-Cleaver   Created By
Home Page of Bill Cleaver

Bill-L-Cleaver-ON   Created By

Bobby-R-Clemons   Created By

Bonnie-L-Clevidence   Created By
Shipps Sailing Through Time

Brandi-R-Clement   Created By
Family of Brandi Romero

Breanne-Clemmensen   Created By
Bergman/Van Kerisbilck Shawnee, KS

Breanne-T-Clemmensen   Created By
Van Keirsblick of Shawnee, Kansas

Brenda-C-Cleave   Created By
The Avery Family of Saskatchewan

Brenda-Cleveland   Created By
Brenda (Todd)Cleveland of Texas

Brenda-J-Cleveland   Created By
Brenda J. Cleveland of Austin, TX

Brett-Clement   Created By
Brett J. Clement of Pleasant Hill, Missoouri

Brian-B-Cleaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Brian-Cleary   Created By

Brian-Clements-   Created By
Clements of POCO

Brian-M-Cleary   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bronwyn-M-Murray   Created By
Manson Holden Wells Graves Across the Oceans

Brooke-Clemens   Created By
The growth of the Clemens Canada

Bruce-Clement   Created By
The Clement/Cardinal/Alexander/Lacombe Family

Bruce-W-Clemans   Created By
The Clemans Family

Bruce-W-Clemans-Atlanta   Created By
Bruce Clemans

Bruce-W-Clemans-GA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bruce-W-Clemans-Ga   Created By
The Clemans Family

Bryan-T-Clements   Created By
Clements of New Zealand going back to their English roots

C-Clement   Created By

Camille-M-Clement   Created By
Joseph Wesley Family Tree

Candace-D-Clevenger   Created By
The Daniel Carbaugh Family Home Page

Candy-Clemmons   Created By
andrew moon nc

Carl-H-Clemons   Created By

Carl-Harlee-Clemons   Created By

Carl-J-Clement   Created By
The Carl J. Clement Family Page

Carl-P-Clement   Created By
The Carl Clement Family Home Page

Carla-E-Cleesen   Created By
Carla Elaine Sallas (Cleesen maiden) of Kansas City, MO

Carol-A-Clements   Created By
Ireland, Canada, So. Carolina, Oklahoma, at last we are here

Carol-A-Clevesy   Created By

Carol-C-Cleverdon   Created By
The William Thompson Cleverdon Family of Foley,Alabama

Carol-Clendenin   Created By
The Carol Clendenin and Ancestors Research Home Page

Carol-Clevesy   Created By
The Clevesy's Home Page

Carol-Clevesy-   Created By
Carol Daniels of MA Home Page

Carol-G-Clendenin   Created By

Carol-G-Clendenin-UT   Created By
Clendenin "These are my Lines"

Carol-L-Clements-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carolyn-C-Clendenin   Created By

Carolyn-Clem   Created By
Robert Jack Clem of Alabama

Carolyn-Cleveland   Created By
Family History: Brenholts/Davis/Maynard/Cudney

Carrie-K-Clemons   Created By
"The White Family of Mead, OK"

Caryl--Clement   Created By
The Clement Family Home Page

Catherine-Clement   Created By
Catherine Duke Clement Family of NH

Catherine-S-Clements   Created By
The Clements Family in Naples Italy

Cathey-M-Clewien   Created By
Orvis/Aldridge/Forbes/Tate Ar. & Mo.

Cathey-M-Clewien-Oklahoma   Created By

Cathy-Clemens   Created By
The Isaac Clemens Family

Cathy-L-Clement   Created By
Cathy and Jim Clement of Austin TX

Cecelia-Cleavenger   Created By
Cleavenger famiy of Barbour Co,Wv

Cecilia-Clements   Created By
Suarez-Clements Family Tree

Celeste-A-Clemenzi   Created By
The Edmond J. Clemenzi's of Fort Pierce, FL

Chad-D-Clement   Created By
The Clement Family

Charles-B-Cleland   Created By
Cleland Family Heritage Page

Charles-Clemens   Created By
The Ancestors of Kimberly Elizabeth Clemens

Charles-Clendenen   Created By
The Charles Clendenen Family

Charles-E-Clews   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charles-H-Clendenen   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charles-M-Cleveland   Created By
Charles Martin Cleveland's Family Page

Charles-R-Clement   Created By
The Clement Family of Plaquemine, LA

Charles-Robert-Clement   Created By
Granier - Schexnayder Family

Charles-V-Clerke   Created By
The Clerke Family Home Page

Charles-W-Cleary-NJ   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charles-W-Clem   Created By

Charles-W-Clemons   Created By
Charle Winfor Clemons of Wax, Grayson County, Kentucky

Charles-W-Clemons-IN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charles-evans-T-Cleveland   Created By
The Cleveland-Stapf Family of Briarcliff Manor, NY

Chavaleh--K-Clements   Created By
Chavaleh Kimbrell Clements Family

Chelsea-B-Clearman   Created By
All about the Clearmans

Chelsea-Clevenger   Created By
The Clevenger

Cheryl-A-Clendenny-TX   Created By
Pike and Calhoun County's Wintjen and Clendenny Clans

Cheryl-A-Cleven   Created By
Cheryl Ann Rasmussen Heddan Cleven Family History

Cheryl-C-Clemmer   Created By
The James D. Clemmers of Hemet, CA

Chris-Clelland   Created By
Chris Clelland

Christi-Clendenin   Created By
Mosteller-Clendenin Charleston, WV

Christina-Cleland   Created By
Christina Cleland

Christina-Clezie   Created By

Christina-G-Clemens   Created By
Christina Clemens

Christine-L-Cleveland   Created By
The Christine Cleveland Family Home Page

Christopher-Clements-   Created By
Family of Chris Clements

Christopher-G-Clement   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Christopher-J-Cleary   Created By
The Clearys of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Christopher-T-Cleven   Created By
Christopher T. Cleven`s Family tree

Christopher-Thomas-Cleven   Created By
Cleven familie side

Chuck-Clendenin   Created By
Clendenin Family including Kviz, Typner, and Lance

Chuck-N-Clemmons   Created By
The Chuck Clemmons Family Home Page

Cindy-Clem   Created By
Who knows? Maybe we're kin!

Cindy-Cleveland   Created By
Clevelands of Quebec/Baldwins of Calgary Alberta

Clare-L-Clements   Created By
Clare's Genealogical Home Page

Claudette-M-Clementi   Created By
Claudette Marion Clementi of California

Clayton-E-Clement   Created By
Clement Family Page

Clayton-E-Clement-CA   Created By
Clement Family Page

Clinton-B-Cleveland   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Clinton-Cleveland-New-York   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Clinton-W-Clements   Created By
The Clinton W. Clements Family Home Page

Clinton-Werner-Clements   Created By
Clinton W. Clements of Hopkinton, MA

Colin-W-Clews   Created By

Colleen-Clements   Created By
My Finnish Roots, from Finland to Minnesota

Colleen-Clements-CA   Created By
My Finnish Ancestors From Finland to Minnesota

Colleen-Clemons-   Created By

Confirmation--57217747-Cleghorn   Created By
Jean Baptiste Phillippe of St. James Parish, LA

Connie-D-Clemente   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cory-M-Clements   Created By
Home Page of cory clements

Craig-Clemons   Created By
The Thomas Craig Clemons of Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Crystal-Clements-NC   Created By
Hall Family Home Page

Crystal-G-Clemonssouthwood   Created By
Ritchies and Clemons of Kentucky

Currie-B-Clement   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cynthia--R-Clemons   Created By
Home Page of Cynthia Clemons

Cynthia-Clemons   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cynthia-D-Clemtsrevas   Created By
Cindy Clemts of Hattiesburg, MS

Cynthia-R-Clendenen   Created By
My Family Genealogy Page

D-R-Clementz   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dale--Clevesy   Created By
Clevesy-Wilbur Families of VT, NH, MA, England

Dale-Clevesy-   Created By
___Eastman-Blodgett Families___ VT, NH, MA, England

Dale-D-Cleland   Created By
Home Page of Dale Cleland

Dale-S-Clement   Created By
Clements of Oklahoma and Texas

Dana-C-Clemensen   Created By
Geneology of Dana Clemensen

Dana-C-Clemensen-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dana-Clemensen   Created By
Clemensen - California

Daniel-Cleary-NY   Created By
Dan and Judy's Home Page

Daniel-Clere-   Created By
clere family of syracuse, new york

Daniel-Cleroux   Created By
Home Page of daniel cleroux

Daniel-J-Cleary   Created By
Dan Cleary FTM Page

Daniel-R-Clemeny   Created By

Daniel-S-Clement   Created By
"The Dan Clement Family History Research Page"

Danielle-N-Clemons   Created By
the danielle clemons of flintstone, ga

Danny-L-Clemmer   Created By
Clemmer's Home on the Web

Darren-E-Clement   Created By
Clement Family Genealogy Home Page

Darren-S-Clegg   Created By

Daryl-L-Clendenin   Created By
Daryl Clendenins' Home Page

Dave-Cleveland   Created By
Johnson-Gray 2007

Dave-M-Clement   Created By
Family of Dave M Clement of Diego Martin

Dave-Michael-Clement   Created By
Family of Dave M Clement

David--G-Clemson   Created By

David-A-Clements   Created By
The Anne Kosicky Family Home Page

David-A-Cleppe   Created By
The Cleppe Family Home Page

David-C-Clews   Created By
Clews / Huff Worldwide

David-Clegg   Created By
Clegg, Utz, Tanner, Castleman

David-Clegg-Dorset   Created By
David & Pip Clegg

David-Cleland-   Created By
The Clelands of Louisiana

David-Clements-WA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-Cleverley-cheshire   Created By
Cleverley Family

David-E-Clew   Created By
The Clew Family Tree Page

David-G-Cleveland   Created By

David-L-Clem   Created By
The David L. Clem's of Owensboro, Kentucky

David-L-Clemmer   Created By
The Clemmers of Knoxville, Tennessee

David-L-Clenney   Created By

David-L-Clevenger   Created By
The Clevenger/Mohr/Stadelmeyer Family Home Page

David-O-Clevenger   Created By
A - Z "From Adam & Eve to Zephan Clevenger!"

David-W-Clement   Created By
The History Of the family of David Clement

David-W-Clendaniel   Created By
" David W Clendaniel of Sussex Co. Delaware"

Dawn-Cleeton   Created By
Elzy's of IL!!!

Dawn-Clement   Created By
Dawn Clement's Family Tree

Dawnine-Clews   Created By
The Various Research of Dawnine K. Clews

De-wayne-N-Cleghorn   Created By
De Wayne Cleghorn of Oakland California

Dean-Clevett   Created By
The Clevett Family

Debbie-Clements   Created By
The Burris/Skipper family of Texas

Debbie-Clemons   Created By
Clemons and Gore Florida Poineer Families

Debbie-Clemons-FL   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Debbie-Clemons-Florida   Created By
Schelter/Clemons Family Tree

Debbie-G-Clews   Created By
BROOKS Family from Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Deborah-Clement   Created By
The Charles Thomas Clement Family of Omaha Nebraska

Deborah-Clements   Created By
The Family Tree of Deborah Lynn Clements

Deborah-Clevenger   Created By

Deborah-E-Clearwater   Created By
Clearwater/Klaarwaters of Kingston,NY

Deborah-L-Clegg   Created By
The George Preston Mackay Family Home Page

Dee-A-Clemons   Created By
William David Clemons Family

Dee-ann-Clemons   Created By
The Clemons Family of Florida

Dena-Clemens   Created By
Dena Kay Clemens Of Irving,texas

Denis-Clements   Created By
User Home Page

Denise-Cleary   Created By
Denise Deak Cleary

Denise-Cleavenger   Created By
Denise Cleavenger's Family Tree

Denise-Clements   Created By
The Clements Family of Maidenhead UK

Dennis--S-Cleverly   Created By
The Dennis Cleverly Family Home Page

Dennis-Cleaver   Created By
Canadian Cleavers

Dennis-E-Cleckner   Created By
The Dennis Cleckners

Dennis-E-Cleckner-   Created By
The Dennis Cleckner Family Home Page

Dennis-L-Cleveland-Hope   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dennis-R-Clevenger   Created By
Stephen E. Clevenger and Enos Bilderback's Family

Dennis-Scott-Cleverly   Created By
The Cleverly Family Album

Dennis-T-Clemente   Created By
Dennis Clemente's Home Page

Deon-Clement   Created By
The Clement Family of Rayne,Louisiana

Dewey-L-Clemmons   Created By
The Dewey Clemmons Family Home Page

Dewey-L-Clemmons-jr   Created By
John Maximus Clemmons Family of Geneva County, AL

Diana-D-Cleary   Created By
Trione/Robinson Family Tree

Diana-L-Clevenger   Created By
Clevenger/Housden Family Home Page

Dianne-A-Clemesha   Created By
Dianne Clemesha of Hughenden, Qqueensland, Australia

Dolores-H-Clement   Created By
The Dolores Harris Clement Family Home PageOf Louisiana

Don--grace-Clement   Created By
Johanne Craver (Greber) Descendents

Don-J-Clever   Created By
The Clevers of the USA

Donald-B-Clemons   Created By
The Donald Clemons Family Home Page

Donald-J-Clement   Created By
Home Page of Donald Clement

Donald-James-Clement   Created By
The Donald J Clement Family of Duluth,Mn.

Donna-Clements   Created By
James T. Clements of Tacoma WA

Donna-J-Clem   Created By
clem family tree

Donna-L-Clemens   Created By
Home Page of Donna Clemens

Donna-L-Cleveland   Created By
"Donna Cleveland's Home Page - Revised E-Mail Address"

Donna-M-Clement-   Created By
The Clement & Smith Ancestry Homepage

Donnita-L-Clem   Created By
Donnita Clem GGGGrt GrdDgtr of Jemima Crockett & Adam Clem

Doris-A-Clement   Created By
The Doris (Bergstrom) Clement Family Home Page

Dorothy-A-Cleveland   Created By
The Dorothy Cleveland Family

Dorothy-J-Clements   Created By
DJ's Family Home Page

Dorris-O-Cleere   Created By
The Williams, Murray and Loving Family Home Page

Dotty-Clements   Created By
DJC of Maine

Douglas-K-Clevenger   Created By
The Clevengers-Keith, Jacqui, Zach, Ben

Drusilla-R-Clementz   Created By
The Dean Clementz Family Home Page

Duane-Clemmer   Created By
The Families of Duane Thompson Clemmer and Carolyn Jane Neff

Dusty-Clemons   Created By
The clemons of georgia

E-joyce-Cleverly   Created By
The Kenneth Cleverly Family Home Page

Eddie-mae-Clendenin   Created By
Russell, Stapp, Family of Texas

Edna-R-Cleghorn   Created By
The ARVEL GOLDEN Family Home Page

Edna-Ruth-Cleghorn   Created By
Goldens of Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma

Elaine-Cleaton-GA   Created By
Richard Blizzard Family in Georgia

Elaine-O-Clemence   Created By
Clemence (Suffolk & Essex), Frostick, Wright (Essex)

Elizabeth-A-Cleverly   Created By
Cleverly Family Homepage

Elizabeth-Clemens   Created By
Clemens Family Ties

Elizabeth-Clemenson   Created By
Neece of Kent Co. Michigan

Elizabeth-Clement   Created By
William Clement of VA born 1670

Elizabeth-J-Cleek-MO   Created By
Robert Lee Cleek

Elizabeth-P-Clementpoirier   Created By

Ellen-K-Clements-Roanoke   Created By
Samuel Frazer Work Family Tree

Ellen-K-Clements-VA   Created By
Samuel Frazer Work family tree

Emily-A-Clements   Created By
Memoirs of Emily Clements Hamilton

Emily-C-Clemens   Created By
The Clemens Family in Texas

Eric-Clem-Tennessee   Created By
Clem Family Home Page

Erika-Clement   Created By
The Russell Clement Family from Rockhampton, Australia

Esther-B-Cleveland   Created By
Esther Secor Cleveland of Hendersonville,NC

Esther-B-Cleveland-NC   Created By
Esther Secor Cleveland from Syracuse,NY

Eugenia-M-Clements   Created By
The Clements/Morrises of West Virginia

Eve-L-Clemmer   Created By
The McCarty / Clemmer Search Page

Evelyn-Cleghorn   Created By
The Family of Franklin Travis Cleghorn

Evelyn-Cleghorn-IL   Created By

Fernando-Clemente   Created By
The Ibarra Delgadillo Santa Cruz de la S. Jalisco, Mexico

Finnah-Clemens   Created By

Finnah-M-Clemens   Created By

Florence-Clement   Created By
The Clement of Barrington, NH

Florence-M-Cleary   Created By
Chase family tree

Frank-Cleland   Created By
Cleland's of Belfast

Frank-P-Clewell   Created By
"Sites Family of Wichita, KS."

Frederick-R-Clemens   Created By
Fred Clemens of Kennett Square, PA

Frederick-W-Clemson   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gabriel-Clement-ON   Created By
Pierre Clement Dit Lariviere, Tarascon, Provence, France

Gabriel-Clement-Ontario   Created By
Descendent of Piere Clement Dit Lariviere

Gary-Cleaveland   Created By
The George D Cleavelands of Ann Arbor, MI

Gary-Clemens   Created By
John Phillip Huber of St. Louis MO

Gary-G-Cleveland   Created By
The Gary G. Cleveland of Kentville, NS, Canada

Gene--Clere   Created By

Gene-C-Clem   Created By
The Gene Clem Family Home Page

Geoff--Clearwater   Created By
The Klaarwater / Clearwater Family Home Page

Geoffrey-J-Cleveland   Created By
The Geoffrey Cleveland Family Home Page

George-Clement-jr   Created By
George A. Clement, Jr of Raleigh, NC

George-W-Clementson   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

George-W-Clendenan   Created By
The George Windsor Clendenans of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gerald-W-Clement   Created By
Home Page of Gerald Clement

Gillian-Cleminson   Created By
the cleminsons

Gina-D-Cleary   Created By
Cleary, Canter, Treadaway, Whittington, Stroud, Myers Family

Gini-Cleveland   Created By
Tyler / Smith decendents

Glenn-A-Cleereman-Wisconsin   Created By
Cleereman + Pierquet and DesChane + Greenwood Families

Glenn-C-Cleek   Created By

Glenn-Cleereman   Created By

Glenna-michelle-Cleek   Created By
Glenna Michelle Cleek looking for father

Gomer-Clemons   Created By

Grady-A-Clendening   Created By
Grady Clendening of Austin, TX (formerly of Pittsburgh, PA)

Graham-Cleland-1   Created By
Cleland family home page of London UK and Auckland NZ

Graham-Cleland-Auckland   Created By
The Cleland's from London England

Gregory-A-Clem   Created By
The Clem Family of Crofton, MD.

Hannah-C-Clements   Created By
Hannah's Home Page for my children and grandchildren

Harold-Cleaver   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Harold-Cleaver-AB   Created By
Harold Cleaver

Harold-M-Clements   Created By
The Harold Clements Home Page

Harvey-D-Clemons   Created By
The Duane Clemons Family Home Page

Hayley-Cleveland-Kansas   Created By
The Cleveland/Hart Family Tree

Heath-Clemens-NY   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Heather--D-Cleaves   Created By
The Cleaves Family Home Page

Heather-C-Clement   Created By
Home Page of Heather Clement

Heather-L-Clevenger   Created By
Clevenger Family starting with Jonathan Clevenger -1778

Heather-R-Cleaver   Created By
Heather's Family History Page

Holise-E-Cleveland   Created By
Cleveland Family of New Orleans, Louisiana

Holly-F-Clevenger   Created By
Clevenger Family Tree

Holly-Faith-Clevenger   Created By
Dunford of Ohio

Ignacio-J-Clemente   Created By
En Busca del Ayer....

Irl-R-Clements   Created By
The Clements Family of Wellington, IL.

Irl-R-Clements-IL   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Isla-R-Clendeningcook   Created By
The Dink Cook's of Tomball, TX

J-Cleary   Created By

J-M-Clements   Created By
User Home Page

J-m-Cleworth   Created By

Jackey-Cleveland   Created By

Jacqueline-Gertrude-Clements   Created By
The Coulson's of Cambuslang, Scotland and Tyrone, N.Ireland

Jacylyn-D-Clements   Created By
Home Page of Jacylyn Clements

Jakarta-Cleghorn   Created By
Jakarta Cleghorn of California By Way Of...?

James-C-Clevenger   Created By
The James C Clevenger Home Page

James-Clement   Created By
The Clement Clan

James-Clement-   Created By
James Clement of Little Rock, AR

James-Clendening   Created By
The James R. Clendenings of McKinney, Texas

James-Clesson   Created By
Clesson-Malone Family Tree

James-D-Clement   Created By
James D Clement

James-Daneil-Clement   Created By
The James D. Clement of colorado

James-E-Clegg   Created By
The James Ellis Clegg, Jr. Family Home Page

James-H-Cleave   Created By

James-M-Cleverly   Created By
Cleverly Family of New South Wales, Australia

James-Q-Clemmy   Created By
An American Story

James-S-Cleary   Created By
The James Scott Cleary Family Home Page

James-S-Clements   Created By
The James S. Clements of Erlanger, Kentucky

James-T-Clear   Created By
The James T. Clear Family Home Page

James-W-Clevenger   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jane-Cleary   Created By
Davenport Iowa Ancestors

Jane-Cleggdadulak   Created By
Jane Marshall (Dadulak) Family Tree of California

Jane-Cleveronkaya   Created By
William Joseph Clever's descendants

Jane-D-Cleary   Created By
My Family Tree

Jane-H-Clerk   Created By
The Lars Westlin family of Calmar, Alberta, Canada

Janetta-F-Clemons   Created By
A Clemons (Clements) from Casey County, KY

Janice-Clein   Created By
Family Tree

Janice-Clements   Created By
The James R. Clements of Sterling, VA

Janice-P-Clement   Created By
Donald A. Pageau Family From New Hampshire

Janie--Clere   Created By
The Mark and Janie Clere Family Home Page

Jason-K-Clemons   Created By
Home Page of Jason Clemons

Jason-S-Clemens   Created By
The Clemens/Lewis Family History Page

Jay-Cleary-MA   Created By
Our Family Tree

Jean-Clements-   Created By
Carter J. Clements, Chelmsford MA - Family Research

Jean-Clements-1   Created By
Family of Carter J. Clements, Chelmsford MA

Jean-Clements-2   Created By

Jean-Clements-Bridport   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jean-M-Clements   Created By
Clements of Ravenna, Stride of Jamestown

Jean-M-Clesca   Created By
The Clesca family in the USA

Jean-Michele-Clements   Created By
Clements of Ravenna, Stride of Jamestown

Jeanchristophe--Clement   Created By
User Home Page

Jeanie-L-Cleese   Created By
Jeanie Avery Home Page

Jeanne-D-Clement   Created By
The Jeanne D. Clement Home Page

Jeffrey-Cleal   Created By
Jeff Cleal from Sheering England

Jeffrey-Clericuzio   Created By
The Clericuzio's - The Family

Jennie-Cleveland-SC   Created By
The Cleveland/O'Connell & Farrar/Van Deusens of RI & NY

Jennifer--Clement   Created By
Hebbardsville, Henderson Co, KY

Jennifer-Clements-   Created By
Mueller - Mitchell - Clements

Jennifer-Clemmer   Created By

Jennifer-Clemmons   Created By
Decendants of Daniel T. Clements

Jennifer-Clemons   Created By
The Jennifer Clemons' of South Haven, MI

Jennifer-N-Cleary   Created By
Jennifer (Rivard) Cleary & Family of Taunton Mass

Jeremy-M-Clements   Created By
Jeremy Morgan Clements of Florida

Jerrold-C-Clear   Created By
Jerrold Clear

Jerry-Clements-1   Created By
The Jerry Clements Family of MO

Jerry-Clements-Tx   Created By
Clements Kinfolk from Georgia to Texas in 1900

Jerry-Clemons   Created By
Clemons Family Tree of FL/GA

Jerry-D-Clements   Created By
Clements of Georgia and Texas

Jerry-K-Clemons   Created By
Ken and Carlotta Clemons Family Home Page

Jesse-L-Cleary   Created By
The Jesse L. Clearys of Helena, MT.

Jessica-L-Clemmons   Created By
The Clemmons Family of Corinth, Mississippi

Jessica-M-Clemons   Created By
Home Page of Jessica Clemons

Jim-Cleveland   Created By

Jim-W-Clements   Created By
The Guthrie Families of Arkansas and Virginia

Jimmy-R-Clevenger   Created By
Clevenger, Terry, Vernon, and Slade Families

Joan-M-Clemons   Created By

Joan-M-Clemons-Alabama   Created By
McDades and Allied Families

Joanne-C-Clement   Created By
Ancestors of Joanne Caroline Clement

Joanne-Clem   Created By
The Clem Family

Joanne-Clevenger   Created By
Jo-Anne Clevenger from Michigan

Jodi-Cleer   Created By
Cleer Family of WV

Jody-Clemens   Created By
Clemens of Pasadena, Texas

Joe-Clemente   Created By
Home Page of Joe Clemente

Joe-Clements   Created By
The Women of Yesterday, Long &Taylor

Joel-D-Clendening   Created By

Joel-D-Clendening-OH   Created By

Joel-D-Clendening-north-canton   Created By
Clendenin/g,Basford,Bashford, Williams, Carpenter Genealogy

John-A-Clear   Created By
"The Clear Family of England"

John-A-Clemenshaw-AZ   Created By
J.A. Clemenshaws of Phoenix

John-C-Cleary   Created By
Cleary, Wade, Darcy, Gahan, Fitzpatrick, Noel of Central NY

John-C-Clement   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-Cleary-   Created By
John Michael Cleary's of White Bear Lake, MN

John-Clements-1   Created By
John H Clements are we from Langley Marish

John-Clemons   Created By
John Edward Clemons

John-Clemons-2   Created By
John Clemons Family

John-Clemons-AR   Created By
Moorehead,Malone,Hohn,Brownfield,Stephens,Clemons Family

John-Clemons-Arkansas   Created By

John-Clemons-Searcy   Created By
George and Sara Berry Clemons of TN

John-Clemont   Created By
John M. Clemont

John-Clevette   Created By

John-Clevette-MN   Created By
Clavet,Clavette,Clevette genealogy

John-D-Clements   Created By
CLEMENTS TIES of Georgia and Florida

John-H-Clemons   Created By

John-H-Clemons-AR   Created By

John-Henry-Clemons   Created By
My Family Moorhead,Brownfield,Malone,Clemons,Stephens

John-J-Clennan   Created By
The John J. Clennan Family Home Page

John-L-Cleary   Created By

John-L-Clement   Created By
Hinds, Johnson, Pascal, Clement Family

John-M-Clemont   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-M-Clemont-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-M-Clemont-3   Created By
Everett Family tree

John-Moseley-Clemont   Created By
Clemont Family tree

John-Moseley-Clemont-West-Virginia   Created By
Everett & Clemont family tree

John-R-Clement   Created By
Home Page of John Clement

John-R-Clements   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-S-Clements   Created By
The Clements' of Lancashire

John-T-Clellan   Created By
the clellan's of ohio

John-W-Clemens   Created By
John Clemens Family Home Page

John-X-Clendetta   Created By

Johnjean--W-Cleveland   Created By
The Cleveland / Tutor Family Home Page

Jonathan-Cleaver   Created By
User Home Page

Jonathan-Clennell   Created By
Jonathan Clennell's Home Page - 2010

Jonathan-E-Clemons   Created By
"The Jonathan Elijah Clemons Sr. Of 1812 Family Home Page"

Jonathan-J-Clennell   Created By
How the Clennells in Derbyshire Start From Cash!

Joseline-M-Clews   Created By
Jos Clews

Joseph-C-Clements   Created By
The Joseph C. Clements Home Page

Joseph-Clemens   Created By
Clemens, Joseph R. in Michigan

Joseph-Clements   Created By
The Joe Clements Website

Joseph-N-Cleres   Created By
Family of Joseph N. Cleres of Arvada Colorado

Joshua-D-Clemmer   Created By
Joshua Clemmer's Family Tree

Joyce-Clegg   Created By
Butch & Joyce Clegg of Endicott, New York

Judi-Clermont   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Judith-A-Clemons   Created By
Eubanks of Kentucky

Judith-E-Cleary   Created By
The family of Judith Elaine (Adams) Cleary

Judith-M-Clemons   Created By
Christopher and Judith Clemons, Launceston, Tasmania

Judy-B-Clemens   Created By
The Richard Glenn Clemens Family Home Page

Julianne-M-Cleary   Created By
The Julie Williams/Cleary Home Page

Julie-Cleland   Created By
The Schomer Family Of Menominee, MI

Julie-S-Cleary   Created By
The Tyler A. Cleary's of Gilbert, AZ

Juvanne-Clezie-ID   Created By

Kai-L-Clemmons   Created By
The Kai L. Clemmons Foundation

Karen-A-Clemente   Created By
The Larson Family Home Page

Karen-Clemenstober   Created By
The Clemens - Tober Family, Ontario, Canada

Karl-Clemmensen   Created By
The Clemmensen Family Home Page

Karl-Clemmensen-PA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Karon-Cleveland   Created By
The Britton and Gunnett Family Tree

Katherine-D-Clementz-soja   Created By
The Anthony J Clementz Family of Massilon Ohio

Kathlee-Cleveland   Created By
The Cleveland Family Tree

Kathleen-Clewlow   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kathleen-L-cleghorn   Created By
The Cleghorn Clan - Ottawa Branch

Kathleen-R-Cleveland   Created By
The Clevelands of Wisconsin

Kathy-J-Clevinger   Created By
The Journey to Bruce and Kathy Reilly

Kathy-R-Clegg   Created By
Home Page of Kathy Clegg

Katie--R-Clement   Created By
Home Page of katie clement

Katie-R-Clement   Created By
Home Page of Katie Clement

Katrina-M-Clements   Created By
Home Page of Katrina Clements

Kellie-Clevenger   Created By
My Family

Kelly-Clements-   Created By
Kelly's Family Tree

Kenneth-B-Clements   Created By

Kenneth-Cleary   Created By
Cleary - Nichols Clan

Kenneth-Clee   Created By
The Midland Clee's

Kenneth-Clement   Created By

Kenneth-F-Clevenger   Created By
The Kenneth F. Clevenger's of Fairmont, WV

Kenneth-R-Clements   Created By
Clements Family Genealogy

Kenneth-Roy-Clements   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kevin-Clements   Created By
Kevin Clements Family Tree

Kevin-M-Clermont   Created By
The Clermont and Healy Home Page

Kim-Clements-1   Created By
The Clements Family of Cumberland,WA

Kimberley-M-Clements   Created By
The Kimberley Clements Home Page

Kimberly-A-Clemens   Created By
Clemens Family

Kimberly-A-Cleveland   Created By
The Carl Christion Hinding Family of IL.and Ms.

Kimberly-A-Clevenger   Created By
The Swartz Family of Pennsylvania

Kimberly-Clear   Created By
Clear Family Circle

Kimberly-Clement   Created By
The James Family of Minnesota

Kimberly-Clemons-   Created By
Clemons/Cress Family Tree Wythe County, VA

Kristine-m-clements-M-Clements   Created By
Kristine Martin Clements Family Home Page

Kristy-Cleveland   Created By
The Ingalls Family Tree

Kyle-Clemmer   Created By
The Kyle R. Clemmers of Humble Texas

Kyle-R-Clemmer   Created By
The Kyle R. Clemmers of Humble Texas

L-G-Clemens-WA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Larry-A-Clever   Created By
Descendants of Henry Clever (Heinrich Kleber), 1754-1828

Larry-O-Clevenger   Created By
Clevenger, Loomis, Person, McElroy, and Related Families

Larry-R-Clere   Created By
The Hash/Clere Family Home Page

Larry-R-Clevenger   Created By
Home Page of Larry Clevenger

Laura-Cleland-PA   Created By
Emma Elkin Cleland Batt's Family Tree

Laura-Clemens   Created By
The Clemens and Bailey Family

Laura-Clemens-1   Created By
Clemens Family

Laura-Clemens-Alamogordo   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Laura-Clemens-NM   Created By
The Clemens and Bailey Family

Laura-Cleveland   Created By
The Home Page of Laura Scott Cleveland

Laura-D-Cleapor   Created By
The Price / Cleapor Family

Laura-Dan-Cleapor   Created By
The Price/Cleapor Connection

Laura-L-Clement   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Laurie-J-Cleaver   Created By
The Cleaver Family of North London, England

Lee--connie-Clement   Created By
Lee E. & Connie Simcox Clement Home Page

Lee-Clegg-Tempe   Created By
William Francis Clegg of Vineyard, UT

Leeann-Cleckler   Created By
The Pierce Family Tree

Leeann-Cleckler-Alabama   Created By
The Pierce Family Tree

Lenore-sigrid-Clemens   Created By
Clemens, Paul and Laufey: from Iceland to North America

Leona-sue-Clemmons   Created By
Leona Sue Fitzergald Clemmons of Loretto, Tennessee

Leonard-A-Clement-Ontario   Created By
The Clement Family, of Oshawa, ON, Canada, & Haliburton

Lesley-Cleaton   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lester-J-Clefstad   Created By
The Joe Clefstad Family Home Page

Lezlie-Clemons   Created By
Ancestry of Lezlie Anne Clemons/Patricia Sue Hartley

Linda-Cleary   Created By
Cleary History

Linda-Clement   Created By
Yarbroughs of Fayette Co., IL.

Linda-Clemons-1   Created By
The Theodore P. Shearers' of Missouri

Linda-Clemons-Missouri   Created By
The Theodore P. Shearers' of Missouri

Linda-J-Cleaver   Created By
The Linda Kershaw Cleaver Family Home Page

Linda-J-Cleveland   Created By
The Hannibal Family of Arkansas & Texas

Linda-L-Cleland   Created By
The Clelands of Scotland

Linda-L-Clements   Created By
The Clements/Crowley Family Home Page

Linda-L-Cleveland   Created By
The Cleveland Family Geneology Home Page

Linda-S-Clemons   Created By
The Shearer Family of Missouri

Lindy-A-Clendenin   Created By
Lindy Clendenin of So il

Lisa--M-Clemens   Created By
Home Page of Lisa Clemens

Lisa-A-Cleveland   Created By
The Cleveland Family Tree...of Alabama

Lisa-B-Clemons   Created By
Home Page of Lisa Clemons

Lisa-Clem   Created By
The Clems of Baltimore, MD

Lisa-D-Cleveland   Created By
The Ratz Family Tree

Lisa-K-Clegg   Created By
Home Page of Lisa Clegg

Lisa-M-Cleavenewcomb   Created By
Lisa Marie Cleave/Newcomb Of Missouri

Lisa-Marie-Clem   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lisa-O-Clem   Created By
Clem Family Home Page

Lisa-R-Clements   Created By
Wilson, Bush, Diggs & Stephens

Lisa-r-Clements   Created By
Wilson, Bush, Diggs & Stephens

Lissa-Clem   Created By
Clems and Ludwicks

Lister--Cleary   Created By
User Home Page

Lloyd-Clemmons   Created By
Lloyd C. Clemmons of Lauderdale County, AL

Lloyd-D-Clevenger   Created By
"The Lloyd D. Clevenger of Cortez, Co."

Lois-S-Cleveland   Created By

Lora-L-Clemson   Created By
The Clemson's

Loren-J-Clemens   Created By
Loren J Clemens of Cabot AR

Lorenzo-Clemons   Created By
Homepage for Peterson, Harris Family Of Alabama

Loretta-Clements   Created By

Loretta-S-Clements   Created By
An American Story

Loretta-Straughn-Clements   Created By
Mallory - Straughn Families of the South

Lori-A-Clemens   Created By
Lori Anne Clemens Family History

Lori-A-Clemmons   Created By

Lorna-Clemmons   Created By
The Genyard's/ Clemmons

Louise-Clewis   Created By
Sanders Family Ties

Louise-Clewis-TX   Created By
Sanders Family And Ties

Louise-E-Clemons   Created By

Lucille-B-Clegg   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Malcolm-Clerc   Created By
Clerc Family Tree

Marc-J-Clements   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Marc-John-Clements   Created By
Welcome Home

Marci-A-Cleaver   Created By
An American Story

Marci-L-Cleaver   Created By
An American Story

Margaret-Clement-SC   Created By
Philippe and Celestine Noisette of Charleston, SC

Margaret-Clemons   Created By
The Clemons / Boyd Family Information

Margaret-N-Clement   Created By
Phillippe Stanislaus Noisette

Maria-D-Clemente   Created By
PIPAY'S of Bulacan

Maria-N-Clevenger   Created By
The Clevengers

Marian-Clennon-MN   Created By
The Research of Marian J. Clennon

Marilyn-B-Cleveland   Created By
The Earl Joseph Boudreaux Family

Marilyn-Clements   Created By
Clements, Adams Casa

Marilyn-J-Cleaver   Created By
John William Fox Family of Missouri Valley,Ia

Marilyn-S-Clendening   Created By

Mark-A-Clements   Created By
Mark Clements' feeble attempt at a Family Tree

Mark-Alaxander-Clements   Created By
Mark and Tammy Clements - Martinsburg, WV

Mark-Clegg   Created By
The Mark Clegg Project

Mark-Clegg-   Created By
Mark Clegg of Illinois

Mark-Clegg-Nevada   Created By
Mark Clegg's ancestors

Mark-Clelland   Created By

Mark-Clem   Created By
Mark Clem and Family, Jacksonville, Ar

Mark-E-Clewell   Created By
Mark Edgar Clewell of Allentown, PA

Mark-W-Jacobsensr-CA   Created By
The Family Of Robert A.Clemons

Mark-samuel-Clemons   Created By
isaac r. clements of pulaski

Marlin-L-Clemons   Created By
Help Me Find My Grandfather's Genealogy - John Ellis Clemons

Marlin-L-Clemons-Alabama   Created By
The Marlin Clemons's, Arab AL.

Marsha-K-Clemens   Created By
The Ancestors of Kimberly Elizabeth Clemens

Mary-A-Clement   Created By
Clement, McCall, Thames, Brazil Family Research

Mary-Cleary-KY   Created By
The Cleary - Markey Family

Mary-Cleaver-Brentwood   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-Clegg-Redlands   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-Clement   Created By
Clement and McCarty Ancestors

Mary-E-Clegg   Created By
"Turner & Stuart Families of Fulton & Izard Counties , AR"

Mary-E-Clemonds   Created By
The Clemonds Family Home Page

Mary-J-Cleghon   Created By

Mary-J-Cleghon-wv   Created By
My Family The Bruntys and Others

Mary-L-Clem   Created By
User Home Page

Mary-M-Cleary   Created By
The Cleary - Markey Family

Mary-ellen-J-Cleary   Created By
The James and Mary Ellen (Mangan) Cleary Family Home Page

Matthew-A-Clevenger   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Matthew-Clevenger   Created By

Matthew-J-Clepper   Created By

Matthew-L-Clevinger   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Maurice-Clement   Created By
The Maurice D. Clements of San Angelo, Texas

Max-V-Cleaver   Created By
The Max Vincent Cleavers of Papamoa New Zealand

Maxine-Clegg   Created By
The Cleggs Of Halifax, England

Maxine-Clegg-Other-Province-or-Region   Created By

Maxine-Clegg-West-Yorkshire   Created By
The Cleggs of Halifax. West Yorkshire

Maxine-Clegg-west-yorks   Created By
The Cleggs of Halifax. West Yorkshire

Maylene-h-Clearwater   Created By

Meelee-A-Clevenger   Created By
Henry Black , Kentucky

Meelee-Clevenger   Created By
The Blacks of Delaware County in Oklahoma

Melinda-A-Clemmens   Created By
The Lee's by Me

Michael-A-Clein   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-A-Clements   Created By
The Family of Michael A. Clements, Hampshire, England

Michael-Cleal   Created By
The Cleals and Shines of London and Gloucestershire

Michael-Cleary-1   Created By
The Cleary Family Tree

Michael-Clelland   Created By
The Michael L. Clellands of Rivesville, WV

Michael-Clemons-   Created By
The Michael Clemons of Garrett County, MD

Michael-E-Clemmons   Created By
Michael E. Clemmons of Alabama, Georgia, Carolinas

Michael-J-Cleary   Created By
Michael J. Cleary of Dayton Ohio

Michael-J-Cleary-jr   Created By
Home Page of Michael Cleary, Jr.

Michael-J-Clements   Created By
The Clemente Cacchione Delalla Packer Etc. Family Tree

Michael-J-Clemons   Created By
The Michael Clemons Family Home Page

Michael-L-Clement   Created By
the clements of massachusetts

Michael-L-Clemetson   Created By
The Clemetson Family Home Page

Michael-Leroy-Clemetson   Created By
Michael L. Clemetson of Washington State

Michele-Clemence   Created By
Family Tree of Michele Lorraine Clemence

Michele-Clements   Created By
Who's in our past?

Michele-E-Clements   Created By

Micheline-b-Cleary   Created By
ClearyStanley of MA, WrightHarris of NC, Crocketts

Michelle-Clement   Created By
Roggenbuck Family Tree

Michelle-Cleveland-OK   Created By

Michelle-R-Clemens   Created By
The Hinds-Clemens Family

Miles-Clements   Created By
Miles T Clements Jr of Fairfax Station, VA

Miles-T-Clements-iii   Created By
Miles Tipton Clements III "Chip"

Milton-A-Clement-FL   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mindee-Clem   Created By
Mindee Clem's Family Tree

Miriam-Cleveland   Created By
The Miriam E Clevelands of Gahanna, Ohio

Mirinda-A-Clews   Created By
The ancestors of Mirinda Anne Clews

Mitchell-P-Clendening   Created By
The Clendenings

Monique-R-Cleary   Created By
Home Page of Monique Cleary

N-Clemons-1   Created By
JACKSON CO., FL Family of Nichelle G. Clemons

N-Clemons-GA   Created By
Long & Clemons Family of Marianna, FL

N-Clemons-rex   Created By
JACKSON CO., FL Family of Nichelle G. Clemons

Nancy-J-Cleburn   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nancy-T-Clement   Created By
The Clement's

Nichelle-Clemons   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nichola-Clegg   Created By
Clegg Family Tree

Nichola-J-Clegg   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nicholas-P-Cleary   Created By
The Bollons Family

Nickolet-V-Clements   Created By
Baker, Brown and Beach/Beech Family Page

Nicole-A-Clevenger   Created By
Home Page of Nicole Clevenger

Nikki-Cleveland   Created By
Patrick O'Mallon/ Joseph Mallons of Upstate New York

Nikki-Clevenger   Created By
The Clevengers and Hales of Tennessee

Odele-Cleghorn   Created By
The Gibson Family of Glasgow

Ollie-C-Clerc   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ollie-C-Clerc-MO   Created By

Oren-Clem   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Owen-J-Clemow   Created By

Parry-C-Clementconstable   Created By
Home Page of parry clement-constable

Patricia-J-Clemence   Created By

Patrick-Clelland   Created By
Patrick J. Clelland of Rochester, NY

Patrick-Cleveland   Created By
The Patrick H. Clevelands of Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Patrick-H-Cleveland   Created By
Patrick H. Cleveland, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Patrick-H-Cleveland-CA   Created By
Ancestors of Patrick H. Cleveland of Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Patrick-Herbert-Cleveland-CA   Created By
The Patrick Clevelands of Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Patrick-J-Clenaghan   Created By
Pat Clenaghan Home Page

Patrizia-A-Clerico   Created By
The Pennsylvania Clerico Family Tree

Patsy-L-Clement   Created By
The Home Page of Patsy Landry Clement

Patsy-W-Clemens   Created By
Patsy White of Florida

Paul-Clements   Created By
Clement/Clements London Family Tree

Paul-E-Clemons   Created By
Paul E. Clemons of Port Clinton, Ohio & Sanibel, Florida

Paul-E-Clemons-FL   Created By
Paul E. and Patricia A. Clemons of Sanibel, FL

Paul-S-Clemetson   Created By
Sons of Clemetson

Pauline-Cleary-CA   Created By
Robert V. and Pauline M.Cleary

Pauline-Clemmons-Arkansas   Created By
Polly's Family

Pauline-M-Cleary   Created By
Robert and Pauline Cleary

Pauline-R-Cleveland   Created By
Pauline Cleveland's Home Page

Peggy-J-Clements   Created By
Our Family Tree

Penny-Clear   Created By
The Grovers of North Lancing, Sussex, England

Penny-G-Clement   Created By
Welch Family & the Griffith Family.

Peter-C-Clemens   Created By
Dr. Clemens Genealogicus

Peter-Clegg   Created By
Clegg family

Peter-D-Clegg   Created By
Harry Tenneck Lewry (taken in by Clegg family 1915-18, UK).

Peter-E-Clemison   Created By
Peter's Clemison's Genealogy

Peter-G-Clewes   Created By
the pete clewes family tree

Peter-L-Clemente   Created By
peter clemente of new jersey

Peter-Louis-Clemente   Created By
peter clemente of kearny, new jersey

Peter-W-Clement   Created By
The Clement Family of Buffalo, NY

Phil-J-Cleary   Created By
The Cleary & Pye Families - Melbourne Australia

Phil-M-Clem   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Philip-S-Cleminson   Created By

Phillip-Clements   Created By
The Descendants of the late Ruby Long-Bresson

Phillip-J-Clements   Created By
The CLEMENTS family of North Somerset, UK

Phyllis-A-Clemens   Created By

Phyllis-J-Clements   Created By
C. Preston Clements Family Home Page

Princess-Clement   Created By
Family of Ollie Mae White

Princess-M-Clement   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Princess-M-Clement-Amarillo   Created By
The Ollie Mae White's from Seymour, TX

Princess-M-Clement-TX   Created By
"The Family of Ollie Mae White"

Priscilla--K-Clemens--fox   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Qunetin-Clemmons   Created By
The Clemmons

R-D-Cleveland   Created By
The R Dean Cleveland Home Page

Rachel-E-Clemons-OK   Created By
The Rachel Demaree Clemons Home Page

Randa-L-Clevenger   Created By
The Clifton's of Southern Illinois

Randa-L-Clevenger-IL   Created By
Clifton's of Southern Illinois

Randolph-J-Clment   Created By
Genealogy of Randolph J. Clement of Louisiana

Raymond-T-Clement   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Regina-Clemens   Created By
An American Story

Reginald-Clemons   Created By

Retta-Ann-Clement   Created By
The Elmer David Clement Family Home Page

Rhonda-Clemons   Created By
LaBeff, Evans, Jones of Arkansas

Richard-A-Clelland   Created By
my family roots

Richard-A-Clement   Created By
The Richard Allen Clements of Gouverneur, N.Y.

Richard-Allen-Clement   Created By
The Richard Allen Clement family of Gouverneur, New York

Richard-Cleckner-OH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Richard-Clemmey   Created By
Richard Clemmey of Richmond Texas

Richard-D-Clemens   Created By
Dr. Richard Dean Clemens, LTC U.S. Army (Retired) of WA

Richard-G-Cleveland   Created By
Cleveland family Tree Research - New York

Richard-Gregory-Cleveland   Created By
Cleveland and Pope

Richard-J-Cleary   Created By
The Lawrence John Rohatsch Family Tree

Richard-L-Clendening   Created By
The Clendening Family Home Page

Richard-M-Clelland   Created By
Clelland Family Home Page

Richard-P-Clem   Created By
Richard P. Clem's Family Page

Richard-P-Clement   Created By
Clement and Lanaux Family Home Page

Richard-P-Clemente   Created By
The Richard P. Clemente Family Home Page

Rob-Clements   Created By

Rob-G-Clements   Created By
The Clements Family

Robert-Cleland-   Created By
Wallace - King Family Tree

Robert-Clemons   Created By
Clemons Family

Robert-F-Clegg   Created By
The Robert F. Clegg Family Home Page

Robert-G-Clements   Created By
The Clements of Kansas

Robert-L-Clemens   Created By
Home Page of Robert Clemens

Robert-L-Cleveland   Created By
Robert L Cleveland of Tallapoosa County Alabama

Robert-Louis-Clemens   Created By
An American Story

Robert-M-Cleworth-sr   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-P-Clements   Created By
The Robert P. Clements Family Home Page

Robert-Patrick-Clements   Created By
The Clements Family Page

Robert-Patrick-Clements-FL   Created By
The Robert P. Clements Family of Florida

Robert-R-Clevenger   Created By
"Jasper Clevenger of Excelsior Springs, MO"

Robert-S-Clement   Created By

Robert-S-Cleveland   Created By
The Cleveland Family

Robert-Samuel-Cleveland   Created By
Cleveland Family

Robert-V-Clement   Created By
User Home Page

Robin-A-Clements   Created By
Ruth Elizabeth (Cummings) Clements D0B 1893, Lynn Ma

Robyn-Whyatt-Richmond   Created By
The Clelland Family Website

Rodman-A-Cleveland   Created By
Clan Cleveland

Rodney-D-Clements   Created By
The Ausie M. Kent family tree

Rodney-E-Cleaves   Created By
Rodney E Cleaves, Chelmsford, MA

Roger-Cleveland-fl   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Roger-L-Cleveland   Created By
The Roger Lewis Cleveland Family Home Page

Ronald-Clements   Created By
Clements/Pedigo's of Indiana

Ronald-H-Clements   Created By
Ronald Clements, Jr

Ronald-Havard-Clements   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ronnie-R-Clements   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Rose-Clegg   Created By
Clegg Family From Lancashire UK Plus Many Other Names

Roy-F-Clements   Created By
"Town of Palermo, Maine"

Rush-M-Clements   Created By
The W.H. Clements and Anne Foote Families of Sharkey County

Ruth-A-Clemens-CA   Created By
Herbert and Clemens

Sally-A-Clements   Created By
Sally A Clements of Lincoln, UK

Sally-W-Cleveland   Created By
The Sally Wilson Cleveland Family Home Page

Sandra-Clements-   Created By
Casteele Family

Sandra-Clevenger   Created By

Sandra-J-Cleary   Created By
Sandra Cleary's Family Tree Home Page

Sandra-L-Cleveland   Created By
"The Sandra Vincent Cleveland Family of Lansing, NY

Sandra-M-Clem   Created By
Sandra Clem of Nicholasville, KY

Sara-Cleave   Created By
Byers, Moore & Ensley of Belmont Co., Ohio

Sarah--M-Clemmons   Created By
The Spencer Family Tree

Sarah--M-Clemmons-KY   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sarah-E-Clement   Created By
Sallie's Family Research Home Page

Sarah-J-Clem   Created By
Bosley, Corley, & Clem Families of West Virginia

Saverne-A-Clemons   Created By
" The Henry Graham Family of Chattanooga, TN."

Scott-A-Clement   Created By
Family Tree

Sean-M-Clere-NY   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Shane-Cleal   Created By
cleal. Portsmouth, England

Shannon-Clement   Created By
Shannon's Tree

Sharon-Clevenger   Created By
Elmer Atchison

Sharon-F-Clemons   Created By
The James Lloyd Clemons of Arkansas County, Arkansas

Sharon-H-Clegern   Created By
Edward and Betty (Kuhn) Harbison of Cincinnati, Ohio

Sharon-L-Cleveland   Created By
Home Page of Sharon Cleveland

Sharon-Rose-Obar-TX   Created By
Ingrams from Ingram , Texas

Sharron-Clemons   Created By
Sharron L Clemons, New York City

Sharron-L-Clemons   Created By
Sharron L. Clemons

Shea-A-Cleveland   Created By

Shea-Cleveland   Created By

Sheila-Cleverly   Created By
The Smith Family Page

Sheila-H-Cleverly   Created By
The John Smith and Ann Hirst Family Page

Shelia-A-Cleveland   Created By
shelia cleveland of Hot Springs,Ark

Shell-M-Clevenger   Created By
The Shell Mack Clevenger Family Home Page

Shell-Mack-Clevenger   Created By
Shell's Genealogy

Sheree-Clemons   Created By
"The Clemons of Dothan, AL"

Sherri-A-Clemmer   Created By
The John F Clemmers of Florida

Sherriden-I-Clements-BC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sherry-Clements   Created By
Home Page of Sherry Clements

Sherry-Clemons   Created By
The Wayne Clemons' of Elizabethton, TN

Sherry-Clemons-   Created By
The Clemons family of Elizabethton, TN

Sherry-E-Clemons   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sherry-R-Clemons   Created By
The Jackson Family Tree

Sheryl-A-Clement   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sheryl-Clement   Created By
The Behl Family

Shirley-Clegg   Created By
The Roth and Clegg Families of Pennsylvania

Shirley-J-Cleveland   Created By
Cady's In Memory Of Marietta E. Cady Kuroczka

Shirley-R-Clegg   Created By
Shellenberger-Roth-Clegg-Kirby Home Page

Simon-N-Clews   Created By
Simon Clews in Hertfordshire England

Stacey-Clements   Created By
Family of Stacey Clements

Stanley-R-Clement   Created By
Stanley Richard Clement of Russellville, Alabama

Stella-Clemons   Created By
Stella Clemons of Missouri

Stephen-G-Clevenger   Created By
Stephen Gregory Clevenger

Stephen-K-Clemmer   Created By
Stephen K Clemmer Home Page

Steve-Clevenger   Created By

Steven-Cleghorn-simpson   Created By
James Cleghorn Mary kellett halfknight Dalton Sunderland UK

Steven-Clem   Created By
The Steven W Clem tree of St. Louis, MO

Steven-M-Clemmer   Created By
The Steven Clemmer Family Home Page

Stewart-E-Cleveland-1   Created By
Stewart E. Cleveland of Hendersonville, NC

Stewart-E-Cleveland-Hendersonville   Created By
Stewart E. Cleveland of Hendersonville,NC

Susan-A-Clements-leedy   Created By
The Schlatter Family Tree

Susan-Cleeves   Created By
The Cleeves Family, Ontario, Canada

Susan-Clement   Created By
The Susan Clement's of Stockton U.K

Susan-Clement-   Created By
Susan Blanche Farrell's Family

Susan-Clement-Swansea   Created By
Cummins Families of County Carlow, Ireland

Susan-Clements   Created By
Home Page of Susan Clements

Susan-Clements-Az   Created By
Alexander R. Wochna of Tonapah, AZ

Susan-Clementsleedy   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Susan-Clementsticen   Created By

Susan-Farrell-Clement   Created By
Simon Landry and Judtih Babin Family Tree

Susan-M-Clegg   Created By
Clegg Birmingham England

Susanne-L-Clermont   Created By
Home Page of susanne clermont

Suzanne-M-Clementi   Created By
Suzanne M Clementi in CA of Hughes - Cito - Amyrauld

Sylvia-Clemons-   Created By
Sylvia May Charlotte Canaga's Home Page

Sylvia-L-Cleverley   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

T-Cleaver   Created By

Tamariss-L-Clements   Created By
The Clements Family

Tamera-A-Clements   Created By
The Marcus Abner Families of Ogden Utah

Tami-R-Clements   Created By
The Clements of Georgia

Tammy-L-Clements   Created By
The Clements Family

Tammy-L-Clements-NM   Created By
The Chris & Tammy Clements Family

Tammy-M-Clemmerson   Created By
Tammy CLemmerson Waukesha Wisconsin

Tanya-Cleaveley   Created By
Ancestors of Tanya Cleaveley

Tanya-Clement-1   Created By
The Clement Family

Tanya-Clement-2   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Tanya-M-Clearyde-santis   Created By
The Cleary Family of Ontario, Canada

Tara-D-Clem   Created By
" The David Clem Family Home Page

Tara-Dawn-Clem-Kentucky   Created By

Tara-L-Clemens   Created By
Home Page of Tara Clemens

Tenna-Clemons   Created By
The Clemons Family

Tenna-W-Clemons   Created By
The Clemons/Wilson family

Tenna-Wilson-Clemons   Created By
The Earnest Julian Clemons Family Tree

Teresa-Clerkin   Created By
Michael Doherty of Trenton, New Jersey

Teresa-G-Clester   Created By
"clester Family"

Teresa-L-Clendinneng   Created By
Our Family Lines Home Page

Teresa-M-Clements   Created By
Teresa Clements

Terry-Clewes   Created By
Terry Clewes's Homepage

Terry-N-Clements   Created By
The Terry Clements Family Home Page

Theresa-A-Cleary   Created By
Home Page of Theresa Cleary

Theresa-Cleaver   Created By
The Weymes Family Tree Ireland

Theresa-Clements-1   Created By

Theresa-L-Clendenin   Created By

Thomas-A-Clemandot   Created By
Thomas A. Clemandot of Pearland, TX

Thomas-C-Clement   Created By
Our Family History

Thomas-C-Clements-MD   Created By
The Tom Clements of Sykesville, MD

Thomas-Clegg   Created By
The Clegg Family of Rochester, NY History

Thomas-D-Clemens   Created By
The Thomas D. Clemens Tree

Thomas-G-Cleary   Created By
Cleary and Flanagan Family Home Page

Thomas-G-Clelland   Created By
The Clellands of fremington north yorkshire

Thomas-H-Clegg   Created By
The Clegg Family of Rochester, NY's History

Thomas-H-Clements   Created By
The Thomas Clements Family Home Page

Thomas-J-Cleary   Created By
User Home Page

Thomas-K-Clements   Created By
The Thomas K. Clements Family Home Page

Thomas-L-Clem   Created By
The Thomas Clem Family Home Page

Thomas-Lynn-Clevenger   Created By
The Clevenger Family Ancestry

Tim-Cleveland   Created By
"Cleveland" past & present family of Tim Cleveland

Tim-W-Cleveland   Created By
The Cleveland's of Sturgis, Michigan

Tim-W-Cleveland-MI   Created By
Cleveland's & Melchi's Of Sturgis, Michigan

Tim-W-Cleveland-Sturgis   Created By
Tim Cleveland's & Marilu " Kimble" Cleveland of Sturgis,MI.

Timothy-S-Cleveland   Created By
Cleveland`s family of Tim Cleveland

Timothy-Scott-Cleveland   Created By
Cleveland`s family of Tim Cleveland

Timothy-Scott-Cleveland-Tx   Created By
Tim Cleveland`s family Lost & Found

Tisa-Clemens   Created By
The Clemens of Klaath Falls, Or

Tony-J-Cleary   Created By
Cleary, Larkin and Palmer of the UK

Tony-J-Cleary-DUDLEY   Created By
The Clearys of the UK

Tonya-Clevidence   Created By
Tonya Nichole Miller-Clevidence Murray Ky

Tonya-J-Clendenning   Created By
Clendenning family

Tonya-L-Clevenger   Created By
The Clevenger Family

Tracy-A-Clemons   Created By
The Clemons - Kolis Family Genealogy Home Page

Travis-Cleghorn   Created By

Travis-L-Clements   Created By
Clements Family Genealogy HomePage

Treasa-Clements   Created By
The Rogiero's of Pennsylvania

Tteresa-L-Clemons   Created By
Where's My Family ? The Clemons

Una-L-Clements   Created By
Una Louise's Tesser-Clements Home Page

Vernon-V-Cleary-jr   Created By

Vicki-Clemts-TX   Created By
My Family Tree

Vicki-L-Clemow   Created By
Jenkins, Teakle, Gardner & Clemow

Viki-Cleveland   Created By
The Cornish's of Texas

Virginia--C-Clements   Created By

Virginia-B-Clements   Created By
Virginia Clements Tuttle's lineage search

W-patrick-Clements-NS   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Walker-Clemmons   Created By
The Clemmons Family

Walter-G-Clemons   Created By
The ClemonsClan Page

Walter-s-Cleer   Created By
W.S. Cleer Family History

Wilbur-H-Clevenger   Created By
The Wilbur Henry Clevenger Family Home Page

Wilfried-Cleuren   Created By
The Family Cleuren - Paeps - Gyzen - Eymael and from Belgium

Wilfried-M-Cleuren   Created By
The Wilfried Cleuren Family Home Page

William-C-Clemente-sr   Created By
The Clemente-Domin Family Tree

William-Charles-Clemente-sr   Created By
The Clemente-Domin Family Tree

William-Cleaver-NY   Created By
The Cleaver's

William-Clegg-Ontario   Created By
William Clegg of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

William-Clements-Ilion   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

William-Cleveland-texas   Created By
Cleveland Family tree

William-D-Cleaver   Created By

William-F-Clements   Created By
The William F.Clements of Tifton,Georgia.

William-G-Cleveland   Created By
The Clevelands of Hillsdale, Hillsdale County Michigan

William-H-Clegg   Created By
The Cleggs of Shallotte North Carolina

William-Henry-Clegg   Created By
Thomas Clegg Family History

William-J-Cleaver   Created By
William J. & Esther C. Cleaver, Circle 'C'

William-J-Clemons   Created By
The Gavins/Jones Family Page

William-J-Cleveland   Created By
The William Russell Cleveland Home Page

William-P-Clements   Created By
The William Patrick L. E. Clements Home Page

William-R-Clemmons   Created By
Clemmons family in Birmingham, AL

Wilton-D-Cleveland   Created By
Cleveland-Story Family Tree of the Midsouth

Winston-C-Clemmons   Created By
In Search of Edward Clemmons and Family of Brunswick Co, NC

richard-w-cleveland   Created By

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