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Aj-Coffee   Created By
Descendents of Turner & Lawson Family (Malvern, AR)

Alan-Coffee   Created By
The Alan Coffees of Edmond, OK

Alice-E-Coffin   Created By
To my Family and Friends,A Very Special Gift, With Love

Alison-R-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of Alison Coffey

Allison-Coffey   Created By
The Coffey's of New York

Amy-Coffey   Created By
The Coffey Family

Amy-Coffey-Kent   Created By
The Coffey Family

Andrew-Coffman   Created By

Angie-Cofer   Created By
rameys &binghams of ga, ledfords& pendergrass of n.c.

Annette-M-Coffman   Created By
Home Page of Annette Coffman

Anthony-L-Coffman   Created By
The Coffmans of Harlingen, Texas

Antoinette-Coffer   Created By
Antoinette (Valverde) Coffer, of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Archie-L-Coffman   Created By

Arthur-C-Cofresi   Created By
The Arthur & Linda Cofresi Home Page

Arthur-Thomas-Coffman   Created By
" The Arthur T. Coffman Family Home Page."

Barbara-A-Coffey-newman   Created By
have a cup of Tennesee coffey

Barton-D-Coffman   Created By
McKelvey, Kelly, Gulick, Coffman and Related Families

Betty-E-Coffman   Created By
The Blaine J Coffman Family Home Page

Betty-E-Coffman-Iowa   Created By
The Coffman-Franklin Clan of Iowa

Betty-Eileen-Coffman   Created By
Krohn, Crosier, Barber, Long, Robinson, Price, Harrell

Beverly-Coffman   Created By

Bill-Coffey   Created By
Conroys & Coffeys families New Zealand

Bill-Coffman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Billie-jean-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of Billie Jean Coffey

Bobby-J-Coffman   Created By
Bobby Coffman of calif/colorado

Brent-D-Coffey   Created By
Coffey Family Tree

Brett-M-Cofer   Created By
The Brett M. Cofers of Dallas, TX

Brittany-M-Coffman   Created By
The Coffman Family Home Page

Bryan-Coffey   Created By
The Victor M.L. Coffeys of Georgetown ON

Carol-M-Coffey   Created By
Margaret McCarthy Coffey of Massachusetts

Carol-Margaret-Coffey   Created By
Coffey, Mattuchio tree

Carolyn-J-Coffey   Created By
noah woodrow middleton of olive hill ky.

Cathy--Coffey   Created By
The Cathy Coffey Family Home Page

Cathy-Coffey   Created By
The Duckworth & Coffey Families

Cheryl-D-Coffey   Created By
Foster Logan Hamrick Lund Families of TN AL GA VA KY

Chris-Coffman-   Created By
Christy Morris Coffman

Chris-L-Coffman-OR   Created By
Chris Coffman Home Page

Christopher-C-Coffield   Created By
The Christopher Coffield Family Home Page

Christopher-S-Cofer   Created By

Clancy--E-Coffee   Created By
Home Page of Clancy Coffee

Clarence-Calton-Coffey-Ohio   Created By
The Clarence Calton Coffeys of Hamilton ,Ohio

Claudio-J-Coffio   Created By
claudio coffio de rio cuarto

Clifford-M-Cofer   Created By
Clifford M. Cofer's Family Tree

Clifford-Morgan-Cofer   Created By
Clifford Morgan Cofer - Home Page

Colleen-Coffman   Created By
Williams, Lockwood, Baughman, Brackney, Glunk

Connie-S-Coffman   Created By

Crystal-A-Coffman   Created By
The Hollands of Ashland and West Virginia

D-Coffin   Created By
Coffin/Coffyn/Dolham/Tahlheim/Mitchell/Barter and more!

Dana-J-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of Dana Coffey

Dana-P-Coffman   Created By
Barnes Family Tree

Dana-Paulett-Coffman   Created By
Barnes Family Tree

Daniel-A-Coffman   Created By
The Daniel Alfred Coffman Genealogy Page

Danny-C-Cofield   Created By
The Danny Cofield's of Hogansville, GA

Danny-Coffman   Created By
Danny L. Coffman of Louisville, Kentucky

Darlene-Coffey   Created By
The John Alva Coffey Home Page

Darlene-M-Coffey   Created By
Coffey Family from Virginia to Oklahoma

David--M-Coff   Created By
David M. Coff Home Page

David-A-Coffey   Created By
Coffey, Walker, Siders, McCune

David-C-Coffey   Created By
The Martin Coffey et. al. Family Home Page

David-Cofini   Created By
Ancestors of the Cofini's

David-S-Coffman   Created By
COFFMAN's and BINKLEY's of Meadow Vista, CA

Dean-F-Coffman   Created By
The Family of Dean Franklin Coffman, Jr.

Deanna-Coffey   Created By

Deborah-L-Coffey   Created By
Welcome to Debbie's Home Page

Deborah-Lee-Coffey   Created By
The Deborah Lee Sharp Family from Warren, PA

Debs-Cofer   Created By
Cofer family from Maryland to Georgia to Texas

Debs-E-Cofer   Created By
Matthew DeKalb Cofer Before and After generations

Deena-M-Coffey   Created By

Deirdre-M-Coffey   Created By
The Coffey Family

Denise-J-Coffey   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dennis-A-Coffman   Created By
Home Page of Dennis Coffman

Dennis-Coffman-   Created By
The Alvie & Berlie Coffman Family Tree.

Diane-M-Coffey   Created By
The Diane M Coffey's of Harrisburg,Pa

Diane-Marie-Coffey   Created By

Dolly-Coffey   Created By
The William John Coffey Page

Donald-M-Coffey   Created By
The Donald M Coffey Home Page

Donald-W-Coffman   Created By
The Donald William Coffman Family of Vacaville CA

Donita-Coffel   Created By
Donita Peer Coffel

Donna-L-Coffin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donnalee-A-Coffey   Created By
Donna's family tree

Edo-Cof   Created By
Edo Stran

Elaine-M-Coffman   Created By
The search

Elizabeth-B-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of Elizabeth Coffey

Elizabeth-Coffey   Created By
elizabeth and marks family tree

Emily--Coffman   Created By
Coffman and Yoder Family Home Page

Eric-Coffman   Created By
My Tree

Eva-J-Coffey   Created By
Hughie Dalton of Thorn Hill TN

Evelyn-Coffman   Created By
The Capracottas/Coffmans of SC

Evelyn-M-Coffman   Created By
The Coffmans of Summerville SC

Everett-J-Coffman   Created By
coffman - NEW ORLEANS

Francis-J-Coffey   Created By
Family tree of Francis J. Coffey of Appleton, WI

G-A-Coffee   Created By

G-A-Coffee-GA   Created By

Gary-Coffman-1   Created By
Gary Samuel Coffman Jr.

Gary-W-Coffin   Created By
The Gary Coffin Home Page{Coffin's from Gaspe'Que.Canada}

Gayle-Coffey   Created By
Gayle Renee Honeycutt- Coffey

George-jarvis-Coffin-jr   Created By
Family of G. Jarvis Coffin, Jr. Hancock, NH

Georgia-A-Coffey   Created By
User Home Page

Glen-Paul-Coffelt   Created By
Kauffeldt to Coffelt

Glen-Paul-Coffelt-MA   Created By
Kauffeldt to Coffelt

Glenna-Coffey-OH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gonzalo-M-Cofr   Created By
Gonzalo Cofré Reyes

Gordon-L-Coffman   Created By
Gordon,Jessie,Willie, Will(iam) Coffman

Gregory-I-Coffman   Created By
The family of Irvin J. Coffman of Williamsburg, VA

Harold-D-Coffey   Created By
The Harold D. Coffeys of Chicago Heights, IL

Harold-E-Coffman   Created By
The Harold Coffman Family Home Page

Harold-E-Coffman-TX   Created By
Harold Coffman Family Home

Harold-R-Coffman   Created By

Henry-B-Coffey   Created By
"The Henry B. Coffeys of Cleveland, OH"

J-henry-Coffer-jr   Created By
The Coffers of Livingston County, KY

J-henry-Coffer-jr-TN   Created By
The Coffer Family Home Page

Jack-C-Coffin   Created By

Jack-K-Coffee   Created By
Some Of My Ancestors

Jacob-Coffey   Created By
Jacob Coffey's Family Tree

James-E-Coffman   Created By
The James Everett Coffman Family Home Page

James-M-Coffman   Created By
Ancestors of James M Coffman

James-Mark-Coffman   Created By
The Coffmans and related Famileys

Jason-A-Coffman   Created By
The Jason-Nicholas Gervase Family Home Page

Jeanette-Cofty   Created By
JAY COFTY, Scotland, UK.

Jeffrey-E-Coffey   Created By
J.E. Coffey , decendant of pioneer Coffey`s in early U.S.

Jeffrey-E-Coffey-CA   Created By
Jeffrey E. Coffey family history, from pioneers to present!

Jennifer-Coffeen   Created By
Coffeen Passafiume

Joan-Coffey   Created By
The Home Page of Joan Coffey

Joanne-B-Coffin   Created By
Tracing our Italian Roots - Farnocchia, Petrini, Figone

Joanne-Coffeebenderman   Created By

Joanne-Coffin   Created By
Tracing the family lines of Joanne Farnocchia Figone Coffin

Joe-Coffey   Created By
The Joe & Eloise Coffey Family

Joe-K-Coffman   Created By
The Coffman Research Project

John-A-Coffey   Created By
The Coffey Family

John-H-Coffey   Created By
The Coffey/Miller Family Homepage

John-R-Coffey   Created By
John & Gloria Coffey - Princeton, WV

John-R-Coffey-WV   Created By
The Family of Gloria Meade Coffey & John Russell Coffey, Jr.

John-Russell-Coffey   Created By
John & Gloria Coffey of Princeton, WV

John-S-Coffin   Created By
JOHN C. SHIRK COFFIN of New Smyrna Beach, FL. [formerly IN]

Joseph-B-Cofer   Created By

Joseph-B-Coffey   Created By
The Coffeys of Watson Settlement

Joseph-W-Coffman   Created By
The Joseph W. Coffman of Putnam County Indiana

Joyce-A-Coffing   Created By
The McNeese's and Coffing's of Danville, Illinois

Judy-C-Coffey   Created By

Julie-A-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of Julie Coffey

Justin-Coffee   Created By
coffee's tree

Ka-Coffey   Created By
James Davis Family Union County, Indiana

Karen-S-Coffey   Created By
The Coffey/Tookey Family Home Page

Kate-R-Coffey   Created By
Devenney/Measor & Hall/Mcbride Tree

Kathi-Coffey   Created By

Kathleen-Coffman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kathleen-M-Coffman   Created By
The Coffman Family

Kathleen-flanagan-Coffey   Created By
The Ancestors of Kathleen Flanagan

Kathy-E-Coffey   Created By
The Edward Elliott Family Home Page

Kathy-Elliott-Coffey   Created By
The COFFEYS of Alabama

Kay-Coffey   Created By
Kay L. Coffey Family of Louisville, KY

Kay-L-Coffey-KY   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page- Serayah Louann Coffey

Keith-Coffee   Created By
home tree

Kenneth-Cofiell   Created By
" The Cofiell Clan of Maryland "

Kenneth-wayne-Coffey   Created By
Kenneth W. Coffey

Keri-L-Coffey   Created By
Coffey Clan

Kerry--A-Coffin   Created By
Home Page of Kerry Coffin

Kevin-Coffman-   Created By
Kevin Foley Coffman

Kevin-F-Coffman   Created By
Kevin Foley Coffman

Kevin-F-Coffman-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lacey-C-Coffin-greene   Created By
Family of Carl Henry Coffin, Renton, WA

Lana-S-Coffman   Created By
The Cecil & Lana Coffman Home Page

Laura-Coffee   Created By
The Bundicks of Texas

Laurie-L-Coffey   Created By

Lawrence-L-Coffin   Created By
The Coffin/Martin Family of Bradford, VT

Leanne-Coffey-TX   Created By
LeAnne (Boyd) Coffey

Leonard-Coffman   Created By
Leonard Coffman of Midland, Texas

Leslie-A-Cofer   Created By

Leslie-A-Cofer-CA   Created By
Leslie Cofer Family of California Home Page

Leslie-Allen-Cofer   Created By
Fink & Zimmermann Family

Linda-Coffield   Created By
Family Tree of Linda Coffield Scotland and Ireland

Linda-Coffman   Created By
Philip Nicholas Lepore

Lindsey-Coffey   Created By
Princess Lindsey Coffey

Lindy-J-Coffee   Created By
"Lindy Coffee of Texarkana, TX"

Lisa-A-Coffee   Created By
Lisa Ann Taylor (Coffee)

Lisa-Coffee   Created By
Lisa A. Taylor of Texas

Lisa-S-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of Lisa Coffey

Lloyd-L-Coffey   Created By
Coffey's In Virginia

Lois--F-Coffelt   Created By
John & Lois Feldman Coffelt Family Home Page

Lonnie-T-Cofell-ND   Created By
Lonnie T. Cofell of North Dakota

Lori-A-Coffman   Created By
Coffman Family Tree

Lori-Anne-Coffman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lula-V-Coffey   Created By
parkers, kirkwood ,coffey

M-C-Moorhead   Created By
Michael J Coffman of Hancock, MI

M-carol-Coffey   Created By
(Myrna) Carol (Robinson) Coffey

Marcia-Coffer   Created By
The Sibley-Gullions of Indianapolis, IN

Maria-A-Coffman-wells   Created By

Marilyn-J-Coffey   Created By
The Coffey Grounds

Martin-Coffey   Created By
Martin Coffey Family Ireland

Martin-Coffey-Dublin   Created By
Coffey/Burke Family Ireland

Mary-B-Coffey   Created By
The Mary Buchanan Coffey Home Page

Mary-Buchanan-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of Mary Coffey

Mary-C-Coffman   Created By
The Coffman Family of Grapevine, AR

Mary-Coffee-Kansas   Created By
Mary's Homepage

Mary-Coffey   Created By
Nagle Family

Mary-ann-H-Cofrin   Created By
The Mary Ann Harn Cofrin Home Page

Maynard-C-Cofield   Created By
The Maynard C. Cofields of The Villages, Florida

Melanie-Coffee   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Melanie-V-Coffelt   Created By
Melanie Mccann of Sanford, FL

Michael--Coffield   Created By
Descendants of Kastoria Greece (Turkish rule til' 1913)

Michael-A-Coffman   Created By
The Descendents of Henry Coffman

Michael-A-Coffman-MI   Created By
Coffman Family Genealogy

Michael-Coffey   Created By
Coffey's of NC

Michael-D-Coffey   Created By
Coffey Family of Co Tipperary

Michael-J-Coffman   Created By
The Michael Coffman Family Home Page

Michelle-D-Coffey   Created By
the Coffey's tree

Mike-Coffey   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Miriam-Coffey   Created By
Bessie Rosemary Kellogg Family Geneaology

Monica-M-Coffey   Created By

Pacifico-R-Cofrancesco   Created By
Cofrancesco Family

Pam-J-Coffman-KY   Created By
The Coffman's

Pam-J-Coffman-ky   Created By
The Coffmans

Pamela-D-Coffey   Created By
Kinsers of Edmonson Co. KY

Patricia-A-Coffaro   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Paul-Coffey-1   Created By
Coffey Family - Enfield, CT

Paul-L-Coffman   Created By
"The Paul L. Coffman Family Home Page"

Paula-Coffey   Created By
The Samuel and Alice Cooper Family of Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Pbbles-Coffey   Created By
The Coffey's of Temple, Ga.

Phyllis-A-Coffman   Created By
Phyllis Ann Baker

Randall-L-Coffman   Created By
Randall Coffman family history

Raymond-D-Coffield   Created By
The Coffield Family of Indiana Home page

Raymond-E-Coffey   Created By
The Raymond E. Coffeys of Kingsport, TN

Rbeda-L-Coffey   Created By
Laban Norton Matteson & Clarissa Daniels Families

Rbeda-L-Coffey-Tx   Created By
Laban Norton Matteson and Descendents

Rbeda-Lela-biggs-Coffey   Created By
Laban Norton Matteson b. 1812 in Vermont

Rebecca-L-Coffing   Created By
The John Thompson of Urbana Ohio

Rebecca-L-Coffing-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Richard-L-Coffey   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-A-Coffey   Created By
The Ohio John Coffey Family Home Page

Robert-B-Coffee   Created By
The Coffees of Thomas County, Georgia

Robert-Coffey-   Created By
Robert S. Coffey Family

Robert-Coffey-MI   Created By
The Robert A. Coffey Family Home Page

Robert-E-Coffin   Created By
The Robert E. Coffin Family of Carmel, CA

Robin-Coffin-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Roger-Coffman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ruth-A-Coffman   Created By
Crowders of Logan County West Virginia

Ruth-Ann-Coffman   Created By
Ruth Coffman Family Trees

Ruth-S-Coffin   Created By
The Coffins

Sabrina-C-Coffee   Created By
Sabrina C. Coffee formally Sabrina C. Boyd

Salome-E-Coffman   Created By
The Coffmans of Warrenton, VA

Samuel-R-Cofer-iii   Created By
Samuel Rea Cofer Hopewell & Smithfield Va

Sarah-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of sarah coffey

Sarah-Coffey-1   Created By
Tiling Family Tree

Sarah-Coffey-NC   Created By
My Family History

Sarah-Coffey-North-Carolina   Created By
Our Family

Sarah-L-Cofer   Created By
Research of the Cofer Family

Sarah-M-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of sarah coffey

Shirley-J-Coffman   Created By
Shirley Coffman of Athens, AL

Shirly-Coffey   Created By
Ancestors of Shirly Dawson Coffey

Stanley-Coffin   Created By
The Coffin Family

Stanley-R-Coffman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Stephanie-A-Coffey   Created By
The John B. Congdon Family Originated in Montiville, CT

Stephanie-A-Coffey-1   Created By
Researching a lost Congdon Family from Montville, CT

Stephanie-A-Coffey-2   Created By
Lewis & Smith Family History of Connecticut

Stephanie-Ann-Coffey   Created By
John B. Congdon Family of Montville, CT by Stephanie Coffey

Stephanie-Ann-Coffey-CT   Created By
Gertrude Congdon Genealogy of CT 2002

Steve-Coffman   Created By
Morris Family of Omaha, NE

Susan--M-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of Susan Coffey

Susan-R-Coffman   Created By
and the Carpers continue ....

Tammie-L-Coffin   Created By
Robert E. Waddell of New York

Teri-Coffell   Created By
The Ancestry of Teri Ann Shanks

Thomas--J-Coffey   Created By
The Thomas J. Coffey Jr. Home Page

Thomas-Coffman   Created By
TJ Coffman's Family

Thomas-M-Coffey   Created By
The Thomas M. Coffey Home Page

Tierra-P-Cofield   Created By
The Cofield's

Timothy-Coffman   Created By
Tim Coffman's Ancestry

Tina-Coffman-California   Created By
Harkrider, Illinois

Tina-M-Coffman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Todd-W-Coffman   Created By
The Todd W. Coffmans of Coldwater, Michigan

Tracey-Coffee   Created By
Coffee Family Tree

Tracey-Coffman   Created By
Coleman/McCord Family

Tracy-Coffman   Created By
The Rocky Lee Coffmans of LaMirada, CA

Tracy-Coffman-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Twila-Coffey   Created By

Twila-Coffey-Ill   Created By
"The Miller/Coffey quest for Lineage in Hartsburg, IL"

Vanice-A-Coffey   Created By

Vernon-H-Coffman   Created By
Nelson Roy Coffman Sr. of Uniontown, Pa.

Virginia-L-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of Virginia Coffey

Wanda-Coffee   Created By

Wanda-Coffey-kentucky   Created By
wanda coffey from w.v. to ky.

Wanda-L-Coffey-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wanda-L-Coffey-Texas   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wilburn-bill-Cofer   Created By
w r [bill] cofer of amarillo, texas 79109

William-B-Coffey   Created By

William-Coffen   Created By

William-Coffey-1   Created By
William Coffey and family From ME and CT

William-G-Coffey   Created By
Home Page of William Coffey

William-H-Coffenberry   Created By
The Bill Coffenberry Home Page

Zondra-L-Coffin   Created By
Coffin - Davison - Parkhurst Family Trees

Zondra-Lynne-Coffin   Created By
The Davisons of Central New York

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