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Ancestors of Walter Fred Cox

Generation No. 9

       352. Nicolas Joseph Deschamps, born 1710 in Ile de Re', France; died Aft. 1755 in at sea?. He married 353. Judiet Duaron 1732 in Moncton N.B. Nov.
       353. Judiet Duaron.

       Children of Nicolas Deschamps and Judiet Duaron are:

  i.   Enfrozine Deschamps, born 1734 in Novia Scotia.

  ii.   Joseph Philippe Deschamps, born 1736 in Novia Scotia; married Magdeleine Trahan February 12, 1753 in Port La Joye.

  iii.   Louis Deschamps, born 1738 in deported to Snow, Md. 1755; married Mary.

  176 iv.   Augustine Dishon, born 1740 in L'Acadie or Novi; died 1820 in Orange Co., N.C.; married Elizabeth White 1758 in Chowan Co., N.C..

  v.   Jean Baptiste Deschamps, born 1746.

  vi.   Francois Deschamps, born 1748 in Novia Scotia.

  vii.   Elizabeth Deschamps, born 1750 in Novia Scotia.

  viii.   La Blanche Deschamps, born 1752 in Novia Scotia.
       354. Luke White, died 1771 in Chowan Co., N.C.. He married 355. Sarah.
       355. Sarah.

       Children of Luke White and Sarah are:

  177 i.   Elizabeth White, married Augustine Dishon 1758 in Chowan Co., N.C..

  ii.   Luke White.

  iii.   Solomon White.

  iv.   Stephen White.

  v.   James White.

  vi.   Jacob White.

  vii.   Abigail White, married David Ambrose.

  viii.   John White.

  ix.   Sarah White, married John Copeland.

  x.   Rebecca White, married McGuire.
       360. John Rainey, born Abt. 1710 in Northumberland or Prince Anne Co., Va.; died January 26, 1782 in Caswell Co., N.C.. He was the son of 720. Rainey. He married 361. Elizabeth.
       361. Elizabeth.

       Children of John Rainey and Elizabeth are:

  i.   David Rainey, born Abt. 1735 in Orange Co., N.C.; died June 07, 1800; married Jinney.

  ii.   William Rainey, born Abt. 1737; died 1812-1814 in Orange Co., N.C.; married Mary Able.

  180 iii.   John Rainey, born Abt. 1739; married Jane Mitchell.

  iv.   James Rainey, born Abt. 1741.

  v.   Thomas Rainey, born Abt. 1743.

  vi.   Elizabeth Rainey.

  vii.   Jenny Rainey.
       362. David Mitchell, died Abt. 1795 in Person Co., N.C.. He married 363. Elizabeth Woods.
       363. Elizabeth Woods.

       Child of David Mitchell and Elizabeth Woods is:

  181 i.   Jane Mitchell, married John Rainey.
       364. Drury Malone, born Abt. 1698; died 1747 in Probably, Brunswick Co., Va.. He was the son of 728. Nathaniel Malone and 729. Mary Wynne. He married 365. Isham?.
       365. Isham?.

       Children of Drury Malone and Isham? are:

  i.   Isham Malone.

  182 ii.   Daniel Malone, born Abt. 1725 in Surry Co., Va.; died July 1815 in Person Co., N.C.; married Elizabeth Staples Abt. 1758.
       366. Thompson Staples, died Abt. 1777 in Luneburg Co., Va..

       Children of Thompson Staples are:

  183 i.   Elizabeth Staples, married Daniel Malone Abt. 1758.

  ii.   Stephen Staples.

  iii.   Judith Cole Staples.
       368. Thomas Bostick, born Abt. 1665 in Cecil Co., Md.; died June 05, 1732 in Queen Anne's Co., Md.. He was the son of 736. Thomas Bostick and 737. Jane. He married 369. Mary.
       369. Mary, died Aft. 1732.

       Children of Thomas Bostick and Mary are:

  i.   John Bostick, born in Md..

  ii.   Samuel Bostick, born in Queen Annes Co., Md.; married Preciosia Crump January 14, 1729/30 in Queen Annes Co., Md..

  iii.   Mary Bostick, born in Md.; married Ridgeway Williams January 30, 1751/52 in Church Hill, Queen Annes Co., Md..

  iv.   Susannah Bostick, born in Md..

  v.   Elizabeth Bostick, born in Md..

  vi.   James Bostick, born in Md.; died 1749 in Queen Annes Co., Md.; married (1) Margaret Sanders; married (2) Elizabeth; married (3) Ruth Wyet September 11, 1731; married (4) Lydia Burrows February 21, 1736/37 in Queen Annes Co., Md..

  vii.   Jane Bostick, married Ward Bef. 1732.

  viii.   Sarah Bostick, married Thomas Scotten Bef. 1732.

  184 ix.   Thomas Bostick, born Abt. 1720 in Queen Annes Co., Md.; died 1769-1770 in Queen Annes Co., Md.; married Tamer.
       380. Charles Jennings, born 1680; died 1747. He was the son of 760. Charles Jennings and 761. Mary. He married 381. Jane Latimer.
       381. Jane Latimer. She was the daughter of 762. Edward Latimer.

       Children of Charles Jennings and Jane Latimer are:

  i.   Charles Jennings.

  ii.   Thomas Jennings, born in Elizabeth City, Va.; died Abt. 1794; married Elizabeth.

  iii.   Mary Jennings.

  iv.   Ann Jennings.

  190 v.   Col. John Jennings, born 1720; died 1798; married Lydia "Lucy" Batts 1760.
       Children of Charles Jennings and Hannah Chandler are:

  i.   Chandler Jennings.

  ii.   Armistead Jennings.

  iii.   Hawkins Jennings.
       382. Thomas Batts, born in of Elizabeth, City Co., Va.. He was the son of 764. Thomas Batts and 765. <Unnamed>.

       Child of Thomas Batts is:

  191 i.   Lydia "Lucy" Batts, married Col. John Jennings 1760.
       400. Frances Person, born 1697 in Isle of Wight Co, Va.; died 1758 in Surry Co., Va.. He was the son of 800. John Person and 801. Mary Partridge. He married 401. Mary Turner 1720.
       401. Mary Turner, born 1703; died 1761 in Granville Co., N.C.. She was the daughter of 802. Simeon Turner.

       Children of Frances Person and Mary Turner are:

  i.   Henry Person, died 1754-1765.

  ii.   James Person, died 1754-1765.

  iii.   Sarah Person, married Jones.

  iv.   Mary Person, married John Glover.

  v.   Lucy Person, married Magnum.

  vi.   Martha Person.

  vii.   Samuel Person, born 1721; died 1762 in Isle of Wight Co, Va.; married Sarah.

  200 viii.   Joseph Person, born 1723 in Va.; died 1772 in Bute Co., N.C.; married Ann Jones in Bute (Warren) Co, N.C..

  ix.   John Person, born 1730 in Isle of Wight Co, Va.; died 1786 in Bute (Warren) Co, N.C.; married Prudence Jones 1756.

  x.   Jacob Person, born 1734; married Mary Atkinson.

  xi.   William Person, born 1736; died 1816; married Mary Thorpe November 10, 1757 in Southampton Co., Va..

  xii.   Jesse Person, born 1741-1747 in Surry Co., Va.; died 1806 in Warren Co., N.C.; married Amey Rush Perry.
       402. Samuel Jones, born 1705; died 1771. He was the son of 804. Richard Jones and 805. Elizabeth. He married 403. Sarah Shaw?.
       403. Sarah Shaw?. She was the daughter of 806. Mathew Shaw and 807. Elizabeth Pitt?.

       Children of Samuel Jones and Sarah Shaw? are:

  201 i.   Ann Jones, born in Bute (Warren) Co, N.C.; died in Moore Co., N.C.; married Joseph Person in Bute (Warren) Co, N.C..

  ii.   Prudence Jones, died Aft. 1795; married (1) Jacob Bass; married (2) John Person 1756.

  iii.   Samuel Jones.

  iv.   David Jones.

  v.   Frederick Jones.

  vi.   Joseph Jones.

  vii.   Henry Jones.

  viii.   Mathew Jones.

  ix.   Britain Jones, died Bef. 1770; married unknown.

  x.   Lucy Jones.

  xi.   Sarah Jones.
       404. William Powell, born Abt. 1675 in Va. or NC; died Abt. 1750 in Granville Co., NC. He was the son of 808. John Powell.

       Children of William Powell are:

  i.   John Powell.

  202 ii.   William Powell, born Abt. 1720 in NC?; died Abt. 1789 in Warren Co., N.C.; married Ruth.

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