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Abigail-Cruz   Created By
Max and Abigail Cruz of Laredo, Tx

Alan-Cruden   Created By
"The Cruden Family Home Page"

Alba-A-Crum   Created By
Crum Family

Alice-M-Crutchfield   Created By
The Goings and Williams Families

Alison-Cruickshank   Created By
The Cruickshank Family from Aberdeen to Hampshire

Allan-R-Crump-jr   Created By
The Crump Family Home Page

Amber-C-Crutcher   Created By
Amber Crutcher's Family History

Amber-C-Deal   Created By
"The Deal/Crutcher's Genealogy"

Amy-Crumley   Created By
Home Page of Amy Crumley

Andrew-Crucefix   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Andrew-Cruz   Created By

Andrew-M-Cruickshank   Created By
The Cruickshank Family Tree

Angela-Crum-   Created By
The Canada family history

Angela-D-Crum   Created By
Crum/Cramer of Maryland

Angie-Crumb   Created By
"The Jimmie Martin Crumb's Sr. of Portland Oregon"

Ann-Crum-   Created By
Tubbs and Crums with a little Vinson thrown in

Ann-Crumley   Created By
Hamiltons and Bentleys

Ann-Cruse-md   Created By
Descendants of Henry Stansbury Cruse

Ann-H-Crumley   Created By
Hamiltons, Bentleys and Jones

Anne-Crudup   Created By
A. B. Crudup's Genealogy

Anthony-B-Crump   Created By
Crump Family's Of Georgia ,Gilmer,CO Anthony b Crump

Anthony-Crump   Created By
The Crump Family Of Gilmer Co ,GA

Arlene-Crum   Created By
Regarding Cumberledge, Talkington, Newman, & Others

Arletta-Cruzan   Created By

Ashleigh-Crute   Created By
The Crute family of Sunderland England

Aura-Cruz   Created By

Barbara-A-Cruse   Created By
The William Thomas Green Family of Ark. & Ok.

Barbara-Ann-Cruse   Created By
Green Family of Ark.& Okla.

Barbara-Cruse   Created By
Greens and Lingos of Arkansas

Barbara-L-Cruz   Created By

Barbara-S-Cruz   Created By
The Jason & Brandon Cruz Family Home Page

Barry-A-Cruikshank   Created By
The Cruikshank Family of Salem, NY

Benjamin-Crum   Created By
The Benjamin Crum Family of Bloomington Indiana

Bernadette-Crumb   Created By
The Families of Bernadette M. Crumb, Union, OH

Bernard-R-Crump   Created By
The Bernard R. Crump Family Home Page

Bernie-Crump   Created By
The Crump Family of British Columbia, Canada

Bernie-Crump-BC   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Betty-A-Tkach-IL   Created By
Betty A. Crutchfield-Tkach of Braidwood, Il

Betty-Crumbley   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Betty-Crumpler   Created By
The Vernon L. Crumpler Family Page of West Plains, MO

Betty-Crutcher   Created By
The Betty Dodson Family Circle Tree

Betty-J-Cruz   Created By
Home Page of Betty Cruz

Beverly-P-Cruz   Created By
Beverly's Family

Billy-W-Cruthis   Created By
Billy Wayne Cruthis Family Tree

Billy-Wayne-Cruthis   Created By
Billy Wayne Cruthis of Missouri City,Texas

Bonnie-J-Crum   Created By
The Allens of Scotland

Bonnie-K-Cruise   Created By
The Cruise Family of England

Bonnie-K-Cruise-FL   Created By
" Sir Francis Cruise of Dublin Ireland"

Brianna-Cruz   Created By
Brianna Cruz of Davenport IA

Butch-E-Crusie   Created By

C-Crustinger   Created By
Joplin Family Tree

Cardinal-Crusoe   Created By
Cardinal C. Crusoe & Arthur Holmes Of Fairmounts Heigths Md.

Cardinal-N-Crusoe   Created By
Holmes\Crusoe of Washington D.C.

Carlos-R-Cruzaedo   Created By
The Cruz-Aedo Family Home Page

Carlos-R-Cruzaedo-CA   Created By
Cruz-Aedo Family Tree

Carol-A-Crum-calkins   Created By
The Carol Ann (Crum) Calkins of Alma, Michigan

Carol-Crump-Missouri   Created By
Phelps Family of Missouri

Carol-Crutchfield   Created By
McLaughlin (Virginia) - Hall (North Carolina)

Carol-Cruz   Created By

Carol-F-Crumpdanforth   Created By
Roach/Crump family trees

Carol-K-Cruz   Created By
The Blount Family of Georgia

Carol-M-Crust   Created By

Caroline-Crumpacker   Created By
Timothy Allan Bailey

Carolyn-A-Cruitt   Created By

Carolyn-R-Crull   Created By
The Crulls of San Diego

Carolyn-S-Cruze   Created By
The Donald Cruze's of Lake Charles, La.

Carrie-A-Crutcher   Created By
The Kenneth L. Crutcher Family of Allen, Texas

Catherine-Cruz   Created By
Cathii's family tree

Celia-I-Crutcher   Created By
John Thomas Lawler

Charene-L-Crusat   Created By

Charene-L-Crusat-Hawaii   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Charleen-M-Crum   Created By
Crum/Glover of Indiana

Charleen-Marie-Crum   Created By
Charleen Crum of Indiana

Charles-Crutcher   Created By

Charles-G-Crutchfield   Created By
The Crutchfield Home Page

Charm-Crumrine   Created By
Alexander/Shaw NY/PA MO/IA

Charm-Crumrine-MO   Created By
Alexander's in eastern PA. 1800's / Shaw's in MO. 1800's

Cheryl-Crum   Created By
Robert & Cheryl Crum of Aurora, IL

Cheryl-E-Crumley   Created By
The Descendants of Albert Alan Crumley

Cheryl-Elaine-Crumley   Created By
Crumley Family of Georgia

Chris-S-Cruse   Created By
The Family of Elmer Hugh McKillip

Chris-S-Cruse-MO   Created By
Christina Sue Walch of Salisbury, Missouri

Christen-G-Cruickshank   Created By
The Garfield Wahl Reuber's of Walkerton, Ontario

Christi-Crutchfield   Created By
Looking for Lockes in Virginia

Christine-A-Crum   Created By
The Crum/Clayton Family

Christine-Cruz   Created By
The DeLeon Family

Christine-Cruz-TX   Created By
The Cruzs of Texas

Christine-Diane-W-Cruess   Created By

Christine-W-Cruess   Created By
Williamson - Cruess Connections

Christopher-Cruse   Created By
Christopher Franklin Cruse of Jena, LA

Christopher-F-Cruse   Created By
Cruse Heratage

Cindy-A-Crumpler   Created By
The Jackson's of NC and SC

Cindy-A-Crumpler-VA   Created By
David Jacksons Line (Polk County) North Carolina

Cindy-F-Crutchfield   Created By
Cindy Frazier Crutchfield of Middle TN Area

Clinton-D-Crump   Created By
The Crump Family of Louisiana

Collette-M-Crumlick   Created By
The Rex Crumlick Family Home Page

Connie-L-Schultz   Created By
Connie Louise (Cruise) Schultz of Trivoli, IL

Connie-S-Crum   Created By
"Connie Sue Crum of Debord, KY"

Connie-W-Crumpacker   Created By
Laverty/Crumpacker Home Page

Corean-L-Crutchfield   Created By
Livingstons of Telfair County, GA

Corey-S-Cruce   Created By
Ancestors of Brandon Scott Lea Cruce

Cory-Crull   Created By

Courtney-M-Crumpley   Created By
The Crumpley Family of Blue Ridge, Texas

Crystal-A-Cruz   Created By
Cruz Family in Massachusetts

Crystal-L-Cruse   Created By
" The Robert Lee Cruse Family Home Page."

Cynthia-Crumpton   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cynthia-D-Crumpton-Dorset   Created By
Cynthia Powell Home page

Cynthia-D-Cruz   Created By

Cynthia-D-Cruz-TX   Created By
Galloway Family Tree

Cynthia-Diane-Cruz   Created By
Galloways of Texas

Dana-L-Crum   Created By
Crum Family

Daniel-T-Crutchfieldlee   Created By
Daniel Lee (crutchfield) home page

Danny-P-Cruz   Created By
MLB SlugFest 2003 Sim

Daria-L-Cruz-NY   Created By
Branch by Branch

Daryl-Crump   Created By
Crumps and Blairs of Edmonson Co. Kentucky

Daryl-Crump-McEwen   Created By
The Blairs of Edmonson Co. Kentucky

David-Crutcher   Created By
David M. Crutcher & Clan

David-Cruz-1   Created By
This page is dedicated to my mom, Jacqueline Encinias Cruz

David-Cruz-CA   Created By
The Encinias Family

David-Cruz-Long-Beach   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-W-Crutchfield   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dean-Cruse   Created By
The Oscar Dean Cruse III family

Debbie-Cruce   Created By
The Cruce's of Florida

Deborah-Cruz   Created By
" The Gonzalez & Rodriguez Family "

Deborah-J-Crump   Created By
The Kiwi Crumps

Deborah-J-Cruppenink   Created By
Cruppenink Family

Deborah-R-Crumpler   Created By
The Roy, Niskey, Crumpler, Cloyes Family Home Page

Delbert-L-Crutchfield   Created By
The Crutchfield Family Home Page

Dennis-D-Crutchfield   Created By
Dennis Darryll Crutchfield of LaFollette, Tn.

Deserae-Cruzsmith   Created By
Deserae Smith's Family

Diane-L-Crutcher-goloff   Created By
Crutcher Family of Sedalia MO

Diane-M-Crump   Created By

Dinah-Cruse-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donald-A-Crumley   Created By
The Crumleys Of Bluff City TN.

Donald-W-Cruchon   Created By
cruchons of seattle

Donna-Crutchfield   Created By
The Henry's of Oklahoma And Kansas

Donna-Crutchfield-Ca   Created By
The Family of Donna Henry Crutchfield

Donna-Fay-Crumpler   Created By
Crumpler Family Tree, Virginia: Isle of Wight & Southampton

Donna-M-Cruise   Created By
Donna Morrell Cruise Family

Doris-Cruse   Created By
The Downs Family of Hodgenville, KY

Dorothy-Crutcher   Created By
Crutcher Family Home Page

Dorothy-Crutcher-AZ   Created By
The Dorothy Allen - Roy Crutcher Family Tree

Dorothy-Crutcher-GARDEN-GROVE   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dorothy-Crutcher-Sedona   Created By
The Dorothy Allen - Roy Crutcher Family Tree

Dorothy-R-Cruikshank   Created By
Home Page of Dorothy Cruikshank

Dot-Crump   Created By

Douglas-Cruser   Created By
Cruser/Doyle familys of Greene County In.

Ed-Crump-jrl   Created By
The Adam Crump File

Edgardo-Cruz   Created By
An American Story

Edith-A-Crump   Created By
Howard Russell of Rehoboth Mass and R>I>

Edward-Cruchley   Created By

Edward-Crump-iii   Created By
An American Story

Edward-Crump-jr   Created By
The Adam Crump File 1250-1750

Edward-G-Cruz   Created By

Edward-Gene-Cruz   Created By
Edward G. Cruz of San Lorenzo, CA

Edward-K-Cruey   Created By
Edward Cruey Home Page

Efrain-Cruz   Created By
Señor Cruz's Home Page

Efren-L-Cruz   Created By
Lauro Llamas of Mauban, Quezon, Philippines

Elizabeth-A-Cruise   Created By
The Light, Handy, Cruise Family of Virginia

Elizabeth-Ann-Cruise   Created By
The Light, Handy, Cruise Family Tree of Virginia

Elizabeth-Ann-Cruise-VA   Created By
My Family Connections in Patrick County, Virginia

Elizabeth-Cruz   Created By
Elizabeth Cruz of Northridge, CA.

Elizabeth-M-Crum   Created By
Elizabeth M. Crum of Minnesota

Elizabeth-Megan-Crum   Created By
The Crum Family of Winona, MN

Elsa-Cruz   Created By
Família de Elsa Cruz

Emmanuel-Cruz   Created By

Enrique-Cruz   Created By

Erin-Cruz   Created By
The Miszta's and Generations

Erlinda-Cruz   Created By
The Cruz Family of Pennsylvania

Estefana--Cruz   Created By
The Estefana Ozuna Cruz Family Home Page

Eugene-Crum   Created By
Gene Mean of Portland, TN

Eugene-N-Crucean   Created By
An American Story

Evelyn-Y-Crutchfield   Created By
The Hash Family of West Virginia

Faye-J-Cruz   Created By

Felix-M-Cruz   Created By
Felix M. Cruz De Santiago, Rep. Dom.

Fernando--Cruz   Created By
Home Page of fernando cruz

Fred-A-Cruckson   Created By
The Fred A. Cruckson Family Home Page

Fred-F-Crumpling   Created By
My Crumplin Home Page

Fred-J-Crumpling   Created By
Crumplins of Hampshire

Fred-J-Crumpling-Tonbridge   Created By
The Crumpling,Ford,Still and Hall Family

Fred-L-Crutchfield-sr-FL   Created By
The Decendants of Capt. Thomas Crutchfield from Richmond Va.

Frederick-J-Crumpling   Created By
A Crumpling Home Page

Frederick-John-Crumpling   Created By
Fred Crumpling of Leigh,Kent

Frederick-L-Crutchfield-sr   Created By
Crutchfields of Wilkinson Co. Ga.

Freeda-M-Crumpton   Created By
"The Freeda Crumpton Family Home Page"

Gail-Crusco   Created By
The Crusco-Clarkston-Clarkson Family Page

Garth--Shelley--Cruden   Created By
Garth & Shelley Cruden's Family Page

Gary-Crutchley   Created By
The history and genealogy of the Crutchley family (UK)

Gary-L-Cruse-Pa   Created By
John Cruse line of Berks Co., Pa.

Gayle-S-Crumley   Created By
The Scott Crumley Family Home Page

Gene-J-Crumley   Created By
Gene Crumley & Wilma Webster Home Page

George-S-Crumb   Created By
The Crumb's

Geraldine--Cruse   Created By
The Cruse / Noon Family Home Page

Gladys-M-Crumble-doxey   Created By

Gladys-Marie-Crumble-doxey   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Glenis-P-Crumpton   Created By

Gloria-Crumb   Created By
The Rumseys and Austins of Mainesburg, Pennsylvania

Gloria-Y-Crucius   Created By
Home Page of Gloria Crucius

Glorissa-J-Cruz   Created By
The Cruz-Orozco Family of Houston,Tx

Gord-Cruikshank   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Graham-J-Crummett   Created By
CRUMMETT in England

Gwen-A-Crumpton   Created By
Home Page of Gwen Crumpton

Harold-Crum   Created By
Harold Ronald Crum Jr. of Kansas City, KS

Harriet-L-Crumb   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Helenee-Cruz   Created By
Elfa & Helena Fox a Story of two Countries that become 1

Henry-F-Cruse-jr   Created By
The Henry F. Cruse Jr. Family

Henry-Frank-Cruse-jr   Created By
The Henry F. Cruse Jr. Family Tree

Hetty-Cruz   Created By
Burgett Family Tree

Humberto-F-Cruz   Created By
Home Page of Humberto Cruz

Irma-D-Crump   Created By
Davis - Smith Family of Chicago, Illinois

Irma-D-Crump-GA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Isa-D-Cruz   Created By
isa`s family tree

J-Cruz   Created By
Millare-Bernardo of Morong, Rizal Philippines

Jacalyn-G-Cruz   Created By
Jacalyn Gogue Cruz of Guam, USA

Jaime-M-Crutcher   Created By
Home Page of Jaime Crutcher

James-Crumbo-1   Created By
Joseph R. Madlung Family of Floyd Knobs, Indiana

James-Cruse-fl   Created By

James-D-Crumly   Created By
The Jim Crumly Family Page

James-Edward-Crum-jr   Created By

James-G-Crummett   Created By
The Crummett Family Home Page

James-L-Crunk   Created By
"The James Crunk Family Home Page"

James-N-Crum   Created By
The Jim Crum Family Home Page

James-T-Cruzan   Created By
Home Page of james cruzan

Jamie-Crump   Created By
Crumps of Georgia and North Carolina

Jamie-N-Crump   Created By
Home Page of Jamie Crump

Jane-G-Crume-royster   Created By
The Stephen Richard Roysters of Henderson, KY

Janet-B-Cruz   Created By
The Cruz Family Tree

Janet-Cruz   Created By
Janet Cruz's Family Tree

Janice-L-Crum   Created By
Janice Rector Crum, Her Family

Janice-Louise-Crum   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Janice-M-Crumpton   Created By
User Home Page

Jason-C-Crundwell   Created By

Jc-Crumpmckendell   Created By

Jeanne-F-Crusekrueger   Created By
Krueger and Cruse Information As I Have Gathered and Found

Jeff-Cruce   Created By

Jeff-Crucr   Created By

Jennifer-A-Cruse   Created By
The Families of Bryant, Grindle and Balding of Vigo Co IN

Jennifer-Cruse-IN   Created By
The Bryant's of Sullivan Indiana

Jernie-G-Cruz   Created By
Jernie Gogue Cruz Family Tree

Jerry-A-Crumbo   Created By
The Crumbo History As Researched By Jerald A Crumbo

Jerry-A-Crumbo-IN   Created By
Family Tree of Jerald A. Crumbo Sr.

Jessica-B-Crutchfield   Created By
The Boyd/Barber Family History

Jessica-Crutchfield   Created By
Wayland & Jessica Crutchfield and Family, North Carolina

Jessica-Cruz-1   Created By
Cruz, Olivas, Hernandez, Ramirez, Saucedo, Sanchez

Jessica-E-Cruz   Created By
Home Page of Jessica Cruz

Jim-Crumbliss   Created By

Jim-M-Cruth   Created By
Owen Barnes

Jimmie-D-Crume   Created By
The Jim Crume Family Home Page

Jimmy-Cruz   Created By
"The Pablo Cruz's of Los Villarreales Ranch in Rio Grande ."

Jimmy-Cruz-   Created By
The Pablo Cruz Family of Rio Grande City, Texas

Joanna-B-Cruz   Created By
Joanna's family tree

Joanne--D-Crum   Created By
Home Page of Joanne Crum

Jodi-L-Cruse   Created By
The M.L. McPherren Family ...and then some!

Joe-E-Cruden   Created By
"The John Crudens of Fox Lake WI"

John-Crump-IW   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-Cruz-Florida   Created By

John-E-Cruikshank   Created By
John E. Cruikshank II

John-E-Crutchfield   Created By
John Crutchfield of Kernersville, NC

John-F-Cruz   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-F-Cruz-jr   Created By
Cruz of Texas

John-H-Cruickshank   Created By
The Rev John Cruickshank & Jean Donaldson Family Home Page

John-H-Cruickshank-Denman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-Hugh-Cruickshank   Created By
John & Barbara Cruickshank of Callatoota Estate, Wybong NSW

John-Hugh-Cruickshank-Wybong   Created By
The John H F Cruickshank Family Home Page

John-P-Cruise   Created By
John & Andrea Cruise of Cardiff/Schull.

John-P-Crunk   Created By
John Crunk's Home Page and Family Tree

John-Perkins-Crunk   Created By
The John Crunk of Atlanta, GA

John-R-Crump   Created By
The John R. Crump Family of the UK

John-R-Crump-New-Milton   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-William-Crutcher   Created By
Crutcher Family Homepage

Johnye-Cruse   Created By
The N M and Johnye Cruse Family

Jordan-Cruz   Created By
jordan's homepage

Jorge-Cruz   Created By
Jorge A. Cruz Emeric of Puerto Rico

Jose-C-Cruz   Created By
The Candido Espino Cruz & Maria Garza Family Tree

Jose-Cruz-4   Created By
Indalecio Cruz Hernandez Catano, PR Ny,NY

Jose-M-Cruz   Created By
Cruz Family Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Joseph-C-Crudden   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Juan-A-Cruz   Created By
Juan A. Cruz

Juan-Cruz   Created By
User Home Page

Juan-Cruz-Arizona   Created By
Los Cruz's De Arizona,Texas And Mexico

Judith-M-Cruz   Created By

Judy-M-Cruse   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Julia--S-Crump   Created By
The Schmitz/Crump Family Homepage

Karen-Crummins   Created By
The Clever Crummins Family Page

Karen-F-Cruley   Created By
The Uzlik's and Vettorel's of McDonald, Pa.

Karen-L-Cruz   Created By

Karrie-Crucil   Created By
The Crucil 's & McGreeghan's of Canada

Kathleen-L-Crump   Created By
The Kathleen Fisher Crump Home Page

Kathryn-Crunkleton   Created By
Dale and Kathryn Crunkleton

Kathryn-Crutchfield-Oklahoma   Created By

Katrina-Crute   Created By
The Crute & Parrick Families of Western Australia, Australia

Keith-Cruce   Created By
King Family Search

Kelly-Crumholt   Created By
The Crumholt's and Ashford's of Baton Rouge, La.

Kelly-J-Cruden   Created By
The Cruden Family Pages

Kelly-J-Cruikshank   Created By
The Cruikshank Family

Ken-Cruickshanks   Created By
Cruickshanks Surname Research

Kenneth-R-Cruz   Created By
The Chamorro Legacy in a New World

Kimberley-Crumpler-NC   Created By
Cagles of HyderMountain NC

Kimberly-Crumpler   Created By
Family trees of Kimberly and Christopher Crumpler

Kina-G-Crumpton   Created By
Gilley Family History

Kleaver-Cruz   Created By
La Familia Cruz

Krisha-L-Crupper   Created By
The Crupper and Wolfes of Tonganoxie Kansas

Krisha-Lee-Crupper   Created By
The Crupper-Woflfe's of Tonganoxie,KS

Kristin-Crutcher   Created By
Finding my ancestors

Lana-S-Crutcher   Created By
What to know any Information Jobe Norwood Bassham Family

Larry-Crumley   Created By
The Crumley/Schanz/Graul Family of Illinois

Larry-R-Cruthis   Created By

Latonya-F-Crump   Created By
www.aaliyah we miss

Latonya-Fontay-Crump   Created By

Latonya-Fontay-Crump-kansas   Created By
in memory of aaliyah

Laura-E-Cruciata   Created By
Laura Cruciata

Lawrence-J-Crupi   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lawrence-N-Crutcherjr   Created By
Crutcher Family of Tenn. and Texas

Lawson-Crumpler   Created By

Lewis-D-Crusoe   Created By
The Lewis D. Crusoe Home Page

Lewis-M-Cruz   Created By
Home Page of Lewis Cruz

Linda-A-Crudelericcio   Created By
the crudele 's of new windsor ny

Linda-Crumpton   Created By

Linda-Crumpton-   Created By
Thomas Duggan home page

Linda-K-Crumback   Created By
The Linda Crumback Research Page

Linda-L-Crumpton   Created By

Linda-L-Crumpton-WA   Created By

Linda-L-Crutcher   Created By
The George Crutcher Family Home Page

Linda-lou-Crump   Created By
Linda Lou Tyler Crump from Keller Texas

Lisa-D-Crutcher   Created By
Lisa Crutcher Family Tree

Liz-S-Cruse   Created By
Philip Nicholas Schock and Rachel Thompson Family Home Page

Lois-A-Cruz   Created By

Lorenzo-M-Cruz   Created By
Genealog’a de una familia canaria/ A Canarian Genealogy

Lorraine-Crumb-hanson   Created By
Lorraine Crumb Hanson Salem New Jersey

Lorraine-Cruz   Created By
Llamas Family in Zacatecas Mexico

Lorri-A-Crump   Created By

Louis-Crum   Created By
Louis J. & Mary Ellen Crum From Hurst,TX

Louise-S-Crump   Created By
The Louise Simington Crump family of Jonesboro, AR

Lu-Cruce   Created By
Children of Roscoe Deason in Alabama

Ludy--J-Crutcher-bryanhayes   Created By
The Ludy Jane Crutcher Bryan Home Page

Luis-A-Cruz   Created By
Home Page of Luis Cruz

Luis-E-Cruz   Created By
Ayala and Cruz Family Tree

Luis-Enrique-Cruz   Created By
Ayala and Cruz Family Tree

Lyle-R-Cruickshank-PQ   Created By
Cruickshank Family Tree / Orkney Islands to Megantic County

Lynn-Cruze   Created By
Crews, Cruze, Kruze of Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina

Lysandra-Cruz   Created By
The Dal Moros and Sanchez's of the World!!!!

Madelaine-A-Crum   Created By
Home Page of Madelaine Crum

Madeleine-S-Cruz   Created By
Madeleine Sablan Leon Guerrero-Cruz KADI - TANAGUAN GUAM

Madeleine-sablan-L-Cruz   Created By
The Madeleine Kadi/Tanaguan from the Island of GUAM USA

Madeline-Cruz   Created By
"The Cruz-Febles Family of New Jersey"

Madeline-Cruz-new-jersey   Created By
Febles Aponte Family

Madeline-Cruzfebles   Created By
The Cruz-Febles Family Tree

Madeline-T-Cruoglio   Created By
The Cruoglio/Calabrese/Sullivan/Keaney Union of NJ

Mallory-A-Crumley   Created By
Clinton/Turnbull/Charlton Family of Arkansas

Mallory-A-Crumley-Mississippi   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Manuel-Cruz-1   Created By
Manuel C. Cruz of Carrollton, TX

Manuel-Cruz-2   Created By
Cruz Cienfuegos Family

Marcio-F-Cruz   Created By

Maria-Crutcher-vancel   Created By
The Cecil Crutcher's of Palestine Texas

Maria-Cruz-3   Created By
"The Jose A. Rosario's of Cayey, P.R."

Maria-Cruz-berry   Created By

Maria-Cruz-ca   Created By

Maria-Cruzado   Created By
The María Cruzado of Manatí, P.R.

Maria-M-Cruz   Created By
Maria Cruz of Passaic, NJ

Maria-M-Cruz-PA   Created By
The Cruz Family of Cayey, P.R.

Maria-cecilia-Cruz   Created By
Policarpio Clan

Marilyn-Crum-OH   Created By
The Ronald E. Crums -Waterville, Ohio

Mark-Crumpacker   Created By
Mark J Crumpacker of Cloverdale, IN

Martha-H-Cruz   Created By
The Hara-Gollo-Cruz Family

Martin-L-Cruz   Created By
The Cruz Family of PR.

Marvin-C-Cruzan   Created By
Marvin Cruzan of Shell Knob, MO

Marvin-J-Crutcher   Created By
"The Crutcher's of Detroit, Michigan"

Mary--E-Cruz   Created By
The Kautza/Kautzer/Reynolds/Kelly/Cruze/Cruz Family Tree

Mary--E-Cruz-CA   Created By
Reynolds/Kautza/Kelly/Kautzer/Cruz Family site

Mary-A-Crutchfield   Created By
Mary Ann's Hannon & Crutchfield Families Page

Mary-Crum   Created By
The family tree & history of Hobbs family

Mary-Crum-1   Created By
AGAR-LUTZ in and around Ohio & Pennsylvania

Mary-Crumm-NV   Created By
Rubi Family Geneaology Page

Mary-Crupper-IN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-D-Crum   Created By

Mary-E-Cruz   Created By

Mary-Eugenia-Cruz   Created By
The Cruz Family Tree Of California

Mary-lou-Crupper-IN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Marylou-A-Crue-boliek-coleman   Created By
The Eisenoch/Crue Family of Md., Va. & Pa.

Mavic-L-Cruz   Created By
CrOnCaMoRo Family Tree

Mavic-L-Cruz-Ca   Created By
CrOnCaMoRo's Homepage

Mayra-Cruz-new-jersey   Created By
family of mayra cruz santiago mercado of arecibo

Megan-Crutcher   Created By
The Crutchers of Mercer County, KY

Melda-Crum   Created By
ancestors of melda gay arnder

Melissa-Crumpton   Created By
Melissa Crumpton of Easley SC

Melvin-R-Crum   Created By
Amis, Gordon & Crum Family Link ( Year 1929 To 0006 )

Melvin-Rush-Crum   Created By
The Deason Family Home Page

Michael-A-Cruse-FL   Created By
Michael Alan Cruse & Judy Carol Compton Cruse, Oviedo. FL

Michael-Crumley   Created By
William Kidd

Michael-D-Cruz   Created By
Michael D. Cruz's FTM Homepage

Michelle-A-Crumley   Created By
The Michelle Ann Smith Family Tree

Michelle-Crutcher   Created By
The Addie - House - Johnson - Logan Clan

Michelle-Crutchley   Created By
In Search of the Crutchley Family Roots

Miguel-A-Cruz   Created By
La Familia Cruz de New Jersey

Mikey-Crull   Created By
Crull History

Mitchel-M-Cruz   Created By

Mrs-gail-Crusco   Created By
Memoires by Myrtle Gail C. Crusco

Nancy-Crumbaugh   Created By
Home Page of Nancy Crumbaugh

Nancy-Cruz-   Created By
Nancy's Family Tree - Home is Where the Heart Is - Always

Nancy-E-Crump   Created By
Crump/Groce Families of South Carolina

Nancy-Jean-Crumpton   Created By
"The Woodards Of Benbrook Texas"

Nancy-L-Crum   Created By
The Martin Crum of Biglerville, Pa

Nathan-E-Crum   Created By
Nathan Crum's Family

Neal-Cruikshank   Created By
The Cruikshank Family of Cecil County, MD

Nigel-D-Crumpton   Created By
Nigel David Crumpton of Halesowen, England

Noreena-K-Crump   Created By
The Crump Family of Mason Co. WV

Orlend-R-Cruse   Created By
The O. Roy Cruses of South Beloit, IL

Otto-C-Crum-jr   Created By
The Otto Crum Family

Otto-C-Crum-jr-live-oak   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Pamela-D-Crudace   Created By
The crudace's of Newcastle England

Pamela-J-Crumbley   Created By
Home Page of Pamela Crumbley

Pat-Cruse   Created By
Titus, Johnson, Spencer, Cleveland, Zapfel Families

Patricia-Ann-Cruz   Created By
p-cruz frady family research

Patricia-Cruz-   Created By
Benjamino Bernardo Cruz of Hong Kong

Patricia-E-Crusen   Created By
Home Page of Patricia Crusen

Patricia-J-Cruthirds   Created By
Cruthirds of South Texas

Patricia-L-Cruz   Created By
"The Jose R. Cruz of Dagsboro,DE.

Patricia-M-Crumbley   Created By

Patty-M-Crum   Created By
Matulonis & Kowalski Family Tree

Patty-Marie-Crum   Created By
Ancestors of Matulonis and Kowalski

Paul-R-Crudgington   Created By
the crudgingtons

Paul-Richard-Crudgington   Created By
the crudgingtons

Phillip-Crump   Created By
Crump's of Virginia to East Texas

Phillip-Crump-   Created By
The Thomas Crump Family of Chesterfield County Virginia

Queda-Crutchfield   Created By
The Crutchfields of Lubbock, Texas

Ramiro-T-Cruzahedo-rueda   Created By
Ramiro Tiburcio Cruz-Ahedo, Rueda

Raul-Cruz-ny   Created By
The Raul Cruz Family from Puerto Rico

Ray-M-Cruz   Created By
Ray (Ramon) Cruz - Duran - Magallanes - California - Mexico

Raya-L-Cruz   Created By

Raymond-C-Crump   Created By
Crump surname of North Carolina

Raymond-D-Crutchfieldredmond   Created By
Cleveland County Arkansas - Crutchfield Family

Reggie-Crumpler   Created By
The Family of Amy Beth Crumpler

Rena-Cruz   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Rena-M-Cruz   Created By
The Cruz's House

Renae-Crump   Created By
Thomas Graves Holcombe of Texas

Rhonda--L-Crumbley   Created By
Home Page of Rhonda Crumbley

Rhonda-L-Crumbley   Created By
Home Page of Rhonda Crumbley

Ricardo-Cruz   Created By
The Ricardo Cruz family with roots in Cumpas Sonora Mexico

Ricardo-R-Cruz   Created By
The Cruz Family History

Richard-Crum   Created By
The Crum Family

Rick-Crume-MN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Rita-Crum   Created By
Littlejohn's of McNairy County

Rita-L-Crum   Created By

Rob-Crump-IL   Created By
Descendants of Edward P. Crump,Lawrence County, IL

Rob-Crusenberry   Created By
crusenberrys of va

Robert-Crumpton   Created By

Robert-Crutcher   Created By
Robert Martin Crutcher`s Family Tree

Robert-Cruz-wayne   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-D-Crum   Created By
The Lauria and Bertoldo families From Tricarico(MT) Italy

Robert-D-Cruse   Created By
Robert D. Cruse of Rolla, MO

Robert-E-Cruze   Created By
Family of Charles Otho Jones I of Ohio

Robert-H-Cruea   Created By
Robert HCruea Dayton Ohio

Robert-Harlen-Cruea   Created By
The Cruea family Tree

Robert-L-Crumpton   Created By
Crumpton-Wyle of West Midlands

Robert-L-Crutchfield   Created By
The Robert Crutchfield Family Home Page

Robert-S-Crupper   Created By
Robert S. Crupper (b. 12/30/1974) Cincinnati, OH.

Robert-T-Crump   Created By
R. Trafford Crump

Robin-Crumback   Created By
Christiansen-Crumback Family

Robyn-T-Cruz   Created By
My Family Tree

Robyn-T-Cruz-Ca   Created By
My Family Tree

Roger-Cruse   Created By
Roger Cruse

Roland-W-Crummel   Created By
The Wierenga-Kolk Family Home Page

Ronda-E-Crum   Created By
My Family Tree

Rowena-B-Cruz   Created By
Jojo & Rowena Cruz Paredes

Ruben-Cruz   Created By
The Ruben Cruz's of Brownsville.TX.

Ruth-D-Crum   Created By
Davis' from New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Ruth-E-Cruce   Created By
Cruce Connection

S-Crump   Created By
Stan Crump Family of Mississippi and Tennessee

Sabrina-Cruz   Created By
Sabrina's little tree of lives

Sally-A-Crumley   Created By
Sally A. Crumley of Fredericksburg, Texas

Samauel--Cruse   Created By
Home Page of Samauel Cruse

Sandra-T-Crump   Created By
Home Page of Sandra Crump

Sandy-L-Cruzan   Created By
Home Page of Sandy Cruzan

Sara-J-Crump   Created By
"The Jacob C Hawk Of Ohio

Scott-A-Crutchfield   Created By
The Crutchfields

Scott-B-Cruse   Created By
The Cruse Family Home Page

Scott-L-Cruse   Created By
" The CRUSE family of Skagit County Washington"

Sharon-C-Crump   Created By
Cruikshanks of Everett, MA

Sharon-E-Cruise   Created By
Cruise Lines

Shawna-L-Cruzan   Created By
Shawna Cruzan of New Lebanon, OH

Sheila-M-Crumly-clewlow   Created By
The Crumly Clewlows of Bancroft Ontario

Shelby-Cruver   Created By
Shelby Cruver

Sheri-Cruickshank   Created By
My Daddy, William Orville Wiseman Jr .

Sheri-Peace-CA   Created By
The Wiseman Family

Sheryl-Cruse-1   Created By

Sheryl-G-Cruse-1   Created By
The Enoch Robinson family from Ipswich Qld Australia.

Shevonne-R-Crump   Created By
Owens Family

Staci-Crum   Created By
"The Williamson Crums of California"

Stephen-Cruz   Created By
Stephen's Family Tree Project

Stephen-G-Crump   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Stephen-George-Crump   Created By
S G Crump Family

Steve-Crutchfield   Created By
The Stephen Lee Crutchfields of Basehor, KS

Steven-Crumley   Created By
The Steven Crumleys of Clanton, Al

Stewart-Cruickshank   Created By
Cruickshank Family Tree

Susan-B-Cruze   Created By
Walton/Core/Potter/Mason Family History

Susan-Cruz   Created By
The Stark Family Tree

Susan-L-Cruse   Created By
Gregg or Graig in Tn.

Susanne-Cruts   Created By
Richard S Cruts Colorado

Susie-Cruts   Created By
John V Cruts Worren County NJ

Suzanna-J-Crump   Created By
The CRUMP Family of Mason County, West Virginia

Tawnya-K-Crumb   Created By

Ted-E-Crump   Created By
Edward Poindexter CRUMP and Henry Calvin CRUMP KY MO IL

Teddy-E-Crump   Created By
Teddy Eugene Crumps of Effingham(Bridgeport) Illinois,

Terry-Cruthirds   Created By
Carruthers-Cruthirds Home Page

Terry-P-Cruthirds   Created By
The Cruthirds- Caruthers Home Page

Terry-P-Cruthirds-1   Created By

Terry-Park-Cruthirds   Created By
The Cruthirds Family Home Page

Terry-Park-Cruthirds-TN   Created By
Cruthirds Genealogy Home Page

Theodore-V-Crum   Created By
The Theodore V. Crums of El Cerrito, CA

Theresa-A-Crutchfield-dixon   Created By
The Crutchfield Family - in Tennessee

Thomas-A-Crump   Created By
The Andy Crump Family Home Page

Tiffany-Cruce   Created By
Boone/Wadlington connection

Timothy-O-Crum   Created By
The Timothy and Mary Crums of Anderson In.

Timothy-W-Cruse   Created By
Home Page of Timothy Cruse

Tina-Crumb   Created By
Tina M. Crumb of Dunnville, ON Canada

Tom-A-Crump   Created By
Ancestors of James Tyner Crump Home Page

Tori-R-Crumly   Created By

Traci-L-Crumley   Created By
The Collins, Turnbull, Clinton Families and our Saponi Roots

Troy-Crum   Created By
Carol Crum's Family Tree

Twila-Cruickshank   Created By
The H. Roger Cruickshank Family of Vittoria, Ontario, Canada

Valerie-Cruz   Created By
Vidal & Guadalupe Ferrel of California

Veronica-L-Crump   Created By

Victor-G-Cruz-Pennsylvania   Created By
"The Cruz Fontanez and Magraner Serrano Family Home Page"

Violet-Crum   Created By
Jim and Mary Burns of Louisiana(not sure?)

Virginia-B-Cruse   Created By
The Cruses' of Grayson, La.

Virginia-m-Crutcher   Created By
The Crutchers of Ripley, TN

Vivian-G-Cruickshank   Created By
A descendant of George Cruickshank of Rathen, Scotland U.K..

William-E-Crubaugh-jr   Created By
The William E. Crubaugh Jr's of Charleston,S.C.

William-E-Crump   Created By

William-England-Crump   Created By
Crump Family of Boston and Rhode Island

William-England-Crump-NY   Created By
Crump Family of Providence, RI (via Boston and Halifax, NS)

Willie-C-Cruso-iii   Created By
Willie Cruso of Biloxi, MSI

Willie-Cruso-iii   Created By
The Willie Cruso III family of Biloxi, MS

Yulonda-J-Crumblin   Created By
The Crumblin's

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