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Abc-Def-ca   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Albert-E-Defusco   Created By
"The DeFusco & O'Dell & Marasco Family"

Alex-De-farias   Created By
The Alex R. de Farias of Realengo, Rio de Janeiro,Brasil

Alexander-J-Defrancisci   Created By
The DeFrancisci Family

Anasato-De-fetchiato   Created By

Andrea-De-frier   Created By
De Frier

Anne-S-Defrance   Created By
Swearingen Ancestors homepage

Anthony-M-De-falco   Created By
De Falco Family Page

Antonio-D-De-figueiredo   Created By
Home Page Um

Ashley-L-Deforke   Created By

Bernard-L-Defreze   Created By
The DeFreze,Thompson, Eyestone Family

Bernard-Lyle-Defreze   Created By
DeFreze Family Tree

Bev-Defilippis   Created By
Moon, DeFilippis Families

Beverly-A-Deffebach   Created By
' The Charles Deffebach of Texas

Beverly-C-De-filippis   Created By
Moon/Bronson/Boudreau/Dooley/DeFilippis/Wagar Families

Beverly-Defilippis   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Beverly-M-Defilippis   Created By
The Moon Family from Renesslear County, NY

Bladen-S-Defoor   Created By
Bladen Sky DeFoor Son of Jennifer Carragher DeFoor

Bradley-S-Deforest   Created By
DEFOREST Surname Resource Center

Brenda-L-Defoe   Created By
The Donnelly Family

Brenda-L-Defoe-Taylor   Created By
John Lentes & Catherine Bach Family

Brian-Deffenbaugh   Created By
Deffenbaugh's of Putnam County, Ohio

Brooke-A-Deforest   Created By
The Keeling Records of Michigan

Bruce-D-Defourny   Created By
Defourny's in Ohio

Bruce-De-freitas   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carol-A-Defelice   Created By
The DeFelice Family Home Page

Carol-Defeciani   Created By
Barry / DeFeciani (Feliciani) of NY

Cassandra-S-Deforest   Created By

Chad-Defrates   Created By
chad c defrates , mason , nicholson family

Christian-Deffke   Created By

Christina-N-Defalcohoff   Created By

Christopher-W-Defreese   Created By
Christopher DeFreese of St. Louis Missouri

Cindy-L-Deffendoll   Created By

Claudette-M-Defilippis   Created By
The DeFilippis Family Tree

Colin-Deford   Created By
Colin DeFord of Dallas, TX

Colin-R-De-ford   Created By
Colin De Ford of Vancouver B.C. Canada

Connie-Defreitas   Created By
The de Freitas family of Calheta, Madeira, Portugal

Cynthia-A-Defibaugh   Created By
Defibaugh Home Page

Cynthia-Defibaugh-   Created By
The Family Research Page of Dan and Cynthia Defibaugh

Cynthia-Defibaugh-OH   Created By
The Genealogy Research Page of Dan and Cynthia Defibaugh

Dana-B-Defelice   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dana-B-Defelice-LA   Created By
Dana Boudloche DeFelice of Houma, Louisiana

Dana-R-Defrancesco   Created By
Stefano DeFrancesco's (DiFrancesca's) of PGH Family Tree

Dana-Rose-Defrancesco   Created By
Stefano (Stephen) DeFrancesco's (DiFrancesca's) of PGH site

Daniel-C-De-figueiredo   Created By
Arnaud de Holanda - - - 20.000 descendentes

Daniel-caetano-S-De-figueiredo   Created By
Amigos y Genealogia y Poesias di Augeri

Danielzinho-C-De-figueiredo   Created By

Darek-A-Defreece   Created By
Darek DeFreece Family Home Page

Darek-Alan-Defreece   Created By
Darek DeFreece

Darryl-J-Defranco   Created By
Darryl DeFranco of Cleveland, Ohio

David-A-De-foe   Created By
The David De Foe Family of Joplin, Mo

David-Defily   Created By
DeFily / Yonke Families

David-Defily-   Created By
DeFily/Yonke Families

David-Defily-TX   Created By
DeFily/Yonke Families

David-Defoe   Created By
DeFoe Stuff

David-Defrain   Created By
Harbor Beach Heritage

David-L-Defoe   Created By
The David L. DeFoe of Noblesville Indiana

David-M-Defoe   Created By
Ancestors and Relatives of David DeFoe

Dawn-M-Deffenbaugh   Created By
The Deffenbaugh family

Debra-A-Munker   Created By

Denica-cassandra-De-foy   Created By
Denica Cassandra De Foy

Dennis-A-Defrain   Created By
James C. Daugherty Ancestors and Descendants

Dennis-Allen-Defrain   Created By
James C. Daugherty Ancestors and Descendants

Dennis-De-freitas   Created By
The Dennis R. de Freitas' of Pleasanton, CA

Dennis-Defrain   Created By
DeFrain Family History

Dennis-Defrain-AZ   Created By
DeFrains and Daughertys of Nebraska

Dennis-F-Deforest   Created By
The DeForest/Brooks Carl F. Family from Michigan

Diana-L-Defrancesco   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donald-W-De-fries   Created By
The Donald Wayne De Fries Family Home Page

Edward-J-Defusco   Created By
Edward DeFusco of Wakefield, RI

Elizabeth-Defio   Created By

Elizabeth-M-Defio   Created By
Elizabeth DeFio

Ericka-Deforest-MI   Created By
Erickas Genalogy Home Page

Eugene-M-De-fratis   Created By
The Nevada connection of the De Fratis family

Frank--L-Deffes   Created By
The Deffes/Herzog Family Home Page

Gary-S-Defraia   Created By
The DeFraia Family - Gaeta, Italy & Highland, NY

Geary-V-Defrancesco   Created By
The deFrancesco's of Pa. and Nj.

George-Defrieze-GA   Created By
DeFrieze - de Vrieze - de Vriese - Netherlands - U.S.A.

George-Defrieze-TN   Created By
DeFrieze - An Anglicized Frisian Name

Holly-C-Defatta   Created By
The Coussons/ DeFatta Home Page

Isabel-Defenbaugh   Created By
The Terry and Isabel Röthke Defenbaugh family and beyond

Isabel-Defenbaugh-EL-PASO   Created By
Terry and Isabel Röthke Defenbaugh of Bamberg, Germany

Isabel-Defenbaugh-TX   Created By
Terry and Isabel Röthke Defenbaugh of Bamberg, Germany

Isabel-R-Defenbaugh   Created By
The Defenbaugh-Roethke Family Home Page

Jaciara-L-De-frana   Created By
Jaciara Luci de França. Brasil.

Jack-R-Defield   Created By
The Whipple-Harrington England Connection

Jackie-Deflorin   Created By
Jackie DeFlorin's family tree of Minnesota

Janet-L-Defelice   Created By
Janet DeLost DeFelice

Jason-R-Defoor   Created By
The DeFoor Family

Jean-C-Defratis   Created By
Fessler/Collins Family, Iowa Origins

Jeffrey-L-Defosset   Created By
DeFosset Genealogy Home Page

Jenifer-D-Defeo   Created By
Ora T. Burks of CA died February 17, 1957

Jennifer-A-De-fiebre   Created By
de Fiebre & Basye Family Tree

Jennifer-Defouw-MI   Created By
The Currie/Nelson Home Page

Jerry-D-Deffenbaugh   Created By
Home Page of Jerry Deffenbaugh

Jessica-A-Defour   Created By
Jessica DeFour's Home Page

Jessica-C-Deforest   Created By
Jessica DeForest's Family Home Page

Joan-C-Defeo   Created By
The Kincade Family Home Page

Joan-Carole-Defeo   Created By
Kincade family

Joanie-Deforest   Created By
DeForest Family of the South

John-De-ferrari   Created By
Hobbs and Bush of New England, New York, and Oregon

John-De-friesland   Created By
john de friesland. hertfordshire. england. uk

Jos-renato-D-De-freitas   Created By
Família José Renato Dias de Freitas, Pres. Prudente, Brasil

Juanita--Deffenbaugh   Created By

Judith-Defourhoward   Created By
The De Fours of Trinidad and Toabgo

Karen-G-Defee   Created By

Karen-Gunn-Defee   Created By

Kathleen-M-Defrese   Created By
Kathleen Thompson Genealogy

Kathy-M-Defoster   Created By
Our Revolutionary War Ancestors of Central New York

Katrina-M-Defibaugh   Created By

Kenneth-J-Defazio   Created By
DeFazio's ~~~ Family to Family

Kevin-A-Defreest   Created By
The DeFreest Family Page

Kevin-A-Defreest-NJ   Created By
DeFreest Family

Kevin-D-Defrese   Created By
Defrese-Sanders, CA.

Kevin-R-Defields   Created By
The Defields family of Washington State

Kimberly-A-Defilippo   Created By
The Gray Family of upstate New York

Larry-L-Defrance   Created By
The DeFrance Family

Linda-A-Define   Created By
The Salvatore Cammarata Family of Massillon, Ohio

Linda-Defee   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Linda-P-De-falco   Created By
Zeiss Family --Bushwick, Brooklyn New York

Linda-S-Defreytas-GA   Created By
The Smiths and Pharrs of Atlanta, GA

Lisa--M-Defrance   Created By
The Minnesota/South Dakota DeFrance Family

Lisa-J-Deforest   Created By
DeForest family tree

Lori-Defranco   Created By
Reed-DeFranco Family

Lynn-Defty   Created By
Defty Family of North East England

Marc-Deforce   Created By
De Familie DEFORCE

Marcel---A-Defever   Created By
The Marcel Defever Belgian Family Home Page

Margaret--A-Defazio   Created By
The Maggie Kapp DeFazio Family Home Page

Margaret-E-Defranco   Created By
The MacCuish Lloyd Family Home Page

Marguerite---Deforest   Created By
Marg DeForest's Special Persons, Past and Present

Marianne-Deforte-ford   Created By
The DeForte & Polichetti Family

Marilyn-K-Defreese   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mark-Robert-Defrees   Created By
DeFrees Family Information Page

Martin-Deffee   Created By
Martin Kevin Deffee

Martine-Defoux-   Created By
Alex Gossett(Alexis Gosset)et sa famille

Mary-K-Deford   Created By

Mary-Kathleen-Deford   Created By
Wibler E. DeFord of Idaho

Mattie-Jane-Defeo   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Michael-D-De-freese   Created By
The De Freese family home page

Michael-Deffendall   Created By
The Family Tree of Michael P. Deffendall

Michael-F-Defrancesco   Created By
The DeFrancesco Family Home Page

Michael-G-DeFilippo   Created By
The Michael G. DeFilippo Family History Home Page

Michael-S-Defreitas   Created By
Home Page of Michael DeFreitas

Michele-De-france   Created By
DeFrances of John Henry DeFrance

Mike-Defilippis   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Nola-J-Deffenbaugh   Created By
The Nicholas/Maddox Family Home Page by a Deffenbaugh

Norman-L-Defore-jr   Created By
The DeFore Family Home Page

Patricia-A-Deflanders   Created By

Paul-De-freitas   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Pedro-S-De-freitas   Created By
The Seiz family from Portugal

Pete-Defreese   Created By
The DeFreeses - Hillburn, NY

Peter-N-Deft   Created By
The Daft's from Hickling Nottinghamshire

Philip-F-Defort-jr   Created By
The Philip F. DeForts South Amboy NJ

Randy-C-Defalle   Created By
An American Story

Randy-L-Deforest   Created By
Genealogy of Randy DeForest

Raymond-G-Deford   Created By
The Raymond and Ursula DeFord Family

Rebecca-De-farias   Created By
my family tree

Rhoda-L-De-flon   Created By
My Newcomb Family, Ancestors & Descendants

Rhoda-L-De-flon-CA   Created By
My Newcomb Family, Ancestors & Descendants

Robert-A-Deforest   Created By
The Robert Allen DeForest Home Page

Robert-M-Defano   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Roxanne-De-faria-johansen   Created By
Roxanne Johansen Family Tree

Sahara-J-Defensor   Created By
Sahara's Life

Sandra-L-De-franco   Created By
Mavis of Arizona

Sandra-Lea-De-franco   Created By
The Mavis Family, Phoenix Arizona

Sara-J-Deffenbaugh   Created By
My FamilyTies

Scott-K-Defoe   Created By
Scott DeFoe's Family of Glasgow,MT

Scott-K-Defoe-montana   Created By
DeFoe Scott K. decendent of Ralph DeFoe and Mary Tollefsrud

Shannon-W-Defoor   Created By
Home Page of Shannon DeFoor

Shari-Defrancesco   Created By
Shari Anne Kelly of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sharon-R-Deffebach-CA   Created By
Blackler Family of Harberton, Devon, England

Stansel-E-Defoe   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Susan-Defazio   Created By
DeFazio - Francesco from Bianchi Italy

Susan-Defrance   Created By
Morgans of Philadelphia, PA

Susan-M-Defazio   Created By
DeFazio's & Scarpino's from Bianchi, Italy

Suzanne-T-Deffendall   Created By

Theresa-A-Defeyter   Created By
The DeFeyter Gang

Thomas-C-Defloria   Created By
The DeFloria Family Tree Home Page

Thomas-M-Defeo   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Vera-Rau   Created By
Michal and Anna Kaborycha from Russia

Vikki-Defilippo   Created By
Catching Up With The Past

Virginia-Defrante   Created By
virginia's family tree

William-Defoe   Created By

William-J-Deflorio   Created By
Family Tree of William J DeFlorio

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