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Aaron-K-Devaughn   Created By
The DeVaughn Family Home Page

Adam-Calhoun-Deveney   Created By
The Adam C. Deveney Family of Eastern PA

Adriano-Devid   Created By
The Devidé Genealogy

Agnes-S-De-veyra   Created By
The Family of Emilio and Eleuteria Soria

Al-Dever-IA   Created By
Dever Family

Albert-H-Devoe   Created By
Al DeVoe's Home Page

Alexander-Devolpi   Created By
Volpi & DeVolpi

Alexander-Devolpi-   Created By

Alixgay-Devito   Created By
Callarman and Maxon Family Home Page

Allison-T-Devine   Created By
The Owens of Birmingham, AL

Alphons-J-De-vos   Created By
The Petrus de Vos Family Home Page.

Alphons-Joseph-De-vos   Created By
The Alphons J. De Vos family of Aumsville, Oregon, USA

Amanda-Devinney   Created By

Amanda-Devinney-NC   Created By
Amanda Devinney

Amber-N-Devine   Created By
The D Family of Arkansas

Amy-Devoll   Created By
The Devoll Family Tree

Andi-Devlin   Created By
The Devlin-Fitzpatrick Gray-Paul Family Tree

Andre-P-Deveaux   Created By
The Andre Deveaux Family Home Page

Andre-Paul-Deveaux   Created By
The Deveau Family Tree

Andre-Paul-gerard-Deveaux   Created By
The Andre Deveaux Family Home Page

Andrew-Devane   Created By
Ancestory of Andrew DeVane

Andrew-F-Dever   Created By
Home Page of Andrew Dever

Andrew-J-Devine   Created By
The Devine's

Angela-E-Devine   Created By
Devine,Vaughan of Virginia

Angela-J-Devine   Created By
The Roberts Family of Drummond, WI

Angela-V-Devine   Created By
Robby & Noah's Ancestor Page- 17 Generations

Angus-A-De-verney-jr   Created By
DeVerney Family Home Page

Anita-J-Devening   Created By
Home Page of anita devening

Annemarie-Devery   Created By
Annie Devery's Family Tree

Annette-Devoll   Created By
Annette Lea DeVoll of Galveston, Texas

Anthony-R-Devaney   Created By
Anthony Devaney from Mablethorpe

Anthony-Robert-Devaney   Created By
Anthony Devaney of Mablethorpe UK

April-L-Deveau   Created By
Ametrine Myst

Arlene-Devries   Created By
Ancestors of P.G. Verhoeven & Ariaantje Roest, Hanford CA

Arturo-M-Devitalis   Created By
DeVitalis Family Home Page

Ashlee-D-Devillier   Created By
DeVilliers of Louisiana

Barbara-A-Devendorf   Created By
Bobbi's Family

Barbara-E-Devido   Created By
Ranier Devido Family Home Page

Barbara-J-Devich   Created By
Barbara J. Devich from Duluth, MN

Barbara-L-Devine   Created By
User Home Page

Barry-Devanna   Created By
The Devannas of Ashburnham

Benjamin-F-Devoid   Created By
The Benjamin Devoid Family Home Page

Benjamin-F-Devoid-NH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Benjamin-F-Devoid-New-Hampshire   Created By
The Devoid Family of New Hampshire

Benjamin-F-Devoid-sr   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bernard-Devarney-   Created By
The DeVarney and Courcy Families of Vermont

Bernard-keith-Devine   Created By
Devine Family of Waseca County, MN and Golden Valley Cnty,MT

Beth-Develle   Created By

Beverly-J-Devine   Created By

Bill-Devoe   Created By
Bill DeVoe's Family Page (MA, CO, WY and Canada/Acadia)

Billie-J-Devos   Created By

Bob-Devincenzi   Created By
Richard and Joyce Devincenzi Family Tree

Bob-Devito   Created By
DeVito's of Stamford CT

Bobbi-A-Devendorf   Created By
Home Page of Bobbi Devendorf

Brenda-Deveau   Created By
Looking for The Relatives of Edward Augustus Deveau

Brett-Devore   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Brian-and-stephanie-Devlin   Created By
Stephanie Taylor Devlin Family Page

Bruce-J-Deverell   Created By
Bruce John Deverell of Massey NZ

Bryan-Devaney   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Caelan-Devera   Created By
The Manalastas' and The Medinas

Carla-De-vries   Created By
Andersson/DeVries/Hood/Irving/Lay/Pugh/Van der Vlugt

Carol-A-Devonald   Created By
Munnerley and Baines family ties

Carol-H-Devine   Created By
The Harry J. HANSEN & Z. Maurine SUTTON Family Home Page

Carol-J-Devlin   Created By
The Carol J Devlin of Linlthgow Scotland

Carolyn-L-Devic   Created By
Our Family

Carrie-L-Devaux   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carrie-M-Deveraux-UT   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Catherine-B-Devins   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Catherine-E-Devine   Created By
From Scotland & Sicily to Arizona Via Canada & Mexico

Cecilia-Deverney   Created By
Anastacio Alvarado's Of El Paso/Ysleta

Charlene-A-Devisser   Created By
DeVisser&Noiseux Family Tree

Charlene-A-Devisser-MB   Created By
Noiseux/DeVisser Family Manitoba, Canada Information

Charlene-A-Devisser-Winnipeg   Created By
DeVisser and Noiseux Family In Manitoba, Canada

Charlene-Angela-Devisser   Created By
DeVisser & Noiseux Family Tree

Charles-A-Dever   Created By
Dever /Dennis/Jasper/Peach Of Illinois

Charles-B-Devol   Created By
The Charles Devol Family Home Page

Charles-De-villiers   Created By
Charles de Villiers, SA

Charles-E-Devillier   Created By
"The Charles Devillier Family Home Page"

Charles-E-Devillier-La-Mesa   Created By
The Devilliers of Opelousas, LA

Charles-H-Devitt   Created By
charles h. devitt of lake city, iowa

Charles-H-Devitt-iowa   Created By
charles h.devitt of lake city,iowa

Charles-V-DeVier   Created By
The Charles & Donna DeVier Home Page

Cherry-Devaney   Created By
DeVaneys of Augusta, Georgia

Chris--Devoney   Created By
User Home Page

Christina-J-Devlin   Created By
the devlins of san diego, ca.

Christopher-H-Devanny   Created By
The Devannys of Crook of Devon 2001

Christopher-P-De-venecia   Created By
The Vera Perez Family

Christopher-S-De-voir   Created By
Christopher R. Feigenbaum of Camas, WA

Cindy-L-Devall   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Clarissa-Devine   Created By
This is my family

Claudette-A-De-vercelly   Created By
The Charles T. De Vercelly Of Queens, New York

Claudette-Devercelly   Created By
The Charles T. (Karl) DeVercelly Family of Queens, New York

Colleen-Deveraux   Created By
Colleen Deveraux's genealogy

Colleen-Devine-Edmonton   Created By
The McGillis Family Tree

Connie-A-Deverill   Created By
The Deverills and DeFonsos

Connie-Deverill-KS   Created By
Deverill Family Tree

Connie-V-Devillier   Created By

Corrodine-Devonshire   Created By
Searching for lost family in the USA

Cory-L-Devane   Created By
The Devanes of MA

Courtney-Devore   Created By
Looking for DeVore's related to grandfather

Craig-W-Devor   Created By
The Virgil Wayne Devor Family Home Page

Cristiano-De-vitt   Created By
Cristiano De Vitt of Udine, Italy

Curtis-A-Devries   Created By
The Curtis A. DeVries' of Derry, NH

Cynthia-L-Devine   Created By
The Devines of Richmond Virginia

Daimond-D-Devotion   Created By
"Boo-Yaakacha!" Daimond D. Devotion of Oahu, Hawaii

Daniel-D-Devitt   Created By
The Devitt Family of Hilton, NY.

Daniel-Devitt   Created By
Devitt of Caroll County, Ohio

Daniel-Devlin   Created By
daniel devlin of luton ,beds.,u.k.

Daniel-Devlin-NH   Created By
Dan Devlin's other home page

Daniel-J-Devlin   Created By
The Devlin Family of Clonmany, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Daniel-J-Devlin-NH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Daren-J-Devries   Created By
Daren Dveries of MI

Darlene-A-Deventura   Created By
An American Story

Darlene-A-Devore   Created By
Darlene A. DeVore

Darlene-Ann-Deventura   Created By
The Massey's of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Darlene-De-vries   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Darlene-Devore   Created By
The Ulsh Family Tree

David-A-Devine   Created By
Joan & David Devine Home Page

David-C-Devin   Created By
Ira Devin Lineage

David-D-Devine   Created By
The Dave Devine Family Home Page

David-Devine   Created By
A Devine Family Home Page

David-Devine-Cranbrook   Created By
The David Devines of Crabrook/Lethbridge

David-Devine-MD   Created By
David D. Devine

David-Devries   Created By
The David P. DeVries Family Tree

David-Devries-NY   Created By
The David P DeVries' of Ballston Spa , NY

David-Dewey-Devine   Created By
The Devines Of Missouri

David-W-Devine   Created By
The David Devine Family Home PageC

Dawn-Devine   Created By
Dawn's Home Page

Dayna-M-Devine   Created By

Dean-Devore   Created By
Dean LaVon DeVore from Bucyrus, OH, now of Tulsa, OK

Debra--A-De-vaux   Created By
De Vaux Delights (Family Tree Homepage)

Debra-A-De-vaux   Created By
An American Story

Debra-A-Devaux   Created By
Home Page of Debra Devaux

Debra-A-Devaux-MO   Created By
Maguire Family HomePage

Debra-De-vaux   Created By
DeVaux Delight's Family HomePage

Debra-Devorenelson   Created By
Debra DeVore-Nelson of Shelton, WA

Deette-M-Mullins   Created By
Devine-Mullins Family History

Deisree-Devillewood   Created By
DeVille, Wood, Family Tree

Delta-L-Devine   Created By
John Michael Devine of Tyler, Texas-Family Tree

Denis-De-vere   Created By
Denis De Vere of Australia

Denise-M-Devoe   Created By
The DeVoe Family ofFlorida

Dennis-Devrow   Created By
The Devrows & Devereauxs

Dennis-R-De-Vault   Created By
The Dennis Robert De Vault Family Home Page

Dennis-R-Devault   Created By
Brian D. DeVault -- Ancestors...

Derek-Deverney   Created By
The Ancestors Family Tree

Derek-Deverney-Michigan   Created By
The DeVerney Family of Michigan

Devon-S-Devereaux   Created By
Devon Devereaux of Portland, OR

Diana-L-Devereaux   Created By
The Charles Devereaux's of Bay City, MI

Diane-Devore   Created By
The DeVores

Dominique-Devenoge   Created By
deVenoge Family Tree

Dominique-Devillez   Created By
Dominique Devillez

Dominique-Devillez-Ca   Created By
Dominique Devillez, of Mountain View, California

Don-Devine   Created By
The Tenney & Devine Family Of Maine & Massachusetts

Donald-Devaney   Created By
Donald Everett Devaney

Donald-H-Devlin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dorothy-A-Deverman   Created By

Dorothy-Ann-Deverman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Douglas-J-Devine   Created By

Dowena-V-Devey   Created By
Vander Werff/Versteeg Home Page

Dr-george-a-Deveber   Created By

Earl-W-Devine   Created By
Earl and Carol family history

Eddy-R-De-vilhena   Created By

Edna-L-Deveraux   Created By
The Terrance Ray Buchanan Family Home Page

Edward-Devanney   Created By
The Devanney Family

Edward-T-Devlin   Created By
The Edward Theodore and Kelly Michelle Devlins of Des Moines

Elaine-A-Devenport   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Elizabeth-A-Devery   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Elizabeth-A-Devery-Upper-Caboolture   Created By
A History of the Devery and Thompson Families!

Elizabeth-J-Devaney   Created By
Elizabeth Devaney UK

Elizabeth-J-Devarona   Created By

Ellen-Devenny   Created By

Ellen-Devenuto   Created By

Ellen-J-Devore   Created By
An American Story

Emil-Devries   Created By
Emil DeVrie's simple tree

Emmet-J-Devlin   Created By
Home Page of emmet devlin

Erin-J-Devilbiss   Created By
Family Tree

Erma-Devore   Created By
The Philip L. Devores of Altamont, IL

Francis-J-Devlin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Frank-R-Devay   Created By
Home Page of frank devay

Frans-De-vos   Created By
The De Vos Family from Hartswater and Pretoria, ZA

G-Devore   Created By
Ancestry of Kelsey Renee DeVore

Gail-L-De-vos   Created By

Gary-D-Devoss   Created By

Gary-E-Devlin   Created By
Gary E Devlin, Berkshire, England.

Gary-L-Devinna   Created By
The DeVinna Family Home Page

Gene-Devries   Created By
G A deVries family

George-A-Deveber   Created By
deVeber Family Genealogy

George-Deveber   Created By
deVeber Family Genealogy

George-M-Devine   Created By
George Mike (Michael) Devine, Derry, Ireland

George-V-Devlin   Created By
The Ottawa Devlin exiles

Gerald-L-Devins   Created By
The Gerald L Devins Family Home Page

Geraldine-I-Deverspimentel   Created By
Home Page of Geraldine Devers-Pimentel

Gerard-Devillier   Created By
the geneaolgy of G. D. DeVillier of Denver, CO

Gerard-G-Devignat   Created By
The Devignat Family

Geri-D-Devore   Created By
Gathering Place of Geri DeVore's Family

Gladys-A-Devlin   Created By
Hood/ Devlin. yorkshire / belfast

Glen-Devenie   Created By
Devenie's of New Zealand

Glenn-Devanney   Created By
The Devanney's of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Gloria-A-Devincent   Created By
The DeVincents of Fenwick, Delaware

Gregory-J-Devore   Created By
Ancestors of Kelsey Renee DeVore

Gregory-Jahue-Devore   Created By
Ancestors of Kelsey Renee DeVore

Haley-A-Devenport   Created By
Sims 2 familys :P

Heather-Devries   Created By
The DeVries Family Tree

Heather-E-Devine   Created By
Edward George Perry (Wayne County - Detriot, MI)

Heather-L-Devine-jones   Created By
The Devine Family of Olympia, Washington

Heather-Lynn-Devine-jones   Created By
The Devine Family of Olympia, Washington

Heidi-Devall   Created By
Home Page of Heidi Devall

Helen-C-Devine   Created By
Devine / Lawrence / Nye / Connell / King / Raymond UK

Henry-L-Devilliers   Created By
The DeVilliers Villiers Home Page

Hermann-Devermann   Created By
The Devermann Homepage

Hilary-D-Devendorf   Created By
Heritage: Lithuania

Ian-H-Devereaux   Created By

Jack-T-Deveau   Created By
The JDeveau Family Home Page

Jackwin-S-Devore   Created By
The William Murphy Line

James--R-De-vito   Created By
The James De Vito family page

James-A-Devine   Created By
Devines of Michigan with roots in Missouri & Kentucky

James-C-Devlin   Created By

James-D-Devin   Created By
The Family Page of James D. Devin & Janece E. Carter

James-Devins   Created By
james K. Devins/Harrisburg,Pa/New Jersey

James-G-Devine   Created By
The Devine & Goldfarb Family Home Page

James-H-DeVries   Created By
The James H. DeVries Family Home Page

James-L-Develvis-FL   Created By
The DeVelvis Famly

James-R-Devlin   Created By
Devlin's Quest

James-R-Devore   Created By
The George Washington DeVores of Oakdale, and Merryville, La

James-R-Devoy   Created By
James R. Devoy of Lismore, NSW.

James-S-Deviller   Created By
Home Page of james deviller

James-Stephen-Deviller   Created By
The DeViller Family Home Page

James-Stephen-Deviller-Ontario-C   Created By
Home Page of James DeViller

James-V-Devine   Created By
The Devines of Underwood, IA

James-W-Devault   Created By
James DeVault Born in South Bend

James-f-Devitt-sr   Created By

Jane-Deves   Created By
Deves/Deaves Family Tree

Jane-Device   Created By
Haresign and Staveley Family Tree - Yorks Meets Lincs

Jane-Device-wy   Created By
Staveley, Hinchcliffe, Haresign, Hollingsworth, Jervis Snead

Jane-M-Devins   Created By
wookin' pa help

Janet-D-Devoe   Created By
Prince Family of Braxton County WV

Janet-M-Devlin   Created By
Shores and Wallace - Somerset County, Maryland

Janice-E-Devaney   Created By
The Maisch Family of Block, Kansas

Janis-P-Deves   Created By
Janis Deves family tree

Jason-M-Dever   Created By
Dever Family

Jean-Devries-Mi   Created By

Jeannine-M-Devona   Created By
Jeannine Devona of Arlington Heights, IL

Jeanyves-Deveau   Created By
Deveau-O'Regan Home Page

Jeffrey-Devlin   Created By
Jeff Devlin

Jeffrey-L-Devall   Created By
Spindler, Devall, Storjohann, Wagner, Classen,Martens

Jeffrey-L-Devall-1   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jeffrey-L-Devall-2   Created By

Jeffrey-L-Devall-AZ   Created By
Devall-Spindler-Storjohann-Steenbock-Cupp-Sease-Wagner, etc.

Jeffrey-L-Devall-Flagstaff   Created By
Devall-Spindler-Storjohann 5-2-2002

Jennifer-A-Devine   Created By
All About My Family Tree

Jennifer-Ann-Devine   Created By
Devine & Fidler

Jennifer-Deventure   Created By
Queen, Smithers, Driscoll, Steele Family Tree

Jennifer-R-Devore   Created By
My Family History (DeVore, Humphrey, Ross, Cameron, etc.)

Jenny-De-villers   Created By
The Kenneth F. De Villers' Family of Western Washington

Jenny-De-villers-WA   Created By
The Kenneth F. De Villers of Western Washington

Jeri-M-Devore   Created By
" The Svoboda Family of Ottawa, IL "

Jerilynn-M-Devries   Created By
The William and Martha Cooper Home Page

Jessica-D-Devore   Created By
The DeVore Family of Cumberland MD

Jessica-K-Devillez   Created By
The Jessica K. DeVillez of Texas

Jessica-L-Devillez   Created By

Jill-Devlin-1   Created By

Jill-Renee-Devaney   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jim-Devlin   Created By
The Devlins From Blantyre, Scotland

Joan-Devilbiss   Created By
The Joan DeVilbiss Family Home Page

Joan-W-De-vour   Created By
Weise family- Carl Julius/August Friederich Ca 1870's

John-Devine-2   Created By
Devine family history of SA and NSW Australia

John-Devlin-   Created By
John Devlin's Genealogy Home Page

John-Devlin-South-Bucks   Created By
Devlin Family Tree Compiled by John Devlin

John-Devoe   Created By
John David Devoe of Albany, NY

John-J-Devine   Created By
Descandents of Patrick and Catherine Langan Devine

John-M-Devlin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

John-P-Devine   Created By
The Family Ancesters of John Devine

John-S-De-vico   Created By
"The John De Vico Family Home Page"

John-W-Devins   Created By
Looking for information on the Devins Family

Johnny-Devine-1   Created By
The Johnny Allen Devine of Harriman Tennessee

Johnny-R-Devault   Created By
The DeVaults of Western Maryland

Jon-Devito   Created By
Jon DeVito of Indiana

Jonathan-A-Devalentine   Created By
McCasland Family Tree

Joseph-D-Devito   Created By
Home Page of Joseph DeVito

Joseph-F-Devyak   Created By
The Devyak/Rugel Family Home Page

Joseph-S-Devinney   Created By
The Joseph DeVinney Family Home Page

Josie-A-Devries   Created By
Josie DeVries of White Cloud, MI

Josie-Ann-Devries   Created By
Josie A DeVries of MI

Joyce-E-Devlin   Created By
Devlin, Ashwood, Brownlie, Collin of Scotland lines

Judith-A-Devries   Created By
Judith A. Schumaker of Ontario, NY

Judy-A-Devlin   Created By
Judy Carson of Drexel Hill

Julie-P-Devereux   Created By

Julienne-Devos   Created By
Julienne Brenda DeVos

June-E-Devine   Created By
The Christensons of Norway and Decendants

Justina-M-Devito   Created By
Justina Marie DeVito and her Family Tree

Karen-N-Devine   Created By
"The Devines of Scotland'

Karen-R-Devries   Created By
The Karen DeVries Family Home Page

Karen-T-Devonshire   Created By
"The Charles R. Devonshire Family of Jonesboro, Georgia"

Karl-R-Devigne   Created By
The Devigne/Franke Family

Karon-Deveraux   Created By
Ritter's of Michigan

Karyn-Devinny-olson   Created By
DeVinny's of Rochester, Minnesota

Karyn-Devinny-olson-MN   Created By
The DeVinny / Stoel Homepage

Katherine-A-Devine   Created By
The Devine's from Pittsburgh Pa

Katherine-Devito   Created By
DeVitos of Crownsville, MD

Kathie-Devantieryancey   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kathie-Devantieryancey-FL   Created By

Kathleen-Devlin-CA   Created By
von Kaenel-Arrieu Family of Calif (from Switz, Eng, France)

Kathleen-F-Devine   Created By
Family of John & Florence Devine, Bensalem, PA

Kathleen-Florence-Devine   Created By
The John Joseph Devine Family, Philadelphia, PA

Kathleen-S-Devine   Created By
The Devines, Jacksonville FL

Kathy-A-Devault   Created By
Solomon DeVault Family for Knoxville, TN

Kathy-De-vere   Created By
de Vere's of Essex England

Kathy-Devlin   Created By
LaFountaine Devlin Hummel Bader Vossler Tree

Katie-Devane   Created By
Home Page of Katie DeVane

Katie-Devers   Created By
John Holman Family of Jasper Co, SC

Katie-E-Devins   Created By
Home Page of katie devins

Kay-Devanney   Created By

Kay-M-Dever   Created By
Kay Dever (nee McCarthy) Family Home Page

Keith-Devers   Created By

Keith-Devling   Created By

Kelly-Devanny   Created By
Devanny's of Pittsfield Massachusetts

Kelly-Y-Devoll   Created By
DeVoll's and Kelly's

Kenneth-J-Devereux   Created By
Devereux of Ohio

Kerry-B-De-vito   Created By
The Robert B. Curry Family-by Kerry De Vito

Kerry-E-Devitt   Created By
Home Page of Kerry Devitt

Kevin-Devoe-jr   Created By
Kevin E. DeVoe Jr of Waltham, MA

Kevin-M-Devaney   Created By
Devaney Family

Kimberly-A-Devito   Created By

Kimberly-D-Devine   Created By
User Home Page

Kimberly-M-Devine   Created By
An American Story

Kindra-S-Devall   Created By
Kindra James Family Tree

Krista-Devine   Created By
Charles & Krista Devine

Kristy-M-Devers   Created By
"The Stumbo Family Tree"

Kyle-P-Devine   Created By
Kyle Devine's, From Michigan Family Tree

Latisse-D-Devlin   Created By
Latisse Devlin orig. from CA (eureka)

Laurece--M--Devoe-kausch-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Laurece--M-Devoe-kausch-   Created By
The Laurece M. DeVore Kausch of CA

Laurece-M-Devore-kausch   Created By
The Larry M. Kausch and Laurece M. (DeVore) Kausch Home Page

Laurece-Melva-Devore-kausch   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lawrence-Dever   Created By
The Dever Family New England

Lee-Devlin   Created By
William Lee Devlin Geneology Page

Leigh-A-Devore   Created By
Home Page of Leigh DeVore

Leland-W-Devine   Created By
The Leland W. Devine of Nottingham Pa

Leonard-Devoe   Created By
Leonard N. Devoe of Salem, MA

Leslie-A-Devore   Created By
The life of Leslie A. Devore

Letitia-P-Devlin   Created By
User Home Page

Linda-Devenish   Created By
aussie stokes from liverpool /b'ham

Linda-G-Devine   Created By
The Linda Kramer Family Home Page

Linda-M-Devine   Created By
User Home Page

Linda-M-Devine-TN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Linda-W-Deval   Created By
My Mottershead Home Page

Linden-E-Devine   Created By
The Devines of Pontiac

Lisa-A-Devinney   Created By
Lisa Albright's Family

Lisa-Devries-thomas   Created By
The DeVries Family from Freisland NL. to USA.

Lisa-K-Devlin   Created By
Devlin - Bray

Liz-Devane   Created By
"The Brocks, Tylers of Ga.Ala.Fl."

Lois-Devorsey   Created By
DeVorsey - Dvorscak - MacGiehan - Smith

Lois-Devuyst   Created By
Denzil Leroy HIll

Lonna-M-Devito   Created By
The Cavedon Family

Lonnie-J-Devier   Created By

Lorraine-Devenney   Created By

Lorraine-M-Devenney   Created By

Lou-Deveau   Created By

Lou-E-Deveau   Created By
The Ramey's/Curbows of Northwest Florida

Lulu-De-vera   Created By
The Pedro U. De Veras of Pangasinan,PHIL.& California, USA

Lydian-Devere   Created By
DeVere and Conrad Family Homepage

Lynne-Devinsmith   Created By

Lynne-M-Devito   Created By
"Lynne, Mark & Pugsley DeVito Home Page"

Magi-Devore   Created By
Gathering ~them~ Together

Magi-M-Devore-Il   Created By
The family leaves that glues our Tree together

Malana-Devore   Created By
My Family Thru the States and Everywhere

Malana-Devore-ohio   Created By
Malana"s Family Of The ky,oh,wv,ind

Marcus-E-De-vasconcelos   Created By
Marcus' Genealogy Home Page

Margaret-E-Devine   Created By

Maria-Devivo   Created By

Maria-V-Devargas   Created By

Marion-T-Devries   Created By
TERRY / deVRIES Family Site

Marjorie-B-Devisser   Created By
The Jerry Mars(Dick)Jarvis Family of Madison Co., IN

Mark-A-Devitt   Created By
My Family Tree

Mark-Devlin   Created By
Who's yo daddy?

Mark-Devlin-CA   Created By
Mark's Test Page

Mark-P-Devlin   Created By
The Devlin Family Homepage

Marsha-R-Devine   Created By
The Devine family of New York

Marsha-R-Devine-NY   Created By
Roots and Branches of the Devine-Egger family

Marsha-R-Devine-Penn-Yan   Created By
Ancestors of Alice Martha Rogers, 1903-1982, Yates Co, NY

Martha-Devlin   Created By
The Rachals of Louisiana

Martha-F-Devine   Created By
"Martha F. Devine of Calvert City,KY."

Martha-M-Devolt   Created By
Martha M DeVolt, ( Neu, Schell ) Dallas, Texas

Martin-Devlin-Victoria   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary--Devine   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-D-Devoll   Created By
The Iler Family of E.St.Louis,IL

Mary-Devine-memphis   Created By

Mary-Devitt   Created By
coleman, alabama

Mary-Devlin   Created By
The Devlins of Glasgow

Mary-Devlin-   Created By
Devlins of Bellefonte, PA

Mary-Devries   Created By
my search for my ancestors

Mary-E-Devenny   Created By

Mary-E-Devenny-Gastonia   Created By

Mary-J-Devault   Created By
"The McAllister DeVault Families"

Mary-L-Devera   Created By
Home Page of Mary DeVera

Mary-P-Devers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-ann-Devins   Created By
The VT and NY Devins Family Branch

Mary-ann-E-Devine   Created By
The Kelly-Devine Family Home Page

Mary-joyce-Dever   Created By
Decendants of Henry Dever of Bedford County, PA

Maryann-Devereaux   Created By
MaryAnn Devereaux of Salt Lake City, UT

Mathalee-Deville   Created By

Megan-A-Devlinpetty   Created By
Megan Devlin-Petty's Genealogy Page

Meredyth-L-Devin   Created By
Joseph B. and Meredyth L. (Myers) Devin Family Home Page

Michael-A-Devilbiss   Created By
The DeVilbiss Family Of Sacramento California

Michael-D-Devar   Created By
Michael D. DeVar of Phoenix, AZ

Michael-D-Devin   Created By
The Devin's of Boston, Mass Family Home Page

Michael-Devins   Created By
Devins Of Michigan

Michael-Devoe   Created By
michael devoe of newberg oregon

Michael-P-Devivo   Created By
The Cass Family Home Page of Waterbury Connecticut

Michael-P-Devlin   Created By
User Home Page

Michael-R-Devan   Created By
Irish Settlers

Michael-p-devine-P-Devine   Created By
Devine's from Castlebar, County Mayo Ireland to Parnell, WI

Michele-Renee-Devery   Created By
Michele Stone Devery of New Jersey

Michelle-Devan   Created By
The Devan's of Canada

Michelle-Devore   Created By
Michelle Jordan

Michelle-M-Devens   Created By
Devens Family Home Page

Michiel-M-DeVito   Created By
The Druit and DeVito Family Home Page

Michiel-Marie-Devito   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mickey-Deveny   Created By
Deveny-Ireland & Pirozzolo-Italy to West Virginia

Mike-Deveria   Created By
The Devéria family, 1400 - 2000

Mimi-De-ville   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Molly-C-Devine   Created By
The Carrolls of Carollton & Peter O'Hare Family Tree

Monica-C-Devine   Created By

Monica-Catherine-Devine   Created By
The Devine Family of Wisconsin

Monica-Catherinew-Devine   Created By

Monika-Devereaux--tschuor   Created By
Devereaux-Tschuor / Canada / Switzerland

Nancy-A-Devers   Created By
The Donald Eugene Devers of Iowa

Nancy-A-Devlin   Created By
The Devlin (Divilly-Devilly) Family Home Page

Nancy-C-DeVaughn   Created By
Nancy Fickes' Home Page

Nancy-Devries   Created By
Maitland, Peck, Naegele, and Dumler

Neal-F-Devitt   Created By

Nelson-J-Deveau   Created By

Norma-G-DeVita   Created By
A Sanders/Saunders Home Page

Olivia-Devine   Created By
Olivia Michelle Devine

Pamela-Devlin   Created By
Pamela Berner Devlin and Berner/ Sheppard Family of Texas

Pamela-J-Devine   Created By
The Devine Family Home Page

Pat-Deveau   Created By

Pat-Deveau-fla   Created By

Patricia-A-Devanney   Created By
The Devanney and Gay Family Tree

Patricia-A-Deveau   Created By
The Mattie E. Shelton/Entrekin Family Tree

Patricia-Ann-Deveau   Created By
White/Deveau research page

Patricia-Ann-Deveau-Fla   Created By
Shelton/Entrekin/Deveau/Vanhoosen research page

Patricia-Devaney   Created By
The Family Tree of Patricia J. Devaney of Perth, WA

Patricia-Devine   Created By
The LeClair/Sullivan & Lawrence/Martell families , Ontario,

Patricia-F-Devlin   Created By
Devlin - Moore - Masten - Holloman - Slagle - Adams

Patricia-Faye-Devlin   Created By
Home Page of Patricia Devlin

Patricia-G-Deveau   Created By

Patricia-G-Deveau-NY   Created By
William Lennox of Rhode Island

Patricia-G-Deveau-ellisburg   Created By
Decensdants of William Lennox

Patrick-L-Devine   Created By
Pat Devine's Family Home Page

Patt-M-Devitt   Created By
The Martin-Hendricks Family Home Page

Paul-A-De-voe   Created By
Paul A. and Mary Cassidy De Voe, New York, New York

Paul-S-De-voe   Created By

Pedro-A-Devoto-mendvil   Created By
The Pedro Devoto Mendívil Family Home Page

Pedro-Antonio-Devoto-mendvil   Created By
Pedro Devoto Mendívil

Peter-L-Devereaux   Created By
The Pete Devereaux and family Home Page

Rae-L-De-voe   Created By
The De Voes of Windsor New York

Rae-Louise-De-voe   Created By
The De Voes of Windsor New York

Ray-Deverson-Qld   Created By
The Family of Robert Bertram Deverson of Adelaide Sth Aust

Ray-Devore   Created By
Ancestors of Raymond B. Devore, Jr.

Raymond-E-Devore   Created By
Ray DeVore Home Page

Regina-Devers   Created By
Gina's Family Tree

Ren-Devers   Created By
Devers Family in Flanders, Belgium

Rene-Devin   Created By
"The Devin Family Tree by Rene' Oscar Devin"

Renger-J-De-vries   Created By
Voorouders van Renger de Vries in Noord-Nederland

Richard-A-Devore   Created By
The Richard A. DeVore's of New Oxford. PA

Richard-A-Devriendt   Created By
Home Page of Richard DeVriendt

Richard-E-Devaughn   Created By
Descendants of Rev. Sandy D. DeVaughn

Richard-J-Devaux   Created By
DeVauxs of Ohio

Rita-A-Devlin   Created By
Home Page of Rita Devlin

Robert-A-Devol   Created By

Robert-A-Devowe   Created By
The Home Page Of The Ancestors Of Robert DeVowe

Robert-Allen-Devowe   Created By
The Ascending and Descending Family Of Robert Allen DeVowe

Robert-Devore   Created By
"The Robert Walker DeVore's of Detroit, MI"

Robert-L-Devenport   Created By
The Davenport-Devenport Family Home Page

Robert-L-Devenport-Chicago   Created By
The Robert L. Devenports of Humphury Davenport of Barbados

Robert-Lafollette-Devenport   Created By
The Robert L.Devenport of Wisconsin

Robert-Lafollette-Devenport-Illinois   Created By
Robert Lafollette Devenport of Parier Du Chine, Wisconsin

Robert-V-Deverman   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Roberta-L-Devoss   Created By
Sewrey/DeVoss Family History

Robyn-E-Devaulaustin   Created By
The DeVaul, Garren, Austins

Rocky-D-Devon   Created By
The DeVon Family

Roger-Devall   Created By
The DeValls of Memphis, TN

Roger-L-Devries   Created By
The DeVries Family Home Page

Roger-S-Devlin   Created By
The Tree of Me

Ronisue-Devlinspears   Created By
RoniSue Devlin Spears of Arkansas

Rose-Devita   Created By

Rosemarie-G-De-verajavier   Created By
The De Vera's of United States of America

Roxanne-Devillez   Created By
The Pages of Connecticut

Roxanne-J-Devillez   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Ruby-A-Devos   Created By
Ruby Adrin's Family HomePage

Ruby-Devos-WA   Created By
Ruby Adrin Home Page

Rudi-De-vries   Created By
Rudi de Vries .Newcastle ,Australia

Rustin-W-Devendorf   Created By

Ruth-Deveau   Created By
Yarmouth, NS. Deveau Family

Sal-Devincenzo   Created By
DeVincenzo Family Tree Page

Sally-A-Devlin   Created By
The Stokes' of Birmingham, UK

Sam-De-villiers   Created By
Gerrards of Lancashire, UK

Sandra-D-Devault   Created By
The Sandra DeVault Family Home Page

Sandra-Devine   Created By
"The Devines of Southern Calif."

Sandra-K-Devol   Created By
Test of the Home Page Feature

Sandra-L-Devall   Created By
The Emil Lentz Family Home Page

Sandra-M-Devisme   Created By
The Kramer,Zettlemoyer,Sussanias,Miller Family Tree

Sandy-Devine   Created By
Devine Missouri

Shaine-Devoe   Created By
Shaine DeVoe's Family

Sharon-Devine   Created By
Sharon A. Day and Tom W. Devine of Houston, Texas

Sharon-I-Devens   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sharon-I-Devens-Alaska   Created By
Reuben Culver Family Tree

Sharon-R-Devries   Created By
The Bowlby Family

Sheila-D-Devine   Created By

Shelly-D-Devine-partridge   Created By

Shelly-De-voll   Created By

Shirley-M-Devitt   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sidnei-Devegili   Created By

Siebrigje-De-vries   Created By
Stamboom van de Vries, Wiersma, Torensma en v/d Woude

Simone-Devenish   Created By
Devenish of Ireland

Sonya-Newman-LA   Created By
Sonya (DeVane) Newman's Family Roots

Stephanie-A-Devaney   Created By
Rockin' D's General Store

Stephanie-Devaux   Created By
Family Tree-Stephanie Devaux (Devaux's, Saumier's,+Betters)

Stephanie-L-Devoebradley   Created By
Devoe-Collins, Pine Bluff, AR

Stephen-Devine   Created By
The Devines of Rhode Island

Stephen-M-Devault   Created By

Steve-Devitt   Created By
Steve Deviit - Sydney - Australia

Steven-P-Devries   Created By
DeVries/Lowe Family

Steven-W-Devine   Created By
The Ancestry of Steve and Sue Devine

Sue-A-Devries   Created By
The Nichols/Ellis Family West Michigan

Susan-Develder-New-York   Created By
The Shaffer/Schreiner Family Tree Page

Susan-Devens   Created By
"The John Fisher Family Tree"

Susan-Devries   Created By

Suzanne-Devine   Created By
Our DeVine Family Heritage

Suzanne-Devine-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Suzanne-H-Devine   Created By
Our DeVine Family Heritage

Suzanne-N-Deveau   Created By
The Murphy/Corcoran Family Tree

Tammy-S-Devore   Created By
DeVore Family

Tania-Elizabeth-Devaney   Created By
Tania's Page

Tara-L-Devault   Created By

Tarahlyn-M-Devos   Created By
The Devos Family

Terence-Devenport   Created By
Terence Devenport family home page

Terence-Devenport-   Created By
Devenport of County Durham, England

Terri-Devlin   Created By
Terri Devlin

Thadeus-Devasagayam   Created By
Thadeus from Vellachikulam, Palakkad District, Kerala

Theresa-M-Devine   Created By

Thomas-A-Devore   Created By
The Thomas DeVore Family Home Page

Thomas-De-vries-AB   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Thomas-Devitt   Created By
Tom and Pam "Bradley" Devitt Tree

Thomas-Devitt-TX   Created By
Thomas Kirkland Devitt and Pamela Rose Bradley

Thomas-Devlin   Created By
The Donahay family of Ardena (Howell) NJ

Thomas-J-Devlin   Created By
The Thomas J. Devlins of Elmira, NY

Thomas-K-Devitt   Created By
The Tom Devitt and Pamela Bradley Devitt Home Page

Thomas-K-Devitt-TX   Created By
Thomas K Devitt Family Ancestry

Thomas-Kirkland-Devitt   Created By
Tom and Pam Devitt of San Antonio, Texas

Thomas-M-Devaney   Created By
The DeVaneys of New York state.

Tiffany-Devlin   Created By
Bautista/ Broeffle Family Tree

Timothy-Devine   Created By
Devine Family

Tina-Devanna   Created By
My Glover/Rutherford/DeVanna/Thompson

Todd-Devoe   Created By
Todd & Debbie(Roark) DeVoe, Larkspur, CO

Todd-W-DeVoe   Created By
The Todd & Debbie DeVoe Home Page.

Todd-W-Devoe   Created By
Todd & Debbie DeVoe of Larkspur, Colorado

Tom-F-Devlin-iv   Created By
Home Page of Tom Devlin IV

Torre-A-Devito   Created By
The Colleton's of Bellville, Texas

Trent-R-Devin   Created By
The ever growing Family Tree of Life

Tricia-L-Devine   Created By
The Devine's of Quebec History and Family Tress

Trudi-P-Devine   Created By
The Devine Home Page of St Louis Mo.

Valeri-C-Devaney   Created By
Devaneys of Sligo

Vernon-O-Devol   Created By

Veronica-Deveau-Nova-Scotia   Created By

Vicki-Devine-CO   Created By
Devine and Verross

Victoria-Devalle   Created By
The Clay M DeValles of Angels Camp, CA

Virginia-E-Devatt   Created By
Virginia Devatt of Bethlehem, PA

Warner-A-Devore   Created By
Home Page of Warner DeVore

Warren-P-Dever   Created By
The Warren Phillip Dever Home Page

Wayne-E-Devendorf-Lakewood   Created By
Devendorfs and Greens of Colorado

Wendell-A-Devenger-jr   Created By
Wendell & Angie Devenger of Milton, Vt

Wendy-E-Devalle   Created By
The Toland Family Home Page

Wesley-Devore-   Created By
The DeVore family tree

Wesley-H-Dever   Created By
The DEVER Family of Hartford, CT.

William-Deverter   Created By
william deVerter lancaster pa.

William-Devlin   Created By
Devlins from California, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois

William-Devore   Created By
DeVore Family Tree

William-E-Devlin   Created By
Devlin Family Tree

William-F-Devereaux   Created By
Descendants of Maurice Devereaux

William-F-Devereaux-Sarasota   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

William-J-Devoe   Created By
Home Page of William DeVoe

William-S-Devenney   Created By
The William S. Devenney Family Home Page

William-T-De-valcourt   Created By
The W. T. (Bill) de Valcourt Family Home Page

Yvonne-Devereaux   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Yvonne-M-Devereaux   Created By

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