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Adam-R-Durden   Created By
Adam R. Durden of Dade City, FL

Agnes-Dury   Created By
Family Tree

Albert-John-Durose   Created By
Albert John & Sheila Ann Durose of Stoke on Trent, UK

Alexander-albert-D-Durand   Created By
Alexander Davies Durand

Alise-A-Durand   Created By
Home Page of Alise Durand

Alishea-Durham   Created By
Alishea DURHAM's Ancestry

Allen-Durant   Created By
The Harmston's and Durant's of Jacksonville, Florida

Allen-L-Durnil   Created By
The Durnil Family Home Page

Allison-Durazzi-WA   Created By

Alvaro-Durn-Buga   Created By
Genealogía de María Domímguez Durán

Amber-L-Durbin   Created By
Home Page of Amber Durbin

Amy-Merre-Durning   Created By
Steiger, Chiesa,Kalter, and Glattes Family Heritage Homepage

Andi-Durbin   Created By
Jack and Merilene Page Family

Andrew-R-Durski   Created By
Durski Family Tree

Angela-M-Durham   Created By
the durham family

Ann-L-Durrell   Created By
Durrells in manchester

Ann-M-Durkin   Created By
Home Page of ann durkin

Anna-C-Du-randt   Created By
Annetjie du Randt of South Africa

Anna-L-Durham   Created By
The Durham Family

Annette-Durbin-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Antonio-G-Duranti   Created By
Albero Genealogico DURANTI - LINTAS

Anytajayne-Durnford   Created By
Anyta Durnford, Wiltshire, UK

April-L-Duran   Created By
The Long, England, Stanifer, Gilbert, Wildiers of East TN

April-Lea-Duran   Created By
A Family of many names

April-V-Durrant   Created By
The Blackshaw Family of Leicestershire

Ardella-M-Durham   Created By
Johnson/Carey Family of Cheswold Delaware Home Page

Arthur-F-Durrant   Created By
The Durrant Family.origin.Norfolk.England

Asep-Arip-Durahman   Created By
Silsilah Keluarga Besar Umad

Aubrey-B-Durrence   Created By
Geneology of Aubrey B. Durrence

Audrey-M-Durall   Created By
Home Page of Audrey Durall

Aydin-Durmus   Created By
MISTIKLAR Sulalesi Soyagaci

Aydin-Durmus-NH   Created By
DURMUS ailesi

Barbara-A-Durbin   Created By
"The Barbara Bombash Durbin Home Page."

Barbara-A-Durbintruby   Created By
Durbin-Truby of Pennslyvania

Barbara-A-Durham   Created By
Home Page of Barbara Durham

Barbara-A-Durnford   Created By
The Durnfords on the Bay of Quinte Ontario Canada

Barbara-A-Durtche   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-Durtche   Created By
Barbara Hannan's home page

Barbara-J-Duren   Created By

Barbara-S-Durham   Created By

Barbara-S-Durham-CA   Created By

Barbara-j-Durham   Created By
Durhams of Washington

Barry-Durrant   Created By
The B R Durrants of Ipswich UK

Belinda-L-Durda-AB   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bernard-Durych   Created By
Durych Bernard

Beth-Durbin   Created By
The John Billings Family

Betsy-J-Durkee   Created By
The Betsy (Elizabeth Jane Powell) Durkee Home Page

Betty--J-Duran   Created By
The Lee-Franks Family Home Page

Betty-L-Durham   Created By
The Mullins Family in Kentucky

Betty-R-Durm   Created By
"The Betty Durm Family Home Page."

Beuford-D-Durrence   Created By
Beuford D. Durrence/Tootle/Todd/Bland of Tattnall Co., GA.

Beverly-A-Durham   Created By
The Beverly Ann Loughner Hays Durham of Butler, PA

Beverly-L-Durant   Created By
Home Page of Beverly Durant

Bobbie-Durham   Created By
Ricky E & Bobbie (Finch) Durham of Seattle Metro Area

Bonifacio--P-Duran   Created By

Bonnie-Durrenberger   Created By
Bonnie's LOOKINGBACK Project

Bonnie-G-Duree   Created By
The John Wilkins Duree Family of St. Louis, Missouri

Brenda-K-Durr   Created By
Charles C. Durr of Eudora, KS

Brendan-A-Durkin   Created By

Brendan-A-Durkin-Newington   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Brenna-Sue-Durkee   Created By
The Durkee's Of Oklahoma and beyond

Brian-D-Durrin   Created By
Durrin + Palmer Home Page

Brian-Durham   Created By
The Durham Families of Western Kentucky

Bridget-A-Duran   Created By
History of a Women: Bridget A. Duran - Galveston, Texas

Bud--Duran   Created By
Kathy Duran Family Home Page

Candace-S-Durham   Created By
Candace Sherrei Durham (Timmerman)

Candy-O-Durand   Created By

Carlene-Durrett   Created By
The Carlene Durrett Family Home Page

Carlos-Durazo   Created By
Our Family History-The Surname "Serino"

Carlos-Durazo-HI   Created By
The Serino Family History

Carmen-Duran   Created By
The Carmen Duran of Porterville, CA

Carol-Durban   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Carol-E-Durkin   Created By
The Durkin's of Cornwall-On-The-Hudson, NY

Carol-shaw-Durrwachter   Created By
The Chester Lee Shaw, Julia E Price Tree Limb

Carole-Durch   Created By
Smuck-Schultz-Durch HomePage

Carole-Marie-Durante   Created By
Interrante Frisco / Cubeta-Malta

Carole-Marie-Durante-Ma   Created By
Interrante Family

Carolyn-Durant   Created By
John Peter Glaus of Somerset County, PA

Casey-H-Durrett   Created By
Maxwell History

Cat-Durkin   Created By
My Biological Family Tree

Cathy-Durocher   Created By
Catherine Durocher of Windsor, ON

Cathy-S-Durr   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cedric-E-Durkes   Created By
Lewis Chester Durkes of Converse, IN

Chandler-Durham   Created By
The Ancestors of Chandler S. Durham

Chandler-S-Durham   Created By
The Hendrix Line

Chandler-S-Durham-NC   Created By
Chandler Durham Family Page

Charles-A-Durdle   Created By
Durdle Family Home Page

Charles-D-Durbin   Created By
The Brown-Durbin Family Tree

Charles-E-Durgin   Created By
The Charles Edgar Durgins of Boston, MA

Charles-H-Durham   Created By
The Charles H. Durhams of Fremont Michigan

Charles-W-Durham   Created By
The Charles Wayne Durham Family Home Page

Charles-l-durfee-L-Durfee   Created By
Descendants of Thomas Durfee 1643-1712, of Portsmouth, RI

Cheryl-A-Duresky   Created By
The Cheryl Duresky Family Home Page

Cheryl-Isaacs-Durham   Created By
The Isaacs and Durham Families

Chloe-O-Durrant   Created By

Chris-Durbin   Created By
Chris Durbin of Ormond Beach

Christa-Durhack   Created By
Christa's Family Tree

Christina-L-Durham   Created By
The Durham Family Page

Christine-M-Duray   Created By
An American Story

Christopher-A-Durham   Created By
The Durhams

Christopher-B-Durall   Created By
The World Wide Durall Family Home Page

Christopher-Berkeley-Durall   Created By
The World Wide Durall Family Homepage

Christopher-Durbin   Created By
chris durbin son of larry durbin

Christopher-J-During   Created By
Home Page of Christopher During

Christopher-S-Duren   Created By
The Duren Family Home Page

Christopher-S-Duren-FL   Created By
The William Nathaniel Durens of Georgia

Christopher-Shannon-Duren   Created By
Home Page of Christopher Duren

Christopher-Shannon-Duren-FL   Created By
Duren and Chastains of South Georgia

Christopher-T-Duro   Created By
Duro family - Poda family - King family

Christopher-T-Durrer   Created By
The Christopher Durrers of Wilson, NC

Clarence-R-Durham   Created By
The Clarence R. Durham Home Page

Clarence-S-Durham   Created By
Clarence S.Durham Family Home Page"

Clive-Durose   Created By
The William Durose Family

Colin-Durham   Created By
Family Tree of Colin Durham

Connie-Durall   Created By
Constance Slocum Family Home Page

Correne-E-Durrant   Created By
"The June-LaValley Family Home Page"

Cree-Durbin   Created By
Durbin, Mi

Crystal-Durden   Created By
The Durden's of Georgia

Cynde-Durnfordbranecki   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cyndi-M-Duran-CO   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Cynthia-Durantenorio   Created By
Santistevan/Duran Family Ancestry

Cynthia-Kerry-Durham   Created By
Home Page of Cynthia Durham

D-S-Durdle   Created By
Durdle Family

Daisy-M-Durbin   Created By
Durbin Family Tree Belle, Mo.

Dallas-R-Durham   Created By
The Dallas R. Durham's Napavine, WA

Dan-Durbin   Created By
Durbin Family Home Page

Dana-A-Duran   Created By
Home Page of Dana dURAN

Dana-M-Durrant   Created By
The Joseph Percy Gardner Olive Tree Of Sanilac MI

Daniel--J-Duraney   Created By
The Duraney Family Home Page

Daniel-T-Durham   Created By
The Dan Durham Family Home Page

Danielle--N-Durning   Created By
Home Page of Danielle Durning

Daphine-J-Durham   Created By
The Durhams/Graham of Elizabethtown, KY

Darla-Durden-ga   Created By

Darren-Durham-   Created By
Thomas Durham of Kentucky

Dave-Durkee   Created By

David-A-Durning   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-B-Durham   Created By
The David B. Durham Family Tree

David-Duran-   Created By
The Dave Duran's of Denver, CO

David-Durie   Created By
Durie Family Tree I - The line of Robert Durie of that Ilk

David-Durrance   Created By
Jessie & Eathel Durrance Family

David-G-Dury   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-J-Duranceau   Created By
The David Duranceau's

David-J-Durrance   Created By
The Jesse And Eathel Durrance Family Home Page

David-L-Duran   Created By
David L. Duran (Ramon) of Colorado/New Mexico Area

David-L-Durnil   Created By
The Durnils of Wisconsin & Arizona

David-Lorenzo-Duran   Created By
The William E. Durans of Denver, CO

David-R-Durst   Created By
"The David R. Durst Family Home Page"

David-R-Durst-OH   Created By
The Family of David R. Durst

Dawn-Duren   Created By
June Iola Hovey McKinney, Descendents, Family Reunion 2001

Dawn-M-Durbin   Created By

Deann-V-Durham   Created By
Robert & Elcinda Wilkins

Debbie-Durham   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Debbie-Durrant   Created By
Debbie & Peter Durrant's Family Tree

Debbie-M-Durken   Created By
Ancestors of the Durken Family

Deborah-Durkey   Created By
Durkeygurls of Ohio, Texas and the entire World

Deborah-Durkin   Created By

Deborah-P-Durrant   Created By
The Hurst Durrant Family Tree

Debra-A-Duran   Created By
The Garrett Family

Debrah-Durham   Created By
Deb's Family

Debrah-Durham-Alabama   Created By
The Impossible

Debrah-R-Durham   Created By
The Impossible

Debrah-R-Durham-AL   Created By

Deena-L-Duran   Created By
Duran / Bassett / Woll / Roessler / Henton

Dennis-J-Durward   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Devell-Durham-jr   Created By
The Durham SAGA' Begins Devell Durham Jr

Diana-C-Duran   Created By
Where did I come from?

Diana-Durfey   Created By
The Russell L. Durfeys of Utah

Diane-B-Durham   Created By
Charles Walter Durham and Diane Elizabeth Berry

Diane-Durfey   Created By
The Durfeys of Notom, UT

Diane-R-Durham   Created By
William Clark Roberts Genealogy Search

Diane-V-Durnford   Created By

Dixie-Durham   Created By
Dixie Perry Durham's home page

Dl-Durocher   Created By
Gano Coleman Family Geneology

Dominic-E-Durso   Created By
Home Page of Dominic Durso

Don-A-Durr   Created By
The Durrs of Dunedin, FL

Don-Durr   Created By
The Don A. Durrs of Dunedin, FL

Donald-L-Durgan   Created By

Donna-Durfey   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donna-L-Duren   Created By
Home Page of Donna Duren

Donna-L-Durer   Created By
The Reeder/Durer Family

Donna-durham-M-Durham   Created By
Home Page of Donna Durham Durham

Doreen-Duran   Created By

Doreene-L-Durant   Created By
Home Page of Doreene Durant

Dorothy-A-Durivage   Created By
DorothyAnn Durivage ( looking for Strange-Long-Johnson)

Dorothy-Durksen   Created By
"The Dorothy Durksen's History of Alberta,Canada"

Dorothy-Durksen-1   Created By
Dorothy Gladys Durksen's Family History of Alberta, Canada

Dorothy-Durksen-Lethbridge   Created By
"The Dorothy G. Durksens of Alberta, Canada"

Dorothy-M-Durfee   Created By

Doug-Durrington-MO   Created By
D Durrington Family

Doug-Durrington-Springfield   Created By
Doug Durrington Genealogy Home Page

Douglas-J-Durrant   Created By
The Dougie Durrant Family Tree

Douglas-S-Durrett   Created By
Douglas Durrett's Genealogy Research

Douglas-Scott-Durrett   Created By
Douglas Scott Durrett of St. Peters, Missouri

Earl-Durant   Created By
The Earl (NMI) Durant Family Home Page

Earl-Durant-CO   Created By
The Earl Durants of Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Edward-A-Durant   Created By
The DuRants

Edward-Durand   Created By
Durands of Wyoming

Edward-Durnil   Created By
Edward D. Durnil of Attica, IN

Edward-E-Durham   Created By
the durhams family research

Edwin-C-Durbin   Created By
durbin family tree

Elaine-Durden   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Elbert-Sidney-Durhamjr   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Eleanor-R-Duree   Created By
The Duree Home Page

Elena-Durn   Created By

Elizabeth-A-Durr   Created By
Arden E. Anderson - Joplin, Mo

Elizabeth-Duran-   Created By
Gregorio L. Duran Sr of Salem, Or

Elizabeth-Durbin-   Created By
John Durbin from Mercer County, Ohio

Emmet-P-Durack   Created By
The Durack Family

Erik-Du-rietz   Created By
The Du Rietz Family

Ernest-Duran   Created By
Duran Meraz of Ysleta and Socorro, TX

Eva-Durrett   Created By
User Home Page

Evelyne-Durand   Created By

Floyd-Durham   Created By
Charles Wesley Durham's Ancestry

Francis-E-Durham   Created By
The James Thomas Durham Home page

Francisco-A-Durazo   Created By
Familia Durazo Moreno y Gomez Michel

Francisco-Angel-Durazo   Created By
Francisco Angel Durazo Moreno (Paco) de Huasabas, Sonora

Frank-Duray   Created By
Frank Duray, The Netherlands

Frank-G-Durso   Created By
Family Home Page of Eugene M. Durso, Jr

Frank-M-Durbin   Created By
Frank M. Durbin Family Home Page

Gail-B-Durfee   Created By
Gail Beth's Family before Durfee

Gail-C-Durland   Created By
Gail Chloe (Goehring ) (Wolfrey )Durland

Garry-N-Durden   Created By
The Garry N. Durdens of Grand Ridge, FL

Gary-R-Durbin   Created By
Gary Durbin

Gary-R-Durgin   Created By
The Clyde Gowen Durgin Family Home Page

George-H-Durbala   Created By
The George H. Durbalas of Rio Vista, California

George-L-Durgin   Created By
George & Shirley's Family Page

Gloria-J-Durbin-KY   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Graham-J-Durant   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gregory-B-Durski   Created By
The Durskis aka Durskeys

Guy-Duranceau   Created By

Guy-W-Duren   Created By
The Duren Family Home Page

Harold-L-Durham   Created By
Harold Durhams of Chino Valley, Arizona

Harold-W-Durrett   Created By
The Durrett and Powell Families Home Page

Harry-W-Durham-TX   Created By
"The Harry W. Durham's of Tampa, FL"

Heather-W-Duracher   Created By
The Raymond Farris Durachers of Stateville, NC

Helena-Durston   Created By
Hele's Family Tree

Hernando-Duran   Created By
An American Story

Holly-C-Durkacs   Created By
Holly Corrine Barrington

Holly-Durgin   Created By
Durgin of Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Irene-Durrett   Created By
The Durrett's of Coral Springs, Florida

J-D-Durfee   Created By
Durfee Family Homepage

J-T-Durand   Created By
The Family of John T. Durand

Jack-Durney   Created By
The Robert Durney Family Home Page

Jacquanda-R-Durden   Created By
The Holmes,Tarvers,Durdens, and Jacksons

Jacqueline-A-Durtsche   Created By
The Durtsche's of California

James--C-Durand   Created By
the Durand Family tree

James-C-Duran   Created By
The James C. Duran of Palatine, IL

James-Durham-ct   Created By
James C.Durham,Sr. of South Bay Fl./Dawson Ga.

James-E-Durard   Created By
DuRard Family Tree

James-E-Durham   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

James-E-Durham-Evansville   Created By
The Durham Family Home Page

James-E-Durkin   Created By
The Durkin tree

James-G-Durbin   Created By
The Durbin Family Treehttp://

James-G-Durrett   Created By
Durrett Family Tree

James-H-Durrett   Created By
Mr. & Mrs James Howard Durrett

James-M-Durum   Created By

Jamie-M-Durbin   Created By

Jan-Durrell   Created By
The John A Durrells of Massachusetts

Janet-E-Durham   Created By

Janice-Durand   Created By
Janice Durand of Vernon BC, Canada

Janie-Duran-   Created By
Our Growing Family tree

Janie-Duran-Colorado   Created By
Our Duran Family Tree

Janie-M-Duran-1   Created By
Our Growing Family Tree

Janie-M-Duran-2   Created By
Our Growing Family Tree

Janie-M-Duran-3   Created By
Generations of all related Familys

Janie-M-Duran-Co   Created By
Spanish Historys of the Americas

Janie-M-Duran-Colorado   Created By
our extended Family tree

Janie-M-Duran-Grand-Junction   Created By
Duran and other family trees of New Mexico and Colorado

Janis-Durfee   Created By
The Family of Francillo Durfee/Durfey

Jason-Durham   Created By
Ben Durham

Jayme-Durham   Created By
the roots of jayme lou durham and company

Jean-claude-Durocher   Created By

Jeanne-Durkin-   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jeanne-M-Durkin   Created By
The Patrick & Bridget Ruane Durkin Family Home Page

Jeannette-Durbin   Created By
Mi Familia Puerto Ricana

Jeffrey-D-Durbin   Created By
The Jeffrey D. Durbin's of Illinois

Jen-Durgin   Created By
My search for Durgin Family

Jen-Durkin   Created By
Home Page of jen durkin

Jennie-Durao-   Created By
The Jennie Durao Family Tree

Jennie-L-Durao   Created By
The Durao's Family Tree

Jennifer-Durrani   Created By
The Burts, settled in Marvindale, Pennsylvania

Jennifer-Durrettfindlay   Created By

Jennifer-Durrettfindlay-   Created By

Jennifer-G-Durham   Created By

Jennifer-L-Durrani   Created By
Imran and Jennifer Durrani's Children's Genealogy

Jennifer-M-Durham   Created By
The Durham Family of New Jersey

Jeremiah-jeremy-k-durbin-Durbin   Created By
Jeremiah Kirk Durbin Sunfish, KY

Jerry-M-Duren   Created By
The Duren Family of Waynesboro, Tennessee

Jessica-A-Durant   Created By
Jessica Durant Family Tree

Jessica-D-Durham   Created By
"The David Murphy Family of Bladenboro, NC"

Jessica-Durham-PA   Created By
Durham Family of Whitley County, KT

Jesus-G-Duran   Created By

Jim--Durham   Created By
The Jim Durham Family Home Page

Jim-Durrett-GA   Created By
The James Frazer Durrett, III, family of Atlanta, GA

Joan-Durlingpolly   Created By

Joan-H-Durgarian   Created By
The Anthony John DePolo Family

Joann--Durant   Created By
The JoAnn (Shifflett) Durant Family Home Page

Joanna--L-Duran   Created By
Home Page of Joanna Duran

Joanna-L-Duran   Created By
Home Page of Joanna Duran

Joanna-Lee-Duran   Created By
The Durans OF Wichita Falls, Texas

Joe-P-Durrett   Created By
The Durrett Family of East Texas

John-A-Duross   Created By
Jack's Homepage

John-D-Durden   Created By
The Durdens of Alaska

John-Durbin   Created By
Durbin's of Somerset

John-Durrant   Created By
The John Henry Durrant's Family Home Page

John-E-Durst   Created By
Durst, Cartall, Carter, Pope, Mouledoux, Dumestre, Sullivan

John-Edmond-Durst   Created By
Durst, Cartall, Carter, Pope, Mouledoux, Dumestre, Sullivan

John-R-Durfee   Created By
The John R Durfee Family Home Page

John-W-Durovick   Created By
John W.Durovick of Big Lake,BC,Canada

John-l-L-Duren   Created By
The John L. Duren Family of Houston, Texas

Jonathon-M-Durbin   Created By
Wizlock.New Castle,IN.

Joseph-Durko   Created By
Joseph S. Durko Jr. & Family

Joseph-Duro   Created By
The Duro's of Vancouver, Canada

Joseph-P-Durkin   Created By
Joe Durkin, from Northeast Philadelphia, now Cherry Hill

Joseph-R-Durkin   Created By
The Walsh-Horan Family

Joyce-Durham   Created By
The Haskell/Leech Connection

Joyce-Durham-FL   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Joyce-Durren-MI   Created By
The Durrens of Kalamazoo, MI

Joyce-L-Durham   Created By
Frederick C. Haskell/Goldie Mae Leech Haskell of Longview TX

Juan-Durante   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Juan-J-Duran-jr   Created By
Los Duran Sanchez/Olachea Hernandez de Baja/Alta Califas

Juanita-Durham   Created By
Juanita Durham of Cincinnati, Ohio

Judi-Durant   Created By
Durant Ancestry, Muskingum County, Ohio

Judith-A-Durling   Created By
"The Reagan's of Central New York'

Judith-G-Durante   Created By
Judith G. Durante of Spring City, PA

Judy-L-Durio   Created By
The William Judy Family of Lima, Ohio

Judy-L-Durns   Created By
Galloways of OH

Julia-Durrant   Created By
Julia Durrants Family Tree Homepage

Julie-A-Durden-FL   Created By
Durdens and Phipps of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee

Julie-Durden   Created By
The Ancestors of Julie and Dennis Durden, Florida

Julie-Durden-FL   Created By
Durdens and Allied Families: Phipps, McLeod, Blair, Ransom

Julio-F-Durdos   Created By
Julio F. Durdos of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Justin-L-Duran   Created By
Home Page of Justin Duran

K-Durkin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Karen-A-Durant   Created By
Durants of Devon and Cornwall

Karen-C-Durham   Created By
"The James P. Colliers of Toccoa, Georgia"

Karen-Durkin   Created By
Home Page of Karen Durkin

Karen-S-Durham   Created By

Karla-Durflinger-CA   Created By

Katherine-Durst   Created By
The Schafer & Davies of Chicago.IL

Kathie-Durant   Created By
The Mulhairs from Orange County NY

Kathleen-Durrant   Created By
Fussell/Cannells of Somerset & London, England

Kathryn-A-Durling   Created By
Katie Durling Family

Kathryn-Anna-Durling   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kathy-Durham-California   Created By
Family of Adonijah Foote and Clarissa Woodworth

Katrina-A-Durrah   Created By
Katrina,s Family Tree

Katrina-Ann-Durrah-sc   Created By
Katrina A. Durrah

Kayce-R-Duran   Created By
The Snyders family tree

Keith-A-Durham   Created By

Keith-Durkin   Created By
Durkin family tree: Killasser

Kelle-Durrua   Created By
The Durruas of New Jersey

Kelley-A-Durski   Created By
My Family (Durski and McNally)

Kelley-D-Duro   Created By
Home Page of Kelley Duro

Kelly-E-Durrant   Created By
21st Century Durrant

Kelly-Michelle-Durain   Created By
The Hawks-Reyonlds of NC and VA

Kenneth-D-Durrett   Created By

Kenneth-Durrance   Created By
Durrance (Kenneth, Heather, Kyle, Eric)

Kevin-Durkin   Created By
Durkin/Trella Family Tree

Kevin-Durocher   Created By
Charles Durocher of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Kim-K-Duren   Created By
McGowan - Kilgore (Marion County Tennessee)

Kim-L-Duran   Created By
Over the Hill Club

Kimberly-M-Durecki   Created By
Kimberly Marie Badalamento's ( Durecki ) Family Tree

Kimberly-N-Durio   Created By
Home Page of Kimberly Durio

Kimmel-R-Durbin   Created By
Kimmel's Family Home Page

Kitti-Durham   Created By
The Kitti Durham Family Home Page

Kitty-S-Durbin   Created By
The Sass Families of Monee, Illinois

Kristena-A-Durgan-fahrnkopf   Created By
The Durgan's From Washington

Kristine-Durrant   Created By

Kyle-P-Durham   Created By
The Durham's of Texas

Larry--Durbin   Created By
Larry Durbin's Home Page

Larry-A-Durbin   Created By
The Durbins of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Larry-Al-Durbin   Created By
Larry Al Durbin, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Larry-Durbin   Created By
Larry A. Durbin of Amarillo, Texas

Larry-Durst-MN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Larry-R-Dursteler   Created By
The Larry R. Dursteler's of Hyde Park, UT

Larry-R-Dursteler-UT   Created By
Larry R. Dursteler

Laura-A-Durham   Created By
Durhams of Central Indiana

Laura-Durbin   Created By
The Ancestry of Laura A. Olson

Laurel-H-Durenberger   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lauren-A-Durlin   Created By
my life of a 14 year old girl looking for her father

Laurence-Durand   Created By
DGPPM and a lot more

Laurence-Durnan   Created By
Descendents of Stephen Durnan - Iowa

Laurence-Durnan-   Created By
Durnan/Schmits of Iowa

Laurence-L-Durnan   Created By
The Stephan and Bridget Durnans of Iowa

Lauresa-A-Durham   Created By
The Thomas Shuey Family Line

Lauri-J-Durnin   Created By
My Home Page

Laurie-S-Durst   Created By
Laurie M. E. Underwood and E. Grant Sirvage

Lawrence-A-Durst   Created By
The Lawrence Alan Durst Family

Lawrence-Alan-Durst   Created By
Lawrence Alan Durst's Family Archive

Lawrence-C-Duray   Created By
The Frank A Duray Family tree

Lawrence-Charles-Duray   Created By
Duray family of Freeport,il

Lawyer-Durr   Created By
"The Cass & Charity Durrs of Alabama"

Lee-R-Durden   Created By
Roy's Mess

Leonard-Duran-   Created By
Leonard A. Duran of Los Angeles Ca.

Leroy-durant-Durant-jr   Created By

Lillian-R-Durham   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Linda--C-Durham   Created By
The Linda Corson Family Page

Linda-Durbin-CA   Created By
The Durbins of Santa Clarita. CA

Linda-F-Durham   Created By
Linda Durham's family tree

Linda-G-Durham   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Linda-K-Durham   Created By
Johan Nicholas Barrick Descendants

Linda-N-Durham   Created By
The Noffsinger Families of Western Kentucky

Linda-S-Durant   Created By
The Durant - Sharpe Union

Lindalou-L-Durgin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Lisa-C-Duren   Created By
The Lisa Carol Duren of Clarksville, Tx.

Lisa-D-Durtsche   Created By
The Kueblers of Kellogg, Idaho

Lois-Durr-HI   Created By
Aloha from Lois and Don

Lori-A-Durenleau   Created By
"The Simon S. Browns of Middletown/Hershey. PA."

Lori-A-Durenleau-Pa   Created By
Brown/Bassler/Bossler Family of Pennsylvania

Lori-Durst-   Created By
Sebring Family

Lyn-Durbin   Created By
The Lyn Dell Durbins of O'Fallon, MO

Lyn-Duren   Created By
Laurie Lyn Duren's Ancestors,Georgia

Malcolm-J-Durell   Created By
The Durell family of Jersey CI

Marcia-L-Durgan   Created By
The George Butts Family Home Page

Marcia-L-Durgan-MT   Created By
Edwin Freeman Ancestry

Margaret-Ann-Durkin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Maria-A-Durazo-teran   Created By
The Teran Durazo's of Douglas Az. and Agua Prieta Sonora Mex

Maria-Duran-Sto-Dgo   Created By

Maria-R-Duran   Created By
The Durans of Milwaukee,Wi.

Marie-M-Durand   Created By
The Lapointe-Minkley-Durand's of Dallas, TX

Marie-S-Durocher   Created By
The Marie Stephanie Durocher Tree of Longueuil, Qc

Marilyn-J-Durham   Created By
The Marilyn Durham Family Home Page

Marilyn-J-Durham-Ontario   Created By
Dorum/Durham and Parish Family Trees of North America

Marilyn-Jane-Durham   Created By
The Robert Simpson Parish Family of Canada & USA

Marilyn-Jane-Durham-London-Ontario   Created By
Dorum/Durham of Norway, Canada & USA

Marina-Durkin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mario-Durand   Created By
Mario Durand de Contrecoeur, Quebec Canada

Mark-A-Durham   Created By
The Durham Family of Spartanburg SC

Mark-Durant   Created By
Mark Durant of Trenton

Mark-Durant-ONTARIO   Created By
Mark Durant of Trenton

Mark-Durston   Created By
The Durstons - Cape Town

Marsha-Durantdigraziano   Created By
Jessie Durant of Bay Minette, Alabama

Martha-L-Duranceau   Created By
An American Story

Martha-W-Durand   Created By
The M. Whipple Durand Family Home Page

Martin--Durig   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Martin-Durand-Qubec   Created By
Louis Durand, France

Mary-A-Durbin   Created By

Mary-A-Durbin-OH   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Mary-C-Durkin   Created By
"The M. Durkin Family Home Page"

Mary-Durbin   Created By
The Greens and Broadwaters of Garrett County, Maryland

Mary-Duren   Created By
The L. Durens of Washington State

Mary-Durley-Wisconsin   Created By
Notice: Christopher & Bridget Bracken Family Photos

Mary-E-Durbin   Created By
The William Norris Family of Chicago, IL

Mary-E-Durrance   Created By
The Mary & Glenn Durrance of Sydney, Australia

Matthew-A-Durr   Created By
Home Page of Matthew Durr

Maude-L-Durbin   Created By
Home Page of Maude Durbin

Maurice-L-Durand   Created By
Moe Durand Of Bellingham, Ma.

Max-Durand   Created By
An American Story

Max-Durand-   Created By
Durand, Hurd, Rumsey, Woodmancy - VT MA CT NY

Megan-N-Durbin   Created By
Scott E Durbins of Ogden Utah

Meghan-A-Duran   Created By
Meghan of Rosenberg, Texas

Melinda-S-Durrett   Created By
Durretts of Texas

Melinda-S-Durretthoover   Created By
The Durretts of Dallas, Tx

Melissa-Duran   Created By
The Darland/Pruitt/Rogers/Webster/Nelson Family Tree

Melissa-S-Durflinger   Created By
The Ambrose R. Walden of Virginia

Melodie-Durfee   Created By
History of James Stapleton Lewis

Michael-A-Durnbaugh   Created By
The Michael Durnbaugh Family Home Page

Michael-Duren   Created By

Michael-Durgin   Created By
Michael Durgin

Michael-Durso   Created By
Home Page of Michael D'Urso

Michael-F-Duregon   Created By
Michael Duregon's Family Home Page

Michael-F-Durham   Created By
The Michael F. Durham & Lucy H Lane Home Page

Michael-J-Durbin   Created By
The Michael Durbin Family Home Page

Michael-J-Durrant   Created By
Mick Durrant's Home Page

Michael-L-Durham   Created By
Eberlee Smith & Anne Estes Family

Michael-W-Durant   Created By
Durant Family Tree

Michelle-G-Durieuxholton   Created By
durieux of indiana

Michelle-L-Durant   Created By
Durants of Ventura, CA

Michelle-L-Durfee   Created By
"Michelle L. Durfee and Family History"

Michelle-M-Durket   Created By
The Durkets of Cleveland, Ohio

Mike-A-Durbin   Created By

Millie-K-Durheim   Created By
Home Page of Millie Durheim

Muhammad-K-Durrani   Created By

Nancy-D-Durffee   Created By
Poindexter Durffee Phillips Germany Boyd family

Nathalie-Durman   Created By
Recherches Généalogiques des LELORIEUX

Nelson-A-Durio   Created By
The Durio Family of Opelousas, LA

Nelson-A-Durio-LA   Created By
The Durio Family Home Page

Nelson-H-Duran   Created By
The Duran from the Andes

Nichole-Duran   Created By

Noah-M-Durham   Created By
Go Noah Go Noah

Norma-Duran   Created By
Jerry Munoz Duran & Norma A. Duran of Richland, wa.

Norman-Durham   Created By

Oran-D-Durham   Created By
Ancestry of Oran David Durham II

Oran-David-Durham   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Pam-Durham   Created By
"The Swen J. Wernblad Family From Sweden

Patricia-A-Durden   Created By
The Daniel Durden Family

Patryka-L-Durn-y-chaves   Created By
Chaves Primos

Patryka-Lee-Durn-y-chaves-NM   Created By
Patryka Durán y Chaves Family

Patti-Lynn-Duro   Created By
Welcome to the Williams/Duro Family Home Page

Paul-D-Durgin   Created By

Paul-Durbin-bristol   Created By
Paul Durbins family history ..England

Paul-W-Durigg   Created By
Durigg - UK

Paula-Durham   Created By

Paula-J-Durand   Created By
The Fields /Durand Family Home Page --Syracuse, NY, USA

Peggy-S-Durand   Created By
Peggy's Family

Peggy-S-Durham   Created By
Family of Peggy Sue Garver Durham

Peter-B-Durr   Created By
The Ancestors Of Peter B Durr of Vancouver Washington

Peter-B-Durr-Wa   Created By
Peter B Durr

Peter-Brian-Durr   Created By
Peter B Durr of Washington

Peter-Durr   Created By
Peter's Decendants

Peter-Durr-Wa   Created By
Durr Family

Phillip-E-Durbin   Created By
The Durbin Family of Texas

Powell-Durward   Created By
The Duncans by George

Ptryka-L-Durn-y-chaves-de-tachick   Created By
Boulware Family of Kentucky

R-Durham   Created By
Durham-Miller Family Tree

Rafael-G-Durazo   Created By

Ralph-S-Durham   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Randy-L-Durand   Created By
Home Page of Randy Durand

Raymond-Durrans   Created By
The Raymond Durrans Family Search Page

Raymond-F-Durkin   Created By
The Durkin Family Home Page

Raymond-F-Durkin-Bridgeport   Created By
The Durkin Family

Raymond-S-Duron   Created By
The Duron's

Rebecca-L-Durham-CA   Created By

Rebecca-L-Durkovich   Created By
The Durkovich's Formerly of Johnstown Pennsylvania

Reginald-Durrant   Created By

Rende-Durham   Created By
The Durhams of the South

Revetta-S-Duran   Created By
Duran of Colorado

Revetta-Sue-Duran   Created By
The Joseph Duran of Fort Lupton, Co

Ricardo-Duran   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Richard-Durand   Created By
Richard Durand and the Hicks Family Tree

Richard-Durand-   Created By
Hicks-Wolff Family History

Richard-Durso   Created By
durso family tree (phila pa)

Richard-E-Durbin   Created By
Durbins in Indiana....Home page

Richard-E-Durgin   Created By
The Durgin Family History

Richard-G-Durant   Created By
The Durants of Hampton, NH

Richard-George-Durant   Created By
Durants of Hampton, New Hampshire.

Richard-J-Durand   Created By
Richard Durand Family Page

Richard-W-Durst   Created By
Durst Family--antecedents of Frank George Durst

Rick-L-Durrett   Created By
The John Durrett's 1700 -2000 Decendants

Robert-Durham-nc   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Robert-L-Durbin   Created By
The Durbins of Iowa and Stones of Georgia

Robert-L-Durden-sr   Created By
Robert Leroy Durden Sr.of Sanford ,ME.

Robert-L-Durgin-VA   Created By
Robert L. Durgin

Robert-M-Durham   Created By
McCarty and Durham Family Geneology

Robert-S-Duran   Created By
Robert S. Duran and Kimberlee A. Impson

Robert-T-Durham   Created By
" The Tex. and Jean Shane of Oklahoma"

Robert-T-Shane-Oklahoma   Created By

Rodrigo-Duran   Created By
Pag. Fam. Duran

Roger-E-Durand   Created By
Louis Durand Descendants

Roger-E-Durand-MN   Created By
Durand Heritage Foundation Homepage #2

Roger-a-Durbin   Created By
The Roger A Durbins

Ron--Durham-jr-   Created By
Durham/Parker of Arkansas

Ron-Durham   Created By
Durhams of Missouri

Ronald-D-Durheim   Created By
The Ronald Durheim Family Home Page

Ronald-Durnell   Created By
The John W Durnell family of Allen Co. Indiana

Rosa-M-Durazo   Created By

Roseanne-Durham-starr   Created By
palazzolo and melicz family from new york

Rosemarie-Durando   Created By
Rosemarie Durando of Bayonne, NJ

Rosemary-Durham   Created By
The Durham Family of Tottenham, Middlesex

Roy-E-Durrenberg   Created By
The Roy and Linda Durrenberg Family Home Page

Roy-Edward-Durrenberg   Created By
User Home Page

Ruth-marina-Durazo   Created By
The Durazos

Sandra-Durgan   Created By

Sandy-A-Durante   Created By
Family Tree of Sandra (Formella) & Frank Durante

Sara--A-Durbin   Created By
Home Page of Sara Durbin

Sara-J-Durkin   Created By
Durkin's of Chicago

Sarah-A-Durako   Created By
Home Page of Sarah Durako

Sarah-Durr   Created By
The Durr Family

Sarah-J-Durden   Created By
Sarah Durden, Ypsilanti, MI

Scott-Durdle   Created By
D. Scott Durdle

Scott-Durdle-   Created By
David Scott Durdle

Scott-Durward-ON   Created By
Durward Family Tree

Scott-L-Durkop   Created By
Scott L. Durkop Family

Scott-T-Durrant   Created By
The Scott T Durrant Family Home Page

Sergio-R-Durazo   Created By
Sergio R Durazo From San Ysidro Ca

Sergio-R-Durazo-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sharon-Durley   Created By
The Marion, Chavers, Allen, Diehl, Durley, Hensley Lines

Sharon-K-Durels   Created By

Sharon-K-Durham   Created By
Jacob Chambers family of Des Moines, Iowa

Shawn-M-Durkanstrait   Created By
The Durkans

Shawn-R-Durst   Created By

Sheila-A-Durrant   Created By
Sheila's family

Sheila-Ann-Durrant   Created By
Sheila Durrant (nee ) MacKenzie Family Tree

Sheila-Durbin   Created By

Shelley-Duroe   Created By
Shelley A. (Ubben) Duroe Home Page

Sheri-L-Duren   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Sheri-Lyn-Duren   Created By
Starnes, Baggett, Duren, & Adkisson in Tennessee

Stacey-B-Durr   Created By
Stacey Lynn Braune (Durr)

Stella-S-Durham   Created By
The Sprouls from Virginia to Texas

Stephen-D-Durbridge   Created By

Stephen-D-Durbridge-Nr-Guildford   Created By

Stephen-Durward   Created By
Alistair S.C. Durward

Stephen-Durward-   Created By
Durward Pedigree

Steve-D-Durity-MD   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page/Durity

Steven-D-Durity-sr-MD   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Steven-J-Durel   Created By
Steven Durel

Steven-J-Durelle   Created By
The Durelle-Martin Family Home Page

Stuart-Durber   Created By
Durber Tree

Sue-Durrant-WI   Created By
Sindelar/ Steiner Chicago 1900-

Sureshkumar-Durgavajjhala   Created By

Sylvia-J-Durrance   Created By
Jesse W. Durrance Family Home Page

Tammara-Durbin   Created By
Steve Callahan's Family Tree

Tammy-M-Durbin   Created By
"Lonnie G. & Tammy M. Durbin of Winamac, IN"

Tammy-R-Duran   Created By
"The Durans and Nietos of New Mexico"

Tanya-Dureaux   Created By
The Gammage Family History of San Antonio Texas

Ted-L-Durgan   Created By
Ted Durgan Of Portland Ore

Ted-L-Durgan-Oregon   Created By
Ted L Durgan & Claudette Carrico

Teresa-A-Duran   Created By
Home Page of Teresa Duran

Terry-L-Durst   Created By
The George Herbert CRANE/Richard ROBISHAW Families Page

Theodore-L-Durgan   Created By

Thetis-J-Durant   Created By
Durant,Thompson,Cotton, Wilke

Timothy--C-Durand   Created By
The DeBlanc Family

Timothy-A-Durham   Created By
The Timothy Alden Durham Family Home Page

Timothy-J-Durrant   Created By
The Durrants Of Norfolk

Tito-J-Duran   Created By
Home Page of Tito Duran

Tom-Durante   Created By
Home Page of Tom Durante

Toni-L-Durham   Created By
The Durham's of South Carolina

Twyla-Duryea   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Valerie-Durett   Created By
The descendants of Frances Phinisee and John Bryan

Valerie-Durocher   Created By
Valerie Lane's Genealogy - Norway and England to the USA

Valerie-R-Durocher   Created By
Valerie Durocher's Genealogy Page

Vanessa-M-Durnall   Created By
the durnalls of central england

Vera-Durfee-   Created By
Vera Durfee of Denver Colorado

Vera-Durfey   Created By
Crump Kirkland Family of Naples, FL

Veronica-D-Duron   Created By
The Duron Family of San Antonio, Texas

Victoria-Durand-Bristow   Created By
Vernon and Cook Genealogy

Violet-Durrant   Created By
Haczynski of Chicago Illinois 1900's

Violet-Durrant-WI   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Violet-S-Durrant   Created By
Seath Joseph Hedrick of MO

Virginia-L-Duran   Created By
Duran Family Home Page

Virginia-L-Durao   Created By
The Durao Family Tree

Virginia-L-Durao-CA   Created By
The Durao Family Tree

Virginia-L-Durao-Manteca   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Virginia-Loya-Duran   Created By
The Varelas and Loyas of Metcalf-Morenci-Clifton, AZ

Virginia-P-Duran   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wade-Durham   Created By
Durham's of Pickens County South Carolina

Wayne-R-Durrans   Created By
The Family of Wayne Roger Durrans

Whitney-Durand   Created By

Whitney-Durand-TN   Created By
Sally and Whitney Durand

Winzoir-V-Durr   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Winzoir-V-Durr-MD   Created By
Winzoir Van Durr of High Springs, Fla

Winzoir-V-Durr-Mitchellville   Created By
The Winzoir Van Durr of High Springs, Florida

Wynona-F-Durbin   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Wynona-F-Durbin-MO   Created By
My Billingsley Line

Wynona-F-Durbin-Mo   Created By
The Clarence Billingsley /Leona Smith Line

Yashawna-K-Duroncelaybattle   Created By
The Duroncelay-Battle Homepage

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