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This book is dedicated to:

Betty Mae Bynum Eley
The Late Richard Lee McDow
The Late Roger Gary
Jessie Vera Bynum Faison
The Late Gonzalo McDow
Gladys Mungo McDow
The Late Alma Bynum Davis
The Late Henry Wilkins Bynum
The Bracy Family
The Davis Family
The Bynum family
Rev. Mrs. Emma Elizabeth Parker Gary
Shonda Gary
Dorothy Gary Newsome
Joseph Demory, Jr.
Lamar C. Elliott
Sandra Edwards
Margie Demory McCoy
The Demaree Family
The Demory Family
The Parker Family
The Moody Family
The Gary Family
Nettie McDow Bivins
Norma Jean McDow Bivins
Mildred McDow Raley
The Clyburn Family
The Mungo Family
The Huey Family
The Massey family
The McDow Family
Thomas A. Davis
Melva James
Catherine Harper
William Daniel Davis, Sr.
Mildred Harper Brown
Edinburgh Williams, Jr.
The Late Elizabeth Calandith Bracy Pearson
The Late Mildred Potts
Elder Ellis Hancey and his wife, Dora
Milton Whann
Tauris Fredricks
The Staff of Tidewater Auto Auction
Mike Hockett
Dean Vassar
Cornelius Coleman
Susan Baker Burden
and the staff of
Portsmouth Public Library
Esther L. Taylor Jenkins
Terry, Shawn, and Kimberly Jenkins
James and Jessie Baker
Danny Lavar Neal, Jr.
Jermaine Leon Deans
The former members of High Impact,
Jermaine Deans, Jermaine Newsome,
Tony Peoples, Tonee' Oglesby,
Timothy Deans, Timothy Whaley,
Corte Ellis, and John Bellomy
My brothers, George, Calvin, Jackie,
Micheal, and Tony Eley
My sisters, Phetra, Luwana,
and Regina
The host of family, friends, and
Without your help, this book
wouldn't have been possible.
Thank God for the blessing.
I give God the glory.
He was the Author.
I was the messenger.
His purpose in my life has
risen beyond my dreams.


I would like to acknowledge the following people for their contribution to the overall success of this book:

To my mother, Betty, I would like to give to majority of the thanks. With her true diligence as a mother, she taught me how to treat people with the utmost respect. She taught how to use my mind to the best that God has given me. Her strengths are hard work, family, and someone you can lean on for help. Thanks, Mom.
To my grandmother, Vera, for helping me in more ways than one to learn about her family and the many people who came from her family lines. She is diligent and can always give a word to live by.
To my grandmother, Gladys whose lines has given me the intellect that has carried me far in my research.
To my brothers and sisters, George, Calvin, Jackie, Micheal, Tony, and Phetra for giving the honor of having the strongest group of sibling I love having in my life. They are the backbone of my background.
To my Aunt Cythia for leaving her journal at my grandmother's house that inspired me to start my research.
To my father who gave me an up-close-and personal look at being a McDow and truly carrying the gene of a determine, McDow man.
To my Aunt Nettie Bivins, whose has always inspired me with her love and understanding that has blossomed into a relationship that is solid as a rock.
To My cousin, Walter Joseph Sykes for his extensive recollection of the history of the Bynum family as also told by his grandmother, Emma Rascoe.
To my aunt Alma Bynum Davis for re-inspiring belief that I would be come a great genealogist by giving one of the most important interviews in my twenty-years search in the past.
To my brothers, George, Calvin, Jackie, Micheal, and Tony, I give all the respect for their different style that has come together in their baby brother. Their are so many things that you-all have done for me and I don't have to mention them all because we would have to write another book.
To my sisters, Phetra, Luwana, and Regina, I love you all for what you are to me, my three beautiful sisters.
To Mrs. Mildred Potts, for giving me information that allowed me to meet my extended family.
To Thomas Davis, who gave me an wide variety of stories about the members of the Davis family as they lived and breathe through the roads of Virginia and North Carolina along with being a very special cousin who has taught me alot.
To Mrs. Susan Burten, the Director of the Portsmouth Public Library who gave me the first genealogy book in August 1979 that began my search into the past.
To Elder Ellis and Dora Hancey, who helped me reestablish my family search and compilation by introducing me to a program that allowed me to put the names of over 2100 names together.
To Jermaine Deans, and the members of all the music organization that has associated themselves to the things that I have involved myself in.
To Lamar Elliott, for taking me to North Carolina to get some very vital documents which lead to the family history of the Demaree family.
To Melva and Herbert James, who helped me get my book into book form by pushing me to the finish line.
To Mr. and Mrs. James Baker, who allowed me to use their computer when I did not have one and they allow the get some very valuable information off the internet.
To Tauris Fredrick, for giving me a new title and a new understanding of my research. All with my co-workers: Malone Pace, Deon Morris, Jason Hall, Bob Burke, Milton Whann, Carl Van Vuren, Leon Porter, and Johnnie Wesson, who gave me the new name that will live forever in my memory "Uncle Darryl".
To Dean Vassar, who help me with some of the most important supplies for the completion of my book.
To the love of my life, Esther, who kept me one the computer and has been my guiding force next to God. She has inspired me to chase my dream until it has been finished. To her children, Terry, Shawn, and Kimberly, I want to thank them in my quest. They gave me some help that has pushed this book along.
To God Almighty for giving the ability to do the things to make this project come together.
Thank everyone for the hard work. May God bless you and keep you.
We are united in by blood, born to serve God, and live our lives in the best way that God has for us to do. He allow us to do the things that he see fit for us to do. Sometimes we will travel a road that will lead to everlasting peace and harmony in the world. This book is a gift from God to allow me the share the past with you so that you came know were you come from to know where you are going., your eternal gist. The struggle is not yours, it is the Lord Jesus Christ. He has allowed me to rise above my problems and life's hard roads to finally give you your history, family. Thank you for allowing me to give you a history, well worth the wait.

Page 4 of 225

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