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Inspiration is what allows individual to pursue a goal, despite all the obstacles that may be laid in front of your desired purpose. You don't know where that inspiration might carry you from one moment to the next. Your family, friends, and associates may give you some sound advise that may add pieces to the puzzle you are putting together. You must take what you have learned from them and make a dream a reality. No matter how many people may say that what you are doing isn't worth it, you continue on your quest. The strength of your people such inspire you to learn of the things of your past. When you have mothers, fathers, and other family members giving the puzzle pieces, one by one to complete one of the largest African American family history stories of modern day. Today, I am socially responsible for the explainable things of the past of one family united under one umbrella.
When you have everything given to you, you seem to get comfortable with your surrounding and you bring into your life, change. But, when you have to travel a long road to get to certain crossroads of your life, you remember and reflect one the moments that got you to where you are now.
That is what happened to me about twenty-three years ago. Just returning home from a trip from New Jersey, I began a quest in the summer of 1979 that has brought me to what I have accomplished today, the history of my family history of my four grandparents. A day which will live in my mind forever as the humble beginning of this quest. That hot summer day was the day that I became interested in finding out who my people were and where they came from became my curiosity. The curiosities of the past and how they affect my life and the lives of my many grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews would live over the world today.
A curiosity that has lead me to know my ancestors and the descendants of my ancestors, extended, immediate, and nuclear. It was a journey, I traveled alone. I was the Lone Ranger without Tonto or Trigger. It was a mission commissioned by God for me to complete. To united and reunite a people who cannot disconnect themselves by daily life because the same blood flow through their veins and breathes the breath of the same ancestors who came to be known as the Bracy-Demaree-Mungo-McDow families of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.
My mother and father were two different people who met one day faithful day in August 1964 and had one child. A boy came to be known as Darryl. Many events occurred in his life, good and bad, but he manage to put all his faculties together to create one of the largest African American family history accounts in the history of modern America. With the names of over 2400 relatives and kinship, He amassed and unfolded the past of over 100 ancestors. These ancestors includes (4) grandparents, (8) great grandparents, (16) 2nd great grandparents, (23) 3rd great grandparents, and many other generations before those ancestors. The history of my family goes as far back as the 800's A.D. in France and England. My history includes my path back to the Yoruba tribes of Nigeria with the Demaree family who came to the United States a free black family. My history also includes a 2nd great grandmother, Easter Mungo, who lived to be 110 years old, being one of the oldest people to ever live in the world. My history also includes a great grandmother, Daisey Huey McDow, who stood up for her rights as a human being and went against the KKK and won. His history includes the many people who make up this family from all walks of live, Negroe, Caucasian, Indian, French, English, Nigeria, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Wacksaw, and the many other nationalities that makes up his entire genetic map.
This is the people and events of his family. The History of the Bracy-Demaree-Mungo-McDow families are stories about the people who began and build the foundation of their families through Nigeria, France, England, Gambia, and many other places throughout the world. It is the story of two young people who were in love but were separated only to become the grandparents that owns the right to this recollection of their respective families. It is the story of two South Carolina sweethearts who grew to had a son that met the mother of the author having a chance for him to unlock the past so that a generations of adults and children can learn about the people who made them. When God said be fruitful and multiply, they obeyed his will.

Darryl Eley

"I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, a small town in southeastern Virginia. Living with my mother and five brothers, I learned how to deal with the workings of the world through extensive learning at home. I began writing poetry at the age of nine when he was attending middle school. At the age of twelve, his interest in poetry changed to writing articles and essays. At the age of thirteen, he became interested in writing autobiographies. That is how the story began. The interest in history created an interest in finding out about my ancestors and their descendants.. He wanted to search back for the ancestors and them spread the family group sheets and pedigree charts so that all the families can see where they came from and who is in their family.

It's Over, Whats Inside!!!!!

There are over 2400 names included in this book. The story begins with a detailed description of the author and his ancestors. The ancestral tree of Darryl Eley begin the description of the lines of his pedigree. Thereafter, you will be guide through the network of people who make up his family. The first family to be discussed will be the family he grew up with, the Bracy-Davis-Ungerhart-Bynum family of France, England, Nigeria, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Virginia. Included also will be the lines of the ancestors that reach as far by as Rollo the Dane who founded Normandy, France in the year, 911 A.D. The second family to be discussed will be the Demaree/Demory-Rawls-Parker-Rival-Moody-Gary family of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and many surrounding areas of the United States. The third family, which has been researched in the past five years, is the Clyburn-Mungo family of South Carolina, with early information about its research and descendancy reports, only. The fourth family to be discussed will be the Huey-James-Massey-McDow family of South Carolina and North Carolina, and the descendants of Price Huey. All in all you will have many hours of reading ahead for you because throughout this book you will see the path that this project has come to in its research. The lives of its people are filled with interesting stories of the past that has direct barring on our future.
After receiving a well-rounded recollection of it people, you will be given a little information about the places that the people lived throughout their lives. These places include the "History of Northampton County, North Carolina" and "History of Portsmouth, Virginia". Included in these sections are photographs of the people and points of interests that may add some spice to the people of the family and the places they came from many year ago. Other area such as Lancaster will be discussed but with limited information. There are over 29,000 records to go over to find out where this information is from so the sources for the direct will be present at the end of each genealogical reports and gives you the names of the many places that the family live in their long or short lives.
All of the information in the family research project is verifiable information. A small section gives you information about where the information came which includes births, marriages, and deaths of its related people. The State Census taken from 1784-1787 for the states of Virginia and North Carolina are included also, in the sources, The Federal Census of the United States (1790-1920) gives detailed information about the people who were researched in the past 23 years. All major sources comes from this fine piece of record source for American in general. Other information, such as Slave Marriage Records, Surname Indexes, Social Security Index, Birth certificates, Marriage Licenses, Death Certificates, and other information shall give some information about the people who make of the total family.
If you have never researched your own family, Darryl has a treat for you. Most African American families cannot trace their family history. Try some of his tips. Learn interviewing techniques, how to get the hard facts, how to get your family connected, record searching,organizing your family files, and compiling you information. Make your hard research easy. Sources are available for readers to find out where to go for the information that is needed for your family history project. From birth, marriage, and death records to the other important records that was utilized by him, he carries you through information that you can use for your search.
This family compilation was researched from 1979-2001. The members of the family are married and unmarried. Due to the extent of the family information, all information was given by members of the discussed family, may have date errors. If some information is incorrect, an addendum shall be written to compensate for those errors. Like most families, there are children who are of single parents or partners. The information shall only be contained in this compilation shall not be used for personal gain. This program use a estimated birth date for all persons, so if you see a date that is incorrect, it is because that date was selected by Family Treemaker, the program that is being use in this compilation.
Gain knowledge of the family. Seek an understanding of its people. Learn more about this family to help you desire the research of your own family. Thank you for your interest in this family because without the help of a nation of people, you wouldn't have chance to see history in the making. This is the History of the Bracy-Demaree-Mungo-McDow family and "From Roots to Branches-Why I Went So Far To Come So Close".

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