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About the Book

The following information contains the histories of the families of Bracy-Davis-Ungerhart-Bynum, Demaree/Demory-Mitchell-Lockhart-Rawls-Parker-Moody-Rival-Askew-Gary, Clyburn-Mungo, and the James-Hood-Huey-Massey-McDow. They are the ancestral lines of Darryl Eley. His parents are Richard Lee McDow and Betty Mae Bynum Eley. In each individual family, you shall be guided through the lives of the ancestors of Richard Lee McDow and Betty Mae Bynum. The four grandparents, Roger Gary, Jessie Vera Bynum Faison, Gonzalo McDow, and Gladys Mungo, shall be the focus of most of this book. In the unions of Emma Elizabeth Parker and Dorphus Gary, Sarah Jane Davis and Silas Bynum, Daisey Mae Huey and James Thomas McDow, and Ellen Clyburn and Joseph Mungo came the many, many descendants of a generation long time ago. You shall see the connections of the ancestors as you are introduced to Daryl Eley.
The first part of the book will be the ancestral lines of Darryl Eley. Two types of pedigree charts will be used to unfolded his history. The first chart will be the Ahnentafel which gives the information about the individual, parents, grandparents, information about how they are interconnected by detailed description. The Ancestral Tree gives you information about ancestors of Darryl Eley as it unfolds in the book. The Ancestral Tree allows you to breeze through the genealogical reports so that you can find the names of people you know that you didn't know were related to this family.
The Bracey family of England, France, Nigeria, and many other West African Nations came a family whose past has reach back to the days of the Great Rollo the Dane, the first Duke of Normany, who was the son of Rognvald I Eyssteinson of Norweigian Background, they were his descendants, from his lines came to daughter of William the Conqueror, who married William De Warren. One of the De Warren grandchildren, Maude married Robert De Bracy and then came the De Braci family. They branched out into to many races and creed throughout the world. The family lives and breathes in the cities and towns of the east coast. The family has become one of the first family who stand proud of all their heritage.. The family has lived in New York, Connecticut, North Carolina where a young lady by the name of Jane Esther Bracy was born in the year, 1839. With eight children, she has a lineage that has reached well over the normal numbers of an African American Family.
The Demaree Family of Nigeria arrived in the United States as free blacks to prosper as a people of content and happy lives to enjoy the life in American. Though their family was born in Nigeria, they immigrated to the United States through Massachusetts, Virginia, and North Carolina. When a young man by the man of Joseph married Sarah Mitchell, they had eight children who became the families of Jackson, North Carolina and every major city on the eastern seaboard. The life of a free family were they.
A young lady of Flat Creek named Easter was blessed with a gift of memory, she never dreamed that her great great grandson would possess her molded gift of memory. At the age of 112 Easter Mungo and all the members of the Mungo family share the truth of having one of their original African Surnames which became a part of American language. The matriarch was able to live to see the history of her family come alive.
He was a young man with a will-of-steel and a loving heart. He would give you the shirt off his back. His name is Gonzalo "Mac" McDow. With the aggressiveness of his mother and the kind-hearted ness of his father, Gonzalo was a member of the largest black family in the Charlotte and Lancaster, South Carolina. His story is the story of my Grandfather, Gonzalo McDow.
The following information begins with a key explanation of Darryl's pedigree chart and ancestral lines. The Charts begin with the name of the author and the ancestral lines of my mother and father. The chart tell the name of the person, birth, marriage, death. It give the name of the spouse and possible birth. The chart gives the name of the children and location of their birth, and order of birth. Some birth, marriage or death information may have errors because of some raw form of record collection. The information is information given in interviews, birth certificate, marriage licenses, death certificate, Census records, and other miscellaneous information. Some information are actual verifiable information. In the event that a piece of information cannot be verified, the explanation shall be included footnotes.
The information shall be explained base on how the information unfolded in the late twenty-three years ago. The first family shall be the Bracy family. The Bracy family was the first family because of the closeness of the family to maternal grandmother, and mother. The Davis family who also became the Bynum family, the family has branched out to a large family beginning with the un bringing of the six of eight children.
The second family is the Demaree family who came to the Americas as free Black. The last family shall be my father's family whom, I learned about much later in my life. The families shall be explains in detailed.
The third family to be discussed will be the family of Gladys Mungo McDow.
The fourth family to be discussed will be the family of Gonzalo McDow.

What the Book Will Cover

1. The Ancestors of Darryl Eley.
2. The Bracy-Davis-Ungerhart-Bynum Family.
3. The Descendants of Rognvald Eyseinsson.
4. The Demaree-Demory-Parker-Moody-Gary Family.
5. The Descendants of Demaree.
6. The Clyburn-Mungo Family.
7. The Descendants of Wil Mungo.
8. The Huey-McDow Family.
9. The Decendants of Price Huey.
10. The History of Northampton County, North Carolina.
11. The History of Portsmouth, Virginia.
12. Vital Statistics.
13. How to Trace Your Family History.
14. The Sources.
15. The Family Name Index.

Explanation of Genealogical Reports

The genealogical report list the the name of the person and the ancestral lines back to the earliest ancestor. The following information is included also:

1. The date of birth and location.
2. The date of death and location.
3. The name of the spouse w/ birth and death location.
4. The name of the children in order of birth.
5. More About-the facts about the person.
6. Sources are listed at the end of the registered report.

The information was first compiled on Personal Ancestral File 3.0 sponsored by the Church of Latter-Day Saints. The Familytreemaker file program that this book was written was a transfer of information from PAF 3.0. The information was submitted to the Church of Latter-Day Saint as an Ancestral File in February 1999. The program entered estimated dates for information that was missing. If you notice that there are brackets around the Birth, marriage, or death information, it means that the date was estimated by the program configuration engine. The information was updated periodically when new information about the estimate were acquired by the relative in question. Any changes to this book will be made in a proceeding updated volume.
There are four genealogical reports in this family file. The information contains the names of the descendants of the person name on the top sheet of the genealogical report or registered report. The information are genealogical reports for:

1. Rognvald I Eysteinsson-106 pages.
2. Yoruba born-Demaree-45 pages.
3. William or Wil Mungo-14 pages.
4. John McDow-15 pages

Genealogical Reports

In the genealogical reports, its gives the following information:

1. The name of the person to the earliest ancestor.
2. The place of Birth and Location.
3. The name of spouse or partner.
4. The name of the children of the marriage or partnership.
5. More About-Facts about person.
6. Burial Information.
7. Sources at the end-Actual Sources/Imported Information.


All 2476 aren't included in this book unless they are a direct descendant of Rognvald I Eysteinsson, (First name unknown) Demaree, Wil Mungo, or Price Huey. Some of the names were not included because they were not a part of a family that was married into the family and the program did not allow the name to be included in the listing. The reports only listed biological descendats lines of the earliest ancestor. Information for the information was given on a voluntary basis and isnot the sole responsiblity of the author to correct the errors in question unless prior contact was made to correct the error. The information was done by many means and by a sole author so therefore if you have any questions about the validity of the information, contact the author by correspondence.

Page 8 of 225

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