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The History of the Bracy Family

The De Bresci/Brassey Heraldry

The De Bresci/Brassey heraldry was discussed in book entitled "English Heraldry". The heraldry is described as

A quarterly of four:
1. Quarter per fesse, indented agent and sable, in the first quarter, a mallard in the second.
2. Gules, in the chef, three mullet argents, and the base, a dexter apumee, couped at the wrist of the last.
3. Sable, a chevron between three bulls' head caboshed argents.
4. Argent on the chevron gules, three trefoils slipped in the field. Crest upon a wreath of colours, a mallard proper.

Motto-"Arquis sape metu Nunquam"
Liverly-Brown and White.

The Origin of the Name-Bresci

The origin of the Bresci or Brassey name was found in a book entitled "The Origin of English Surnames". It states:

Local of Bresci' of Normandy, France, possible from Vessey for Vesci, a Norman local name. Vessey, Vezey, Pheysey, Viosey, Vaisey, Veasey, Bresci, Bressey, De Bresci, and De Brasci were the normal common spellings of the same family with different spellings of the surnames.
Lower says "Robert De Veci" assisted William the I or William the Conqueror (1066-1087 ruler of England) in the conquest of the English throne. They defeated Harold in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. "Robert De Veci" was awarded with great estates in the counties of Northampton, Leister, Warwick, and Lincoln. Ivo or John de Veshi was his near kinsman, and from him a female line descended Lord Vesey. (Kelham Domesday; V. Patriots of Britain, page 366).

The French and Nigerian Connection

Robert Revell was interested in the connection of people from one race to the other. He gave me a book to read by J. A. Rodgers
entitled "Sex and Race". It discussed the intermixing of races, which includes all African, European, and Asia cultures. According to his book on pages 116-126, distinct characteristics of race mixing occurred during a time before slavery began in America. The French and English traveled to the lands of Gambia, Senegambia, Nigeria, and other West African countries. French men would bring African women to live in the lands and towns of France which included the area of Normandy, France.
On pages 124-26, it reads:
In time, Mulattoes became numerous in France, England, and the West Coast of Africa. Some mulattoes rose to become great chiefs, others great slave traders. One of the slave traders was known as "Mungo John" or "Mulatto Trader". His father was an Englishmen and his mother was a paramount chief tress. He returned to Africa in 1758, to take charge of his mother's vast territory after she died in Africa. One of his first acts was to raise the price of slave from $50 to $60 per head of slaves. He sent soldier to raid neighboring villages. One of his captures was Kezui Bowie, a white Texan and ancestor of the hero of the Alamo, Sam Bowie. Some Frenchmen had mulattoes of legal marriages even as far back as the 1200's. Buell, a noted historian, stated that "color barriers" were extinct in the French colonies. French men married African women. French acknowledged their mulatto offsprings (even out-of-wedlock). They would take their French names and educated them in France.
There was a distinct connection between the Africans of Nigeria would were brought to France to live in the town called Nantwich which told of a black man by the name of Robert De Bresci, who lived in the town of Wistanton after he was granted land by William Malbank, a French baron who was from Normandy, France. No other information about these people were researched so the path to the Bracy family of North Carolina can be trace through its Caucasian lines until 1839 in Northampton County, North Carolina, where Solomon Bracy, Jr. resided in the 1830's.
Let's learn about the De Bresci Family and their descendants.

The De Bresci Family

The De Bresci/Brassey/Brace/Bracy Family has reached some of the greatest potentials in the strengths of a family. From union of a few good couples came the descendants of a man we know as De Bresci. According to the Family Search file for Family Treemaker, it gives a detailed description of the members of the De Bresci family of long ago. The information go as far back as Alice De Bresci and William Malbank joined holy matrimony and began to set the tune of the entire family for years to come. From Normandy, France in a town came Breci to the Lands of the Albermarle in North Carolina, lived the members of the Bracy-Davis-Ungerhart-Bynum family of New York, Connecticut, Virginia, and North Carolina. The story will begin with a brief recollection of the people, places, and events in the Bracy family as they have been for the past 700 years.
According the "Origin of English Surnames", the earliest names for the De Bresci or Bressey/Brassey Family was the name of Alice De Bresci who lived in Cambridge shire County, England in 1273. Also listed in the record are the names of Richard and Gilbert De Bresci living in Oxford shire, England in the same year. Living in Buck shire, England was Gilbert De Bresci.
William the Conqueror had a grandson by the name of William Malbank. According to the Family Search information it went like this:

In a distant time in Normandy, France, William Malbank, the third baron of Wich Malbank (Nantwich), grandson of Norman Baron of Domesday Survey, granted in the parish of Wistanston, to his "Black Nephew" Robert De Bresci land for three knights fees. They lived in Cheshire, France near Normandy. A younger son of Wistanston stock, Hamon De Bresci, by his marriage to Isabella De Hadleigh, acquired land in the town of Buckley around 1409. Isabella acquired the land from Buckley ancestors.

In the sixteenth century around 1525, a man by the name of Edmund Brassey had two children in the Buckley house by the name of Thomas and Edmund Brassey. They moved from Normandy, France to London, England. Like all other families, they kept a particular name in the family. Such names as Edmund, William, Thomas, and John shall be prevalent in this family history. They became wealthy linen merchants will living in England. They continue to raise families who began to spread all over Great Britain. Some moved a place called Cheshire named after the France town of the same but putting an "L" in the name for distinction.
In the Back church of the Register Dionis was born Edmond Braccye (page 80), Thomas Brassye (page 80), Izack Brassye (page 83) and the marriage of Thomas Brasseye to Anne Ober between 1553-54 (London Marriage License).
Edmund Brassey was survived by a son, Edmund Bressey, who in approved manner became the head of the New County Family. They became the families of Maulden and Wooten in Bedford shire, England. The other two children of Edmund Brassey moved to the Americas during the Puritan movement. John and Thomas (born in 1550 in Franconcomptrell, England) changed their name to fit the new life in the Americas. Thomas changed his name to Brace and John changed his name to Bracey. The history of the Bracey family began to show up in the records of many cities and town in the northeastern section of America. They were mostly in New York and Connecticut.
Thomas Bracey was born in 1550. He married "Goodwife" Bracey and they had seven children (all children were born in Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, England):
1. Richard Bracey was born in 1580.
2. William Bracey was born in 1582.
3. Joan Bracey (twin) was born in 1585. She married Nicholas Sutherwood.
4. John Bracey (twin) was born in 1585.
5. Richard Bracey (triplet) was born in 1590.
6. Margery Bracey was born in 1590.
7. Isabella was born in 1590.

Richard Bracey (triplet) was born in Iron Acton, England in 1590. He married Joan Bracey and had two children:

1. Thomas Bracey was born in 1621 in Iron Acton, England.
2. Edward Bracey was born in Iron Acton, England.

Thomas Bracey married Mary Neal. They had six children (all children were born in Iron Acton, England):
1. Joan was born in 1643.
2. Richard Bracey was born in 1645.
3. Sarah Bracey was born in 1647.
4. Edward Bracey was born in 1650.
5. Thomas Bracey was born in 1652.
6. William Bracey was born in 1654.

Thomas Bracey had a son:
1. Christopher Brace was born in 1707 in St. Mary, Watford, England.

Christopher Brace lived in Watford, England, all of his life. On August 22, 1746, Solomon Brace was born.
Solomon Brace married Elizabeth Smith in December 1771. They migrated to the Americas and settle in West Hartford, Connecticut.

The Union of Betsy Heacock and Solomon Bracy, Sr.

They were married in May 1804 in West Hartford, Connecticut. They had two children:
1. Lucila Brace was born in 1805 in West Hartford Connecticut.
2. Solomon Brace, Jr. was born in 1807 in West Hartford, Connecticut.

The family moved to Hertford, North Carolina where they lived for many years as they became slave owners in Northampton County, North Carolina. One of the slaves living one on the plantation was Esther, a Senegambia woman who may have come from the Wolof tribe of that country. She was owned by Solomon Brace, Sr. own bought during a trip to the large slave auction in New Orleans. They traveled by wagon train to Northampton County where the families later moved to Hertford then returning back to Northampton County. Solomon Brace became fascinated by Esther that he had a child by her by the name of Henry Luke. He changed his name to Bracy so that his child could have a distinct name.
On August 23, 1837, Solomon Bracy married Mildred Williams. Despite their marriage, Solomon continued to have children by Esther. In August 1839, two twins girls were born in Garysburg to Solomon and Esther: Jane and Ellen were raised in the house as house slaves a long side their mother Esther. In 1842, Solomon had a child by a woman by the name of Mary Braddy and the child's name was Bill Braddie. In 1849, the last child of Esther and Solomon was born and his name was Willis. All of these people were found in the 1870-1880 Census Records of Northampton County, North Carolina.
Jane Bracy was a lad who stood tall in her beliefs. She married William Daniel Bracy. They had six children:
1. William Daniel Bracy-May 1855 in Garysburg, North Carolina. He married Sarah Woodhouse. They had three children.
2. Bettie Bracy-August 1858 in Garysburg, North Carolina. She had three children and later married Ned Raspberry Davis, who they had five children:
3. Harriett Bracy-1861 in Garysburg, North Carolina. She married John Halstead. They had four children.
4. Jacob Bracy-January 1862 in Garysburg, North Carolina. He married Eliza Dunn. They had six children.
5. William Moses Bracy-February 1866 in Garysburg, North Carolina. He married Alberta and Olivia. They had two children each by Moses.
6. Mary Magdalene Bracy-May 1872 in Garysburg, North Carolina. She had five children.

The last two children died as babies. They were:
7. Isaac-1873 in Garysburg, North Carolina.
8. Jobe-1878 in Garysburg, North Carolina.

The Union of Bettie and Ned Raspberry Davis

Bettie was in slavery for only five years. She learned how to cook and clean from her mother, Jannie. She had three children:
1. Sarah Jane Davis was born on April 20, 1877 in Garysburg, North Carolina. She married Silas Bynum.
2. Annie Davis was born in November 1880 in Garysburg, North Carolina.
3. Millie Davis was born in 1882 in Garysburg, North Carolina.

Bettie married a young man by the name of Ned Raspberry Davis. They had five children:

1. Emma Davis was born in January 1885. She married Moses Griffin.
2. Ned Raspberry Davis, Jr. was born in January 1887. He married Martha Jane.
3. Landis Davis was born in January 1890 in Garysburg, North Carolina.
4. Benjamin Franklin Davis was born on April 22, 1897 in Garysburg, North Carolina.
5. John Alvester Davis was born on December 23, 1899.

The Union of Sarah Bracy Davis and Silas Bynum

Sarah Jane Bracy Davis married Silas Bynum, the son of Nelson and Anychin Ungerhart Bynum on December 20, 1894 in Garysburg, North Carolina. They had thirteen children:

1. Betty Anne Bynum was born on December 5, 1895.
2. Mary Emma Bynum was born on March 9, 1897.
3. Lenora G. Bynum was born on December 11, 1899.
4. Alma Carrie Bynum was born on September 16, 1901.
5. Wiley Joseph Bynum was born on October 5, 1903.
6. Susan (twin) was born on December 27, 1905.
7. Fannie (twin) was born on December 27, 1905.
8. Henry Wilkins Bynum was born on November 10, 1909.
9. Maddy Lee Bynum was born on August 29, 1911.
10. Lucille Georgia Bynum was born on June 11, 1912.
11. Lil Stewart was born on November 7, 1914.
12. Brutus Bynum was born on June 17, 1917.
13. Jessie Vera Bynum was born in 1919.

Jessie Vera Bynum

She had a daughter by the name of Betty who had six children. (Look at the detailed information in the family descendant charts. This is the history of the Bracy Family.

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