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Family Vital Information

The following information contains detailed information about selected records that were extracted from many different sources. Because of the extensive number of names in this book, only certain information shall discussed in this section.


Northampton County, North Carolina
Halifax County, North Carolina.
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
Union County, North Carolina.
Lancaster County, North Carolina.
Washington, DC.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
New York City, New York.

Marriage Information

Portsmouth Register of Deeds-Marriages
Virginia Department of Vital Statistics-Marriages.
Marriage of William Daniel Bracy, Sr. and Sarah Woodhouse-December 4, 1889, Portsmouth, Virginia.
Marriage of William Daniel Bracy, Jr. and Bertha Jones-October 27, 1913, Portsmouth, Virginia.
Marriage of William Daniel Bracy, Jr. and Lillian Johnson-March 15, 1920, Portsmouth, Virginia.
Marriage of William Daniel Bracy, III and

Death Information

North Carolina

The Death Certificate of Dorphus Gary.
The Death Certificate of Silas Bynum.
The Death Certificate of Sarah Davis Bynum.
The Possible Death Certificate of Jessie Parker.

Portsmouth, Virginia

The Death Certificate of William Henry Parker.
The Death Certificate of Bettie Davis.

Lincoln Cemetery Internments

Eliza Dunn Bracy-August 1940.
George M. Miller-August 1975.
Milton Howard Pearson-May 1967.
Elizabeth Calandith Bracy Pearson-April 1989.
Peter Vernon Pearson-May 1972.
Milton Pearson, Jr.-February 1999.
Flemming Pearson-October 1981.
Norwood Pearson-March 1984.
William Henry Parker-September 1949.
Benjamin F. Davis-May 1996.
Orlandis Davis-December 1974.
John Alvester Davis-February 1974.

Census Records

A census is the enumeration or counting of the number of people who live in a country that allow the government to assess the needs of the people. They are taken every ten years in the United States. In the United States, beginning in 1790, they took the names of the head of household, and all information about that family unit. All names were not listed until 1850, including the free population schedules. The information contained the head of household, and all other members of the family, the number of the order of the visit, the gender, race, age, years of marriage, name of children, relationship to the head of household, and whether the head of household, owned, sharecropped, or rented the place of expedients.
There are three types of census records. Federal Population Schedules (1790-1920), Census Indexes (1790-1870), and Census Images available on the Internet. These sources were a valuable asset to the finding of the records found on all the ancestors. The Counties of Northampton, Halifax, Bertie, Mecklenburg, and Union County, North Carolina were read the find information. The counties of Lancaster and Kershaw were used for South Carolina. The census record for Portsmouth, Virginia were also used in this compilation. "The Census Images of North Carolina, 1850, Banner Blue Division, 1999" were used at the Portsmouth Public Library. The Sargeant Memorial Room at the Norfolk Public Library possess the Federal Census of the United States (1790-1920). They all have the Census Indexes for the Federal Census.

Northampton County Records

The Sargeant Memorial Room of the Norfolk Public Library in Norfolk, Virginia has copies of the will books for Northampton County, North Carolina. Information was extracted for the Bracy, Demory, Thompson, Moody, and many other family names containing information about the assets of the slave owners who owned family members as slaves. They also share the distinction of being one of the libraries that possess a copy of the first listing of a black marriage registry, "The Slave Marriages of Northampton County, North Carolina With Possible Names Changes" by Paul Heneigg, 1989. They have just recently received a book that gives the slave marriage throughout the State of North Carolina called "The Slave Marriages of North Carolina, Paul Heneigg, 2000".

Portsmouth, Virginia

The information about the City of Portsmouth was extracted from the Portsmouth Public Library-Virginia Room in Portsmouth, Virginia. The information was extracted from the Intellectual Reserves sponsored by the Church of Latter-Day Saints. The extraction were as follows:

1. Social Security Index (1937-1999).
2. Military Index (Vietnam Casualties).
3. Ancestral Files (United States, England, France, Germany, Nigeria, Africa (general information).
4. International Genealogical Index.
5. Personal Ancestral File (3.0).

World Family Tree

On October 9, 2001, a file that was a Personal Ancestral File was loaded into a new program called Family Treemaker. The file had 1725 names in the collection. At 5:30 P.M. at the home of Richard and Dorothy Davis, the information was uploaded into file that was locked until the completion of this genealogical project. Now that the project is completed, the history will be opened to the public for their personal viewing. You can log on to WWW.MYFAMILY.COM. Only members of the Bracy-Demaree-Mungo-McDow family can visit this site. You can also order copies of your personalized book by placing your order on the web sites.

Page 160 of 225

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