African American Griot Builds Family History 2400 Strong
    My name is Darryl Eley, family historian, professional genealogist and African American Griot.  I feel that in order to build a history of your family, you must find the people who make up the many peices of a family history.  At the age of 14 years old.  I began a family history which comprises of as many as 200 ancestors and 2200 of their descendants.  This is the family you will come to know as the Eysteinssson, De Warren, De Braci, Brace, Bracey, Davis, Ungerhart, Bynum, Demaree, Parker, Gary, Rival, Moody, Clyburn, Mungo, James, Massey, Huey, and McDow families of my family.
     We originates from areas such as Nigeria, Gambis, Haiti, England, France, and Ireland.  Also, my family originates from Native American Indian tribes such as the Cherokee, Occoneeche, Wacksaw, Blackfoot, Catawba, and Soiux.  The family has went from a few to a many.  A family of all walks of life in every race on the face of the planet.  My family was designed by God and I feel I was commissioned to find all of my people and I succeeded in that goal.  Today, I fee that the world needs to know that the myth that black families have a hard time tracing their family isn't true.  For the children that live today, if they started right now, they will have a better chance of keeping their family history alive.
     I have traced my family history as far back as the Danish kingdo of Viking origin.  Rognvald Eysteinsson was the earliest descendant of the European continent.  In the jungles of Nigeria lived the Demaree family.  With the strength of the Yoruba tribe declining, they immigrated to the United States and became the Demory family of the United States who remained free from the time of their arrival.  Longevity has its place in the Mungo Family.  Easter Mungo lived to be 110 years old, as she died a year to the day before I was born, May 15, 1965.  To cap the dinner menu off, the McDow family give us the strength of Daisey Huey McDow, who stood up to the KKK, and won.
     The story is based on verifiable informtion about the people of this family.  There are over 29,000 private, local, state, and federal record to give account of all information in this family compilation.
     Available now, "From Roots to Branches-Why I Went So Far to Come So Close", the History of the Bracy-Demaree-Mungo-McDow Family of NC, SC, And VA. Also, avilable are CD-Rom, Tapes, Videos, Research Help, Genealogical Research Services, Family Event Planning, Music Enetertainment, and the like.
     Join us in the Revival of African American Genealogical Research.  The History that was 23 years in the making.  I am glad you can to visit this wonderful site for many opportunities to find missing relatives.  We are glad you stopped by.
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