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Descendants of Rognvald I Eysteinsson

Generation No. 2

2. ROLLO2 EYSTEINSSON (ROGNVALD I1) was born 854 in Probably Norway, and died 927 in Normandy, France. He married LADY POPPA DE VALOIS 891 in Normandy, France, daughter of BERENGER and NN. She died in Normandy, France.

Notes for R
He was born Rollo Eyssteinsson, (Aka. Rolf). He was probably Norweigian. He was the first duke of Normandy and a Viking chieftain. In the late summer of 911, two men who had long been enemies stood face to face near the Seine River in what is now France. Rollo was the leader of the Viking Army, who had been plundering the river valley for years. The second man was a powerless king named Charles the Simple. Charles bore the name of king but controlled little of what is now France today.
The two men had to come to peace. In a formal ceremony, Charles granted Rollo a huge piece of French territory. This piece or land came to be known as Northmen's land or Normandy. In return for the land, Rollo placed his hand between the hand of Charles the Simple and vowed never to make war with his again. Rollo said "I will be the lord's man, all the days of my life and defend my lord against all men who may live or die".
After this Rollo became Charles's vassal (a person receiving land from a lord).
Since the royal vassal had little money and lots of land, Rollo divided into 70 smaller estates, keeping the best for himself and dividing the other 69 estates. Rollo became the lord to other vassals.
He married Lady Poppa in 891 in Normandy, France. They have two children.
He died in 927 in Normandy, France.

More About R
Burial: 927, Normandy, France

More About L
Burial: Normandy, France
Children of R
3. i.   WILLIAM I3 LONGSWORD, b. Abt. 876; d. December 17, 943.
  ii.   ADELE LONGSWORD, b. Abt. 917.

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