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Descendants of Demaree

Generation No. 9

27. DELZIE9 DEMAREE (JOSEPH8, JOHN7, JOHN6 DEMORY, JOHN5, JOHN4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1)9 was born September 15, 1889 in Benham, Indiana9. He married CATHERINE FINCH LANE9. She was born March 14, 1896 in Indianapolis, Indiana9.
Children of D
  i.   HARRY DELZIE10 DEMAREE9, b. October 20, 1921, Chicago, Illinois9.
48. ii.   GEORGE LANE DEMAREE, b. October 31, 1922, Indianapolis, Indiana.

28. JOSEPH TILLMAN9 DEMORY (CHARLIE FOSTER8, CHARLIE FOSTER7, CHARLES6, JOHN5, JOHN4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1) was born June 09, 1902 in Aynor, Horry, South Carolina, and died September 14, 1949 in Conway Hospital, Conway, Horry, South Carolina. He married MARTHA MAE BELL HATCHER Unknown in Aynor, Horry, South Carolina. She was born August 23, 1907 in Aynor, Horry, South Carolina, and died Unknown in Aynor, Horry, South Carolina.

More About J
Burial: Unknown, Bethel Church, Aynor, Horry, South Carolina

More About M
Burial: Unknown, Aynor, Horry, South Carolina
Child of J
  i.   MARY LOU10 DEMORY, b. July 11, 1929, Horry, South Carolina.

29. NICODEMUS9 DEMORY, JR. (NICODEMUS8, ADRIANA7, JOSEPH6, SHADRACK5, DANIEL4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1)9 died 1955 in Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina. He married DELLA ALLEN9 Unknown in Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina, daughter of ARCHIE ALLEN and DELPHIN. She was born 1902 in Jackson, North Carolina/Jackson Co., NC9, and died Unknown in Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina.

More About N
Burial: 1955, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina

More About D
Burial: Unknown, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina
Children of N
  i.   JAMES10 DEMORY9.
49. iii.   HAYWOOD DEMORY.
50. v.   MITTIE ALLEN.
51. vi.   ELLA DEMORY, b. September 03, 1924, Jackson, North Carolina/Jackson Co., NC; d. 1999, Norfolk, Virginia.

30. MARY A.9 DEMORY (NICODEMUS8, ADRIANA7, JOSEPH6, SHADRACK5, DANIEL4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1)9 was born October 1898 in Jackson, North Carolina/Jackson Co., NC9. She married WINSTON HYMAN10,11 Unknown in Chesapeake, Virginia. He was born Abt. 1894 in <Jackson, North Carolina>11.
Children of M
  i.   MARY E.10 HYMAN11, b. 1906, North Carolina11.
  ii.   JOHN P. HYMAN11, b. 1910, North Carolina11.
  iii.   ELIZABETH HYMAN11, b. 1914, North Carolina11.
52. iv.   DELSIE HYMAN, b. <North Carolina>.
  v.   GEORGE HYMAN, b. Unknown.

31. EMMA ELIZABETH9 PARKER (MINNIE8 DEMORY, ADRIANA7, JOSEPH6, SHADRACK5, DANIEL4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1)12,13,14,15 was born August 05, 1897 in Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina15, and died October 03, 1984 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan15. She married ALDORPHUS GARY16,17,18,19 March 06, 1916 in Jackson, North Carolina19, son of WILLIAM RIVAL and REBECCA MOODY. He was born November 22, 1895 in Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina19, and died September 16, 1967 in Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina19.

Notes for E

Emma Elizabeth Parker was the eldest child of Minnie and Jessie. She was raised in Jackson, North Carolina. She gave her life to God at the age of thirteen at Antioch Holiness Church in Jackson, North Carolina.
She married Dorphus Gary on March 3, 1915. They had fifteen children.
They lived in Jackson until they moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where they lived until they moved back to Jackson. They moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1936.
She returned to Jackson with her younger children at 1948 when her mother Minnie died in Jackson. Dorphus stayed in Boston to continue to be the breadwinner. He visited on Holidays and some weekend to check on the family and bring gift and money.
Her husband returned to Jackson in 1966 to celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. He died in 1967. Emma continued to live on the farm until the late 1970 to early 1980's.
She moved to Detroit, Michigan with her daughter, Clementine Williams. She lived in Detroit and continue to teach her children and grandchildren the important of family. She did nothing with prayer to God for direction. If she saw mistakes in her children or grandchildren, she would take it to God in prayer.
She died on October 3, 1984 in Detroit. She was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit on October 8, 1984. She was 87 years old.
I was told that before my great grandmother died, she wanted to see me but I didn't get a chance. She had a message to give me but I never get it. I always feel her presence around me. The picture of her laminates the true spirit of a loving woman of God. She is the matriarch that we need today. She was the background of our family. The stories of her life continue to live on but the one thing she said was that "your family is the key to the purpose of your life and your life is with God". I truly miss her and so does the hundred of descendants that came from her genes. This day and everyday should be dedicated to this remarkable woman of God.

More About E
Burial: October 08, 1984, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan19
Christening: 1910, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina19

Notes for A
Dorphus Moody was born on February 22, 1895 in Jackson, North Carolina to Rebecca Jane Moody and Bill Rival. He was Cherokee and Irish. He began his life with the absence of his father who moved to Boston, Massachusetts while his mother was pregnant with him. He was the second child. According to the 1900 Census of North Carolina-Occoneeche Township, his mother met a man named William Gary, the son of Solomon and Sallie Gary, they were married in 1900. William Gary changed the man of his two step-children, Sidney and Dorphus to Gary.
He married Emma Elizabeth Parker on March 6, 1916 at Parker Baptist Church in Jackson, North Carolina. They were married by her father, the Rev. Jessie Burton Parker. They began their marriage by living in a home build in the entrance of the property owned by her mother, Minnie, and step-father, Harrison Moody. They had sixteen children.
The oldest child was Dorphus Gary, Jr. who died of dipheria when he was a little baby. On August 27, 1916, James Authur Gary was born. The third child, Roger was born on September 12, 1917. The oldest daughter, Lenora was born around 1920. They decided to move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Dorphus worked at Bethlehem Steel while in Pittsburgh. They had a daughter, Margie, on October 28, 1924. They returned to Jackson because they needed to return to the farm and get away from the city life they didn't like at all.
They had a daughter, Clementine, who was named after Emma's sister who disappeared ten years earlier, on December 26, 1926. In 1928, Samuel Gary was born. On September 1, 1930, Dorothy Mae was born. Two years later, Minnie Mae was born. The children were born every year thereafter. Chester, Wilson, Ida, Shirley, Rosemary. Two children must have died when they were children but only the names of 14 are known.
In 1937, Dorphus and Emma moved to Boston with the hope that Dorphus could find his father, Bill Rival. The youngest three children, Ida, Shirley, and Rose were born in Boston was a supervisor at a department store in Boston, according to his daughter, Dorothy Mae Gary Newsome. They lived in Boston for over 11 years in a place called Dorchester, west of Boston. Emma decided to take the children back to North Carolina, upon the death of her mother, Minnie Moody, who left the land to her children. Dorphus continued to stay in Boston to make the money. He would come home on holidays and in the summer for his vacation.
He returned to Jackson after he became sick. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 6, 1966 at their home in Seaboard, North Carolina. While attending the animals on the farm, he had a heart attack and died on September 16, 1967. He was buried in the Moody Cemetery on September 22, 1967.
He was a hard working man who was faithful to his wife and took good care of his children. He was mixed with Irish and Cherokee but always considered himself as a black man. In some cases he could go for white which made it possible for him to get some of the jobs that some blacks couldn't get. He took full advantage of this fact. I love my great grandfather for his willing to go the extra mile for his people and family. He will be forever missed.

More About A
Burial: September 22, 1967, Moody Cemetery, Gaston, North Carolina19
Children of E
  i.   ALDORPHUS10 GARY19, b. Abt. December 1915, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina19; d. 1915, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina19.
Burial: 1915, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina19

53. ii.   JAMES LEWIS GARY, b. August 26, 1916, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina; d. September 21, 1995, Boston, Dorchester, Massachusetts.
54. iii.   ROGER GARY, b. September 07, 1917, Jackson, Northampton County, North Carolina; d. January 11, 1966, Boston, Massachusetts.
55. iv.   LENORA GARY, b. 1920, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina; d. October 16, 1994, Boston, Dorchester, Massachusetts.
56. v.   MARGIE REBBECCA GARY, b. October 28, 1924, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
57. vi.   CLEMETINE GARY, b. December 27, 1926, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina; d. September 13, 1996, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.
58. vii.   DOROTHY MAE GARY, b. September 01, 1930, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina.
59. viii.   MINNIE MAE GARY, b. November 09, 1932, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina.
  ix.   CHESTER GARY19, b. 1933, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina19; m. SHIRLEY19.
60. x.   WILSON GARY, b. May 14, 1934, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina; d. December 1980, Boston, Dorchester, Massachusetts.
61. xi.   SAMUEL GARY, b. June 08, 1928, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina; d. October 17, 1987, Boston, Massachusetts.
62. xii.   IDA BESS GARY, b. 1936, Boston. Dorchester, Massachusetts.
  xiii.   SHIRLEY OLIVIA GARY19, b. 1937, Boston. Dorchester, Massachusetts19; m. BILL JOHNSON19; b. 1933, <Boston. Dorchester, Massachusetts>19.
  xiv.   ROSEMARIE' GARY19, b. 1940, Boston, Dorchester, Massachusetts19; d. August 1997, Boston, Dorchester, Massachusetts19; m. WALTER PAYNE19; b. 1936, <Boston, Dorchester, Massachusetts>19.
Burial: August 1997, Boston, Dorchester, Massachusetts19

32. WILLIAM HENRY9 PARKER (MINNIE8 DEMORY, ADRIANA7, JOSEPH6, SHADRACK5, DANIEL4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1)20,21 was born September 25, 1904 in Lawrenceville, Virginia21, and died September 04, 1949 in Portsmouth, Virginia21. He married THELMA OVERTON21 Abt. 1934 in Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina. She was born November 02, 1912 in Jackson, North Carolina/Jackson Co., NC21, and died April 25, 1997 in Chesapeake, Virginia21.

More About W
Burial: September 1949, Portsmouth, Virginia (Lincoln Cem.)21
Cause of Death: Heart Attack

More About T
Burial: April, Chesapeake, Virginia21
Children of W
63. i.   VERMADEL10 PARKER, b. September 09, 1935, Portsmouth, Virginia.
64. ii.   WILLIAM HENRYPARKER, JR., b. August 29, 1937, Portsmouth, Virginia; d. December 03, 1994, Portsmouth, Virginia.
65. iii.   CLEMETINE PARKER, b. August 20, 1940, Portsmouth, Virginia.
66. iv.   JOYCE MARIE PARKER, b. June 29, 1942, Portsmouth, Virginia.
  v.   ADOPTED EARL PARKER21, b. 1944, <Portsmouth, Virginia>21.

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