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Descendants of Demaree

Generation No. 10

48. GEORGE LANE10 DEMAREE (DELZIE9, JOSEPH8, JOHN7, JOHN6 DEMORY, JOHN5, JOHN4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1)21 was born October 31, 1922 in Indianapolis, Indiana21.
Children of G
  i.   AGNES BERNICE11 DEMAREE21, b. December 30, 1928, Fayetteville, Arkansas21.
  ii.   MARY ELIZABETH MOFFITT21, b. 1930, <Fayetteville, Arkansas>21.
  iii.   THOMAS CARROLL MOFFITT21, b. 1932, <Fayetteville, Arkansas>21.

Child of H
  i.   DARRYL11 DEMORY21.

Children of M
  i.   SYLVESTER11 ALLEN21, d. Unknown21.
Burial: Unknown21

  ii.   HUBERT ALLEN21.
87. iii.   JANET ALLEN.

51. ELLA10 DEMORY (NICODEMUS9, NICODEMUS8, ADRIANA7, JOSEPH6, SHADRACK5, DANIEL4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1)21 was born September 03, 1924 in Jackson, North Carolina/Jackson Co., NC21, and died 1999 in Norfolk, Virginia21. She married JOSEPH SUTTON21 June 1954 in Norfolk, Virginia21. He was born December 26, 1914 in Norfolk, Virginia21.
Children of E
88. i.   JOSEPH11 SUTTON, JR., b. June 15, 1955, Norfolk, Virginia.
  ii.   BETTY SUTTON21, b. September 08, 1957, Norfolk, Virginia21.
  iii.   ELLA MAE SUTTON21, b. 1958, Norfolk, Virginia21; d. Unknown, Norfolk, Virginia21.
  Notes for ELLA MAE SUTTON:
According to her brother, Joseph Sutton, Jr., she died young.

Burial: Unknown, Norfolk, Virginia21

89. iv.   JIMMIE SUTTON, b. July 16, 1959, Norfolk, Virginia.
90. v.   BEATRICE SUTTON, b. May 03, 1960, Norfolk, Virginia.
  vi.   CHRISTINE SUTTON21, b. May 17, 1963, Norfolk, Virginia21.

Child of D
91. i.   BARBARA11 HYMAN.

53. JAMES LEWIS10 GARY (EMMA ELIZABETH9 PARKER, MINNIE8 DEMORY, ADRIANA7, JOSEPH6, SHADRACK5, DANIEL4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1)21 was born August 26, 1916 in Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina21, and died September 21, 1995 in Boston, Dorchester, Massachusetts21. He married GLADYS MOODY21 Unknown in Boston, Massachusetts. She was born 1920 in <Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina>21.

More About J
Burial: September 1995, Boston, Dorchester, Massachusetts21
Social Security Number: 245-03-2846
Children of J
  i.   JAMES LEWIS11 GARY, JR.21, b. 1942, <Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina>21.
  ii.   GALE GARY21, b. 1944, <Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina>21.
  iii.   JACKIE GARY21, b. 1946, <Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina>21.

54. ROGER10 GARY (EMMA ELIZABETH9 PARKER, MINNIE8 DEMORY, ADRIANA7, JOSEPH6, SHADRACK5, DANIEL4, JOHN3 DEMAREE, CHARLES2, DEMAREE1)22,23,24,25,26 was born September 07, 1917 in Jackson, Northampton County, North Carolina27, and died January 11, 1966 in Boston, Massachusetts27. He married (1) KITTY JACKSON27. She was born 1927 in <Jackson, North Carolina>27. He married (2) UNKNOWN MOTHER27. She was born 1921 in <Jackson, Northampton County, North Carolina>27. He met (3) JESSIE VERA BYNUM28,29,30,31,32,33 Unknown in Northampton County, North Carolina34, daughter of SILAS BYNUM and SARAH DAVIS. She was born August 17, 1919 in Seaboard, Northampton County, North Carolina34.

Notes for R

Roger was born on September 7, 1917 in Jackson, North Carolina, the third eldest child of Dorphus and Emma Gary. He was raised in Jackson, North Carolina. He lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his parents until they returned to North Carolina. He lived in North Carolina from 1926-1937.
He moved to Boston, Massachusetts where his parents had just moved a year earlier. He worked a a funeral parlor where he as a driver. He also was an insurance agent and a gas station attendant. He was a sporty and dressy man. He always wore a hat wherever he traveled. My brother, George, is the "splitting image" of him today.
He was light-skinned, medium-build, curly headed man with a zest for life. He was a young man who lived his life for the moment. He wore a suit always and never left home without a hat on his head. He smoked cigars and loved a good baseball, basketball, or football game. There was only one picture of Roger but it was burned up in a fire on December 17, 1989.
He died in January 11,1966 in Dorchester, Massachusetts where he was buried. His death residence zip code was 02122. He has many descendants who live their lives and are productive in the communities they live today.

More About R
Baptism: Antioch Holiness Church, Seaboard, NC
Burial: January 1966, Boston, Massachusetts34
Cause of Death: Scerosis of the Liver
Medical Information: Died at the age of 49 in Dorchester.
Occupation: Funeral Service Driver
Social Security Number: November 27, 1997, 018-18-6771

Notes for J

She is a tall, slender, dark-skinned woman with black hair and brown eyes. She stands tall as she speaks assertively at all times. She looks more like her father than her mother as she states to me. She got her height from her mother cause her mother was a little taller than her mother. If she needed to ask you a question, you had no choice but to give her a straight answer. She is a independent woman who worked all her life to achieve her goals. She gave us some of the best advise to help us along the way. She is Jessie Vera Bynum Faison, my maternal grandmother.
She was born on August 17, 1919 in Seaboard, North Carolina, the thirteenth child of Silas and Sarah Bynum. She grew up in Seaboard, North Carolina. She worked in the kitchen helping her mother prepare the meal at a young age. Her father would tell stories by the fire place after supper was over about some of the events and people in his family and the people he knew. He would always talk about his mother and father and older brothers and his two sisters. She was a tall, slender girl.
Her mother died in December 1935 when she was 14 years old. Her mother was buried after Christmas and her mother's eyes never saw the Breining of the New Year, 1936.
She met Roger Gary, the son of Dorphus and Emma Gary of Jackson, North Carolina. They fell in love. Silas new his daughter was getting older and was ready for courting but her was careful. Roger was a smooth talking young fellow who always wore a hat and a shiny pair of spit shine shoes. Roger went to tell his father about getting married to Vera. Vera told her father about Roger. Roger's father forced him to go to Boston. Vera never saw Roger again. They had a daughter, Betty, in January 1938 in Weldon, North Carolina. Vera's had to wait to see if Roger would return but he never did return. He was in Boston on the wishes of his father.
When her daughter was born in Weldon, North Carolina, she moved to Portsmouth, Virginia, small town in southeastern Virginia. She caught a train like her grandmother Bettie Davis and great grandmother Jannie Bracy did in 1900. She met Joseph Wilson Faison, the son of William and Mary Faison, in Portsmouth. Vera married Joseph Wilson Faison on February 2, 1942 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Joseph adopted Betty and changed her last name to Faison.
While her daughter was young, Vera allowed her to return to Seaboard to visit her father, Silas. As she said, "Poppa was so they called me watching over him".
She would also visit her aunt Alma when she lived in Norfolk, Virginia.
They lived in Carver Park in the 1940's. Evelyn Deloris was born in February 1944. While her daughter, Betty was visiting in Seaboard, North Carolina, Vera's father, Silas died on his birthday. She returned to Seaboard to bury him at the Brassey Cemetery.
They moved to 123 Carver Circle in Douglass Park in 1946 where they lived until the early 1960's. Norma Jean was born in February 1947. Joseph, Jr. was born in March 1951. Cynthia Denise were born in May 1954. They were all delivered by a mid-wife. She worked at Maryview Hospital where she was the dietary supervisor. Her daughter, Betty and cousin, Joyce Miller worked with her in the dietary department. Her daughter, Betty was married in 1957 and she became a grandmother in March. Two grandchildren, George and Calvin Eley were born in Portsmouth.
They moved to 613 Fifth Street in the early 1960's. Six grandchildren: Jackie, Felecia, Micheal, Daphnie, Tony, and Darryl were born. She began working at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in December 1967. She had a great reputation for the best food every cooked at the shipyard cafeteria, according to her cousin, Clarence Faulks, who visited the cafeteria quite often and many other shipyard workers. Her son, Joseph W. Faison, Jr., who graduated in 1969, was considered one of the best basketball players that ever graduated from I.C. Norcum High School in Portsmouth.
The 1970's arrived and she hadn't any grandchildren born until May 1970 when her daughter, Jean, had a little boy, Anthony, who died 26 days after he was born. She had to console her daughter after this untimely death. Four years later, her son, Joseph, Jr. married Deborah Washington of South Carolina. In 1975, they had a daughter. In 1978, she got more grandchildren than she could think. Two grandchildren and three great grand children were born. In 1979, two granddaughters were born.
The 1980's were years of more grandchildren and change. In 1980, a great granddaughter was born. In 1982, she got another great granddaughter. In 1984, two great granddaughter, Christopher and Tasha were born. In 1983, a grandson, Brian, was born. On December 23, 1985, she retired from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Even today, she still get up early as if she had to report to work. In 1986, a grand son, Eugene, was born. In 1987, a great granddaughter, Sharnika was born.
She had some of the most memorable holiday gatherings at her home. She always loved her children and grandchildren, and great grandchildren unconditionally.
Joseph W. Faison, Sr. died on June 8, 1988. He was buried at the Kecoughtan Memorial Cemetery in Hampton, Virginia on June 13, 1988. They had been married for forty-six years when Joseph died in 1988. In 1988, a great granddaughter, Kendra was born.
She stayed at her home with her sister, Lenora, and niece, Evelyn Thomas, until Lenora died in January 1996. But the 1990's wasn't over. In 1991, two great grandchildren, Isiah and Jackquina were born. In 1993, she lost her beloved son-in-law, Robert Jones in October. In 1994, a great granddaughter was born, Tyceara. In 1995, her youngest grandchild, Marcus was born. In 1996, Aireka, a great granddaughter, was born. She stayed alone for a year before her daughter decided to move in with her to make sure she was safe. Today, she lives in the same house with her daughter, Cynthia and her two grandchildren, Jacosta and Eugene Silvers, Jr. Her first 2nd great grandchild, Garel, was born. In 1999, Phetra, another great great granddaughter was born. In 2000, her first great great granddaughter, China was born. Later that year, Endia, a great granddaughter was born.
Her greatest quote is "keep up the good work" and "I'm no better or no worse, I'm here". She has always been there for all of her family. She has a lot of special recipes that keep the family asking for more. I wish I could tell you but I know my grandmother is definitely going to read this part of this book, sorry.
She stuck by her husband for 46 years, through thick and thin. When he died she remained alone. My grandmother was content with Joseph and did not want to start all over again. She felt better by staying by herself so she could heal from the death of her husband.
She loves good story from time to time and likes to be updated of family events and happenings. She helped me fight many battles in my life including finishing my family research. She directed me to get some help with my problems which helped me press on to finish her family history.
At the age of 46, she became my grandmother. I have enjoyed the ride so far. She is one of the oldest members of my family and the last two of the 13 Bynum children of Sarah and Silas Bynum. Her mother and father would be proud of her if they were alive today. This is my constant remainder that one bad situation could lead to many better achievements that could make life much happier and fruitful. She raised five children with her husband for them to be productive citizens. With her assertive voice, she has directed the affairs of this family for many, many years. Today, she had five children, 16 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren, and two 2nd great grandchildren. Thank you, God for a wonderful and caring grandmother.

More About J
Census: 1920, Occoneeche, Northampton, North Carolina
Occupation: Bet. 1967 - 1985, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia
Retirement: December 23, 1985, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia
Children of R
92. i.   STEPHEN11 JACKSON, b. December 07, 1949, Jackson, North Carolina/Jackson Co., NC.
93. ii.   JEMEL JACKSON, b. January 26, 1954, Jackson, Northampton, North Carolina.
Children of ROGER GARY and UNKNOWN MOTHER are:
  iii.   SANDRA11 GARY34, b. 1943, <Jackson, Northampton County, North Carolina>34.
  Notes for SANDRA GARY:

She was 21 years old when she died. She was sickened with polio.

  iv.   BARBARA GARY34, b. 1945, <Jackson, Northampton County, North Carolina>34.
94. v.   BETTY MAE11 BYNUM, b. January 13, 1938, Weldon, Halifax, North Carolina.

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