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Descendants of Matthias House

      15. Aaron2 House (Matthias1) was born July 03, 1788 in Culpeper, VA, and died August 1845 in Culpeper Co, VA. He married Phoebe Mitchell August 15, 1811 in Madison Co, VA. She was born August 29, 1780 in Culpeper, VA, and died November 10, 1874 in Culpeper, VA.

Notes for Aaron House:
He was the only son of Matthias House to remain in Virginia

He kept a portion of the home land in the family until 1948

More About Aaron House:
Census 1: 1840, Madison Co, VA
Census 2: 1830, Culpeper Co, VA
Property: 1824, 94 acres Culpeper Co, VA
Will: September 23, 1845, Will book Q, page 272 Culpeper Co, VA
Children of Aaron House and Phoebe Mitchell are:
  152 i.   Ephraim3 House, born July 05, 1812 in Madison Co, VA; died Bef. August 21, 1858 in Culpeper, VA.
  153 ii.   Aaron L House, born February 03, 1814.
  154 iii.   Harriet House, born February 03, 1814.
  155 iv.   Pheobe N House, born February 03, 1814.
  156 v.   Belinda House, born 1815.
  157 vi.   Jane House, born Bet. 1820 - 1825.
  158 vii.   Alpha Belinda House, born 1822.
Generation No. 3

      18. Benjamin3 Tanner (Susannah2 House, Matthias1) was born February 21, 1803 in Madison Co, VA. He married Anna House November 03, 1825 in Boone Co, KY, daughter of Jacob House and Susannah Tanner. She was born June 21, 1803 in Madison Co, VA, and died October 02, 1840 in KY.

More About Benjamin Tanner:
Date born 2: February 21, 1803

More About Anna House:
Burial: Ephraim Tanner Cem, Florence, KY
Children of Benjamin Tanner and Anna House are:
  159 i.   Julia Ann4 Tanner, born December 30, 1826.
  160 ii.   Mary Ann Tanner, born June 29, 1829.
  161 iii.   Amanda Tanner, born June 04, 1832.
  162 iv.   Joel Tanner, born September 05, 1835.
  163 v.   Susan Ann Tanner, born 1838.

      34. Matthias3 House (Adam2, Matthias1) was born 1788 in Culpeper, VA, and died April 1860 in Carter Co, MO. He married Susannah Parks 1840. She was born Abt. 1791 in VA.
Children of Matthias House and Susannah Parks are:
  164 i.   James4 House.
  165 ii.   George House.

      35. Jacob3 House (Adam2, Matthias1) was born 1789 in Culpeper, VA, and died 1870 in Carrol, Arkansas. He married (1) Matilda Ivy. He married (2) Mary Bellar. She was born Abt. 1798 in TN.

Notes for Jacob House:
Notes show he died Sebastian, Ark

More About Jacob House:
Burial: Mt Pleasant, Arkansas
Children of Jacob House and Matilda Ivy are:
  166 i.   Vardaman Ivy4 House, born 1812 in Lincoln Co, TN.
  167 ii.   Joseph House, born 1815 in Lincoln Co, TN.
  168 iii.   Hollinsworth House, born December 25, 1816 in Lincoln Co, TN.
  169 iv.   Presley House, born 1819 in Lincoln Co, TN.
  170 v.   Mary Ann House, born 1821 in Lincoln Co, TN.
  171 vi.   Adam House, born 1823 in Lincoln Co, TN.
  172 vii.   Jacob House, Jr., born 1826 in Oregon Co, MO.
  173 viii.   Catherine House, born 1828 in Wayne, MO.
Children of Jacob House and Mary Bellar are:
  174 i.   Walter4 House, born March 1832 in Wayne, MO.
  175 ii.   William Lum House, born Abt. 1836 in Oregon Co, MO.
  176 iii.   Elizabeth House, born November 21, 1837 in Ripley Co, MO.
  177 iv.   Francis Marion House, born February 03, 1839 in Oregon Co, MO.
  178 v.   Hannah House, born January 28, 1841 in Oregon Co, MO.
  179 vi.   Nathan House, born January 21, 1842 in Oregon Co, MO.
  180 vii.   Nancy House, born 1845 in Boone Co, AK.
  181 viii.   James Henry House, born March 14, 1847 in Boone Co, AK.

      36. John3 House, Sr. (Adam2, Matthias1) was born 1796 in Culpeper, VA, and died November 1870 in Texas, MO. He married (1) Margaret W Claunch May 31, 1818. She was born Abt. 1803 in TN. He married (2) Kisiah Pinson 1836 in TN. He married (3) Tabitha ? 1849.
Children of John House and Margaret Claunch are:
  182 i.   Richard4 House.
  183 ii.   William House, born Abt. 1819 in TN.
  184 iii.   John House, Jr., born 1827 in Lincoln Co, TN.
  185 iv.   Eliza House, born Abt. 1828 in TN.
  186 v.   Jackson B House, born Abt. 1829 in TN.
  187 vi.   Mary Ann House, born Abt. 1830 in TN.
Children of John House and Kisiah Pinson are:
  188 i.   Keziah4 House, born Abt. 1838 in MO.
  189 ii.   Sarena House, born Abt. 1840 in MO.
  190 iii.   Peggy House, born 1842 in MO.
  191 iv.   Melzina House, born 1844 in MO.
Child of John House and Tabitha ? is:
  192 i.   Jane4 House, born 1850 in MO.

      38. Catherine3 House (Adam2, Matthias1) was born 1805 in TN, and died 1852 in MO. She married (1) John Thornton December 07, 1820 in Cooper Co, MO. He was born 1798 in SC. She married (2) Thomas Hopson June 06, 1851.
Children of Catherine House and John Thornton are:
  193 i.   Nancy4 Thornton, born Abt. 1825 in MO.
  194 ii.   John Thornton, born 1827 in MO.
  195 iii.   Jacob Thornton, born 1828 in MO.
  196 iv.   Joseph Thornton, born June 13, 1829 in Washington Co, MO.
  197 v.   Catherine Thornton, born 1831 in Union Twp, Washington Co, MO.
  198 vi.   Jackson Thornton, born 1833 in Washington Co, MO.
  199 vii.   Mary A Thornton, born 1836 in Washington Co, MO.
  200 viii.   James Thornton, born Abt. 1838 in Washington Co, MO.
  201 ix.   Elizabeth Thornton, born 1840 in Washington Co, MO.
  202 x.   Cynthia Ann Thornton, born 1842 in Washington Co, MO.
  203 xi.   Margaret Thornton, born 1844 in Washington Co, MO.
  204 xii.   Daniel Thornton, born 1846 in Washington Co, MO.

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