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Gillis Family (McLemore/Johnson/Ricks) - GA & FL

Updated June 10, 2010

About Our Family Research

June 2010 UPDATE:
The next Gillis Family Reunion will be on July 16 -18, 2010, in St. Pete Beach (Tampa Bay), Florida. For information about our reunions, e-mail me [Occie J. Gillis, Jr.] at

***Fee – $75.00 per person 13 yrs. Old and above; 12-6 yrs. Old- 10.00; 5 yrs. old and below – free***Reserve rooms at: Howard Johnson Resort Hotel (800-231-1419) $90.22 includes tax, or at Sirata Beach Resort Hotel (800) 344-5999 $135. 00.

For information of any kind, e-mail me [Occie J. Gillis, Jr.] at
The name Gillis is Gaelic/Scottish in origin and means "servant of Jesus." The earliest ancestors for this particular line are Nathan & (Lucinda) Sindy Gillis, and Henry (Henry's Mother's name was Anna) & Pinder (maiden name - 'Gould') Gillis. To date, I know of no earlier relatives than Anna; however, we have managed to gather info and 1,400 or so kin by way of word of mouth. Many Gillises remain in GA in or near the Vidalia/Adrian/Soperton/ Dublin/Uvalda/Swainsboro areas; however, a great number migrated to Pompano, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, JAX, St. Petersburg & other parts of FL. Other concentrations are on in the northeast and Midwest.

We include the descendants of the following siblings in our extended Gillis Family: Ella, Rhyner [Johnson], Mary [Ricks], Fannie, Isaiah, Occie, Alexander [Alick], Israel, Luvenia (Lula), Mary Jane [McLemore], Amy, Sallie, John, Matthew, Moses, Bud, George, Catherine and Bully. To date, we have yet to locate descendants from Bud, Moses, George, Occie, Sallie, Alick and Amy, but remain hopeful that we will. [Catherine & Bully had no children.] We know of a few from Isaiah's, Matthew's and John's line, and know many from Ella's, Mary Jane's, Israel's, Lula's and Mary's line.

Notably, many Gillis Family [through marriage] have the following surnames other than Gillis: Adams, Baker, Ballard, Battles, Bentley, Broomfield, Burke, Campbell, Collins, Cordy, Crisp, Doanes, Downing, Folsom, Fuller, Gordon, Hailey, Harper, Harris, Henderson, Holsey, Horne, Johnson, Keemer, Kellem, Kellom, Lockhart, McLemore, Newton, Phillips, Ricks, Smith, Tillman, Walker, & Wilson, to name JUST a few.

In February 1995, cousin Maggie Odessa Kellom said at my father’s [Occie J. Gillis, Sr.] funeral, something we’d always understood, but seldom ever said: “I’m tired of gathering just for funerals! I say we ought to gather right here in Vidalia and have a fish fry – have fun when we’re all together for a change...” She planted the seed to have a reunion for the Gillises [we’d never had a one as far as anyone could recall.] Consequently, we began trying to find lost relatives by talking with the oldest family around, finding phone numbers, writing letters, and visiting family I never knew existed in order to get additional names and lineages.

Soon after, with the memories of Uncle Ted Gillis, and cousins Mary Ann Gillis, Gladys Gillis-Wilkerson, Idilla Gillis-Smith, Athelia Brooks, Chris Newton, Dorothy Gay, Ruby [and daughter Deborah] Johnson, Thomasenor Folsom, Geneva Cordy, Jerelene Miranda, Selma Johnson-Ricks, Percy Ricks, Jr., Luther Washington, and Doris Crisp, I realized that our family was almost beyond numbering. And I was only beginning. I would have surely failed without the folks listed above.

As a result of Maggie’s vision, we had the first Gillis Family Reunion in July 1995 at a family church in Vidalia, GA, Allen Chapel AME***We have the Gillis Extended Family Reunion every two years in in different cities in the US, limited to the south & east so far. Our Reunion meets on odd years [beginning in 2011] during the third weekend of July, regardless of the location, so that family may always know when to plan and attend.


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Family Photos
  • 1stReunion-Clyde,Freddie-children@Prune (146 KB)
    Top photo: [Sindy Kellem's son] Clyde Baker, Sr.'s wife, FREDDIE, Clyde himself, and behind him, [l-r] granddaughter Lisa, and daughters Cynthia and Wendy. Bottom photo: Ellis [Prune] Kellem who grilled and fried the majority of the delicious food we ate that afternoon. He had a barrel grill and if you look by his right hip, you can see the black kettle we fried fish in. Although I have no pictures, Uncle Ted made lemonade in a wooden barrel. He chopped down two small trees in his woods and hauled them in hand back to his housein order to HANDCARVE a gigantic paddle to stir the lemonade with. For the duration of the Reunion, he sat by his lemonade. I can't blame him; it was a splendid triumph for an 89-year-old man. :-)
  • Home to Bury Daddy (30 KB)
    Feb 1995: The smiles of my children and me - stopping just below our eyes...Difficult to explain burying my dad. He corroborated my reality as a Gillis, articulated my suffering at having no mother, and helped me feel connected to this family ~ I was his namesake. We got along, because although it took until I was in my mid-twenties, I finally understood that he was a lot smarter, a lot kinder, a lot wiser, and a lot more misunderstood than I ever, ever imagined before. I had used Mom's death as a standard for all future pains. I figured that after that, nothing could be as agonizing. I was very wrong. It was and occasionally still is difficult to be comfortable in a world with neither Occie James Gillis, Sr. nor Bessie McLendon Gillis walking, talking and living in it. It feels odd to be the absolute and utter apple of no one’s eye. So. This then, home to say ‘seeya!” to the 'irreplaceable'....
  • Occie James and Rosie (33 KB)
    Here I'm with Rosemary at an old friend's birthday. Taken on 9-10-01, the day before the world turned insane....
  • Pat (Trish) Lambert (24 KB)
    Trish is a friend from Luxembourg, EU
  • This is what Maggie meant~ (49 KB)
    After Dad's funeral, hanging out at Ray's. This is how the Gillises had "Reunions" up until our first in July 1995 - gathering to bury our dead.
  • Occie J. Gillis, Sr. [1912-95] & Occie, Jr. 1979 (68 KB)
    This was the Christmas after my basic training at Ft. Wood, Mo. My aunt, Cora Kellom [sister of Dad, Uncle Ted Gillis,and Sindy Gillis-Kellem] was ill. It was the last time I saw her well, and the second to last that I saw her alive. Dad and Uncle Ted literally worshiped her. :-)
  • Jesi and me...Dec. 2004 (71 KB)
    Wow. :> Christmas, 2004. My Firstborn...hard to imagine she's 19 now. Absolutly gorgeous. Incredible. :>
  • D. Ray Fuller (17 KB)
    Descended from the, ISRAEL/LULA-ELVERA lineage, cousin Ray is the eldest of Aunt Elvera Gillis Fuller's four children [incl. Jean, Joan and Jack.] He has one of the most disarming smiles and infectious laughs ever heard. Significantly, especially in 1994 and 5, Ray took it upon himself to care for, chauffeur around, and see to my Dad [who by this time was very ill] when I wasn’t able to. Thereafter, he did the same for our Uncle Ted. It’s no secret that I nearly worship all of my cousins; however, because they saw to Dad and Uncle Ted so unselfishly and well, not having to, really - Ray, Clyde (Sr.,) Hazel (Shug) and Esther (Coot) will hold a special place in my heart for all time. Ray retired as schoolteacher, yet does a daily morning radio show that enjoys an excellent following. He was also the long ball specialist on the hometown baseball team, the Vidalia Tigers, and after Ted Gillis retired, managed the team as well. After Uncle Ted, Ray may be the second greatest storyteller of all, which is a true gift.
  • Bessie McLendon Gillis (31 KB)
    Bessie Gillis [1920-1975]. In the beginning, my earliest memories were of my mother, Bessie, laughing at one thing or another, the sound bathing everyone within earshot as if it were melted cheddar. She was a schoolteacher, a jeanes supervisor, and elementary school principal. When she died, curriculum director for Brunswick-Glynn County GA schools. As I view it, there just wasn't near long enough to know her. There aren't enough words to express how much I miss her...:-)
  • Jillian and me...Dec. 2004 (49 KB)
    Wow. :> Christmas, 2004. My 'baby' girl...17, now. Utterly beautiful. Amazing. :>
  • Gloria Smith (11 KB)
    Descended from ISAIAH-SULA-MARTHA Gloria had the logo designed for our 2nd reunion - a stylized silhouette of a huge oak tree – that we featured on our t-shirts and beautiful coffee mugs and napkins. Gloria is a eautiful and kind person inside and out who has a laugh capable of lifting any one's spirit. :-)
  • Aunt Cora Gillis Kellom & Occie Gillis, Sr. 1970 (37 KB)
    In Brunswick, Daddy and Aunt Cora [Kellom 1895-1980] surprised me on my 12th birthday by driving the 100 miles from Vidalia to Brunswick, where Mom and I lived. Aunt Cora didn't visit Brunswick much since she had lived there for a while, looking after me as an infant and toddler while Mom worked. I loved her completely, it was no secret that she was my favorite aunt, and as far as being loved in a way you can easily recognize - no one has taken her place since she died in 1980.Those party hats are hilarious....
  • Althea Brooks (20 KB)
    ELLA-DAISY Cousin Althea was instrumental in shedding light on her splinter of the Gillis Family [Her grandmother, Ella and mother, Daisy] particularly when she introduced me to her nephew, Tarru Newton [ELLA-DAISY_ROOSEVELT (Bill.)] Tarru is the official genealogist for the Gillis Family and compiled our first real Gillis Index with references to lineage, an ongoing endeavor at best. Althea died after our second reunion. Of all my 'new' family, we got along best. She was especially kind to Rosie as well. I miss her a lot, and had looked forward to knowing her far better than I did.
  • Gladys Gillis-Wilkerson (15 KB)
    Gladys Gillis-Wilkerson. Recently, Cousin Gladys celebrated her 90th birthday, which as far as I know makes her one of the two or three oldest known surviving Gillises. At Uncle Ted’s suggestion, cousin Gladys was one of the first kin I contacted when I began my search for existing family in 1995. She was quite simply the foundation from which I launched the search. She provided literally dozens of contacts - and from there our family 'grew' to its current limitless dimensions. Cousins Gladys, her sister, Idilla, Mary Ann Gillis, and the late Athelia Brooks are directly responsible for most of the extended Gillis Family being found. I wish her all the best. UPDATE: Cousin Gladys died in 2005. I will miss her.
  • Cousins (1200 KB)
    Aug 2008 Gillis Family Reunion: Jillian, Tiffany, & Jessica
  • "I Will Fear No Evil..." by OJGillis, Jr./R. Abbs (273 KB)
    What, if anything does this image evoke in you?
  • Kimberly Bentley (5 KB)
    My brother Frank Bentley's only child. :)
  • Jessica, Jillian & me (62 KB)
    Summer, 2002 in FL. Growing - very fast.
  • Maggie Kellom (19 KB)
    She uttered the word ‘reunion,’ first. After we buried Daddy, cousin Maggie said, "I'm tired of gathering just for funerals. We ought to meet every year - somewhere, at [cousin] Ray's house, anywhere and have a fish fry or something. I'm tired of getting together just when someone dies. Let's get together for a happy occasion....” Well, cousin Maggie planted the seed that the rest of us watered when she said that. Clearly, no one disagreed that family meeting for a reunion would be far better than gathering to mourn at a funeral. Uncle Ted remarked that "The Gillises never had a reunion far as I know I don't why - and I don't know where they're at or what most of their names are." We told him we'd find every Gillis we could. Thanks to Maggie's wish, and Uncle Ted's dare, The Gillis Family is slowly but surely discovering one another again - creating close ties that our forebears took for granted
  • Claude Gillis' Family (6 KB)
    L to R Top Marcus,Ray sandy, Ronald, Clinton,Daniel,Delmus. L to R Bottom Debbie,Claudin, Sherri, Claude, Carolyn, Adel, Terri, Janice, Chaneta
  • Jessica's driving lesson.... (65 KB)
    She did well. Be driving all over Creation soon, i guess....
  • Gloria Cozetta Simmons (26 KB)
    Cozy... Passed away in 2010...and inexpressible departure home...Even so, we'll all miss her.
  • The "JGirls" & Friends (42 KB)
    April 2002 foto of Jessica's friend, Sade, Jessica, Jillian and Jillians friend, Jalisa. Gorgeous and brilliant young women, each one....
  • Carol and Willie Glasper (52 KB)
    Descended from Matthew [Wesley-Dessie], this was at the 2008 Gillis Gathering.
  • Ben Alcorn (28 KB)
    Ben is the son of Lois McLemore Alcorn-Moore [Mary Jane-Johnny]. At our 2008 gathering. Cool as ice... :)
  • Jessica and Jillian Gillis (26 KB)
    My daughters! Jess is a high school junior, plays piano, clarinet, and is an excellent sprinter. Jill is a freshman, plays [a little piano,] trumpet and basketball. Each is an artist, a scholar and personifies optimism and resiliency. Personable, kind, conscientious, and with infectious smiles and laughs, they are the apples of my eye. They have made my life worthwhile in all the best senses of the word. Jessica and Jillian are the best children I have ever known.
  • Jillian and Jessica (24 KB)
    Strolling near a pond. The "J-Girls!" This may - may be the singing group they dream of having. They are remarkable singers; it amazes me to realize theses sounds come out of my girl’s mouths. They are innovative lyricists and songwriters as well.
  • T.R. GIllis (18 KB)
    Dad's only brother, Theodore Roosevelt [Ted/Only I called him 'Theo,' as far as I know)] Gillis [1906-2000.] If Cora was my favorite aunt, then Uncle Ted was no less my favorite uncle. Unc was arguably the greatest storyteller of all time. In addition, he was an amateur baseball player and manager and diehard NY Yankees fan who idolized Casey Stengel. At other times, a farmer, deacon, choir member, and who enjoyed life as best he could. His siblings, Cora, Pearl, Lottie, Sindy, Elvera and Dad were the closest brothers and sisters I have ever seen or heard about; they were totally devoted to one another. I did not know Pearl and Lot before they died; however, I knew the rest, and I loved to be around them while they showed me and anyone who happened to be around how brothers and sisters - family- truly ought to love one and the other, a hard thing to come by, I realize to my cost. They made it look easy. I miss them all very much. Especially Uncle Ted.
  • Gladys Walker & Her Daughter, Monique Speedwell (60 KB)
    Gladys {["Blossom"] Descended from Ella/Gladys/Dorothy} during a visit here in FL in July 2002.
  • O.J. Gillis, Sr. and Barbara Wells (33 KB)
    I was engaged to marry Barbara. This photo, taken in 1983 shows Dad in his favorite easy chair, a piece of furniture that had long since seen its best days. Yet, Dad refused to toss it or buy a new one. Said it had learned to fit around him "the right way," and that it "takes too long to break in a new one." Dad was ~ frugal (smile.)
  • Eddie McLemore (44 KB)
    Eddie [Mary Jane-Johnny] is Lois Alcorn-Moore's brother, and Kenneth and Jackie McL.-Toomer's dad. :) Such a nice guy; glad we're kin!
  • Daddy and the J-Girls (126 KB)
    Taken around 1991 or 2, here Dad absolutely delights - as he without fail did- in his youngest grandchildren: Jessica and Jillian. Dad had two sons older than I, [James, Sr. and Frank; but, they lived with their mother and were adopted when she married - James and Frank assumed her husband’s name {Bentley}] and they provided Dad with six other grandchildren. They built permanent houses in his heart. He would look at them occasionally remember his late wife. He’d say softly to me, “Bessie’s grandchildren. Your Mama would ‘a loved to have seen them…” Though he knew and loved them well, he had always hoped to know his other grandchildren even better than he did. He felt there was always more to know. I feel he was right.
  • 2nd Gillis Reunion Aug. 1996, Vidalia, GA (67 KB)
    Shoney's welcomes our second reunion. Jillian @ Jessica strike poses beneath the marquee...
  • Latisha, Endya, Tiffany... (64 KB)
    A common denominator of beauty and Intellect. S cricual part of the future of Our reunion...
  • Dad [O.J. Gillis, Sr.] and Jess & Jill (24 KB)
    Daddy and his youngest grandchildren. [circa 1991 or 92]
  • Occie, Jr., Rosie, Ethelene and Shug (Hazel) (20 KB)
    During an always fun visit with Cousin Shug (Hazel Bonner [Israel-Lula/Cora]) in Vidalia. L-R, Occie James, Jr., Rosie Abbs, Shug and Ethelene Williams [Israel-Lula/Cora/Esther('Coot')]
  • Devan, Jill, Mary Ann, Jessica, and Denae (43 KB)
    Mary Ann's husband was Howard Gillis [Ella-H.B.] and Devan and Denae [Kwajalyn's children] are her grandchildren. Jessica & Jillian are my [Occie, Jr.] daughters. At the 2008 gathering...
  • A Father and a Son (24 KB)
    This was taken Aug. 11, 1984, immediately after my wedding at Poplar Spring Church. "Your mama would have loved this, she surely would have," he said just before the photographer snapped this picture. I could only smile, envisioning her on my right side....
  • Ella Gillis (186 KB)
    A daughter of Nathan & Sendy Gillis
  • Ary Caesar and Adel Gillis (44 KB)
    Adel is Claude Gillis' [Ella-Louvella] widow. Adel is Delmus Gillis' [Ella-Louvella-Claude] daughter. Cousin Adel is among the sweetest humans I've ever known...and like Mary Ann, represents the Gillis Family faithfully and well.
  • Sindy Gillis Kellem (16 KB)
    Sindy Kellom [d. 1993] Aunt Sindy, who everyone simply called ‘Sin,’ was second oldest of Grands Israel and Lula Gillis’ seven children: Cora, Sin, Pearl, Lottie, Ted, Elvera and Occie James, Sr. After Aunt Cora died, she was also my last aunt, and therefore my favorite - it was an easy transition. All the love I had for those that had died, I gladly gave to her. I spent as much time with her as I could from 1983, when I moved back to Georgia, until she died. Whenever I looked at Aunt Sin, I could see in her the essences of Aunts Elvera and Cora - and Grandma Lula as well. Her custard pies were legendary for a reason, and she was a very sweet woman and a loving aunt. Taken around 1991, my daughters and I had just surprised her with a visit. By now, she was living in an assisted living facility. She was mother to Clyde Baker, Sr., Rufus Baker, Sr., Willie Webb and Ellis Kellem.
  • Kate, Bessie ,Willie Sr., Willie's Wife (52 KB)
    Gillises descended from Isaiah: Kate Gillis-Street, Bessie Gillis-Nichols, Mrs. Willie Smith
  • Mary Gillis Ricks (157 KB)
    Mary and my granddad, Israel Gillis were siblings. Her granddaughter Irene Palmer McGriff [descended from, Mary Gillis- Ricks>>Delmus Edita Ricks-Palmer] provided this spectacular and evocative photo. Mary had 18 children - 11 sons and 7 daughters. From her, the majority of all Gillis came forth...we continue to search for & find ALL of her descendants to include on the Gargantuan Gillis Family Tree...I see so much in my great-aunt’s eyes, and wish I could have known and loved her the way my dad, Occie, Sr., and his siblings did.
  • 1stReunion-inside church Jul 1995 (66 KB)
    Group Family Photo, 1995, inside Allen Chapel teh day after the reunion. Many family did not stay for the Sunday service. For those that did, Rev. Mosley paid special tribute.
  • Cozy (38 KB)
    Gloria Cozetta Simmons [Israel-Lula/Cora/Hazel (Shug)] From the very beginning, Cozy was among the first people I can remember loving. She made it easy then and still does today. As a toddler, whenever I thought of Vidalia, I immediately associated Cozy, Randy (Kellem) and Ethelene (Williams) with the homestead where Great Aunt Cate, Aunt Cora, Uncle Ted and Daddy lived in Vidalia. They were always there. I can remember how heartbroken I was when, during a visit, she, Randy and Lene had moved away - only ‘old’ people were there. (Smile) In other words, it meant I'd have no one to play with. As a teen, she taught me in ways I could appreciate, how to be forgiving and tolerant of others’ shortcomings, and how to love family – lessons I have never forgotten. NO one can keep from laughing while hearing hers. She has the quality of bringing ‘home’ wherever she herself is. Huge chunks of my fond recollections include Cozy. :->
  • 1stReunion-in front of church Jul 1995 (76 KB)
    Group Family Photo, 1995, outside Allen Chapel.
  • !!!My Paternal Grandmother, Lula V. Gillis-Bryant (24 KB)
    Lula Versey Gillis married Israel S. Gillis. After Granfatehr Israle died during the worldwide flu epidemic of 1918, she remarried Mr. Bryant. More text forthcoming; she died before I was born between 1952-57.
  • !!!My Paternal Grandmother, Lula V. Gillis-Bryant (24 KB)
    Lula Versey Gillis (daughter of Henry & Pender Gillis) married Israel S. Gillis (son of Nathan & Sendy Gillis). After Granfather Israel died during the worldwide flu epidemic of 1918, she remarried a man named (Arthur?) Bryant. More text forthcoming; she died between 1952-57,before I was born.
  • Lois (McLemore) Alcorn-Moore (21 KB)
    Cousin Lois Alcorn-Moore [Mary Jane/Johnny]and me in St. Petersburg, FL, in 2004. She had come down for a funeral...
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  • My Vision? (8 KB)
    As I searched for and talked with family, what did I have In Mind, what did I envision, anyway?
  • Family Member Index [incomplete...] (92 KB)
    Index of some family members [in progress...] And below, a partial listing from the Social Security Death Index of some deceased family members. __________________________________________________ ELLA GILLIS SSN 252-68-4874 Residence: 30457 Soperton, Treutlen, GA Born: 12 Feb 1903 Died: Jul 1987 Issued: GA (1960) ESTHER GILLIS SSN 045-28-3141 Residence: 30474 Vidalia, Toombs, GA Born 11 Jan 1935 Died 14 Mar 1998 Issued: CT (1952 And 1953) HOWARD GILLIS SSN 260-42-6999 Residence: 30457 Soperton, Treutlen, GA Born 21 Nov 1929 Died 15 Aug 1998 Issued: GA (Before 1951) MARYLAND GILLIS SSN 262-20-5414 Residence: 30474 Vidalia, Toombs, GA Born 2 Jan 1923 Died 21 Dec 1994 Issued: FL (Before 1951) OCCIE J. GILLIS, SR. SSN 252-18-5438 Residence: 30474 Vidalia, Toombs, GA Born 18 Nov 1912 Died 18 Feb 1995 Issued: GA (Before 1951) BESSIE McLENDON GILLIS SSN 252-38-0593 Residence: 31520 Brunswick, Glynn, GA Born 23 Apr 1920 Died Feb 1975 PERCY GILLIS SSN260-14-7453 Residence: 30474 Vidalia, Toombs, GA Born 9 May 1899 Died May 1973 RUDOLPH GILLIS SSN255-24-4075 Residence: 30457 Soperton, Treutlen, GA Born 5 Oct 1913 Died Nov 1967 THEODORE GILLIS SSN 244-01-6571 Residence: 30474 Vidalia, Toombs, GA Born 25 Mar 1907 Died 15 May 2000 Wesley GILLIS SSN256-15-2591 Residence: 0474 Vidalia, Toombs, GA Born 7 Oct 1956 Died Dec 1991 WILLIE GILLIS SSN260-18-4497 Residence: 30436 Lyons, Toombs, GA Born 30 Aug 1909 Died 31 Mar 1993 ALTON GILLIS Residence: Vidalia, Toombs, GA 6/28/1932-1-/22/1998 BERTHA GILLIS Residence: 30445 Mount Vernon, Montgomery, GA Born Died
  • Recipe: Congo Squares (1 KB)
    Make a double batch, hear? (Oven temp, 350 degrees...)
  • Keep Us Informed (1 KB)
    Please update your info regularly.
  • O. J. Gillis, Jr. On O. J. Gillis, Sr. - An Elegy (8 KB)
    The late Spencer Walker [Ella-Gladys-Dorothy] who also published our newsletter, the Gillis Gazette, asked me to write a piece about my memories of my dad. What came to mind follows.
  • Update: GFR, 2010 in Tampa Bay (St Pete Beach), FL (2 KB)
    Our Gillis Gathering in McRae, GA on Aug 8-10, 2008, hosted by Cozy Simmons was brilliant; everyone had an excellent time. Our Next Gillis Family Reunion will be held for the first time in Tampa Bay,FL. in 2010 on the 3rd weekend in July. Details forthcoming. For any info contact me at
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