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Adrienne-Hefter   Created By
My Family

Albert-M-Heffernan   Created By

Albert-Michael-Heffernan   Created By
T H E " H E F F E R N A N " F A M I L Y

Albert-Michael-Heffernan-ONTARIO   Created By

Amanda-Heffner   Created By
Heffners and Ritenours of Connellsville, PA

Amanda-R-Hefner   Created By
The Hefner's/Williams' of Lima, Ohio

Andrea-D-Hefferen   Created By
hefferens of bulls

Andrew-P-Heffey   Created By
The Heffeys and Effys of United Kingdom

Andrew-Paul-Heffey   Created By
The Heffey's, Heffy's and Effy's of United Kingdom

Angela-Hefley-Ks   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barb-Heflin   Created By
heflin, welter, conley, gilliam

Barbara-Q-Hefner   Created By
Quinn and Carson Family Home Page

Betty-W-Heflin   Created By

Beverly-M-Heft   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bill-G-Hefner   Created By
The Henry Woods Family Home Page

Billy-Heflin   Created By
Pastor Billy's Family Tree

Bob-heflin--Heflin   Created By

Bonnie-Hefner   Created By
"John and Bonnie Hefner Family of Porterville, CA"

Bonnie-L-Hefner   Created By
"John and Bonnie Hefner of Porterville, CA"

Brandy-S-Heft   Created By
Brandy Sue Heft of Montgomery New York

Brian-S-Hefner   Created By

Brian-S-Hefner-VA   Created By

Caroline-Heffner   Created By
Caroline Heffner Is Searching For My Roots!

Carolyn-Hefner-MO   Created By
Carolyn Humpreys, Ozark, MO

Charles-Heffner   Created By
The Heffner Family Tree

Charles-e-Heffner   Created By
Heffner Research by Charley Heffner

Charles-e-Heffner-   Created By
Heffner Research by Charles E. Heffner

Chrystal-D-Heffner   Created By
The Pickney Alonzo Heffners of Gastonia, NC.

Corine-Hefflefinger   Created By
My Family Tree

Cynthia-Hefner-igou   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Dallas-E-Heft   Created By
The Daniel Heft Family of Logan, Ohio

Daniel-J-Heffner   Created By
The Heffner Family

Daniel-P-Heffernan   Created By
Daniel Heffernan's family page

Daniel-Patrick-Heffernan   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

David-A-Heflin   Created By
Ancestor's of David Allen Heflin

David-Heffron   Created By
Lena Heffron Family

Dawn-Heffelfinger   Created By
Dawn R. Heffelfinger.....Illinois

Dawn-Hefty   Created By
Dawn M. Hefty's Family

Dean-E-Heffler   Created By
The Howards of Ohio and Kentucky Home Page

Dean-Edward-Heffler   Created By
Nicholas Heffler/Hoefler of Winburne, PA

Deana-G-Hefley   Created By
The Ralph R. HEFLEYs of Champaign County Illinois

Dee-A-Heffernan   Created By
The Dee Heffernan Home Page

Dee-Anne-Heffernan   Created By
Heffernan/Hale Families Home Page

Diana-J-Heffron   Created By
Diana Jo Heffron of Oklahoma City, OK.

Dolores-M-Heffron   Created By
The Dolores Hutchison Heffron Home Page

Donna-G-Hefley   Created By
My Family History

Donna-J-Heflin   Created By
Heflin in MI

Dottie-Heffron   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Edith-L-Hefford   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Edward-Dale-Heffernan   Created By

Edward-Heffernan-CA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Eliot-R-Heflin   Created By
The Brooks-Bush Family History

Elwanda-Hefley   Created By
Elwanda Hefley of Vilonia, Arkansas

Elwanda-Hefley-AR   Created By
The Richard Young Snow's of Arkansas and Oklahoma

F-d-Hefty   Created By
A Hefty Tree

Faye-C-Hefler   Created By
The Heflers of Buffalo Grove, IL

Florence-E-Heffernan   Created By
Reardon's Family Tree of Newfoundland and Labrador

Fred-Hefter   Created By
Hefter / Stegerwald Descendants

Harry-Hefter-FL   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Heidi-A-Heffelfinger   Created By
Heffelfingers of Novato, California

Helen-W-Heflin   Created By
"The Leander Dees Family Home Page"

Ian-K-Heffernan   Created By
The Kerry Heffernan Family Home page Australia

Jacob-B-Heft   Created By
The Family Tree of Jacob Bradley Heft

James--Randolph-Heflin   Created By
The Heflin-Gibson Family Home Page

James-E-Hefty   Created By
The Heftys of Westerville, OH

James-Heffernan-Bridgewater   Created By
My ancestors from Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, and Grabowo

Jan-Hefferin   Created By
The Ronayne Family Tree

Jeannie-N-Heffnergardner   Created By
Home Page of Jeannie Heffner-Gardner

Jessica-L-Heffington   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jessica-L-Heffington-MI   Created By

Jewel-Jr-H-Hefner   Created By
The Jewel H. Hefner Jr. & Kathleen A. Vantiger Family Page

Joan-Heffernan   Created By
The Tousey Family of Brooklyn

Joani-E-Heflin   Created By
The Heflin's of NC

Joani-Elizabeth-Heflin   Created By
My Family Heritage

Joani-Heflin   Created By
"The Heflin's of North Carolina"

Joani-Heflin-   Created By
"The Heflin's of NC"

Joani-Heflin-NC   Created By
"My Family"

John-D-Heflin   Created By
The Heflin Family

John-P-Hefferon   Created By
The Family Tree of John P. Hefferon

John-S-Heffernan   Created By
Heffernans of Salem, MA

Johnaol-D-Heflin   Created By
The Heflin home page

Joshua-L-Heffinger   Created By
My Family Tree

Joyce-Hefner   Created By
The Hefner's of Missouri and Hull's of Iowa

Judy-C-Heffrenwickert   Created By
Judy's Legacy

Judy-C-Heffrenwickert-IL   Created By
Judy's Family Tree-Heffren-Cooper-Scalf- Kidd-Wrestler of Il

Judy-Heffrenwickert   Created By
Judy's Legacy

Justin-Heflin   Created By
Looking for Heflins related to O.D. Heflin From west Texas

Karen-Hefter   Created By
The Heleniak Family Home Page

Karina-V-Heffel   Created By
Home Page of Karina Heffel

Kathleen-Heffner   Created By
Redman/Redmond Genealogy pages

Kathleen-Heffner-FL   Created By
Kathleen's Genealogy Pages

Kelley-M-Heffley   Created By
The Heffley's

Kelly-A-Heffley   Created By
K. Heffley

Kelly-R-Heffner   Created By
Kelly and Kerry Heffner of Omaha, Nebraska

Keri-A-Heffernan   Created By
The Heffernan Family Home Page

Kerry-L-Heffner   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Kerry-L-Heffner-omaha   Created By
Kerry and Kelly Heffner

Kimberly-Heffner   Created By

Kimma-B-Hefner   Created By
Home Page of Kimma Hefner

Kristy-A-Hefner   Created By
Kristy Hefner of Pennsylvania

Ladonna-F-Heffner   Created By
Stepelton/ Stebelton, Gerhart/ Weiker/ Fauble, My Family

Lauren-J-Hefferon   Created By
The Hefferons & Oraziettis of the Northeast

Leanne-Heffernan   Created By
The Leanne Marie Heffernan's of Wollongong, Australia

Linda-Heflin   Created By
the henry stroupes of washington county missouri

Lisa-Hefner   Created By
The Richard B. Hefners of Oklahoma City, OK

Lisa-K-Hefner   Created By
Immel, Hefner, Green, Baker & Mayfield of Texas

Lois-Heffron   Created By
Foote, Benjamin Franklin Henderson Co. IL

Lori--Heffley   Created By
The Heffley Family

Lori-Hefner   Created By
Jessie Wilson (Dick) Tennis and Leona Lee Wagoner Ancestors

Lori-Hefner-   Created By
Lori Hefner's Genealogical Webpage

Lori-Hefner-1   Created By
Loretta Lea (Lori) Hefner's Genealogy and Family History

Lori-Hefner-3   Created By
Welcome to a Genealogy Archives

Lori-Hefner-Pleasant-Hill   Created By
Jessie Wilson (Dick) Tennis and Leona Lee Wagoner

Lori-J-Heffley   Created By

Lori-J-Heffley-OK   Created By
The Roy Walter Morse Family Home Page

Lorita-J-Heffley   Created By

Lorita-J-Heffley-OK   Created By
The Heffley Family Home Page

Lorita-Jean-Heffley-OK   Created By
Hawkins - Heffley Family Home Page

Lorraine-Heffner   Created By
The William C Heffners of The Villages, Fl

M-D-Heffner   Created By
The Sawyers and Stewarts of Alabama and Mississippi

Maggie-M-Heffernanamis   Created By
The John C Heffernan Family Home Page

Marguerite-G-Heffner   Created By
An American Story

Marguerite-S-Heffner-PA   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Marion-J-Hefner   Created By
The three sister Stewarts, of Tracy California together .

Mark-H-Hefley   Created By
The Mark H. Hefley Family Home Page

Mark-T-Heffernan   Created By
Heffernan & Davis

Marsha-L-Heflin   Created By
Heflin / Olive / Sullivan of Central Virginia

Martha-J-Hefty   Created By
The Martha (Lund-Holm) - (Thoreson-Wilson) Hefty Home Page

Mary-B-Heflin   Created By
"Heflin - Brewer Home Page"

Mary-Brewer-Heflin   Created By
Family of Woodrow Travis Brewer of Arlington, Texas

Mary-J-Hefner   Created By
"The Clinton Thomas Hefner family of Houston, Texas"

Matt--Hefty   Created By
The Matthew Jay Hefty Family Home Page

Matt-Hefty   Created By
Matthew Jay Hefty of Monroe, WI

Max-G-Heffler   Created By
Max Gerald Heffler family of Houston, TX

Max-G-Heffler-TX   Created By
Heffler family tree

Melinda-M-Hefner   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Melissa-Rountree-Heffernan   Created By
Rountree Heffernan & California Family Histories

Michael-E-Heft   Created By
The LIneage of the Heft - Miller Family

Michael-Heffernan   Created By
Heffernan Family History

Michael-Heffner   Created By
Ancestors of Ashley D. Heffner

Michael-Hefley   Created By "information on "The Hefley Family Tree".

Michael-J-Heffernan   Created By
Descendants of Cornelius F. Heffernan Of New York, N.Y.

Michael-P-Heffernan   Created By
The Heffernan Family Web Site

Mike-Heffner   Created By
Heffner, Fair, Rice, Mulkey, Beltz and Tice

Mike-Heflin   Created By
The Mike Heflin Family Home Page

Milton-M-Hefner   Created By
The Evans & The Stewart,s of Allegany Co. MD

Milton-M-Hefner-Maryland   Created By
Home Page of Milton Hefner

Milton-M-Hefner-Maryland21502   Created By
Home Page of Milton Hefner

Milton-m-Hefner   Created By
The Offical Book of the Evans and Stewart's Family Tree

Nadine-K-Hefner   Created By
nadine k hefner sterling of lafayette ohio

Pamela-P-Heffington   Created By
The Pamela P. Heffington Home Page

Patricia-Heffington   Created By
Patricia Jean Heffington, of Kansas City

Patrick-Heffernan   Created By
The John Heffernans of Chicago

Patsy-A-Hefferon   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Paul-T-Heffernan   Created By
"The Paul Heffernan Family Home Page"

Peg-Heffron   Created By
Derouchie NY

Peter-D-Hefti   Created By
Peter Dietrich Hefti

Phillip-R-Hefley   Created By
The PR Hefley Home Page

Pip-Heffernan   Created By
Heffernan's From Kilkenny Ireland

Raymond-R-Heffer   Created By
Raymond Heffer's Family Home Page

Richard-B-Hefty-jr   Created By
Rich Hefty's Family Research

Richard-D-Heffler   Created By
The Richard & Karen (Channell) Heffler Family Home Page

Richard-E-Heft   Created By
The Frank & Edna Helmka Family Tree

Richard-J-Heffernan   Created By
The Richard Heffernan Family Home Page

Rick-Heflin-Ohio   Created By
The Hastings Family of Highland County, Ohio

Rick-Hefner   Created By
Hefner/Moody Family Tree

Robert-Heffley-CA   Created By
HEFFLEY family of Somerset, Pennsylvania, and relatives.

Robert-Heflin   Created By
Heflin's of Georgia

Robert-S-Heffley   Created By
Heffley, Studeny, Pritts, Poorbaugh, Knepper, Haberkorn

Ronald-R-Heffler   Created By
s: The Ronald R. Heffler Family Home Page

Ronald-W-Heflin   Created By
User Home Page

Sabrina-M-Heffley   Created By
The Search For My Family Tree By: Sabrina Heffley

Sally-Heffentrager   Created By
Abel Snyder Heffentrager, Heirs, Siblings and Predecessors

Sam-Heflin   Created By
The Lawerence Co. Alabama Heflin's

Samantha-L-Hefflin   Created By
Home Page of Samantha Hefflin

Sander-Hefting   Created By
The Hefting Site

Sara-Hefny   Created By
The Hefny/ Sandel Family Tree

Sean-R-Heffernan   Created By
"The Heffernan Family of Apple Valley, CA."

Selma-J-Hefner   Created By

Shannon-M-Hefner   Created By
Shannon Murphy Hefner Family of NC/VA/IA

Shawn-Heflin-St-John   Created By
The Heflin Family Tree

Stephen-Heffernan-hhhh   Created By
Calling all Heffernans, Murphys etc.

Steven-D-Heffner   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

T-jane-Heffelfinger   Created By
Kate Heffelfinger Shamokin, PA.

Tamara-D-Heflin   Created By
John Vernon Heflin & Issac C Heflin of East Texas, Athens,

Tamara-Denise-Heflin   Created By
John Vernon Heflin/Minnie Ellen Washburn of Texas & Alabama

Tandra-Hefley   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Taryn-Hefler-   Created By
Taryn Hefler's Family Tree

Taryn-Hefler-CA   Created By
Hefler's of New Orleans, La

Terence-Robert-Heffernan   Created By
The Heffernan Clan of UK and Ireland

Terry-R-Heffner   Created By
Terry R. Heffner of Boise, Idaho

Walter-E-Heffel   Created By
Home Page of Walter Heffel

William-A-Heflin   Created By
The Heflin's

William-Hefner   Created By

Zoe-A-Heflin   Created By
The Zoe Heflin Family

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