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Descendants of John Anthony Foreman I

5. CATHERINE3 FOREMAN (JOHN ANTHONY2, JOHN ANTHONY1) was born April 17, 1785 in CNE [TN], and died November 23, 1842 in Stilwell, CNW. She married JAMES BIGBY, SR Abt. 1800 in Amohee Dist, TN, son of SAMUEL BIGBY and _____ HICKS. He was born September 06, 1778 in Tennessee, and died Abt. 1856 in Flint Dist, CNW.

Notes for C
Catherine belonged to the Paint Clan. Catherine was a member of the Candy's Creek Church. Rev. William Holland was the missionary there and wrote about several members of the church. He said that Catherine was one of the first to embrace the faith. She understood and spoke a little English. Her life was such as to adorn her profession. She and her daughter manufactured cloth for the supply of her family. She was a very respectable woman. The dates given when she and others went into the church was September 25, 1825, at age 42. She was known to be 1/2 Cherokee.

December 13, 1813, James Cunningham stole Anthony Foreman's slave girl as testified to by Jack Foreman and Catherine Foreman Bigby.

Rev. William Holland wrote to the Foreign Mission Board on October 19, 1825:
Mrs. Bigby is an interesting half breed and the sister of Mr. T. Foreman. She is about 40 years old. She has a large family of children, four of which were baptized with her. James, Jr., and Thomas were baptized by a "strolling Methodist" as infants. Her mother Nancy Fields was also a member of the Candy's Creek Mission. [Note: the reference here to Catherine's "Mother" Nancy Fields is believed to be her Sister-in-Law Susannah (Nannie, Nancy) Fields].

More About C
1851 Drennan roll: Flint, 611
Blood: 1/2 Cherokee
Clan: Ani'-W'di = Red Paint (Susie Gourd)

Notes for J
James Bigby was Irish from his father and Cherokee from his mother. He had a half-brother, Thomas Wilson and a half-sister, Betsy Brown. He married Catherine Foreman in 1800, lived in Amohee District, Tennessee. James was interested in education. He and his brother-in-law, Thomas Foreman and Hair Conrad petitioned for a school to be established by the American Board of Commissioners for foreign missions. The school was established in 1824 called Candy's Creek Mission. After the Cherokee removal one of the eighteen schools in the Cherokee Nation in 1845 was at their home.

In 1825, James and Catherine lived close enough to attend the Candy's Creek Church with the missionary, Rev. William Holland, as their preacher. James spoke English and Cherokee but he always prayed in English. He rarely spoke in public and when he did it was not with ease. It was noted by William Holland, missionary, that he accepted his faith much later than Catherine. His path just got brighter and brighter. He was a good farmer and neighbor. He read understandingly.

July 24, 1801, James Bigby received a spinning wheel from indian agent Return J. Meigs.

April 8, 1813, James Bigby wrote Return J. Meigs for permit to run ferry on the Tennessee River near mouth of Baker's Creek and to build a road from it to meet road opened by Rogers. He had already gotten permission from Major Delso, proprietor of the other side of the river.

James Bigby was a private in North Carolina Continental Line. He received 640 acres which were issued December 24, 1796. James Bigby served under Captain John Mahary. The land he received was in Sumner County on the waters of White Oak Creek and Barren River. [this note may be for a different
James Bigby]

Letter of April 15, 1829 about new church members:
Mrs. Polly Taylor, daughter of James Bigby was married to a white man. She is 25-30 years old with 7 children and lives within 4 miles of the mission. Bark Foreman, brother of T. Foreman, is 30 years old and had a hare-lip with a speech impediment. Bushyhead, 45-50 years old, a full blood, speaks little English. He was once very sinful and full of vice.

Thomas and James, Jr., unmarried sons of James and Catherine Bigby, understand English and Cherokee but speak only English. They are of very good character. James attends religious meetings regularly even in bad weather. They both speak easily at meetings and are readers.

More About J
1817-19 Reservations: July 1817, # 13, on road from McNair's to Knoxville, Native, 9 in family
1835 Census roll: Candy's Creek, McMinn Co, TN, 0m18-, 2m18+, 1f16-, 3f16+
1851 Drennan roll: Flint, 611
Blood: 1/4 Cherokee [1/8?]
Clan: Ani'-Wa'ya = Wolf Clan (Peggy Scott)
Detachment: October 27, 1838, 38-08 Chuwaluka/Wafford/Clark; as Interpreter
Children of C
31. i.   MARY ANN4 BIGBY, b. August 09, 1802, Cass Co, GA; d. November 02, 1885, Sweetwater, TN.
32. ii.   JENNIE BIGBY, b. Abt. 1804, CNE [TN]; d. February 27, 1875.
33. iii.   THOMAS WILSON BIGBY, b. February 22, 1806, CNE [Amohee Dist, TN]; d. October 16, 1861, Stilwell, Flint Dist, CNW.
  iv.   JAMES BIGBY, JR, b. Abt. 1808; d. Abt. 1868, Tahlequah, OK; m. LOUISA LEVI; b. Abt. 1812.
  More About JAMES BIGBY, JR:
1835 Census roll: Mouse Cr, McMinn Co, TN, 0m18-, 1m18+, 0f16-, 0f16+
Blood: 3/8 Cherokee
Clan: Ani'-W'di = Red Paint (Susie Gourd)
Detachment 1: October 05, 1838, 38-01 Daniel Colston/J Nevins; as Commissary
Detachment 2: March 01, 1837, 37-B John S Young/Maj Ridge; as interpreter
Detachment 3: April 06, 1838, 38-A Edward Deas; as interpreter
Detachment 4: June 06, 1838, 38-D Edward Deas; as interpreter

34. v.   ELIZABETH BIGBY, b. 1811; d. Bef. 1835.
  vi.   JACKSON BIGBY, b. 1813; d. 1864, Tennessee, Civil War.
1851 Siler roll: near Murphy, Cherokee Co, NC, fam# 4, roll# 1258
1852 Chapman roll: near Murphy, Cherokee Co, NC, fam# 4, roll# 1296
Blood: 3/8 Cherokee (Candy's Creek Mission)
Clan: Ani'-W'di = Red Paint (Susie Gourd)
Education: January 08, 1828, Candy's Creek Mission

35. vii.   SALLIE BIGBY, b. 1815; d. Abt. 1870.
36. viii.   WILEY MCNAIR BIGBY, b. Abt. 1817, Georgia; d. 1868.
37. ix.   SUSIE BIGBY, b. 1820; d. Abt. 1870.
38. x.   MALINDA JANE BIGBY, b. July 06, 1822, Tennessee; d. September 02, 1909, Oklahoma.

6. NANNIE (GOURD)3 FOREMAN (JOHN ANTHONY2, JOHN ANTHONY1) was born Abt. 1786 in CNE [TN], and died December 31, 1866. She married (1) BUSHYHEAD, son of JOHN STUART and SUSANNA EMORY. He was born Abt. 1767, and died Aft. 1838. She married (2) JOSEPH DINSMORE. He was born Abt. 1780.

Notes for N
Nannie is on the 1851 Drennen roll, Tahlequah, Family# 132, with her grand-daughter, Sarah Lyons. Sarah is the daughter of Susan C Bushyhead and Ezekial Lyons. There is one other person listed in this family group, a Vernon Harris, and Susan C Bushyhead also had a son named Vernon Harris by her second husband Loring P Harris; however this Vernon Harris was born January 16, 1860, much too late to be the child on the Drennen roll.

More About N
1835 Census roll: Candy's Creek, McMinn Co, TN as Nancy Bushyhead
1851 Drennan roll: Tahlequah, 132 as Nancy Bushyhead
Blood: 1/2 Cherokee
Clan: Ani'-W'di = Red Paint (Susie Gourd)
RG75, E545 Reg of BLW: April 18, 1858, 21908, Widow of Bushyhead, Service 1813~1814

Notes for B
Letter of April 15, 1829 about new church members at Candy's Creek Mission:
Bushyhead, 45-50 years old, a full blood, speaks little English. He was once very sinful and full of vice.

Other information about Bushyhead indicates that he could not have possibly been the son of Cap. John Stuart, perhaps a namesake and/or step-son.

"Heart of the Eagle", by Brent Alan "Yanusdi" Cox, pg 197:
Chicsatihi: Second child of Caulunna and Nancy. His name was later changed to Bushyhead or Oonantada. He married Nancy "Nannie" Foreman, the daughter of Anthony Foreman (Scottish) and a Cherokee woman. He was a Cherokee man.

My note: the above "Caulunna and Nancy" appear to be the White Owl Raven and Nancy Moytoy; however, there is a huge time span between them and Bushyhead so if this connection is correct then either Bushyhead was much older or the White Owl Raven and Nancy Moytoy would be much younger.

More About B
1835 Census roll: Mouse Creek, McMinn Co, TN
1835 Smith Resolution: Amohee, voted Nay; anti-treaty
Aka (Facts Pg): U-no-da-ta, Bushyhead, and possibly Chickasaw Killer, Chiksa-dihi
Clan: Ani'-Gil'hi = Twisters, Braids, or Long Hair Clan (Mary Grant)
Detachment: October 16, 1838, 38-03 Jesse Bushyhead/Roman Nose
Children of N
39. i.   JESSE4 BUSHYHEAD, REV, b. September 1804, Tennessee; d. July 17, 1844, near Westville, Going Snake Dist, CNW.
40. ii.   ISAAC U-NO-LU-DV BUSHYHEAD, b. Abt. 1808; d. August 08, 1843, Saline Courthouse, CNW.
41. iii.   GEORGE BUSHYHEAD, b. Abt. 1810.
42. iv.   NANCY O-TA-GI BUSHYHEAD, b. Abt. 1812, CNE [TN]; d. 1839, Near Cape Garardeau, MO during the Removal.
43. v.   CHARLES BIRD BUSHYHEAD, b. Abt. 1814.
44. vi.   JACOB BUSHYHEAD, b. 1817.
45. vii.   SUSAN C BUSHYHEAD, b. 1819; d. September 22, 1884.

7. SALLIE3 FOREMAN (JOHN ANTHONY2, JOHN ANTHONY1) was born Abt. 1788 in CNE [TN], and died September 01, 1839 in Fairfield, CNW. She married CHIEF WILLIAM ABRAHAM HICKS, SR, CHIEF 1804 in Tennessee, son of NATHAN HICKS and NA-YE-HI CONRAD. He was born Abt. 1769 in CNE [GA], and died Bef. November 1837.

More About S
Blood: 1/2 Cherokee
Clan: Ani'-W'di = Red Paint (Susie Gourd)
Detachment: 1836, 37-A Pre 1837; claim for disbursement of $2647.5175 as Sarah Hicks, widow, B191

Notes for C
OCCUPATION: Principal Chief, 1826 - 10/13/1828.
Notes of Starr, Letter bks A-F, v1, p119, note C641.
List of students UBM at Spring Place, CN East, 1804-1834. Jerry Clark 8&9 Cher Fam Resch
Fall 1992 and Spring 1993, page 10.
In the Cherokee emigration Rolls 1817-1835...
1833 Wm Hicks Sr. Age over 50 residing in Oothcaloga GA (b bef1783)
1833 Wm Hicks Jr. age under 25 from Oothcaloga GA (b aft1808)
Wm Hicks Jr. Arrived May 8 1834.
Table 5, p407-418, The Brainerd Journal lists three students that entered the mission on 12/07/1818, Edward, Jesse and a Polly Hicks. (who is Polly Hicks?)

More About C
1817-35 Emg'n Roll: July 16, 1833, pg 31, 1 male over 50, Ohkaloga, GA (sic)
1835 Census roll: Oothcaloga Creek, GA
Blood: 1/4 Cherokee (by Interpolation)
Chief: Bet. February 1827 - October 13, 1828, Principal Chief, CN-East
Detachment: 1836, 37-A Pre 1837
Starr's Notes: C641
Children of S
46. i.   ELI4 HICKS, b. March 09, 1810, Oothcalaga, GA; d. March 17, 1834.
47. ii.   JAY GA-DA-GI-S-GI HICKS, JUDGE, b. 1811, Oothcalaga, CNE; d. January 29, 1867.
  iii.   WILLIAM HICKS, JR, b. Abt. 1812.
1817-35 Emg'n Roll 1: November 05, 1833, pg 33, 1 male under 25, Oothcaloga, GA
1817-35 Emg'n Roll 2: 1834, pg 47, came by themselves, 1 male under 25, arrived May 8, 1834
Clan: Ani'-W'di = Red Paint (Susie Gourd)
Detachment: 1836, 37-A Pre 1837

48. iv.   RUTH HICKS, b. 1814, Oothcaloga, GA.
  v.   CARRINGTON WHEELER HICKS, b. 1816; d. 1852, near Tahlequah, OK.
1842 Claims: FL1, pg 255, claim 44
1851 Drennan roll: Tahlequah, 532
Clan: Ani'-W'di = Red Paint (Susie Gourd)
Education: February 06, 1826, Spring Place Mission School
Residence: Abt. 1838, New Echota, GA

49. vi.   MARGARET HARRIET HICKS, b. 1817, CNE [GA].
50. vii.   ABIJAH SA-LU-TI-WI-S-GI HICKS, b. March 02, 1819; d. June 04, 1862.
51. viii.   ELLA HICKS, b. March 02, 1819; d. August 18, 1898.
52. ix.   ANNA ROSINA HICKS, b. June 22, 1822, Sumac Town, Murray Co, GA; d. 1856.
  x.   JOSEPH HICKS, b. Abt. 1823; d. Bef. 1851.
  xi.   CHARLES HICKS, b. August 25, 1825; d. Cincinnati, OH.
Clan: Ani'-W'di = Red Paint (Susie Gourd)

  xii.   JOHN J HICKS, b. 1828; d. Aft. 1851, in California.
  More About JOHN J HICKS:
1851 Drennan roll: Tahlequah, 532
Clan: Ani'-W'di = Red Paint (Susie Gourd)

53. xiii.   SARAH ROSALIE HICKS, b. May 27, 1832, Georgia; d. September 20, 1908, Vinita, OK.
54. xiv.   NANCY ELLEN HICKS, b. April 15, 1835, CNE [GA]; d. January 1895.

Page 734 of 4422

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