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Descendants of Mitchell Sanders

Generation No. 1

1. MITCHELL1 SANDERS was born Abt. 1750 in Virginia. He married SUSANNAH CORNTASSEL, daughter of CORNTASSEL. She was born 1749, and died October 03, 1851.

Notes for M
The numbering sequence for Starr's Sanders family groups are all goofed up.

[submitted information] In a book entitled "The Ancient Cherokee" by W.N. Guest, Mr. Guest states that Mitchell Sanders had a wife before Susannah Springfrog. [I have yet to locate this book].

A fellow researcher indicates that this "book" is a collection of documents and that "Susannah Springfrog" most likely refers to a diffrent Susan. I'm taking the "Springfrog" off of Mitchell's wifes name until some documentation may be forthcoming to indicate it is actually correct.

More About M
Blood: Englishman from VA

More About S
Blood: Full Blood Cherokee
Clan: Ani'-Tsi'skwa = Bird Clan (Susannah)
Detachment: October 1838, 38-14 Bell-Deas (Pro Treaty); from Coosawattee [1842 Claims GS-70]
Education: 1824, Carmel
Note: In Miller ap# 28921, Charles Richter, refers to Susanna as Susan Corntassel
Children of M
2. i.   ALEXANDER JEREMIAH2 SANDERS, b. 1773, Canasauga River, CNE [GA].
3. ii.   GEORGE GO-GV-YE-LE-S-GI SANDERS, b. Abt. 1774, CNE [GA]; d. Abt. 1836, Salem, NC.
4. iii.   JOHN SANDERS, b. 1778; d. Aft. 1858.
5. iv.   JENNIE SANDERS, b. 1782.
6. v.   NANNIE SANDERS, b. July 15, 1782, CNE [GA]; d. July 11, 1834.
7. vi.   ANDREW SANDERS, b. 1785; d. Aft. 1851.
8. vii.   AGNES SANDERS, b. Abt. 1786.
9. viii.   DAVID SANDERS, b. 1791.

Page 2777 of 4422

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