Immigrants to America:

Some Founders of Maine's Campbell and Packard Families

Peter A. Hutchinson

These were some of the earliest European settlers in America, and more specifically, in New England: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. A few were with the Mayflower, many more from within Winthrop's fleet and follow-ons during the period 1630-35, during the great migration from England's tumultuous decades leading to the Civil War. In this document, we are looking for when the family lines came to America, and on what ships, and from what part of England (or the Continent) and from which ancestral towns or lineages. We want to know, insofar as is possible these centuries later, why they came: what was their motive? We want to know who they were, what they did for livelihoods, and how they and their progeny made it in their new world.

A note on sources: I have relied on Susan C. Rosier's Mayflower Increasings (2nd Edition, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1997) for dates and genealogy related to the Plimouth colonists. Names given as passengers on specific ships are from lists published by the Mayflower Society, Olive Tree Genealogy, Genealogy-Quest, and other internet sites who themselves refer to sources such as The Winthrop Fleet of 1630 (Charles Edward Banks, 1930), lists from public record offices in England, and other compilations as research continues and documents are found. GDMNH stands for Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire (Noyes, Libby, Davis: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1996). Savage stands for his Dictionary of the First Settlers of New-England.


Stephen Bachiler (1561- 1657 or 1660) was born in England, and immigrated to America on William and Francis in 1632, into Boston. An early graduate of St. John's College, Oxford, he was vicar of Wherwell, Hampshire in 1587 and was removed from office as a Puritan. In 1630 he became involved in one of Sir Ferdinando Gorges' settlement attempts and was named as minister to the Plough Company (also known as the Company of Husbandmen), which received a 1600 square mile grant on the coast of Maine to be named as the Province of Lygonia. Bachiler's own departure from England was delayed when the Company's ship Plough sailed in 1631, and when he arrived in Boston found that the first immigrants had foregone settlement in Maine, choosing the Bay Colony instead. Bachiler himself first went to New Town (now Cambridge) and then to Saugus (now Lynn), establishing a church there of remnants of the Plough settlers. Frequently at odds with the Puritan theocracy of Massachusetts Bay, he went on to settle Hampton, New Hampshire, and eventually lived in Portsmouth. He returned to England in 1653 or 1654 after being denied a divorce from an adulterous young wife, and died in Hackney, north London, about 1657.

Reverend Bachiler married (1) Ann Bate (1551-1603) in England, by whom he had all of his six children; (2) Christian Weare in 1622; (3) Helena Mason, 1627; and (4) Mary Beedle, 1648. His grandson Nathaniel (1630-1709/10) accompanied him to America, and married in 1656 Deborah Smith, probably in Hampton, New Hampshire.


John Bent, born 1596 in Weyhill, Hampshire, England, died 1672 in Sudbury, Mass., and was the probable immigrant. He married Martha, born about 1600 in England and died 1679 in Sudbury. Their son Joseph Bent (161-1675) married 1666 in Marshfield, Elizabeth Bourne (b. 1646).


William Berry married Joanna Doane. Their son Levi Berry (1777-1834) married 1800 Lousiana/Lusanna Bryant (1785-1840).


Thomas Besbeech arrived in the Hercules in 1634.

Alice Besbeech (born about 1624 in Frittenden, Kent, England) died 1686 in Marshfield, and must also have been an immigrant. She married in 1645 John Bourne (born about 1622 in Kent, died 1684 in Marshfield, Mass.) Their daughter Elizabeth (b. 1646, Marshfield) m. Joseph Bent (c. 1641-1675).


Jasper Blake, the immigrant, was born about 1614 in Winsbotsham, Norfolk, England (probably the son of Jasper Blake who was born there in 1592) and died in Hampton, N.H. in 1673/4. He married Deborah Dalton (about 1625-1678), who was born in England and was sister to Reverend Timothy Dalton. Blake probably arrived in America with Timothy Dalton in 1639. He was a seaman or fisherman, and an early settler of Hampton.(1)

Their son Timothy Blake (1649-1717/18) married 1677 Naomi Sleeper (b. 1635). He was born and died in Hampton, New Hampshire. Their son Moses Blake (1680/81-1752) was a "searcher and sealer of leather", and married in 1701, Abigail Smith (b. 1678 in probably Exeter, New Hampshire.)


John Bourne, born about 1622 in probably Kent, England, died 1684 in Marshfield, Mass., and was the probable immigrant. He married in 1645 Alice Besbeech, who was born 1624 in Frittenden, Kent and died 1686 in Marshfield. Their daughter Elizabeth Bourne (b. 1646) married Joseph Bent (1641-1675) in Marshfield.


William Brewster (born 1566/7 probably in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England) was the son of William Brewster and Mary (Smyth) Simkinson, and immigrant to America on Mayflower. He married, about 1590 (possibly at Scrooby, Nottinghamshire) Mary - (born about 1569 in England, died April 1627 at Plymouth). He was elder of the Mayflower colony.

His daughter Patience Brewster, born about 1600 in probably Scrooby, and arrived on Anne in July, 1623. She married in 1624 Thomas Prence (1599-1673).


Mary Brooks (1645- 1709) married Thomas Lapham, Jr. (bet 1641and 1643- 1720). She died in Scituate, Mass., and he died in Marshfield, Mass.


John Bryant was born about 1640 in England, and was the probable immigrant. He held the rank of Lieutenant, and married Abigail, who was born about 1647 in Plymouth (whether England or Massachusetts as yet unknown) and died in Plympton, Mass. Their son Samuel Bryant (1673/74-1750/51) married Joanna (about 1671-1736).


James Buck came to America on the ship Diligent in August, 1638.

His son John Buck (1679/80-1752) was born and died in Woburn, Mass. He married Priscilla.

His grandson, also John (1716-1761) was born in Woburn and died in New Gloucester, Maine. He married Sarah Clements, who died in 1761. Their son John Buck (1754-1828) was born in New Gloucester, Maine and married Abigail Irish (1749-1824) of Gorham, Maine; both died in Woodstock, Maine.

Place names in Maine include Bucksport and Buckfield.


The immigrant ancestor Alexander Campbell arrived in America in 1729, and married Frances Drummond. Both families settled in Georgetown (now Phippsburg), Maine and held substantial deeds of land from the Kennebec Proprietors. A son John Campbell, b. 1741, married Sarah Ring.


Sarah Carey, an immigrant, married John Jenney. She arrived on the Ann in 1623, with her daughter Sarah Jenny, probably after the arrival of her husband.


Lydia Chase married David Ricker, Jr. in 1803.


The immigrant ancestor may have been Augustine Clement, who arrived on the James in 1635. A possible granddaughter Sarah Clements (d. 1761) married John Buck (1716-1761.


Joseph Collins married Ruth Knowles, and their daughter Lydia married Isaac Higgens.


William Curtis (1592-1673) was immigrant to America, arriving in the Lion (or Lyon) in Sept. 1632. He may have married a sister of John Eliot. He was in Scituate, Mass. in 1643, and on the "List of those able to bear arms in the Colony of New Plymouth in 1643, Scituate"; was admitted a freeman in 1658, served as a juryman in 1658, and was constable of Scituate in 1664.

His son Benjamin Curtis (b. 1666/67) married Mary Silvester (b. 1666) in Scituate, Mass., 1689. Their son Ebenezer Curtis (1694-1753) married Elizabeth Ramsdell (1722-1810) in Hanover, Mass., 1748/49.


Joan Daliber (or Doliver) (d. 1675, Gloucester) m. in 1638 Robert Elwell (1605-1689/90).


Joanna Doane married William Berry. Their son Levi Berry was born 1777 in Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass.


John Doggett (d. 1673) and Martha (Doggett) Fitzrandolph arrived with the Winthrop Fleet in April or May 1630, to Watertown from Weymouth, England.

Thomas Doggett was born about 1650 and died 1692 in Marshfield, Mass.

Samuel Doggett was born 1652 in Weymouth, Mass. He married, in 1690/91, Bathsheba Holmes. He died 1715 in Marshfield, Mass., and she died there in 1747. Their daughter Abigail Doggett (b. 1711/12) married Joshua Eames (1704-1727/28).


Robert Dutch may have been an immigrant to America. He married Mary Kimball, Their daughter Mary Dutch (1652-1680) married Joseph Elwell (1648-1701) in Gloucester, Mass. in 1669.

Osman (or Osmund or Osmond) Dutch (d. 1684) was a probable immigrant. He married Grace Pratt (d 1694). Their daughter Esther Dutch (1639-1721) married Samuel Elwell (1635-1696) in Gloucester, Mass., 1658.


Justis Eames was born 1627 in Fordington, Dorsetshire, England, and was immigrant to America. He married in 1660/61 in Marshfield, Mass., Mehitabel Chillingsworth, born about 1630. Their son Anthony (1663-1739) married Elizabeth Tilden (about 1665-1711/12).


Tabitha Edwards (b. about 1691) married William Raymond (b. 1689/90).


Robert Elwell (1605-1689/90) was born in England, and married in 1638 Joan Daliber/Doliver (d. 1675 in Gloucester, Mass.) Their son Samuel Elwell (1635-1696) was born in Dorcester, Mass. and married 1658 Esther Dutch (1639-1721) who died in Gloucester. She was a daughter of Osman (Osmond, Osmund) Dutch and Grace Pratt.


John Everard (alias Webb, died 1668 in Chelmsford, Mass.) and Stephen (alias Webb, probably brother) both arrived on James in 1635.

Deborah Everard (or Dalton) was born 1625 in England, died 1678 in Hampton. She married Jasper Blake (1614-1673/4). Her surname is also given as Dalton, and she may have been either a niece or sister of Reverent Timothy Dalton.


"Mr. Ford" with wife Martha and son John immigrated to America on the Fortune in 1621.

Another Ford arrived in Mary and John in 1630.

Tabitha Ford (about 1701-1773) married Samuel Bryant (1699-1774). He was born in Plymouth, Mass.; both of them died in Plympton, Mass.


Anthony Freeman, an immigrant, arrived on the Hopewell in March, 1634/5, "from London to New England".

His son Edmund Freeman (about 1596-1682) was born in England and also an immigrant. He died in Massachusetts. He married, in 1617, Bennett Hodsell, born about 1600 in England.

Their son John Freeman (1626/7-1719) was born in Billingshurst, Sussex, England. He married in 1649/50 in Eastham, Mass., Mercy Prence (1631-1711), who was born in Eastham. Both died in Eastham. He held the rank of Major. Their son Edmond Freeman (1657-1718) was born in Eastham, and married, about 1681, Sarah Mayo (1660-1745/6). Edmund held the rank of Lieutenant.


Thomas Gardner (c.1592-1674) arrived in the Cape Ann Group in 1624.

Peter Gardner, "age 18", arrived in Elizabeth in 1635.

James Gardner married 1662, in Gloucester, Elizabeth Vinson. She was a daughter of William Vinson/Vincent. Their daughter Sarah Gardner (b. 1668/69 in Gloucester) m. Robert Elwell (b. 1664, Gloucester) in 1687.


William Hatch and Jane were immigrants to America on Hercules in 1634.

Jane Hatch married John Sherman. Their daughter Abigail Sherman (1679.70-1709) married Joseph Lapham (b. 1670).


Thomas Hayward is the probable immigrant. His daughter Martha married John Howard, and their daughter Sarah Howard married in 1680/81 Zaccheus Packard (1651-1723).

Hinckley (Hinkley)

Samuel Hinkley (1589 - 1662) was the immigrant, arriving on the Hercules from Sandwich, England in 1634.(2) He was born in Tenterden, Kent, and married in 1617 Sarah Soule (or Soole) (1600-1656) in Hawkhurst, Kent, where she was born. Samuel died in Barnstable, Mass.

Their son Thomas (1619/20-1705) was born in Hawkhurst, Kent and immigrated with his parents. He married Mary Richards in Barnstable, Mass. In 1641, and died there. Their son Samuel (1651-1696/97) married in 1676, Barnstable, Sarah Pope (1651/2-1727). She was born in Plymouth, Mass.

Holdred (Holdredge)

William Holdredge (or Holdred) was born 1610 in England, and immigrated on the Elizabeth in 1635, "from London to New England". He was a tanner by trade, and married Isabel (or Isobella). Their daughter Mehitabel Holdred (b. 1652 in Haverhill, Mass.) married in 1668/9, in Haverhill, Jonathan Smith (born c.1640).(3)


Abraham Holmes married Elizabeth Arnold. Their daughter Bathsheba (d. 1747) married 1690/91 Samuel Doggett (1652-1715).


John Howard was a carpenter, and the probable immigrant. He married Martha Hayward. Their daughter Sarah Howard married Zaccheus Packard (1651-1723).


Elizabeth Howland married John Low (died 1676 near Rehobeth, Mass.). Their daughter Elizabeth (born c.1650) married in Marshfield, Mass. Walter Joyce (born c. 1650).


Abigail Irish (1749-1824) was born in Gorham, Maine. She married 1777 John Buck (1754-1828) of New Gloucester, Maine.


Nicholas Jellison (or Gillison) lived in 1671 near White's Marsh (South Berwick). (GDMNH)

Dorcas Jellerson married Elnathan Raymond in 1793.


John Jenney (d. 1644), a "brewer of Norwich", was the immigrant, arriving on the James in August 1623. He married Sarah Carey (d. 1655) who was an immigrant, arriving on the Ann with their daughter Sarah in 1623. Sarah was born in July of 1623, probably explaining why her mother arrived on a later ship than her father. Sarah Jenney married Thomas Pope in 1646.


Walter Joyce (born about 1650) married Elizabeth Low (b. about 1650) in Marshfield, Mass. Their son Thomas Joyce (1679-1755) married 1701 Elizabeth Bent (b. 1673) in Marshfield or Rochester, Mass.


Henry Kingman, born 1592 in Devonshire, England, was immigrant to America, probably in March 1635 with the Reverend Hull ("the Hull Company") of 106 persons including his wife Joane (born c1593), five children, and servant Jonathan Ford. He died 1667 in Massachusetts.

His son, John Kingman, was born 1633 in England and was also immigrant. He married Elizabeth, and died 1690. Their son Samuel Kingman (1670- bet. 1740-42) married 1695/6, in Bridgewater, Mass., Mary Mitchell (about 1666-1710).


Thomas Lapham was born about 1600 in Tenterden, Kent, England, was immigrant to America on the Hercules, as a servant to Nathaniel Tilden, in 1634.(4) He married 1635/36 Nathaniel Tilden's daughter Mary (1610-1690). Their son Thomas Lapham, Jr. (bet. 1641 and 1643- 1720) married 1668 Mary Brooks.


Robert Lockwood arrived in May 1630 in the Winthrop Fleet from Weymouth, England to Watertown.

Deborah Lockwood (b. 1648?), a daughter of Captain Richard Lockwood and Deborah- , married John Phenix (or Fennick) of Kittery in 1664. Their daughter Elizabeth (born about1670 in Kittery, died about 1749) married Hezekiah Elwell.


Andrew Low appears on the passenger list of Hector, arriving in Boston from London, June, 1637.

John Low, who died 1676 near Rehobeth, Mass. was also a probable immigrant. He married Elizabeth Howland. Their daughter Elizabeth Low (b. about 1650) married Walter Joyce (b. about 1650) in Marshfield, Mass.


William Lumpkin (about 1600-1671) was probably born in England, and was an immigrant, dying probably in Yarmouth, Mass. He married Tamison (b. About 1580). Their daughter Thomasine (1625-1709) married Samuel Mayo (1625-1663).


John Martin was immigrant to America on the Diligent in August, 1638.

Adam Martin was the father of Mary Anne Martin, who was born in Union, Maine. She married Marboro Packard (b. 1803).


Rev. John Mayo (1598-1676) was born in Cattistock, Northamptonshire, and was the immigrant to America. He married, about 1619 in England, Tamsin-- , who was born there about 1600. John Mayo was the lst Minister of Boston's North Church in 1638. Both John and Tamsin died in Yarmouth, Mass.

Their son, Samuel Mayo (1625-1663) was born in England, and married in 1643, Yarmouth, Thomasine Lumpkin (1625-1709). She was born in Yarmouth, Mass. And died in Brewster, Mass. He died in Yarmouth. Their daughter Sarah (1660-1745/6) married Lieutenant Edmund Freeman about 1681. Their son Nathaniel (born about 1627 in England, died 1661/2) married Hannah Prence, sister of Mercy Prence, both granddaughters of Mayflower's Brewster.


Hester Mercer (b. About 1587 in Southampton, England, d. about 1633) m. in Hampshire, England Nathaniel Bachiler (b. 1590 in England, d. 1645 in England). Their son Nathaniel (1630-1709/10) m. Deborah Smith (1640-1675), probably in Hampton, New Hampshire. Hester's parents were Jan Le Mercier and Jeanne Le Clere.


The immigrant John Mereen was born about 1731 in France, died 1812 in Bath, Maine. He married in 1731 Rebecca Pepper, who was born 1731 in Eastham, Mass. One of their daughters, Hannah Mereen (1766-1847) married in 1789 Josiah Batchelder (1766-1847). Both of these lived and died in Phippsburg, Maine.

John Mereen served in the American Revolution with the rank of Lieutenant.


Experience Mitchell was born about 1602 in England and was immigrant to America on the Anne in July, 1623, to Plymouth from London. He married first Jane Cook, daughter of Mayflower Pilgrim Francis Cooke, and second, Mary-- , before 1641. He died between 1684-1689.

Jacob Mitchell (b. before 1650 in Plymouth, Mass. as a son of Experience and Mary), married Susannah Pope (born 1649). Both were killed by Indians at Dartmouth, Mass. in 1675. A daughter, Mary Mitchell (about 1666-1710) married in 1695/6 in Bridgewater, Mass. Samuel Kingman (1670-bet. 1740-42).


Lydia Noble married David Ricker in 1772.


Samuel Packard, the immigrant, was born 1612 in Wymondham, England, and died 1684 in Bridgewater, Mass. He married Elizabeth, born about 1635 in England and who died in 1694. They arrived in America on Dilligent of Ipswich in August 1638, first settling in Hingham, Mass. The family moved to West Bridge Water in 1660, where he was listed as constable and tavern keeper. Samuel and his six sons were soldiers in King Phillip's War of 1675-6.

Their son Zacheus Packard (1651-1723) married Sarah Howard.


George Parkhurst was born about 1588 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. He married Phoebe Leet (Leete) about 1611 in England. She was born 1586 in Cambridgeshire, and died 1645 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

Their daughter Deborah Parkhurst was born 1619 in St. Margarets, Ipswich, Essex and died 1670. She was a probable immigrant to America, and married, about 1638 in Edgartown, Mass., John Smith, who was born in Hampton, England. He died 1674 in Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Their daughter Deborah Smith (1640-1675) married Nathaniel Batchelder (1630-1709/10).


Richard Pepper, with wife Mary Pepys and two children, arrived in the Francis in April, 1624.

Robert Pepper (about 1617 - 1684), also an immigrant, was born in St. Aldermary, London, and died in Roxbury, Mass. He married Elizabeth Johnson (about 1620 - 1683/4), who was born in Herne Hill, London, and died the same year as her husband in Roxbury. Their son Isaac Pepper (b. 1659) married in 1685 Apphia Freeman.

Their son Joseph Pepper (b. 1703/4) m. Rebecca Higgens, and these had a daughter Rebecca (b. 1731 in Eastham, Mass.), who married in 1754 Lt. John Mereen.


Perkins is listed as an immigrant to America in the Winthrop Fleet of May, 1630, on the Lyon, Bristol to Salem.

Mark Perkins (1699-1756) married Dorothy Whipple. Their daughter Martha (b. 1733) married in 1763 Nathan Packard (1733-1772).


John Phenix married Deborah Lockwood. Their daughter Elizabeth Phenix (b. about 1670 in Kittery, Maine, died 1749) married Hezekiah Elwell (1670-1719).


Thomas Pope (d. 1683) married Sarah Jenney (1623-bet. 1654-56), daughter of John Jenney and Sarah Carey. She was an immigrant, arriving on the Ann in 1623. Their daughter Sarah (1651/2-1727) married in 1676, Barnstable, Mass. Samuel Hinckley (1651-1696/7).


Abraham Pratt, with wife Jane, arrived in the Winthrop Fleet of 1630, to Roxbury from Weymouth, England.

Phineas Pratt (b. 1593) was an immigrant, arriving in the Sparrow, 1632. He married Mary Priest.

Grace Pratt (d. 1694) may have been the daughter of one of Phineas' sons (John, b.1631; Samuel, b. 1636' Daniel, b. 1640; Joseph, b. 1645; Peter, b. 1647; or Aaron, b. 1649.) Grace married Osman Dutch; their daughter Esther (1639-1721) m. 1658 Samuel Elwell in Gloucester.


Thomas Prence (1599-1673) was born in England, the son of Thomas Prence and Elizabeth Todlerby of Lechlade, Gloucestershire and All Hallows Barking, London. He immigrated to America on the Fortune in November, 1621 "England to Plymouth". He married Patience Brewster (1600-1634), daughter of Mayflower's William Brewster, who was born in Scrooby, Nottingham, England. Prence was governor of Plimouth Colony 1667-1673.

Their daughter Mercy Prence (1631-1711) married Major John Freeman (1625/6-1719).


Joseph Ramsdell was in Pembroke, Plymouth, Mass.

His son Daniel had a son Thomas who married Sarah Alverson. Their daughter Elizabeth Ramsdell (1722-1810) married Ebenezer Curtis (1694-1753).


The immigrant ancestor may have been Richard Rayment (1602-1692), who arrived in the Winthrop Fleet of 1631, to Salem from Suffolk, England.

Willliam Raymond (b. 1689/90) married Tabitha Edwards in 1717, Rochester, Mass., and died in Wareham, Mass. Their son Elnathan m. 1793 Dorcas Jellerson.


Isaac Rich had a son Reuben Harding Rich who was born 1778 in Truro, Mass. and died in West Bath, Maine. Reuben married Susanna Raymond (b. 1776), daughter of Paul Raymond and Molly Eastman.


Mary Richards (1624-1659) married Thomas Hinckley (1619-1705).

Ricker (Riccar)

Maturin Riccar was born 1653/54 in Jersey, Channel Islands, and was the probable immigrant. He married Rebecca Shaw. They were both killed by Indians in 1706.

Their son Maturin Ricker (or Riccar) was born before 1695. He married Lucy Wallingford. Their son David Ricker, born 1751 in Sommerworth, New Hampshire, married 1772 Lydia Noble.


Sarah Ring, born in the 1740s, married John Campbell, b. 1741. Their son John Campbell, Jr. (1772-1834) married Dorcas Raymond (about 1772-1862), daughter of Elnathan Raymond and Dorcas Jellerson.


John Sherman married Jane Hatch. Their daughter Abigail (1679/80-1709) married Joseph Lapham (b.1670).


Thomas Sleeper (1616-1696) was born in Bristol, Somersetshire, England, and was immigrant to America. He married, between 1649 and 1656 in Haverhill, Mass., Joanna Lee (or Knight), who was born 1623 in Hampton, New Hampshire. Their daughter Naomi Sleeper (b. 1655, Hampton) married Timothy Blake.


John Smith was born 1572 in Colcator, Essex, England, and died 1667/68 in Nantucket, Mass. He married Isabella Drake, who was born 1579 in Elmstead, Essex and died 1639 in Watertown, Mass. Both were immigrants to America.

Their son, also John Smith, was born in Hampton, England, and was an immigrant to America. He married Deborah Parkhurst (1619-1670) in Edgartown, Mass. about 1638, and died 1674 in Martha's Vineyard, Mass. Their daughter Deborah Smith, born in Hampton, New Hampshire, married Nathaniel Batchelder.

Soule (Soole)

Sarah Soule was born 1600 in Hawkhurst, Kent, England and married Samuel Hinckley there in 1617. She may have been an immigrant to America with him, although her place of death in 1656 is not yet known. (Hinckley died in Barnstable, Mass. in 1662.) Their son Thomas Hinckley, also born in Hawkhurst in 1619/20, married Mary Richards (1624-1659) in 1641, Barnstable, Mass.


Nathaniel Tilden, immigrant to America on the Hercules in 1634, was born in Tenterden, Kent, England, in 1583, and died 1641 in Scituate, Mass. He married Lydia Huckstep about 1606 in Tenterden, Kent.

Their daughter Mary Tilden was born 1610 in Tenterden, Kent, immigrated with her parents, and married Thomas Lapham (about 1610-1651) in 1636. He arrived in America as servant to the Tilden family.(5)

Their son Thomas Tilden was also immigrant to America on Hercules in 1634. He was born 1618/19 in Tenterden, England, and died 1705 in Marshfield, Mass. He married (1) about 1653 Elizabeth Bourne (abt 1618-1663) and (2) in 1664/65 Mary Holmes (b. About 1640). Their daughter Elizabeth (about 1665-1711) married 1663 Anthony Eames (about 1663-1739).


John Whipple (1617-1685) arrived with wife Sarah (about 1614-1666) in the Winthrop Fleet, about 1632.

Dorothy Whipple married Mark Perkins (1699-1756). Their daughter Martha Perkins married Nathan Packard.

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