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Aaron-Jeffries   Created By
Samuel Jeffries Family Tree

Aileen-Susan-Jeffery   Created By
Jeffery/OBrien/Halter/Reilly/McElwain families

Al-Jefferis   Created By
Allen L. Jefferis Home Page

Alan-R-Jeffrey   Created By
The Jeffery Family of Erith, Kent, England

Albert-Jeffords   Created By
Jeffords SC

Alfred-C-Jefferson   Created By
Jefferson - Brundrett

Allan-Jefferies   Created By
The Jefferies Family

Amy-Jefferson   Created By
The Lewandowskis of Wisconsin

Andrea-C-Jeffress   Created By

Angelica-R-Jeffrieshutchison   Created By
The family of Angelica Jeffries-Hutchison

Angie-Jefferson-   Created By
Angie's Family Tree

Angie-Jefferson-TN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Anita-E-Jeffries   Created By
The Boibeaux, Valliere, Jeffries web page

Ann-P-Jeffery   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Barbara-Jeffries   Created By
My Palatine Ancestors

Benjamin-J-Jefferson   Created By
Home Page of Benjamin Jefferson

Bertha-L-Jeffery   Created By
Bertha Jeffery's family

Betsy--L-Jeffery   Created By
Home Page of Betsy Jeffery

Beverly-Jefferson   Created By
An Assorted Box of Chocolates

Billie-R-Jefferies   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Billie-r-Jefferies   Created By
Sutton Ancestors

Billie-r-Jefferies-NM   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Bobby-Jeffers   Created By
jeffers ancestors and decendants

Brant-A-Jeffreys   Created By
The Brant Jeffreys Family Home Page

Brenda-Jeffrey   Created By
Thomas A. Jones Family

Brian-Jeffray   Created By
Brian Jeffray of Goderich Ontario Canada

Brian-Jeffrey   Created By
Jeffrey Family of Tampa, Fl

Brian-Jeffrey-Scotland   Created By
Gerald Brian Jeffrey, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Brian-P-Jeffers   Created By
The Jeffers Family

Brian-R-Jeffery   Created By
The Jeffery Family at Loon's Echo

Briana-J-Jeffreys   Created By
Briana's country music home page

Brieanne-E-Jefferson   Created By
Home Page of Brie-Anne Jefferson

Bruce-C-Jeffrey   Created By
The Jeffrey Family

Bruce-Jeffero   Created By
"The Jefferos of Houston, TX"

Cara-L-Jeffries   Created By

Caren-J-Jeffrey   Created By

Carl-Jeffery-TX   Created By
"The Carl L. Jefferys of TX

Carl-L-Jeffery   Created By
"The JEFFERY Family Home Page"

Carol-A-Mercer   Created By
Thomas Jefferies Family of Newfoundland

Carole-A-Jeffery   Created By
My Family Tree

Carole-L-Jeffries-IL   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Catherine-M-Jeffers   Created By
Home Page of Catherine Jeffers

Cecil-Jefferson   Created By
The Cecil K Davis-Jeffersons of KC

Celia-C-Jeffery   Created By
Duckworth family

Charles-R-Jefferson   Created By
An American Story

Charles-R-Jeffery   Created By
The Charles R. Jeffery Family Home Page

Charles-R-Jeffery-NC   Created By
The Charles R. Jeffery Home Page

Charles-R-Jeffords   Created By
Charles Raymond Jeffords, Austin, Texas

Charlotte-W-Jeffers   Created By
The Family of Charlotte Williams Jeffers

Charlotte-Williams-Jeffers   Created By
The Family of Charlotte Williams Jeffers

Charlotte-Williams-Jeffers-AR   Created By
A Collection of Related Family Lines

Cheryl-A-Jeffers   Created By
They Came Before Me

Cheryl-ann-Jefferson   Created By
Cheryl Ann Jefferson Family Tree

Chris--A-Jeffrey   Created By
Slap happy

Chris--Jeffrey   Created By
Test Page

Christine-F-Jefferson   Created By
Jefferson - Gatward

Christopher-Jeffries   Created By
Christopher Craig Jeffries of Lakeland, FL

Christopher-L-Jeffery   Created By

Christye-V-Jefferson   Created By
Konrad vonNida Family History

Cindy-Lynn-Jeffreys   Created By

Cj-Jeffords   Created By
The Temple V. Jeffords family of GA

Claudia-L-Jefferies   Created By
Williamsons of USA

Colin-Jefferies   Created By
the isle of man. caleys

Colin-Q-Jeffords   Created By
Uncle Quinn's Jeffords Family Home Page

Craig-Jeffries   Created By
Craig Jeffries

Crystal-A-Jeffreys   Created By
An American Family - Jeffreys and Sullivan

Crystal-Jeffrey   Created By
Crystal A Jeffrey of FL

D-Jeffers   Created By
My Family Home Page

D-Jeffers-MD   Created By
My Family Home Page

Dale-O-Jeffers-1   Created By
The Dale O Jeffers family Tree

Dale-O-Jeffers-OH   Created By
Dale O. Jeffers Born Potter Co. Pa.

Dale-O-Jeffers-Ohio   Created By
Dale O. Jeffers born North Bingham Pa.

Dale-O-Jeffers-Oregon   Created By
Dale Jeffers family tree

Danice-C-Jeffers   Created By
The Danice Correra /Lansberg Home Page

Daniel-J-Jeffery   Created By
VanVorce, Dymond, Jeffery, LaFlamme

Darlina-Jefferson-mn   Created By

David-C-Jeffery   Created By

David-Crighton-Jeffrey   Created By
The David Jeffrey Family Home Page

David-J-Jeffries   Created By
The Jeffries Family of Los Altos, CA

David-Jeffery   Created By
The Jeffery Family - Around the World

David-L-Jefferson-MA   Created By
The David L. Jeffersons of Holyoke, MA

Dean-Jeffries-TX   Created By
Dean Foster Jeffries - Family

Debbie-Jefferson   Created By
Jefferson Lindner Mayberry Family Tree

Deborah-A-Jefferssisk   Created By
The Jeffers' Family Home Page

Delma-J-Jefferies   Created By
Hanna's of Canada and UK

Derek-S-Jefferson   Created By
Mr. Derek Jefferson

Devin-Jefferies   Created By
The Smiths

Dianne-Jeffree   Created By
" The JEFFREE Family Home Page "

Dianne-Jeffree-South-Australia   Created By
Jeffree's, Tresahar's, Tremenheere's and Worthe's

Don-Jeffrey   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Donald-J-Jeffries   Created By

Donald-R-Jefferson   Created By
The Donald Russell Jefferson Family Home Page

Donald-W-Jeffries   Created By
Jeffries - Lloyd - Lowenstein

Donna-Jeffrey   Created By
Ivy Family of Texas & Pruitt Family of South Carolina

Donna-R-Jeffrey   Created By
The Families of Ralph C. Collins and Margaret Wharton

Donna-R-Jeffrey-OK   Created By
The Families of Ralph C. Collins

Donna-R-Jeffrey-Oklahoma   Created By
The Collins Families of Kentucky and Oklahoma

Dorian-Jefferson   Created By
The Jeffersons of GA

Doris-Jefferson   Created By
Culpepper & Jefferson

Doug-Jefferson   Created By
The Doug Jefferson Home Page

Duane-G-Jeffers   Created By
Duane Jeffers, Murrieta,CA

Dwight-Jefferson   Created By
Dwight Jefferson of Norfolk, Va

Earl-Jefferys   Created By
jefferys south african tree

Earl-R-Jefferson   Created By
The Jefferson Cooperative Research Page

Edgar-H-Jefferis   Created By
The Jefferis/Pickle Families of Pennsylvania

Edward-Jefferson   Created By
The Jeffersons Of Wales/ Scotland

Edward-M-Jeffery   Created By
The Edward M. Jeffery & Carol A. Pardee Family Home Page

Edwin-C-Jeffery   Created By
Edwin C Jeffery

Elizabeth-D-Jeffery   Created By
The Quy Family of Jewell County, Kansas

Elizabeth-I-Jeffers   Created By

Elizabeth-J-Jeffreys   Created By
George Gill Mallinson

Elizabeth-Jeffers   Created By
The Elizabeth Jeffers of New Jersey

Ellen-Jeffries-rogers   Created By
Jeffries' of Black Hawk Co. IA

Elmer-M-Jefferson   Created By
Jefferson of Delaware

Emory-Jeffers   Created By
Emory D Jeffers of Fort Wayne In

Ernest-E-Jeffries   Created By
Ernest Elmer Jeffries of Knoxville Tn

Eugene-Jefferson-FL   Created By
Eugene Jefferson

Everettjeffers-Jeffers   Created By
minnie blankenship green co. tennesse

Florence-Jeffery   Created By
the Albert Jeffery Family Home Page

Florence-Jeffery-Brunswick   Created By
The Albert & Florence Jeffery Family Home Page

Florence-Jeffery-oh   Created By
The Albert & Florence Jeffery Family Home Page

Gale-F-Jeffrey-MA   Created By
The Allen Family of New Hampshire

George-G-Jefferson   Created By
Jeffersons of Virginia

Geraldine-G-Jeffires   Created By
"Geraldine Green-Jeffires Family Home Page"

Geraldine-G-Jeffires-CA   Created By
The Howard/Doctors Via Alabama and Georgia.

Greg-P-Jeffery   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Gregory-Jefferson   Created By
Home Page of Gregory Jefferson

Gregory-Jefferson-   Created By
Broadus/Knaus/Varner/Gates family of MO, GA, KY, VA

Gregory-S-Jefferson   Created By
The Broaddus, Varner's & Harrison of Missouri, and Georgia

Harold-T-Jeffers   Created By
My JEFFERS Genealogy Home Page

Heather-D-Jefferis   Created By
The Jefferis and Doty's of Barnesville, OH

Heather-Jeffers   Created By
Simmons/Jeffers family

Helen-Jeffers   Created By
The Samuel Jeffers Family Home Page

Helen-Jeffery-   Created By
The Jefferys of the British Isles

Henry-L-Jeff   Created By
Choinimni Tribe of Tivy Valley

Holly-Jefferson-   Created By
The Jefferson's of Beaufort co, North Carolina

Hugh-S-Jefferson   Created By
The Hugh Stover Jefferson Family Home Page

Hyland-G-Jeffries   Created By
The Hyland Jeffries Family Homepage

Ian-D-Jeffery   Created By
The Jefferys

Ian-N-Jeffrey   Created By
Bad Boyz 4 Life

Isaac-Jefferson   Created By

Jack-Jeffery-victoria   Created By

Jacqueline-J-Jeffrey   Created By
The Jeffrey and Bernabe Lineage

James-A-Jeffreys   Created By
"The Jim Jeffreys Family Home Page"

James-C-Jefferis   Created By
The James C. Jefferis Genealogy Page

James-E-Jeffries   Created By
Home Page of James Jeffries

James-I-Jeffreys   Created By
James Jeffreys Page

James-Irving-Jeffreys   Created By
James I. "Jeff" Jeffreys' Page

James-P-Jefferd   Created By
The James Jefferd Family Home Page

James-R-Jefcoat   Created By
Descendants of David Jefcoat (born 1-25-1829) Home Page

James-R-Jeffers   Created By
James R. Jeffers of Scott County, TN.

James-T-Jefferson-jr   Created By
The George E. Dixons of Nashville, TN.

James-T-Jefferson-jr-TN   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

James-Thomas-Jefferson-jr   Created By
George E. Dixon Family Tree

Jamie-Jefferys   Created By

Jan-Jeffcoat-   Created By
Hembree/Tabor / De Rossett & Henry/Hoge/Greer Family TN

Jane-A-Jeffs   Created By
Jane Jeffs Of Roosevelt Utah

Janet-B-Jeffrey   Created By
The Carsons, Moffat Mills, Airdrie, Scotland

Janice-L-Jeffords   Created By

Jason-Jeffers-Twinfalls   Created By
Jason E Jeffers family tree

Jason-Jeffers-id   Created By
Jason E Jeffers family tree

Jay-D-Jeffries   Created By

Jay-K-Jeffries   Created By
The Jay Jeffries Family Home Page

Jay-K-Jeffries-AA   Created By
The Jeffries of South Jersey

Jeanmichel-Jefferson   Created By
Jeffersons of Abbeytown, Cumbria

Jeannette-E-Jeffries   Created By
Jeannette Jeffries of Rossville, TN

Jeff-Jefferson-CA   Created By

Jenethia-Jefferson   Created By
Jenethia J. Jefferson of Washington DC

Jennifer-A-Jefts   Created By
Jennifer Jefts Family Tree

Jennifer-A-Jefts-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Jennifer-Jeffrey   Created By
Jennifer's Home family tree page

Jennifer-Jeffreys   Created By

Jerald-A-Jeffreys   Created By
The Jeffreys family of Colorado

Jerome--J-Jefferson   Created By
The Cox and Jefferson Family Home Page

Jerry--L-Jeffords   Created By
The Jeffords Family of Kentucky

Jerry-Jeffers   Created By
My Genealogy Research

Jerry-Jeffrey-   Created By
Jeffrey Family

Jerry-Jeffrey-WA   Created By
Jerry Jeffrey Family of Vancouver WA.

Jerry-L-Jeffords   Created By
Jeffords Genealogy

Jerry-L-Jeffrey   Created By
The Jeffrey Family Lineage

Jerry-Lee-Jeffords   Created By
Jeffords & Saegers of Kentucky & Tennessee

Jessica-Jeffers   Created By
The Family Tree of the Jeffers

Jo--Jeffery   Created By
Welcome to the Homepage of Jo Jeffery and David Esh

Joan-Jeffers   Created By
The Joan Jeffers Family Home Page

Joanne-Jeffrys-MB   Created By

Joel-E-Jeffcote   Created By
The Joel E. Jeffcote Family Home Page

John-E-Jefferies   Created By
Tracy Mogridge Home Page

John-Edward-Jefferies   Created By
Mogridge Family Home Page.

John-F-Jeffcoat   Created By
John & Sandra Jeffcoat Family Home Pagr

John-Jefferies   Created By
John Jefferies & Tracy Jefferies nee Mogridge

John-Jeffrey-1   Created By
John L. Jeffrey of Oshawa, Ontario

John-Jeffries-1   Created By
The wrestling Jeffries of Oklahoma

John-P-Jeffries   Created By
John Jeffries and Jo Ann Bob Family Home Page

John-m-Jeffords   Created By
John Freeman Jeffords Family

Jonathan--M-Jeffries   Created By
The Bryant Jeffries Family of New Hope, Missouri

Jonathon-D-Jeffries   Created By
Jonathon Jeffries

Joseph-Jeffrey-jr   Created By
The Joseph Jay Jeffrey Jr. family of Omaha, NebraskaThe Jeff

Joshua-W-Jeffery   Created By
The Joshua W. Jefferys of Montgomery Texas

Juan-andres-Jeffs   Created By
The Jeffs family in Chile

Judy-Jeffers   Created By
Jeffers -Dobbs-Chambers-Crowley-Hamblin-West Family Page

June-E-Jefferson   Created By

Justen-Jeffrey   Created By

Karen-Jeffries-Kansas   Created By
Descendants of The Crane, Duncan, Trammell, Kings, Burnworth

Karla-K-Jefferson   Created By
The Karla Jefferson Home Page

Karla-K-Jefferson-IL   Created By
The Karla Kaye Wolfmeyer Jefferson Home Page

Karmel--R-Jeffrey-FL   Created By
DNA Contributors of KRD

Katherine-D-Jeffords   Created By
Jeffords-Davis-Lancaster-Hair Tree

Kathy-Y-Jeffers   Created By
Youngblood - Jeffers Home Page

Keith-W-Jefford   Created By
The home page of Keith Jefford, UK

Kellie-Jeffries   Created By
Vandover, Jeffries, Kinsey Families of Missouri

Ken-Jeffree   Created By
JEFFREE in Australia

Kendall-J-Jefferson-UT   Created By
A Jefferson Family Tree

Kenneth-F-Jeffrey   Created By
My Humble Roots

Kenneth-J-Jefferson   Created By
"The Ken Jefferson's of Tyler, Tx

Kenneth-W-Jeffries   Created By
Jeffries Of Wilmington, IL

Kerry-J-Jeffrey   Created By
The Jeffrey Family Calliope

Kevin-Jeffries-1   Created By
Kevin Jeffries of Dallas, Georgia

Kim-J-Jefferson-SC   Created By
The Kim Birchum Family Home Page

Kimberly-B-Jeffers   Created By
Home Page of Kimberly Jeffers

Kristi-A-Jeffrey   Created By
Kristi Anne Jeffrey of New York

Lafayette-Jefferson   Created By
The Long Jefferson Line

Larry-Jeffers-Kentucky   Created By
"Larry Joseph Jeffers of South Eastern, KY."

Latisha-L-Jeffries   Created By
"Latisha's Torres Page"

Laura-L-Jeffcoat   Created By
The Jeffcoats of Cisco, Tx

Laura-jo-C-Jeffers   Created By
Coleman, Pitchford, Guynes, Woodall Families

Leann-Jeffares   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Leann-M-Jeffcoat   Created By
Schlichting, Maule, Zok & Czech, Fussy, Lashinski History

Leo-Jeffers   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Leslie-P-Jeffs   Created By
JEFFS in Buckinghamshire

Lester--Jeffries   Created By

Lester-Jeffries-IL   Created By
John Henry Jeffries

Linda-G-Jeffries   Created By
Wilson, Mumma, Schott and Kuna Families

Linda-Jeffers   Created By
The Guy Family Of Roger Mills County,Oklahoma

Linda-L-Jefferson   Created By
The William Jefferson family home page

Linda-L-Jefferson---golden   Created By
Home Page of Linda Jefferson (GOLDEN)

Linda-L-Jefferson-Jesup   Created By
The William Jeffersons of South east Georgia

Linwood-E-Jeffries   Created By

Lisa-A-Jeffries   Created By
The Lisa Jeffries Doyle Family Home Page

Lisa-D-Jeffers   Created By

Lloyd-G-Jeffries   Created By
Lloyd G Jeffries in Maryland

Lonnie-J-Jeffries   Created By

Lonnie-Jeffries-   Created By
The Lonnie Jeffries' of Louisiana

Lora-Jeffcoat   Created By
History of Jeffcoat, Wall(s)/Waul(s),Luckey & Strode

Lora-Jeffries   Created By
Lora Hunt Jeffries' Indiana Home Page

Lynette-C-Jeffres   Created By
The Jeffres Family of Wyoming

Lynette-Jeffres   Created By
The Family of Lynette Jeffres

Madelon-Jeffreys   Created By
The Jeffreys Family

Malvin-E-Jeffries   Created By
Morris Jeffries

Margaret-Jeffcoat   Created By
the Travelsteads of Carmi, IL

Mari-Jeffery   Created By
The James Roy Whites of Smiths Falls, Ontario

Marilyn-C-Jeffers-NV   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Marilyn-J-Jefferson-mayfield   Created By

Marilyn-Jeffers-NV   Created By
James Murtha of Hastings, PA

Marilynn-Jefferson-   Created By

Mark-D-Jefferson   Created By
The George Marcotte Sr. of Michigan Family

Mark-D-Jefferson-Montana   Created By
"The George Marcotte Sr. of Michigan" Home Page

Mark-Jeffery   Created By
The Home Page of Mark Jeffery

Mark-R-Jeffs   Created By
Jeffs Family

Martha-E-Jefferson   Created By

Marty-Jeffers   Created By
Jeffers Family Tree

Mary-E-Jeffries   Created By
Jeffries Family From Virginia to Indiana

Mary-J-Jeffery   Created By
"The Jeffery Family of Southern Ontario"

Mary-Jeffery-howell   Created By
Descendants of Claycomb & Miller/Mary's Family

Mary-ann-Jeffers   Created By
Mahana/Sheek/Garrett/Floyd Families

Maryellyn-D-Jeffery   Created By
The Jefferys of Mesa,AZ

Mason-A-Jefferson   Created By
Jefferson, Winn, Frantom, Mire, Feduccia

Matt-E-Jeffers   Created By
"Any info on Jeffers' family tree please send to me."

Matthew-R-Jeffers   Created By
Scogin Family of New Hampshire

Matthew-R-Jeffers-   Created By
The Scogin Family of New Hampshire

Megan-A-Jefferson   Created By

Melloney-J-Jeffery   Created By
The Family Homepage of Melloney Jeffery (Nee Holt)

Melodae-Jeffries   Created By
Farleys of Jackson, OH, via Tennessee and Virginia

Melvin-Jefferson   Created By
Melvin Jefferson Jr. of Baltimore, Md.

Merrel-Jeffers   Created By
The Charles M. Newport's of Oneida, TN

Michael--W-Jefferson   Created By
The Jefferson Family Home Page

Michael-A-Jeffcoat   Created By
Michael A Jeffcoat of Joy, Illinois

Michael-A-Jefferson   Created By
Michael A. Jefferson of Manassas, Virginia, USA

Michael-E-Jefferson   Created By
William Buck and Vinney Jefferson

Michael-J-Jefferson   Created By
thee prices of lafayette,MS

Michael-Jefferies   Created By
Jefferies Family Tree

Michael-Jefferies-Oxfordshire   Created By
Jefferies Shrine of Didcot England

Michael-W-Jefferson   Created By
The Michael W. Jeffersons of El Paso, TX

Michelle-Jeffcoat   Created By
The Darnell of South Carolina

Michelle-Jeffery   Created By
1841 Aberdeenshire Census & Stitchell Family Homepage

Micki-J-Jefferson   Created By
Micki Zak - Jefferson

Micki-J-Jefferson-NV   Created By
Alden - Mullens Home Page

Mildred-L-Jeffers   Created By
"The Migration of Our Family"

Mildred-Lea-Jeffers   Created By
Jeffers and Endsley family

Miller-L-Jeffrey   Created By
Jeffrey L. Miller Family's Tree

Mishila-L-Jeffers   Created By
MJ's Family Page

Mollie-K-Jeffers   Created By
The Mcbride's and Jeffers of Denison, Texas

Mollie-K-Jeffers-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Monica-Jefferson   Created By
The Willie Webb Sr. Family of Ringgold, LA

Nancy-E-Jeffrey   Created By
Home Page of Nancy Jeffrey

Nancy-E-Jeffries   Created By
"Jeffries-Kemp, Iowa"

Nancy-Jeffery-harrison   Created By
Robert John Jeffery, Sr. - Dedham

Nancy-K-Jeffers-OH   Created By
The Joe Bartley Hatfield Family of West Virginia & Kentucky

Neil-Jeffery   Created By
The Jeffery Family of Kent Home Page

Neil-Jeffery-   Created By
Neil Jeffery's family tree

Otis-A-Jeffcoat   Created By
Jeffcoat/Wadsworth/Crosby/Peddy/Muthig/Strain Home Page

Otis-Jeffcoat   Created By
Jeffcoat/Wadsworth/Crosby/Peddy/Muthig/Strain Home Page

Pamela-R-Jeffries   Created By
The Thomas C Rogers III of Youngsville, NC

Patricia-A-Jeffers   Created By

Patricia-A-Jeffries   Created By
The Jeffries

Patricia-Jeffries-Colorado   Created By
The Frank and Distels of Colorado

Patricia-L-Jeffrey   Created By
The Jeffrey's of Man, WV

Patty-D-Jefferson   Created By
Home Page of patty jefferson

Patty-Diane-Jefferson   Created By
The Jefferson's of Marshall Co., WV

Paul-D-Jeffries   Created By
Jeffries family from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK

Paul-Jeffrey   Created By

Paul-Jeffrey-west-midlands   Created By
the jeffrey family tree(birmingham,uk)

Paula-K-Jeffries   Created By
Milligan, Faille and Jeffries of Il.,IN., and Ark.

Pauline-Jeffrey-West-Yorkshire   Created By
Pauline Jeffrey of Leeds West Yorkshire England

Pauline-Jeffreywalker   Created By
Pauline Jeffrey-Walker of LEEDS, England

Peggy--Jeffra   Created By
DeBaugh Family Home Page

Perry-Jefferies   Created By
Jefferies / Biggs / Rhoades / Roedels

Phil-Jeffrey   Created By
The Phil Jeffrey Family Home Page

Philip-Gerald-Jefcoate   Created By
The Jefcoate Family Page

Philip-Jeffery   Created By
Jeffery and Woodcock family tree

Ramona-Jeffries   Created By
The life and times of Anthony Gholson Sr

Randy-E-Jeffrey   Created By
The Jeffrey Family Tree

Ray-L-Jeffries   Created By
Jeffries/Almeida in Warren, R.I.

Raymond-L-Jefferies   Created By
The Jefferies family

Rebecca-F-Jeffries   Created By
Home Page of Rebecca Jeffries

Rebecca-Jeffress   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Rex-Jeffers   Created By
Jeffers Family of Tennessee

Rex-Jeffersontaite   Created By
The Jefferson-Taite Family

Rex-and-renee-Jeffersontaite   Created By
The Jefferson-Taite Family

Rich-Jeffries   Created By
Paul R. Jeffries, Jr. of New Castle, IN

Richard-J-Jeffords   Created By
Michael Jeffords Family of the Town Of Erin Washington Co. W

Richard-Jeffreys   Created By

Richard-N-Jefferson   Created By
The Jeffersons

Rickey-Jeffery   Created By
"William Jeffrey of Logan"

Robert-A-Jefferson   Created By
The Robert A Jefferson Family

Robert-H-Jeffries   Created By
Culpepper, Mallory, Jeffries, Wells, Williams, Yawn Families

Robert-Harrus-Jeffries   Created By
Robert H. Jeffries of La Grange, Georgia and His Ancestors

Robert-J-Jefferys   Created By
The Jefferys Family Home Page

Robert-Jefferies   Created By
Jefferies - Gloucestershire & Southern England

Robert-L-Jefferson   Created By
The William and Elizabeth Hewitt Jefferson Decendents

Robin-Jeffrey   Created By
Ricketts/Fleming Family Tree

Robyn-E-Jeffords   Created By
The Robyn Saxton Jeffords Family Home Page

Ronnie-P-Jeffers   Created By
The Ron Jeffers of Oneida, TN

Russel-Jefferis   Created By
Jefferis Ancestory of NE

Russel-Jefferis-NE   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Samuel-Jeffryes   Created By

Sandra-J-Jefferson   Created By
The Jefferson's

Sandra-Jeffers   Created By
The Jeffers Family!

Sarah-E-Jeffcoat   Created By
" The "Coalson, Colson, Coulson, Colston" Family Home Page"

Scott-A-Jeffrey   Created By
The Scott Jeffrey Family

Scott-Jeffery   Created By
The Jefferys

Scott-Jeffery-AZ   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Shafayet-Jefreey   Created By
" Come fall in love ... ... ... "

Shannon-L-Jeffries   Created By
Andrew Taylor/Shannon Jeffries Home page

Shannon-R-Jeffords   Created By
My Family

Shaun-Jeffery   Created By
family Tree

Sheila-D-Jefferson   Created By
Leopold Dumas Family of Vacherie La

Shelia-M-Jeffers   Created By
The Jeffers Families of Hawkins & Greene Co. TN

Shelley-E-Jeffries   Created By
Holcomb/Ryan/Guge/Riley families

Shelly-Jeffery   Created By
The Hull's of Twillingate, NF

Sherri-Jeffers   Created By
Jeffers & Summerlin & Boyett & Holland & Perdue etc. Page :)

Sherry-M-Jeffries   Created By
Jeffries, Anderson, Bidwell, Cowden, Demarest, Disbrow, Key

Sheryl-F-Jeffords   Created By
The Julius Riley and Susan Richbourg Bell Family

Sheryl-L-Jeffries   Created By
Sheryl's Family Charts

Sheryll-L-Jeffers   Created By
Home Page of Sheryll Jeffers

Sheryll-L-Jeffers-IL   Created By
My Family Research Project

Sondra-Jeffus   Created By
The Elliott-Shepard Family Home Page

Sonja-Jefferson   Created By
The John Baker Sr. of Fordyce, Arkansas

Stacey-Jefferson-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Stacie-Jeffirs-johnson   Created By
The Family Tree of Stacie Lee Jeffirs (Johnson)

Stephan-A-Jeffrey   Created By
Home Page of stephan jeffrey

Stephanie-Jeffersonperry   Created By
An American Story

Stephen-Jeffrey   Created By
The Jeffreys family of Ipswich Queensland Australia

Stephen-Jeffrey-   Created By
The Jeffrey / Carr familys of Texas

Stephen-W-Jeffrey   Created By
User Home Page

Steve-Jefferys   Created By

Steven-P-Jeffrey   Created By My Genealogy

Sue-R-Jefferson   Created By

Susan-D-Jefferynolan   Created By
The Jeffery Famiily of Arkansas

Susan-Jeffrey-   Created By
Mike Jeffrey's Family Tree

Susan-P-Jeffery   Created By
Susan Jeffery of MA

Suzanne-W-Jefferis   Created By
The Suzanne Jefferis Family Home Page

Tammy-Jeffers-1   Created By
Jordan/Freeman/Rollins - Kershaw County, SC

Tara-Jeffs   Created By
Home Page of Tara Jeffs

Teena-Jefferson   Created By
Teena Jefferson's Family Tree

Teresa-Jeffers-1   Created By
james lee jeffers

Terry-J-Jeffers   Created By
Jeffers/Slaughter connections

Terry-Jeffries   Created By
Decendant's Of Armsted Jeffries Green Co.Ky.

Terry-Jeffries-ky   Created By
Decendant's Of Armstead Jeffries Green Co.Ky.

Terry-Joy-Jeffers   Created By
Jeffers, Slaughter, and allied family lines

Terry-joy-Jeffers   Created By
Joy's Roots

Thema-J-Jefferies   Created By
Dan and Georgia Jefferies of Oklahoma

Thema-Jefferies   Created By
The Dan & Georgia Jefferies of Choctaw County

Theodore--R-Jefferies   Created By
Home Page of Theodore Jefferies

Theodore-Rea-Jefferies   Created By
Home Page of Theodore Jefferies

Theresa-J-Jeffery   Created By
The Theresa Frye & Norman Jeffery Jr. of Foster, WV

Thomas-J-Jeffery   Created By
The Jeffery Family Home Page

Thomas-L-Jefferson   Created By
The Thomas and Yvonne Jefferson Family Home Page

Thomas-L-Jeffries   Created By
Home Page of Thomas Jeffries

Tim-C-Jeffries   Created By
The Descendants of Mathew Dornstauder

Tim-Jefferies   Created By
My Jefferies Family Tree

Tim-Jefferson-ga   Created By
Tim and Marci Jefferson's Family Tree Page

Tonya-Jeffers   Created By
The Eugege Jeffers Of Georgia

Torri-W-Jefcoat   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

Tracie-Jefts   Created By

Tracy-Jefferson-   Created By
The Jefferson's From Roanoke, Virginia

Tracy-Jeffords-WV   Created By
Parrish Family WV,Md,UK

Travis-Jeffries   Created By
Ancestors of Travis D. Jeffries

Uvonne-L-Jefferson--franklin--smith   Created By
Mose & Adline "Taylor" Jefferson Family Tree :-)

Venita-t-Jefferson   Created By

Vicki-D-Jeffries   Created By
Annie B Gibbs of New Bern, North Carolina

Victoria-L-Jeffs   Created By
Information on the Jeffs family needed

" The Walter Jefferson Family Home Page "

Walter--C-Jeffers   Created By

Wesley-W-Jeffries   Created By
The JEFFRIES Family Tree

William-C-Jeffrey   Created By
Jeffrey (Baillieston) and Clark (Airdrie) Family

William-C-Jeffreys   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

William-D-Jefferson   Created By
Descendants of Robin Williamson

William-D-Jefferson-San-Antonio   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

William-D-Jefferson-TX   Created By
Researching Olivier, Jefferson, Williamson, Willis

William-D-Jefferson-Texas   Created By
The William D. Jeffersons of San Antonio, Texas

William-Jeffers   Created By
The Jeffers Family of South Carolina

William-Jefferson   Created By
The Genealogy of William D. Jefferson

William-Jefferson-San-Antonio   Created By
Williamson Family of Anderson County, Texas

William-Jefferson-TX   Created By
My Genealogy Home Page

William-Jeffries-PA   Created By
William E. Jeffries from Pennsylvania

Wm-Jeffrey-CA   Created By
William McKenzie (Mac) Jeffrey, Jr. Family Research

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