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View Tree for Meshack W GreenMeshack W Green (b. Abt. 1720, d. 24 Jan 1799)

Meshack W Green (son of Isaac Green)2889, 2890 was born Abt. 1720 in Pendleton District, South Carolina2891, and died 24 Jan 1799 in Pendleton District (Later Anderson), South Carolina2892, 2893. He married Lucretia Franklin on 17752894.

 Includes NotesNotes for Meshack W Green:
Two different collections of genealogies in the One World Tree have some bits of information, some more helpful than others:

World family Tree Pedigree #3163
gives name as Meshanks and death date of 1799
Henry Greene family
citing will; date is actually probate date of will, so death would have been a few days earlier

Specific place of death Pendleton District, South Carolina, based on all other events of his life in same locale

Occupation Miller

Glenda Pool's database (received through family channels, not published) includes a listing of residence for a Meshack Green in 1810 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. This, of course, could not be this Meshack. Glenda collected a lot of information but had not sorted and analyzed it.

There are several Meshack Greens, and there are some indications they are kin in various ways. Individual details are spotty. It is likely the 1810 census Meshack is a son or nephew of our Meshack and Lucretia. I have worked with several descendants on the factors of the Meshack Green and related families, and there are many holes we cannot plug.

Names varied considerably in spelling in this era. Meshack's name is spelled in various sources: Meschack, Mischack, Mishach. The marriage records in the Yates Collection spells the name Meshanks. His wife there is states as Creory (Cressa). This spelling for the wife's name is also in his will.

I may have two different lines of Greens combined here. Because of the difference in birth place, Meshack and Abednego may be misplaced with this family. Sources are confusing. There were impossibly long gaps in the information from earlier sources, and many details that could not fit as the one family represented in those 2 or 3 genealogies. But there are still uncertainties as I have constructed the families now.

In December 2007, working with another Green family researcher, I found references to Meshack and his wife Lucretia (Creasy) Franklin. The research site discusses the claims by both this Green line and the Franklin family to Cherokee heritage. DNA findings also connect this Green family to the Greens in Madison, Illinois, who are presenting their research on this website.

That source also reports that Meshack Green lived in the Old 96th District of South Carolina, part of which later went into Pendleton District when it was established, mostly out of former Cherokee lands. This is consistent with the information on Meshack compiled by Glenda Pool, reporting Meshack born about 1720 in Pendleton District, South Carolina. 96th District was formed in 1769 then partitioned into smaller areas. Pendleton was established in 1789. The 96th District name was discontinued in 1798.

The family name is often spelled Greene, and is found that way in some current genealogies. Branches of the same family are found in both Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and western states. The specific line I am following flows the line from South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas and Texas, then Oklahoma. There are individuals in North Carolina also who may be part of this same line.

There are still branches in all these states, and various ones of us are making connections. I am not attempting to connect all the many branches and individuals, but do try to give indications and the basic contours of the family line that wound up in Oklahoma.

In the first information I received, the name of Meshack's father was William, with sources reporting William's father as either William or Thomas. From this source I had the birth of Meshack in 1720 This early birth date could not be substantiated or meshed with other facts. This is the only source that has a person named William. Other sources for persons named Meshack Green or Greene have the name Thomas for his father, or lack a father.

I have found a William Green, whose father is William Green, and who was born in 1702, in Trenton, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. But there are no names like Shadrack, Meshack, Abednego or Thomas associated with this family. These names appear only as sons of Isaac as I show here.

This William had a son named William, but he was born in 1743, too late to be the father of a Meshack Green born in 1755. These are only the most basic of the matching problems I have found with these names.

Sources report three children of Meshack with the name John: John, Daniel John and John Henry. Dates vary so wildly that they are not much help, even in the sources that give separate birth dates for each of the three "Johns." Two girls also have the middle name Ann: Nancy Anne and Mary Ann. Meshack's will also has the name Joney of what appears to be a son, but I can find no other information on a person with such a name. This could be Johnny, but there is a John also in the will as a son. It could be Joany, but the name is listed with the sons.

We do see many families in the 1600s-1800s that DO give multiple children the same name, sometimes as a primary name with a different middle name, and sometimes with a different first name and the same second name. The latter pattern is especially true in the he passing on of maternal family names.

I have a problem with the dates given in sources. Meshack is said to be born in 1720. The first child we know of, Henry Green, has a birth date of 1770. This is highly unlikely, if not impossible. This makes his father 50 years old at his birth -- the birth of the first child!

It is reported that Meshack was married twice. But all the known children are from the second marriage. This is rather late, even for a second marriage. His second marriage, to Lucretia (Creasy) Franklin, was in 1770, according to sources. He would be age 50 at this marriage, then have all his children from then through the next 20 years, 30 years by some dates. This IS impossible.

It seems to me that there has to be another generation in here. This would account for the 50-year spread. It seems likely that Meshack W had a son, perhaps named Meshack also, who is the father of the children we know of, who are reported as born from 1770 on. Two of the children supposed to be Meshack W's were even born after Meshack W's death, yet the source makes absolutely no comment about this and other obvious anomalies about this family.

I have not yet fully worked that out, so there are inconsistencies and gaps in my data. A Meshack Green was born on Christmas day in 1755, but he was born in Baltimore, Maryland. The names of the different Green(e) families are uncannily similar, in very disparate locations! It would not seem likely that the Meshack born in Baltimore was a son of our Meshack W in South Carolina, whose descendants later moved west. But the line that our Meshack W seems to be from could be related to that line in Baltimore.

I found an Isaac Greene as father of the three "Hebrew" boys Shadrick, Meshack and Abednego. The birth date of Isaac in 1721 and Meshack in 1755 in that genealogy eliminated much of the problem of age and generation matching. There are many unsatisfactory discrepancies remaining here and in all genealogies I have seen as sources! I am not fully comfortable with the connection of Baltimore with Pendleton District, South Carolina.

It is true almost every family I have been tracing came through either Pendleton District, SC, or Rutherford County, NC. But there are too many niggling details about this Green family situation. There were many Green(e) families migrating from various places in the UK into similar areas, and following the common path southward then westwards.

It seems to me that several genealogies have confused the different lines of Greens, and similarly-named persons, and I am having trouble clarifying the lineages and relationships. The fact that every generation of brothers named so many of their children the same names confuses the matter further. I have not been able to fully sort out the family lines and generations.

Meshack's will listed wife, Creasy [as Creory], sons Thomas, John, Henry, Daniel, and son in law John Horton. Isaac Horton and John Caldwell also appear to have been sons in law, Issac Horton moves on to Hall County, Georgia.

Thanks to Keith Henderson of Alabama for finding Meshack's will. His information was given to me by a distant cousin, Glenda Pool.

Wife: Creasy Green.
Sons: Thomas Green, Daniel Green, Henry Green, Joney Green, John Green.
Daughters: Nancy Green.
Other Heirs: John Caldwell, Elizabeth Smith, Issac Horton.
Land Location: waters of Coxes' Creek.
Executors: wife Creasy Green, son Thomas Green.
Witnesses: George Anderson, Lemiel Thomason, Moley Anderson.
Date: 19 Mar 1798. Probate: 24 Jan 1799.
Source: Book C, p 151, Roll 242.
Recorded 24 Jan 1799, roll 461.
Pendleton District, South Carolina.

Pendleton District was later divided into smaller counties, and previous Pendleton Records were housed in Anderson County, South Carolina.

Some sources report a Meshack Green dying in Morgan County, Tennessee, on 1 June 1851. This would be a different Meshack Green, of course, since we know from the will that Meshack dies in 1799. It is not clear if the Tennessee Meshack is part of this same family line or a different one.

There is a Meshack Green in the 1810 Federal Census, Rutherford County, North Carolina, census. This census report is cited by Glenda Pool, who otherwise has the earlier dates for Meshack W Green. This has to be a DIFFERENT, younger Meshack, since the first one died in 1799. The date of probating of the will in 24 January 1799, meaning that Meshack likely died in January 1799. Since this is AFTER death date, this is likely a son or nephew I have not worked out yet from previous sources who did not separate the two.

A similar problem seems to occur with the son Shadrack, who is reported in some information to be born (1800) about 100 years after his father's birth! And a year after his own death!

Shadrack who was a brother of Meshack is reported as born in 1800, a year after his brother died at 80 years old! It seems likely to me that this Shadrack born in 1800 has been confused with the Shadrack who was Meshack W's brother, born sometime in the 1770s. We know the Shadrack born in 1800 had a son also named Shadrack, born about 1824.

It seems likely that Meshack's son Shadrack has been confused with his son also named Shadrack, the one born in 1800. This would mean there are likely three Shadracks in the line from Meshack W and his brother Shadrack's generation. I am checking along these lines for clarification on this family and the early generation of Greens in South Carolina, Georgia and points west from there.

I suspect a similar generational confusion with persons named Daniel.

More About Meshack W Green:
Occupation: Miller.2895
Residence: 1810, Rutherford County, North Carolina.2896

More About Meshack W Green and Lucretia Franklin:
Marriage 1: 17752897
Marriage 2: Bet. 1725 - 1776
Marriage 3: Abt. 1770

Children of Meshack W Green and Lucretia Franklin are:
  1. Francy Green, d. date unknown.
  2. John Green, d. date unknown.
  3. Elizabeth Green, b. 17742898, d. date unknown.
  4. +Thomas Green, b. 17752899, 2900, d. 1850, Belton, Anderson, South Carolina2901, 2902.
  5. +Daniel John Green, b. Abt. 1781, South Carolina2903, 2904, d. 08 Apr 1857, Hall County, Georgia2905, 2906.
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