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Ancestors of Martin & Elizabeth Johnson

Generation No. 9

       256. Whittington JOHNSON, born 1709 in Eastville, Va.; died 1769 in Worcester County, Md.. He was the son of 512. Sir Thomas JOHNSON and 513. Elizabeth WHITTINGTON. He married 257. Christian BLAIR July 15, 1734.
       257. Christian BLAIR. She was the daughter of 514. Henry BLAIR and 515. Barbara.

       Children of Whittington JOHNSON and Christian BLAIR are:
  i.   Benjamin JOHNSON.
128 ii.   John JOHNSON, born Abt 1730; died Abt 1790; married Abt 1750.
iii.   Henry Blair JOHNSON, born 1735 in Worcester Cty, Md.; died February 07, 1772 in Worcester Cty, Md..
iv.   James JOHNSON, born 1738 in Worcester, Md.; died 1774.
v.   Anne JOHNSON, born 1740 in Worcester, Md..
vi.   Whittington JOHNSON, born 1762 in Worcester, Md.; died 1814; married (1) Alice TODD April 01, 1783; married (2) Lovey WINGATE March 03, 1786.

       264. James CANNON, born 1686; died Abt 1751. He was the son of 528. James CANNON and 529. Rosanna POPE. He married 265. Sarah COVINGTON.
       265. Sarah COVINGTON, born 1698; died Abt 1785.

       Children of James CANNON and Sarah COVINGTON are:
  i.   James CANNON, died 1788; married Mary JACOBS.
ii.   Rebecca CANNON.
iii.   William CANNON, born 1720; died 1783; married Mary NUTTER.
iv.   Sarah CANNON, born 1721; died 1786; married (1) Robert MINORS; married (2) Phillip WINGATE; married (3) Levin DERICKSON.
132 v.   Joseph CANNON, born 1723 in Sussex Co., DE; died January 25, 1803 in Sussex Co., DE; married Anna JONES Abt 1745.
vi.   Elijah CANNON, born 1724; died 1785; married Tabitha WINGATE.
vii.   Mathew CANNON, born 1728; died 1778; married Mary WINDER.
viii.   Elizabeth (BETTY) CANNON, born 1729; died 1779; married Joseph MELSON.
ix.   Isaac CANNON, born 1731; died 1768.
x.   Constant CANNON, born 1732; died 1779; married (1) William TURPIN; married (2) William ADAMS.
xi.   Jacob CANNON, born 1734; died 1780; married Betsy Elizabeth.
xii.   Mary CANNON, born 1735; died 1779; married (1) Beauchamp TURPIN; married (2) Bartholomew TWYFORD.
xiii.   Margery CANNON, born 1736; died 1779; married Clement BAILEY.
xiv.   Jerimiah CANNON, born 1738; died 1797.
xv.   Ann CANNON, born 1740; died 1779.
xvi.   Keziah CANNON, born 1742; died 1779; married WRIGHT.

       272. Cornelis STEENWICK, born in Sussex Co., DE.

       Child of Cornelis STEENWICK is:
  136 i.   unknown STEEN.

       400. William HOLLIS, born Abt 1665 in Baltimore Co., MD; died Bef February 1703/04 in Baltimore Co., MD. He was the son of 800. William HOLLIS and 801. Elizabeth RUSSELL. He married 401. Mary CLARKE Abt 1690 in Baltimore Co., MD.
       401. Mary CLARKE, born Abt 1665 in Baltimore Co., MD; died Abt 1710.

       Children of William HOLLIS and Mary CLARKE are:
  i.   Everlea HOLLIS, born Abt 1697 in Baltimore Co., MD.
200 ii.   William HOLLIS, born Abt 1720 in Baltimore Co., MD; died Abt 1765 in Baltimore Co., MD; married Ann RHODES in Baltimore Co., MD.

       404. Nathaniel HYNSON, born Abt 1670 in Kent Co., MD; died Abt 1721 in MD. He was the son of 808. John HYNSON and 809. Rachel. He married 405. Hannah.
       405. Hannah, born Abt 1680; died Abt 1720 in MD.

       Children of Nathaniel HYNSON and Hannah are:
  i.   Hannah HYNSON, born in Kent Co., MD.
ii.   Martha HYNSON.
iii.   Rebecca HYNSON.
202 iv.   Nathaniel HYNSON, born Abt 1710 in Kent Co., MD; died Abt 1752; married Mary SMITH in Kent Co., MD.

       416. William CAHOON, born 1704 in Mass.; died 1774. He was the son of 832. James CAHOON and 833. Mary CLEGHORN. He married 417. Mary ALLEE November 22, 1726 in Duck Creek, De.
       417. Mary ALLEE, born November 05, 1704 in Hackensack, N.J.; died March 1785. She was the daughter of 834. John (Jan) ALLEE and 835. Suzanna LaRue HELLING.

       Children of William CAHOON and Mary ALLEE are:
  i.   Jane CAHOON.
ii.   Thomas CAHOON, born Abt 1727 in De.; died 1770; married Rachel STRICKLAND Abt 1754.
iii.   John CAHOON, born Abt 1729 in Del..
208 iv.   William CAHOON, born Abt 1731 in De.; died October 13, 1795 in Kent County, DE.; married Lydia HARRIS Abt 1750.
v.   Mark CAHOON, born Abt 1733 in De.; died Abt August 1777 in DE..
vi.   Elizabeth CAHOON, born Abt 1735 in De.; married ELLIOTT.
vii.   Robert CAHOON, born Abt 1737 in De..
viii.   Rachel CAHOON, born Abt 1739 in De.; married CROZIER.
ix.   Charles G. CAHOON, born Abt 1745 in De.; married Elizabeth.
x.   Samuel CAHOON, born Abt 1747 in De..
xi.   Sarah CAHOON, born Abt 1749 in DE..
xii.   Nancy CAHOON, born Abt 1751 in De.; married EDWARDS.

       424. John Thomas RICKETTS, born in Cecil Mm, Kent Co., MD; died Bef April 30, 1739 in Cecil Co., MD. He was the son of 848. John (Ricards) RICKETTS and 849. Penelope SALLER. He married 425. Magdalene THOMAS.
       425. Magdalene THOMAS.

       Children of John RICKETTS and Magdalene THOMAS are:
  i.   David RICKETTS, died 1756; married Mary ATKEY 1726.
ii.   Anne RICKETTS, born in Kent Co., MD; married James ROBERTS in Saint Maryannes, Cecil, Maryland, MD.
iii.   Sarah RICKETTS, born Abt 1725; married James PRICE December 18, 1740 in Cecil, St Stephens, Cecil Co., MD.
212 iv.   Johnathan (John) RICKETTS, born Abt 1730 in Cecil Co, MD; died Bef 1773; married Sarah Abt 1750.

       Children of John RICKETTS and Elizabeth are:
  i.   Elizabeth RICKETTS, born in Kent Co., MD.
ii.   Joseph RICKETTS, born Abt 1726 in Shrewsbury, Kent Co., MD.

       428. Waitman SIPPLE, born Abt 1710; died Abt 1755.

       Child of Waitman SIPPLE is:
  214 i.   Caleb SIPPLE, born Abt 1730; died Abt 1770.

       464. Gedeon TIRRELL, born Abt 1720. He married 465. Mary NASH.
       465. Mary NASH.

       Child of Gedeon TIRRELL and Mary NASH is:
  232 i.   Isaac TIRRELL, born Abt 1740; died 1827 in Boston, MA; married Alice SHAW.

       466. Joseph SHAW, born Abt 1720. He married 467. Mary BLANCHARD.
       467. Mary BLANCHARD, born Abt 1720.

       Child of Joseph SHAW and Mary BLANCHARD is:
  233 i.   Alice SHAW, born Abt 1740; married Isaac TIRRELL.

       480. John THAWLEY, born Abt 1715; died 1750. He was the son of 960. Edward THAWLEY.

       Children of John THAWLEY are:
  i.   John THAWLEY.
ii.   Mary THAWLEY.
240 iii.   Edward THAWLEY, born 1744; died 1849; married April 10, 1804.

       484. EDWARD BARWICK, born Abt 1680 in TALBOT CO., MD; died Abt 1762 in CAROLINE CO., MD. He was the son of 968. JOHN BARWICK and 969. UNKNOWN. He married 485. ALICE 1706 in MARYLAND.
       485. ALICE, born Abt 1680 in MARYLAND; died Aft 1762 in MARYLAND.

       Children of EDWARD BARWICK and ALICE are:
242 vii.   EDWARD BARWICK, born Abt 1730.

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