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Ancestors of Denika Mae Jones

Generation No. 9

       260. Joshua Dickerson, born 14-March-1739/40 in Frederick Co., Maryland; died 10-October-1827 in Ft. Hill, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. He was the son of 520. John Dickerson and 521. Ruth. He married 261. Susannah Whitten 1763 in Harper's Ferry,Maryland.
       261. Susannah Whitten, born 16-September-1745 in Marland; died 1832 in East Liberty,Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of 522. Thomas Whitten and 523. Elizabeth Cecil.

       Children of Joshua Dickerson and Susannah Whitten are:

  130 i.   Thomas Dickerson, born 19-May-1764 in Cecil Co.,Maryland; died 24-December-1852 in Buried at the Dickerson Church Cemetery, Harrison Co.,Ohio; married Mary Curry 1785 in Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania.

  ii.   Ruth Dickerson, born 1766; married (1) ? Jones; married (2) Joseph Stevenson 1787.

  iii.   Eli Dickerson, born 15-January-1768; died 24-November-1834 in Buried at the Dickerson Church Cemetery, Near Cadiz, Harrison Co., Ohio137; married Mary.

  iv.   Elizabeth Dickerson, born 1771; died 1829; married William Hamilton.

  v.   Levi Dickerson, born 1772-1773 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania138; died Bef. April-1842 in Coshocton,Ohio; married Elizabeth.

  vi.   Rebecca Dickerson, born 1774; married David Howard.

  vii.   Susannah Dickerson, born 1776 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania; died 14-March-1785 in Buried at the Dickerson Church Cemetery, Near Cadiz, Harrison Co., Ohio; married Joshua Allen.

  viii.   Joshua Dickerson II, born 1778; died 1850; married Sarah Dunlap.

  ix.   Mary Dickerson, born 1778 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania; died Aft. 1815; married Robert Or Thomas Stephens.

  x.   Sarah Dickerson, born 25-July-1780 in Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania; died 11-November-1858 in Cadiz,Harrison Co.,Ohio; married Samuel Dunlap 1800 in Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania.

  xi.   John C Dickerson, born 30-March-1783 in Fayette Co.,; died 02-November-1857 in Coshocton,Ohio; married Jane Morrison 1811 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania.

  xii.   Rachel Dickerson, born 22-October-1785 in Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania; died 29-May-1843 in West Bedford,Coshocton Co.,Ohio; married William Jones 1813 in pannsylvania ?.

  xiii.   William Dickerson, born 27-September-1788 in Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania; died 02-December-1874 in Coshocton Co.,Ohio; married Elizabeth Doney 21-November-1811 in Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania.

  xiv.   Nancy Dickerson, born 15-August-1790; died 1870 in Harrison Co.,Ohio; married John Dunlap.
       264. Thomas Johnston, born 1722. He was the son of 528. John Johnston and 529. Mary. He married 265. Mary.
       265. Mary, born 1724.

       Child of Thomas Johnston and Mary is:

  132 i.   Andrew Johnston, born 1756 in Comber Co., Ireland; died 1818; married Elizabeth Johnston 1789.
       266. Hugh Johnston, born 1720. He was the son of 532. John Johnston and 533. Mary. He married 267. Anna.
       267. Anna, born 1722.

       Child of Hugh Johnston and Anna is:

  133 i.   Elizabeth Johnston, born January-1758 in Comber Co., Ireland; died 09-January-1833 in Paint Valley, Holmes Co., Ohio; married Andrew Johnston 1789.
       268. ----------- Buchanan.

       Children of ----------- Buchanan are:

  134 i.   Christopher Buchanan, born Abt. 1764 in Donegal,Ireland; died 14-March-1851 in German Township,Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania; married Mary Ann Robinson 14-November-1798 in Washington Co.,Pennsylvania.

  ii.   George Buchanan, born Abt. 1769 in Donegal,Ireland; died March-1828 in Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania; married Rebecca ----------- 1789 in Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania.
       270. John Robinson, born Abt. 1750 in Ireland; died 1806 in Washington Co.,Pennsylvania. He was the son of 540. William Robinson. He married 271. Jane Armstrong Abt. 1775 in Ireland.
       271. Jane Armstrong, born Abt. 1750 in Enniskillen,Fermanah Co.,Ireland; died 06-August-1820 in Washington Co.,Pennsylvania.

       Children of John Robinson and Jane Armstrong are:

  i.   Joseph Robinson.

  ii.   John Robinson.

  iii.   Sarah Robinson.

  iv.   Ann Robinson.

  135 v.   Mary Ann Robinson, born Abt. 1774 in Enniskillen,Fermanah Co.,Ireland; died 1870 in Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania; married Christopher Buchanan 14-November-1798 in Washington Co.,Pennsylvania.

  vi.   Susanna Robinson, born 05-September-1775 in Enniskillen,Fermanah Co.,Ireland; died 1866 in Green Co.,Pennsylvania; married James Donley 1796 in Washington Co.,Pennsylvania.
       272. Johannes Peter Ohrndorff, born 06-February-1743/44 in BURBACH,NORDHEIN-WESTPHALEN,GERMANY; died December-1798 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA. He was the son of 544. Philipp Heinrich Ohrndorff and 545. Anna Elisabetha Luhl. He married 273. Eva Barbara Mentz ? Abt. 1765 in CHESTER CO.,PENNSYLVANIA.
       273. Eva Barbara Mentz ?, died Abt. 1775.

       Children of Johannes Ohrndorff and Eva ? are:

  i.   John Orndorff II, born 1767 in Chester Co.,Pennsylvania; died 28-February-1853 in Frederick Co.,Virginia; married Margaret Renner 05-June-1792.

  ii.   Joshua Orndorff, born Abt. 1769 in Shenandoah Co., Virginia.

  136 iii.   Philip Orndorff, born 23-March-1769 in Frederick Co.,Virginia; died 1818 in Shenandoah Co.,Virginia; married Eleaner Williams 29-September-1795 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINA.

  iv.   Jonathan Orndorff, born 23-February-1771 in SHENANDOAH CO.,VIRGINIA; died 15-March-1859; married (1) Pricilla Fry 29-April-1799; married (2) Mary Lantz 20-November-1816.

  v.   William Orndorff, born 1772 in SHENANDOAH CO.,VIRGINA; died 29-August-1827; married Eliza Cooper 26-September-1801.

  vi.   Elizabeth Orndorff, born Abt. 1775 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died 12-April-1867; married Henry Brill.

  vii.   Jesse Orndorff, born Abt. 1777 in SHENANDOAH CO.,VIRGINIA; died 1816; married Catharine Strosinder 02-September-1799 in Frederick Co.,Virginia.
       Children of Johannes Ohrndorff and Hannah McIlwee are:

  i.   Samuel Orndorff, born 1777 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died 1841; married Sarah Shull 26-December-1801.

  ii.   Benjamin Orndorff, born 1780 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died 1861; married Catherine Herbaugh Bef. 1815.

  iii.   Israel Orndorff, born 1783 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died January-1815; married Mary Wymer 03-March-1806 in Shenandoah Co.,Virginia.

  iv.   Anna Orndorff, born 1785 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died in Lived in Hampshire Co.,West Virginia; married John Reid 04-March-1808.

  v.   David Orndorff, born August-1787 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died 1873; married (1) Isabella Racey; married (2) Eliza Strosnider 26-October-1854.

  vi.   Rebecca Orndorff, born 1789 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died 17-March-1855; married (1) Joseph Brill; married (2) John Racey 20-June-1808.

  vii.   Levi Orndorff, born 1791 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died 1864; married Eleanor Young 07-June-1813 in Shenandoah Co.,Virginia.

  viii.   Phineas Orndorff, born 25-March-1793 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died 03-March-1838; married Eleanor Borden 20-August-1823 in Shenandoah Co.,Virginia.

  ix.   Eleanor Orndorff, born 1795 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died in Single and young.

  x.   Polly Orndorff, born Abt. 1796; died Bef. 1798.

  xi.   Isaac Orndorff, born 1797 in FREDERICK CO.VIRGINIA; died September-1866; married (1) Rebecca H Lowery; married (2) Hannah Strosinder 17-March-1819.
       288. Spencer Collings, born 1754 in NJ; died Bef. 05-November-1821 in Will Dated, Bullitt Co., KY. He was the son of 576. William Collings and 577. Ann Allison. He married 289. Jane Jones Bef. 1773.
       289. Jane Jones, born Abt. 1747 in Pennsylvania.

       Children of Spencer Collings and Jane Jones are:

  i.   Mary Collings, born Abt. 1769 in Pennsylvania; married John Myers 23-January-1789 in Nelson Co., KY.

  ii.   Rachel Collings, born Abt. 1771; married Moses Hoagland 28-November-1791 in Nelson Co., KY.

  iii.   William Collings, born Abt. 1773 in Pennsylvania; married Susan Edrington 12-July-1806 in Nelson Co., KY.

  144 iv.   Spencer Collings, born 1775 in Pennsylvania or Augusta co.,Virginia; died Bef. 05-November-1821 in Nelson Co., KY; married (1) Jane Weeks; married (2) Elizabeth Turner; married (3) Catherine Lucas 21-February-1797 in Shelby Co.,Kentucky.

  v.   Jane Collings, born 22-March-1778 in Jefferson Co., KY; died 01-September-1835 in Clark Co., IN; married John McCoy 13-October-1803 in Bullitt Co., KY.
       290. Abraham Lucas, born Abt. 1739139; died WFT Est. 1779-1836 in Kentucky140. He was the son of 580. Aaron Lucas. He married 291. Sarah ? WFT Est. 1743-1793 in New Jersey141.
       291. Sarah ?.

       Children of Abraham Lucas and Sarah ? are:

  i.   John Lucas, born 1765 in New Jersey142; died WFT Est. 1796-1856143; married Mary Bennett 21-July-1790 in Nelson Co., Kentucky144.

  ii.   Abraham Lucas, born Abt. 1767145; died Bef. 23-November-1805 in Shelby Co.,Kentucky146; married Elizabeth Glover 10-May-1792 in Nelson Co., Kentucky147.

  iii.   Elizabeth Lucas, born Abt. 1769148; died WFT Est. 1761-1874149; married Daniel Bennett 21-June-1792 in Nelson Co.,Kentucky.

  iv.   Sarah Lucas, born 1770-1780; married James Yates 10-November-1802 in Shelby Co., KY.

  v.   Hettie Lucas, born Abt. 1771150; died WFT Est. 1761-1874151; married Thomas Harris 11-December-1794 in Nelson Co.,Kentucky.

  vi.   Lydia Lucas, born 1777 in Pennsylvania152; died 04-September-1835 in Lawrence Co., Indiana153; married John Montgomery 20-October-1796 in Shelby Co.,Kentucky.

  145 vii.   Catherine Lucas, born 26-March-1780 in Putnam Co.,Indiana; died 01-December-1834 in Putnam Co., IN; married Spencer Collings 21-February-1797 in Shelby Co.,Kentucky.
       292. James Graham. He married 293. Elizabeth Stillwell.
       293. Elizabeth Stillwell.

       Child of James Graham and Elizabeth Stillwell is:

  146 i.   Joseph Graham, born 1769; died 1829; married Rachel Warford.
       304. Jeremiah Spurgeon, born 17-July-1764 in Frederick Co.,Maryland; died February-1841 in Union Township,Parke Co.,Indiana. He was the son of 608. William Spurgeon and 609. Priscilla Robinette. He married 305. Rebecca Elizabeth "Becky Betty" Browning.
       305. Rebecca Elizabeth "Becky Betty" Browning, born Abt. 1765.

       Children of Jeremiah Spurgeon and Rebecca Browning are:

  i.   Mary Spurgin, married James Kelly 14-March-1810.

  ii.   Rebecca Spurgeon, married French Martin 11-June-1803 in Fleming Co.,Kentucky.

  iii.   Moses Spurgeon, born Abt. 1790; died 1838 in Putnam Co.,Indiana; married Mary Burris 07-December-1807 in Lewis Co.,Kentucky.

  152 iv.   Samuel Spurgeon, born 16-October-1790 in Kentucky; died 22-August-1854 in Buried at the Rhodes Cemetery, Herrick Township, Shelby Co.,Illinois; married Nancy Kerr Carr 07-January-1810 in Fleming Co.,Kentucky.

  v.   John Spurgeon, born 15-September-1792 in Bourbon Co.,Kentucky; died 01-May-1863 in Monroe Co.,Iowa; married (1) Eleanor Burris 21-November-1814 in Lewis Co.,Kentucky; married (2) Rebecca Harrison 08-January-1826 in Lewis Co., Kentucky.

  vi.   Lunerah Spurgeon, born Abt. 1796 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky; married James William Adkison 06-April-1818 in Lewis Co.,Kentucky.

  vii.   Amos Spurgeon, born Abt. 1800 in Kentucky; died Aft. 30-May-1873 in Harrison Co.,Missouri; married (1) Nancy Johnson; married (2) Elizabeth Burris 20-October-1817 in Lewis Co., Kentucky.

  viii.   French Spurgeon, born 16-July-1804 in Kentucky; died 17-August-1872 in Warren Co.,Illoinis; married Malinda Thomas 14-June-1826 in Lewis Co.,Kentucky.

  ix.   Elias Spurgeon, born 1806 in Kentucky; died May-1861 in Lewis Co.,Kentucky; married Julia A McDaniel 08-November-1825 in Lewis Co.,Kentucky.

  x.   Salinda Emeine Spurgeon, born 26-July-1809 in Fleming Co.,Kentucky; died 14-March-1876 in Monroe Co.,Iowa; married William Eshom II 05-July-1827 in Lewis Co.,Kentucky.
       307. Elizabeth Kerr.

       Child of Elizabeth Kerr is:

  153 i.   Nancy Kerr Carr, born 14-March-1792 in Maryland or Pennsylvania; died 24-December-1868 in Buried at the Rhodes Cemetery, Herrick Township, Shelby Co.,Illinois; married Samuel Spurgeon 07-January-1810 in Fleming Co.,Kentucky.
       308. Jacob Tetrick. He married 309. Anna Opinger.
       309. Anna Opinger.

       Children of Jacob Tetrick and Anna Opinger are:

  i.   Charles Tetrick, married Mary A. Huffman.

  ii.   Margaret Tetrick, married Daniel Huffman.

  154 iii.   Abraham Tetrick, born 15-October-1796 in Kentucky; died 13-October-1838 in Shelby Co., Illionis; married Anna Huffman 29-May-1817 in St. Clair Co., Illinois.
       310. Michael Huffman. He married 311. Sally Carnes.
       311. Sally Carnes.

       Children of Michael Huffman and Sally Carnes are:

  155 i.   Anna Huffman, died 24-May-1896 in Buried at the Old Martin Cemetery, Siloam Springs, Arkansas; married Abraham Tetrick 29-May-1817 in St. Clair Co., Illinois.

  ii.   Daniel Huffman, married Margaret Tetrick.

  iii.   Mary A. Huffman, married Charles Tetrick.
       312. Boyce Eidson, born 1756 in Virginia; died 25-March-1816 in Bedford CO., Virginia. He was the son of 624. Boyce Eidson. He married 313. Frances Arthur.
       313. Frances Arthur, born Abt. 1748 in Bedford CO., Virginia; died 1827 in Bedford CO., Virginia. She was the daughter of 626. William A Arthur and 627. Ann Murry.

       Children of Boyce Eidson and Frances Arthur are:

  i.   Elizabeth Eidson, married Edward Eidson 12-March-1800 in Bedford CO., Virginia.

  ii.   Nancy Eidson, died 1856; married Abraham Buford 25-August-1817.

  iii.   Hannah Eidson, married John Gibson 02-May-1800 in Bedford Co.,Virginia.

  iv.   Gross S Eidson, died 05-June-1834; married Jensy Piles.

  v.   James D Eidson.

  vi.   Mildred Eidson, married Elijah Halley.

  vii.   Francis Eidson, married Thomas D Sherman 28-September-1812.

  viii.   Polly Eidson, married Mexico Sherman 10-February-1815.

  ix.   Henry Eidson, born April-1777; died 02-February-1847 in Preble Co., Ohio; married Ann Nancy Bunch 16-December-1794 in Bedford Co.,Virginia.

  156 x.   William Eidson, born 11-April-1778 in Bedford Co,Virginia; died 09-November-1847 in Mexico, Miami Co., Indiana; married Sarah Harris 22-May-1800 in Bedford CO., Virginia.

  xi.   John Eidson, born Abt. 1780; died 1860; married Patsy Gibson 05-October-1805 in Bedford Co., Virginia.

  xii.   Barnabus Arthur Eidson, born Abt. 1783; died 1841 in BEDFORD CO.,VIRGINIA; married Lucinda Buford 03-February-1818 in BEDFORD CO.,VIRGINIA.

  xiii.   Sally Eidson, born Abt. 1799; married John Eidson 29-August-1820 in Bedford CO., Virginia.
       314. Nathaniel Harris, born Abt. 1749 in Louisa, Virginia; died January-1830 in Preble Co., Ohio. He married 315. Martha Bunch 29-May-1788 in Louisa,Virginia.
       315. Martha Bunch, born Abt. 1749 in Louisa, Virginia; died Abt. 1815 in Louisa,Virginia. She was the daughter of 630. James Bunch and 631. Mary.

       Children of Nathaniel Harris and Martha Bunch are:

  i.   Dabney Harris, died Aft. 1830.

  ii.   Elizabeth Harris, died Bef. 1825; married Norman Campbell in Preble Co.,Ohio.

  iii.   James Harris, died Aft. 1830; married Susannah Markham 1803 in Bedford Co,Virginia.

  iv.   Martha Harris, died Aft. 1830; married Elisha H. Williamson 13-May-1816 in Preble Co.,Ohio.

  v.   Nancy Harris, married Robert Redding 19-September-1816 in Preble Co.,Ohio.

  vi.   Nathaniel Jr. Harris, married Sally Gibson 24-September-1812 in Bedford Co,Virginia.

  vii.   Seges Harris, died Aft. 1830; married Norman Campbell 14-August-1825 in Preble Co.,Ohio.

  viii.   Mary Polly Harris, born 1775; died Aft. 1830; married Nathaniel Wilson 17-November-1796.

  157 ix.   Sarah Harris, born 13-October-1779 in Bedford CO., Virginia; died 03-November-1847 in Mexico, Miami Co., Indiana; married William Eidson 22-May-1800 in Bedford CO., Virginia.

  x.   John Harris, born Abt. 1785; died Aft. 1830; married Dinah Wilson 23-September-1811 in Bedford Co,Virginia.

  xi.   Garland Harris, born Abt. 1804 in Bedford Co,Virginia; married Rebecca Honny 23-December-1823.
       320. David A. Putman, born 03-October-1715 in Schenectady, Albany Co., New york; died Abt. 1781. He was the son of 640. Arent Janse Putman and 641. Lysbet Akkerman. He married 321. Elizabeth Lehrin Abt. 1740.
       321. Elizabeth Lehrin. She was the daughter of 642. Peter Lehrin and 643. Helen ?.

       Children of David Putman and Elizabeth Lehrin are:

  i.   Catherin Putman, born Abt. 1742; married (1) Peter Bellinger; married (2) Frederick Bellinger 28-October-1761.

  ii.   Margaretha Putman, born Abt. 1743; married David Winnie 31-October-1802 in Fonda, Montogomery Co., New york.

  iii.   Victor David Putman, born 22-May-1747 in Stone Arabia, Albany Co., New York; died 12-October-1800 in Tribes Hill, Montgomery Co., New York.

  iv.   Arent D. Putman, born Abt. 1749 in New York.

  v.   David A. Putman, born 25-February-1750/51 in Albany Co., New York; died 14-August-1824 in Herkimer, Herkimer Co., New York.

  vi.   Ludwig ( Lewis) Putman, born 10-December-1752 in Fultonville, Albany Co., New York.

  160 vii.   George "Jurry" Putman, born Abt. 1757; died 14-March-1829 in Sardinia, Erie Co., New York; married Mary Polly Ferguson 23-May-1779 in Caughnawaga (Fonda), New York.

  viii.   Jerry D. (Jerimiah) Putman, born Abt. 1758 in Palatine, Albany Co., New York.

  ix.   Johannes David Putman, born 05-August-1773 in Tribes Hill, Tryon Co., New York; died in Cherry Valley, Ostego Co., New York.
       322. William Ferguson.

       Child of William Ferguson is:

  161 i.   Mary Polly Ferguson, born 1758; died 26-April-1847 in Sardinia, Erie Co., New York; married George "Jurry" Putman 23-May-1779 in Caughnawaga (Fonda), New York.
       328. John Fairchild, born 06-March-1725/26 in Stratford,Ct.; died 08-September-1791 in Stratford,Ct.. He was the son of 656. John Fairchild and 657. Joanna Phippeny. He married 329. Beulah Sherman 12-October-1749 in Stratford,Ct..
       329. Beulah Sherman, died 1791 in Huntington,Ct..

       Children of John Fairchild and Beulah Sherman are:

  i.   Sherman Fairchild, born 07-July-1750.

  ii.   Ruth Fairchild, born 12-October-1751.

  iii.   Curtiss Fairchild, born Bef. 30-December-1753.

  iv.   Abijah Fairchild, born Bef. 04-January-1758.

  v.   Sarah Fairchild, born Bef. 19-February-1758.

  vi.   Beulah Fairchild, born Bef. 11-January-1761.

  vii.   Nathan Fairchild, born Bef. 27-February-1763.

  viii.   Mary Fairchild, born 03-December-1764.

  ix.   Ruth Fairchild, born February-1768.

  164 x.   John Fairchild, born Bef. 28-March-1770; died 11-August-1856 in Tioga Co.,New York; married Betty Frasier 12-May-1793 in Shelton - Huntington,Connecticut.

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