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Ancestors of John Burton Kaherl

      450. Capt. Samuel Guild, born November 17, 1647 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died January 1, 1729/30 in Dedham, Massachusetts. He was the son of 900. John Guild and 901. Elizabeth Crooke. He married 451. Mary Woodcock September 29, 1676 in Dedham, Massachusetts.

      451. Mary Woodcock, born March 9, 1650/51 in prob. Rehoboth, Massachusetts; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 902. Cdr. John Woodcock and 903. Sarah.

Notes for Capt. Samuel Guild:
E-mail from Gloria (Stanley) Konikoff email, Dec 1999 to my nephew Dana Stanley of Dec. 19, 1999. "Extracted from records of Mr. Raymond Walker Stanley, son of Mr. Francis Edgar Stanley, one of the twins, [who invented the Stanley Steamer] and whose typescript manuscript is located in the New England Genealogical Society's library in Boston, Mass. His work is well documented with references from Probate records, church records, land records, Quarterly CT. records and original town records.
Mathew Stanley d. 1686 Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass.
Samuel Stanley m. Johanna_____ and d. Aug 17, 1724
Jacob Stanley, b. Jan 2, 1684 Topsfield, d. Attleborough 1747 (probate rec.)
m. 1) Oct. 25, 1711, Miriam Howlett, dau of Ensign Samuel and Sarah (Clarke) Howlett. She died April 10, 1716. m. 2) Elizabeth Guild of Dedham, Mass., b. 1697, dau of Capt. Samuel and Mary (Woodcock) Guild.

FTM CD113, Abridged Comp. by Frederick Virkus, pg 2529:
8-John Guild (qv);
7-Capt. Samuel (1647-1730), soldier King Philip's War, rep. Gen. Ct., m Mary Woodcock (desc. of John Woodcock, cdr. of Woodcock's Garrison, King Philip's War)

The record of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths...Town of Dedham, MA by Don Gleason Hill (Town clerk then), 1888 gives a specific marriage date for Samuel and Mary in Dedham of Sep. 29. 1676.

Family Tree Maker Online: GenealogyLibrary, Ancestry of Calvin Guild, Margret Taft, James Humpherys and Rebecca Covell Martin, by Howard Redwood Guild, 1891:
Page 1:
Captain Samuel Guild,3 a "worthy and serviceable gentleman," son of above John,1 was one of Capt. Moseley's Company in King Philip's War, 1675; b. 7 Nov., 1647; m. 29 Nov., 1676, to Mary Woodcock,4 dau. of Samuel5 and Ann6 Woodcock; he d. 1 June, 1730. From 1693-1713 selectman in Dedham, delegate to general court 1719, freeman 1678.

Family Tree Maker Online:, Genealogy of the Descendants of John Guild by Calvin Guild, Call# R929.2 G954, Providence Press Co., 1867:
Page 8:
Second Generation.
1. SAMUEL, married, Sept. 29, 1676, Mary, daughter of Samuel and Ann Woodcock. Rev. Samuel Dexter, in his diary, calls him "an ancient, worthy and serviceable gentleman, Capt. Samuel Guild." He lived on the estate in East street, left him by his father, to which property he added by purchase, and by grants from the town.
Samuel, b. Oct. 12, 1677.
Nathaniel, b. Nov. 12, 1678; d. Jan. 28, 1774, aged 96 years.
Mary, b. Mar. 9, 1681; m. May, 1714, John Fuller, of Dedham; d. May 27, 1768.
John, b. Apr. 18, 1683; d. Oct. 29, 1684.
Deborah, b. July 16, 1685.
John, b. Oct. 2, 1687; d. June 15, 1767.
Israel, b. June 11, 1690.
Ebenezer, b. July 23, 1692; d. June 8, 1774.
Joseph, b. Sept. 19, 1694; d. Oct 24, 1751.
Elizabeth, b. Apr. 14, 1697.

Family Tree Maker Online:, The Genealogy and History of the Guild, Guile, and Gile Family by Charles Burleigh, Call # R929.2 G954.0, The Brown Thurston & Company, Portland, ME, 1887:
Pg 26:
SAMUEL GUILD2 (John1), son of John and Elizabeth (Crooke) Guild, born in Dedham, Mass., Nov. 7, 1647, married, Nov. 29, 1676, MARY WOODCOCK, daughter of Samuel and Ann (Herring) Woodcock, of Dedham. She was born March 9, 1631-2 [March 9, 1651-2]. He was a member of Capt. Moseley's Company in King Philip's war in 1675; was made a freeman at Salem, May, 1678. In 1703 he was one of a committee to invest and manage school funds, a selectman of Dedham from 1693 to 1713, and a delegate to the General Court in 1719. He died at Dedham, Jan. 1, 1730.

More About Capt. Samuel Guild:
Issue: 10 children
Military service: King Philip's War
Source 1: Desc. of John Guild, 1867, Calvin Guild, Pg 26
Source 2: Guild Fam. by Chas. Burleigh, 1887, pg 26
Source 3: Anc. of Calvin Guild, by H.W.Guild, 1891 pg 1
Source 4: Gloria (Stanley) Konikoff email, Dec 1999
Source 5: Woodcock, by J.L.Woodcock, 1913, pg 132
Source 6: FTM CD113, Virkus, pg 2529

  Notes for Mary Woodcock:
Family Tree Maker Online:, Woodcock Genealogy by John Leighton Woodcock, 1913, Page 132:
MARY WOODCOCK2, John1, b. probably at Roxbury, Mass., m. Capt. Sam'l Guild of Dedham, Nov. 29, 1676. She d. before 1703, as her husband signs the agreement for distribution of her father's estate. Capt. Sam'l Guild was appointed one of the administrators of John1 Woodcock's estate. Nov. 2, 1704, he rendered an account alone. He was son of John1 Guild.
Children of Mary Woodcock2 and Capt. Sam'l Guild, b. at Dedham:
1. SAMUEL3 GUILD, b. Oct. 12, 1677.
2. NATHAN GUILD, b. Nov. 12, 1678; d. Jan. 28, 1774.
3. MARY GUILD, b. March 9, 1681; m. (???) Fuller.
4. JOHN GUILD, b. April 18, 1683; d. in infancy.
5. DEBORAH GUILD, b. July 16, 1685; m. (???) Fairbanks.
6. JOHN GUILD, b. Oct. 2, 1687.
7. ISRAEL GUILD, b. June 11, 1690.
8. EBENEZER GUILD, b. July 23, 1692.
9. JOSEPH GUILD, b. Sept. 19, 1694; m. Abigail Fisher, Oct. 31, 1723.
10. ELIZABETH GUILD, b. April 14, 1697; m. (???) Hanley. [Stanley)

More About Mary Woodcock:
Source 1: Woodcock, by J.L.Woodcock, 1913, pg 132
Source 2: Desc. of John Guild, 1867, Calvin Guild, pg26
Source 3: Gloria (Stanley) Konikoff email, Dec 1999
Source 4: FTM CD113, Virkus, pg 2529
Child of Samuel Guild and Mary Woodcock is:
  225 i.   Elizabeth Guild, born April 4, 1697 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died Aft. 1749 in prob Attleboro, Massachusetts; married (1) Jacob Stanley ca. 1717; married (2) Samuel Stanley 1747.

      452. John Pond, born ca. 1655 in Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; died Aft. June 1734 in Wrentham, Massachusetts. He was the son of 904. Lt. Daniel Pond and 905. Abigail Shepard. He married 453. Judith ca. 1697.

      453. Judith, born ca. 1657; died April 26, 1708.

Notes for John Pond:
Daniel Pond, by E. d. Harris, 1873, pg 12:
John Pond, son of Daniel may have been the oldest of the family and born before his father settled at Dedham. He settled in the Wrentham Parish, probably in that portion subsequently set off to form the township of Medway. He was a husbandman, and March 28. 1698, was allotted a grant of eleven acres of timber land, and seven acres on the brook at "long walk." The records of his marriages, by destruction of the church books at Wrentham, are lost. The dates of his own and two wives' deaths have not been preserved, neither is there any record of administration of his estate. He was living in 1734. and Aug. 29, 1927, gave half o f all his Wrentham lands to his son John.

More About John Pond:
Bp/Chr: July 7, 1656, Dedham, Massachusetts
Issue: 9 children by 3 wives
Misc: (1) Hannah ???, (2) Rachel ???
Misc.: June 1734, conveyed his Wrentham land to son Jos.
Occupation: husbandman
Residence: of Wrentham, Massachusetts
Source 1: Dan'l Pond by E.D. Harris, pg 11, 12

More About Judith:
Source 1: Dan'l Pond by E.D. Harris, pg 12
Child of John Pond and Judith is:
  226 i.   Joseph Pond, born April 18, 1704 in Wrentham Parish, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; died May 2, 1788 in Wrentham, Massachusetts; married Mary ca. 1733.

      456. Dea. Joseph Fairbanks, born March 10, 1655/56 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died June 14, 1734 in Dedham, Massachusetts. He was the son of 912. John Fairbanks and 913. Sarah Fiske. He married 457. Dorcas 1683.

      457. Dorcas, born ca. 1663; died January 9, 1737/38 in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Notes for Dea. Joseph Fairbanks:
Fairbanks Family., by L.S. Fairbanks, 1897, pg 42:
7. DEA. JOSEPH FAIRBANKS, of Dedham, Mass. (2), John II, Jonathan I. Born in Dedham, "the 10 of the 3 mo. 1656; made freeman in May, 1678; died June 14, 1734, aged 78 yrs., 1 mo., 4 ds. He came into possession of a part of the Dedham homestead under the will of his father and an agreement between his brother Benjamin and himself. The original of this agreement is still preserved in the old house, among other precious relics, and a copy of it, with the signatures of Joseph and Benjamin Photo-engraved, is printed below. (see pg 43&44). Married in 1683, Dorcas(???), who died Jan. 9, 1738.
1. DORCAS, born 14 : 1 : 1686; married (1) Rev. James Humphreys of Wrentham May 20, 1714 He was the son of Hopestill & Elizabeth (Baker) Humphreys, & was born in Dorchester Mar. 8 1680 He died before Nov. 15, 1728, when her father was appointed Administrator of his estate, which was appraised at 476--3s. Suffolk Probate Records, Lib. 26, fol. 512, and Lib. 28, fol. 79. She survived with three small children:
a. Dorcas Humphreys.
b. Ruth Humphreys.
c. Mary Humphreys.
She married (2), July 9, 1735, William Woodward of Dedham. (3), Aug. 7, 1751, Andrew Blake of Wrentham.
2. JOSEPH (20), born Apr. 26, 1687.
Page 42:
Mar. 16, 1687.
From the original.
To all Christian people be fore whom thefe prefents shall [come] or to whomefoever itt may conferne Be itt Knowne that we Joseph & Benjamen ffaierbancks the executors to the last will & Teaftament of our much Honord ffather John ffaierbancks of Dedham deseafed: And in perfuance of which truft divolved on us fd Joseph & benjamen ffaierbanks with the Loveing Advise of our Dear Brother John ffaierbanks & our Overfeers: we proseeded to devid fd Estat to content with fecuritie as will both Appear by An jnduction of perticulars in other papers extant to that end: with bils of Content or Rather to content with the * * Intimation of our Aymicable Agreement to wit Joseph & Benja men ffairbanks as executors Doe bare Equally in both the Debts from our fathers Eftat & Leagisies due by wil &fo the debts to fd eftat are Equaly fd Joseph's & Benjamens ffairebanks & that the Remaynd * * - is Equaly devided betwixt fd joseph ffaierbanks & benjamen ffaierbanks the executors as Aboue fd And the howfes & lands are Are devided to each by Agreement & Advis as Aboue fd & Are as ffolloweth Vise.
Wherefore be itt Knowne that Joseph ffaierbanks pofsefs for hime felf & heires the great howfe & barne with the Orchyard and the lot belonging to fd howfe with fo much of the lower fid of the way & the wigwam plaine as they Agreed And will Apear by the line betwixt them the line being from the lower Corner of the leanto belonging to the barne of Joseph ffairebanks & towards the fwampy land of Wm Avery & Runs one A ftrait line to A great stub on the edg of the wigwam plaine near an other hemlock stub more Joseph ffaierbanks moietie in the wigwam plaine lies mostly upon his owne meadow nearly & tot he land of Samll Bullard in part more Joseph Reseive twelue Acres in Purgatory uppon the confideration of Benjamens laying down one Acre & halfe in the grate whome Lott to Joseph which you shall hear more of hereafter and this as we Agreed: Joseph ffaierbanks one moietie in the * * * * & on dyposed land at fouth meadow more att pon fset upland & medow one moietie more at fowl meadow one moietie more * * * * board trees one moietie more one moietie in A parcell of Swampy meadow liing At hawes brooke: All which the fd Joseph ffaier * * * * * to pofsefs for himeself & heires for ever.
Alike bee itt Knowne that Benjamon ffaierbanks pofsefs for- himefelf & Heires for-ever the Lefer howfe & barne and Orchyard & so much of the lower fid of the way as they the fd joseph & benjamen ffairbanks Agreed & as is expreftjn Joseph ffaierbanks devifion more Benjamon ffaierbanks pofess the uper lot belonging to his the fd Benjamens lot by the fame buts & bounds his father John ffaierbanks pofsest itt & now Benjamen pofsefs on moietie in the wigwam plaine the upland Abuting one the head of the * * * * & on the land of Sam ll Bullard in part his Swampy land butting mostly one the Litile River more one * * * * in the * * * * att Neponfsett more one moietie att Clabboard trees more one moietie att fowl meadow more on moietie in a parcell of * * * * * eadow lying uppon A brook cald Hawes
Page 43:
Brook, more eighteen Acres att purgatory plaine of which three Acres is more * * * * upon Confideration of Benjamens laying down to Joseph one Acre & on half in the great howfe upper lott with which * * * * Benjamen is well satisfyed All which Ben ja men ffaierbanks pofsefs for hime felf And heires for ever.
It is A lik mutually Agreed by vs Joseph & Ben jamen ffaierbanks for the Con tinewans of our Brotherly love & Amicapcbl Con cordans for the futur that from time to time we keep up both thofe lins that are AlReady fet & thofe which shall hereAfter be fet uppon Devifion of such parcels as are yet to devid for the Con firmation of all of the premifes Aboue Sd we haue set too our hands & Affixed oer feals The fixteenth day of March one thoufand Six Hundered eightie & seauen.
Signed & Sealed in prefens of.
NOTE.--The * * * * indicate places where parts of the original document have been destroyed by the ravages of time.

More About Dea. Joseph Fairbanks:
Issue: 2 children
Source 1: Fairbanks by L.S.Fairbanks, 1897 pg42
Source 2: Winthrop by Stackpole, 1925, pg 356
Source 3: 1935, Memoirs,M.B.Fairbanks,NEHGR 89:66-67

More About Dorcas:
Source 1: Fairbanks by L.S.Fairbanks, 1897 pg42
Source 2: FTM CD113 S. & D. of Pilgrims, pg 657
Child of Joseph Fairbanks and Dorcas is:
  228 i.   Joseph Fairbanks, born April 26, 1687 in Dedham, Massachusetts; died Bet. 1752 - 1755 in Dedham, Massachusetts; married Abigail Deane May 3, 1716 in Dedham, Massachusetts.

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