of Wexford, Ireland &

Baddeck, Cape Breton

James Kiely emerged in Cape Breton in about 1818. The first evidence of his presence was a petition for a grant to survey Chapel Island, Cape Breton on 3 April, 1818. In his petition he proposed the foundation of "Kielly Town." Although the name was catchy, the petition was declined. The next emergence of James Kiely was at Baddeck, Victoria County, Cape Breton, where he was granted 100 acres of land on 2 May, 1832 (actually shown as James Coyley on that grant). Where had he been during the intervening years? Most likely at Baddeck. His grant, and those of his fellow settlers at Baddeck, was merely a formalization of a settlement, which had happened, unofficially, many years before. The writer of an account on Cape Breton published in 1820 said: "the number of acres granted and occupied without titles throughout the Lake (Bras D'or), and at the above named rivers (Baddeck and Wagamatocock) may amount to nearly 100,000." There is only one grant recorded prior to 1819, yet according to the census 0f 1818, there were in the division of Baddeck 55 men, 114 children, 30 married women and 4 widows.

The first settlements at Baddeck had been in 1785 by a group of Loyalists, the leaders of whom were Abraham Cuyler, who had been Mayor of Albany, New York and Jonathan Jones, who had been a Captain in a Loyalist Regiment (Jones possessed the only grant at Baddeck prior to 1819). This group of Loyalists, calling themselves the "Associated Loyalists" arrived at Louisbourg, Cape Breton in three ships during the late Fall of 1784. The season was already too far advanced to move on to Baddeck that year, so they spent a cold, hungry winter within the ruins of the old French fortress of Louisbourg. In the Spring of 1785 about 140 of them set-out for Baddeck. Unfortunately, most were not to remain and by 1818 the population of Baddeck, and its surrounding settlements, had shrunk to about 100. However from 1820 onwards, the population of Cape Breton was about to undergo a dramatic change.

Starting in the year 1820, a huge migration began. The largest group in this migration was the Scots (this group gave Cape Breton its distinctive Highland character). However, alongside the Scots, came the Irish, although in much smaller numbers. The Scots came in purpose-built ships, while the Irish came anyway they could. One of the most popular ways for the Irish to reach North America was by signing on to fishing vessels in Ireland and then deserting in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia. This is how James Kiely came to Cape Breton.

James Kiely (1785-1876) crossed to Newfoundland before arriving in Cape Breton (year unknown; possibly 1815-1818). He was a native of County Wexford. His father's name is unknown, but other sources I have reviewed indicate that he died during the Rebellion of 1798 in Wexford.

Wexford was a hotbed of revolt during the 1798 Rebellion and it has an interesting post-rebellion link with Cape Breton. It was from Wexford that Moses Doyle came to Cape Breton. Moses had been the leader of a band of United Irishmen during the Rebellion of 1798. Myles McDaniel also came from Wexford. He, like James Kiely, came via the fishing packets to Newfoundland and then on to Cape Breton. What is the link? Probably that Wexford was an important port in this period and thereby an outlet for unemployed young men and undoubtedly the presence of other Wexford men and women in Cape Breton was a draw.

So, there we have it, so far, but there is a more interesting link between James Kiely and Cape Breton. In the early colonial history of Cape Breton the Doyles of Wexford play a central role, so much so that they are referred to as the "Long-Tailed" family, for their ties to other families in Cape Breton run deep.

Before he left Ireland James Kiely married a woman by the name of Sarah Fortune (1798-1881). Her mother's name was Bridget Doyle (1760-1839), sister of Moses Doyle, leader of a band of the United Irish during the 1798 Rebellion, as noted above. Sarah's father's name was Thomas Fortune of Wexford, Ireland. Bridget Fortune crossed to Cape Breton in 1830, after the death of her husband in 1830, settling at Lake O'Law with her six children; Walter, James, Sarah, Mary, and two others whose names I do not have.

1838 Census. James and Sarah Kiely first appear in the 1838 Census of Cape Breton living in Westside, Baddeck and Little Baddeck. James is listed as a farmer with two male children under 6 (James b.1835 and Thomas F. b.1835), one female under six (Mary b.1837-1905, later married Michael Hartigan), one male under fourteen (John b.21 June 1832, d.1918) and one female over fourteen (Sarah?). Children born after the 1838 Census were Patrick (b.1839) and Bridget (b.28 July, 1843 - d.1923 - married James Doyle - 1839-1937 - James and Bridget moved to the Codroy Valley, Newfoundland in 1882).

1851 and 1861 Censuses. I have not reviewed these censuses. The 1851 and 1861 Censuses would only show the head of family with the number of children/adults. I passed on these in favour of the 1871-1901 Census data.

1871 Census. In the 1871 Census James Kiely is shown as 86 years of age and Sarah 73 years of age. There are two Kiely homesteads (farming) in this census at Baddeck; that of James Kiely (Snr) (b.1785) and James Kiely (Jnr) (b.1835). By this time John, son of James (Snr), was living at Northeast Margaree with his first wife, Eliza McDaniel (1828-1872). (see McDaniel below for Eliza’s genealogy). The children of John and Eliza were; James (b.1862), Patrick (b.1863, later married Joanne Cromsford, 1870-1903, father of Eleanor Louise Kiley of Sommerville; Eleanor died on 16 Oct, 1948), Myles (Reverend (RC), Parish Priest at St. Ann's, Gloucester, Mass, b.3 Aug, 1864 - d.25 Nov, 1937), Sarah (b.1865, died at a young age in Summerville, Mass) and Rebecca (b.1869). James (Jnr) (b.1835) and his wife Mary (b.1836) have four children in this census; Sarah (b.1862), Esther (b.1864), Mary (b.1866) and Rose (7 months).

Also living at Baddeck at this time is another son of James and Sarah, Patrick (b.1839). He is shown living in the home of his parents. He is unmarried.

1881 Census. In the 1881 Census their are two Kiely homesteads (farming) in Baddeck. The first is that of John Kiely who moved back to Baddeck after the death of his first wife Eliza McDaniel in 1872. He married his second wife, Margaret McGarry (b.1837) in August 1872. (See Margaret McGarry below for Margaret’s genealogy). The children of his first marriage, James, Patrick, Myles, Sarah and Rebecca are present in this census. The children of Eliza McDaniel's first marriage to Martin Coady are not present in Baddeck (Eliza and Patrick Coady). Undoubtedly they remained in Northeast Margaree, perhaps with the Coadys. John and Margaret's children, in addition to the children of his first marriage, were; Moses (b.1877 - d.18 April, 1953 - obituary below), Mary (b.1878) and Dennis (b.1880). Patrick, son of James (Snr), is still present in the 1881 Census and apparently about to marry. He is shown living with one Margaret McNeil (b.1850). James (Jnr) is not present in the census. It appears he may have moved to the United States (Kevin Tompkins).

Moses Kiley Obit provided by Kevin Tompkins: From the Catholic Herald Citizen - April 18, 1953 - "Archbishop Kiley (named after Moses Doyle – had been Archbishop of Milwaukee) is survived by two brothers; Patrick J. of Summerville, Mass and Dennis J. of Brooklyn. [He is also survived by] three nephews: John Kiley, Arlington Mass. Edward Kiley Summerville, Mass and Albert, Belmount, Mass. [also survived by] four nieces, Mrs Thomas Willwerth, Mrs Thomas Giordano and Miss Helen Kiley, all of Summerville, Mass. [Also survived by] Sister Mary Myles Claremont, NH."

1891 Census. There are still two Kiely homesteads (farming) in the 1891 Census of Baddeck. John Kiely is still in Baddeck at this time. He is shown as 57 years of age. His wife Margaret (Maggie) is listed as 52. Rebecca (b.1869), Moses E. (b.1877) and Mary A.(b.1878) are also shown living with their parents in this census. The other homestead is that of Patrick (b.1839) and Margaret (b.1850). They have four children in this census, James T. (b.1883), Derrick (b.1884) (Joseph?), John A.(b.1886) and Sarah C.(b.1887).

1901 Census. In the 1901 Census there are two Kiely homesteads (farming) in Big Baddeck. John and Maggie are still present. John, whose birthdate is given as 20 June, 1832, and Maggie, whose birthdate is given as 1 October, 1837, are living with two of their children, Rebecca (birthdate.16 May, 1869) and Dennis (birthdate - 8 March, 1880). As I understand it, John and Maggie were soon to leave Cape Breton for Summerville, Mass; perhaps following some of their children who had gone before them. The other homestead is that of Patrick (birthdate - 12 May, 1839) and Margaret (birthdate - 15 June, 1850). Also living with them are their children Joseph R.(birthdate - 25 November 1884), James T. (birthdate - 6 July, 1883), Sarah C. (birthdate - 11 December, 1887) and John A.(birthdate - 6 February, 1886).

1911 Census. By 1911, John and Maggie have moved to Summerville, Mass. His son, Patrick (birthdate - 12 May, 1839) and his wife Margaret (birthdate - 15 June, 1850) are still in Big Baddeck in this census. Still living with Patrick and Margaret are James T. (birthdate - 6 July, 1883), Sarah C. (birthdate - 11 December, 1887) and John A.(birthdate - 6 February, 1886). (Patrick and Margaret would later move to Glucester, Mass) In a separate house, possibly the former home of John and Maggie, is their son Miles D. Kiely (Reverend). He was later to leave Baddeck for the United States, dying in 1937.

The McDANIEL’s of Northeast Margaree, Inverness County

Relation to Kiely Genealogy: Eliza McDaniel – 1st wife of John Kiely of Big Baddeck.

Myles McDaniel was the first settler in Northeast Margaree. He was a native of County Wexford, Ireland, born in 1788. His mother was a sister of Moses Doyle (her name is unknown). He came to Nova Scotia via the fishing packets to Newfoundland in 1807, moving to Cape Breton around 1810. He married Rebecca Smith of Port Hood Island, Cape Breton, on 11 September, 1811. He was later granted land opposite Saint Patrick’s Church in Northeast Margaree. The children of Myles and Rebecca were; Matthew, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Myles, Mary Ann, Moses, Jean, Margaret, John and Eliza.


1838 Census. MacDaniel, Myles, Farmer, 3 females under 14 years of age, 3 males over 14 years of age, 2 females over 14 years of age = total 9. Residing in Northeast Margaree.

The McGARRY’s of Lake O’Law, Inverness County

Relation to Kiely Genealogy: Margaret McGarry – 2nd wife of John Kiely of Big Baddeck.

Margaret McGarry, 2nd wife of John Kiely, was the daughter of Dennis McGarry of Dublin and Mary Doyle of Margaree Forks. (This Mary Doyle was the daughter of one of Moses "Mogue" Doyle’s other sisters who settled at Lake O’Law and should not be confused with Bridget Fortune). Her brothers and sisters were: Bridget, James (married to Mary Thompkins), Charles (married to Mrs. Petipas), Mathew, Dennis, Catherine (married to Peter Thompkins), Mary, John and Reverend Moses McGarry.

1881 Census. Mary (Doyle) McGarry is shown in this census living with her son James and his wife Ann at Margaree Forks. This is the only McGarry family living in Inverness County.

1891 Census. Mary (Doyle) McGarry is absent from this census, though her son James and his family are still living at Margaree Forks.

The DOYLE’s of Cape Breton

Relation to Kiely Genealogy: Bridget Doyle, sister of Moses Doyle - mother of Sarah Fortune wife of James Kiely of Wexford, Ireland. Mary Doyle, sister of Moses Doyle – mother of Margaret McGarry. Another sister was the mother of Myles McDaniel, I have not found here name yet.

The Doyles of Cape Breton are often referred to as "that little band of Irish settlers who, on account of their complicated blood relations resulting from intermarriage between their related families and other Irish families in Wexford and Cape Breton, were known as the Long-Tailed Family." In Cape Breton they settled in the Margaree Valley, Mabou, Whiteside and Rocky Bay.

Moses "Mogue" Doyle was the ancestor of the Doyles in Cape Breton. He was the son of James Doyle and Ann O'Brien of County Wexford, Ireland. In Ireland he had been a famous figure for he had been the leader of a company of the United Irishmen during the rebellion of 1798 in Wexford. He had been taken prisoner by the English in that year, but later escaped to Cape Breton in 1799. He eventually found his way to Richmond County, Cape Breton, where he worked for his Uncle, a Mr. Kavanaugh, who was later elected the first Irish Catholic member of the Provincial Parliament in Halifax.

Mogue returned to Ireland in 1802, shortly after the passing of the Act of Settlement, which granted pardon to the rebels. He married Judith O'Neill in 1806. Their children were; James, Sarah, Ann and Mary. James was born on 16 March, 1807, on a farm his father held from the Earl Fitzwilliam at Olart Hill, near the town of Enniscorthy, Parish of Farno, on the banks of the river Slaney (Wexford). Sarah Doyle later married James Coady of Margaree Forks (the Doyles were to return to Cape Breton), and some of their descendents would bear the name Moses. Ann also immigrated to Cape Breton, while Mary died in infancy.

Upon the death of his first wife, Mogue married Mary Ann Lawlor in Enniscorthy. He returned to Cape Breton in 1824 leaving his family, temporarily, in Ireland while he settled in the Margaree. His son James, worked the Irish land for the Earl Fitzwilliam until 1828 when he brought his stepmother and sister Sarah to the Margaree Valley.

James Doyle married Margaret (Maggie) Murphy, daughter of Michael Murphy and Sarah Pennel (probably in Wexford). Their children were John, Moses, Myles, James, Matthew, Michael and Daniel.

Moses Doyle had seven sisters, some of whom came to America, while some died in Ireland. One sister was the mother of Henry and Myles McDaniel of Northeast Margaree. She had other children in Ireland who did not come to Cape Breton. Amongst the other sisters whose children came to Cape Breton; another, Bridget, was the mother of Walter, James, Sarah and Mary Fortune; another was the mother of Nicholas, Patrick, James, Michael and Mary Tompkins; another was the mother of John, Mary and Ann Doyle of Lake-O-Law, another was the mother of Patrick and Mary Burns; another was the mother of Myles Donahue and the seventh, and youngest, was the mother of Andrew Dovan.

From Mogue Doyle, and his sisters, their children or descendents in Cape Breton, there were 15 priests and 16 nuns. They were the Reverends Michael Tompkins, Moses Coady, Moses McCarry, Moses M. Doyle, Daniel H. Doyle, Morris Tompkins, Myles N. Tompkins, D.F. McGarry, Benjamin McGarry, John O’Neill Doyle, J.J. Tompkins; the Reverend Doctors John McGarry, Moses M. Coady and Monsignor Myles D. Kiley and Arch-Bishop Moses Kiley. The nuns were daughters of Moses Doyle, Jame J. Doyle, Myles A. Doyle, Daniel Doyle, Matthew Doyle, Peter McDaniel, James McGarry, Dennis F. McGarry, Rebecca McNeil, Michael J. Coady and William Hartigan.

The SMITH’s of Port Hood, Inverness County

Relation to Kiely Genealogy: Rebecca Smith, wife of Myles McDaniel - mother of Eliza McDaniel.

Rebecca (Smith) MacDaniel was born on 15 February, 1787, and died on 28 February, 1864. She was the daughter of Captain David Smith and Rebecca Lombard of Port Hood Island. She married Myles MacDaniel at Port Hood Island on 7 September, 1811. Myles was a native of County Wexford, Ireland. He came to Nova Scotia via the fishing packets to Newfoundland in 1807. Myles was granted land opposite Saint Patrick’s Church in Northeast Margaree. Their children were; Matthew, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Miles, Mary Ann, Moses, Jean, Margaret, John and Eliza.

Captain David Smith (1742-1789) was the eldest son of Gameliah Smith and Hannah Harding. He married Rebecca Lombard on 9 April, 1767. He came to Guysborough, Nova Scotia in 1784 sailing in his own ship and purchased a wharfing and business lot in the town. He was a United Empire Loyalist. David Smith later moved his family to Port Hood Island off the southwest coast of Cape Breton Island. Port Hood Island had been a fishing station and quarrying site since the earliest days of French occupation. For the residents of Guysborough, Port Hood Island was a convenient place to dry and salt their fish in the summer. Like many fishing stations around the coast of Nova Scotia, it later became a place of permanent residence for the same families who had once used it seasonally. The Smiths were one such family. The Smiths abandoned Guysborough for Port Hood Island only a few years after arriving in the province. The reason was probably the worsening economic climate after the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, the weakened economy also affected the fisheries, and by the end of the 1780’s the Smiths were noted to be in a depressed and destitute condition. It is reputed that David Smith died on 19 February, 1789 while trying to swim ashore from an ice flow off the west coast of Cape Breton south of Mabou. He, and three of his sons, had gone out on the ice while sealing, when a winter storm blew up. The ice broke up and David was separated from his sons. He tried to swim ashore, but died in the attempt. His body washed ashore the next day. His three sons, came ashore near Mabou some 24 hours later. Rebecca Lombard, David’s wife, was born at Truro, Massachusetts on 12 September, 1747. She was the daughter of Louis and Sarah Lombard. After the death of her husband, Rebecca was granted 500 acres of land on Port Hood in 1792. (This was a Loyalist grant). Rebecca apparently built a small house and farm on the island on the brow of a hill above the present sheltered harbour. The house still stands, though it was much modified by later Smith descendents. It is still located on a functioning farm and is said to contain within its walls much oral and written history of the Smith family. It is still owned by Smith descendents. Rebecca (Lombard) Smith died on 30 November, 1821.

Gameliah Smith (b. 5 December, 1717) married Hannah Harding on 28 May, 1741 at Cape Cod. Their children were; Gameliah, Nathaniel and David. Gameliah also married a second time to Mary Slew on 18 May, 1749. Their children were Hannah and Assa.

Gameliah Smith was the son of Thomas Smith (b. Cape Cod, 29 January, 1688 – d. Truro, Mass – 20 September, 1745). Thomas married Joanna Mayo on 3 November, 1709. Joanna died 24 March, 1763. There children were; Isaac, Rebecca, Thomas, Joanna, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth and Gameliah.

Thomas Smith was the son of Thomas Smith (b. 1650) of Hingham, Mass. His date of death is not known for certain, though it is known that his Will was proven on 18 October, 1720. He married Mary (?). Their children were; Ralph, Rebecca, David, Elkaneh, Jonathan, David and Thomas.

Thomas Smith was the son of Ralph Smith. Ralph arrived in New England on the ship Elizabeth Bonaventure out of Yarmouth, County Norfolk, in Boston on 15 June, 1633. He was 23 years old according to the ship’s manifest. Immediately upon his arrival he set up a store in Hingham, and then moved to Eastham, Cape Cod. He was listed as a legal voter in Eastham on 22 May, 1655. He took the oath of fidelity on 25 October, 1657. He was appointed Constable for Eastham in 1660 (peace officer/tax collector). His first wife (he was unmarried on his arrival) was the daughter of Edmond Hobart. Their children were; Samuel, John, Daniel, Elizabeth, Deborah and Thomas.


Comments on the WEXFORD Irish in the Margaree


The Wexford connection with Cape Breton proved to be as strong as I had expected it would be. It was reflected on many of the gravestones in the Margaree Valley. Why was it so strong? It seems clear now that many of those who escaped death during the 1798 Rebellion, or execution by the English, chose exile in Nova Scotia rather than remain in Wexford under English rule. I am not in the least bit suprised that Moses Doyle was amongst them. How could he have remained in Enniscorthy in the shadow of Vinegar Hill where the rebellion was crushed on 21 June, 1798. It must have been too bitter a pill to swallow. All those fallen comrades and, undoubtedly relatives. Moses Doyle, James Kiely whose father was killed in the rebellion, Myles McDaniel, and many others, must have carried the memory of that failed insurrection with them for the rest of their lives.

These were the times of our Wexford exiles. In spite of their violent and troubled past, I can only admire them for turning their energy to the settlement of Cape Breton and the opening of the Margaree Valley, which, by the way, was opened and settled by these Irish exiles, not the Scots. I think that's a proud legacy for you who have them amongst your ancestors.

When I travelled up to Big Baddeck, we found that the land is still farmed, but not as intensively as it had once been. There are no churches or graveyards in Big Baddeck, nor is there any suggestion that there had ever been any. We found several "family plots" in Cape Breton, some near abandoned homesteads overgrown in brush, wildflowers and roses, another buried in woodland, and yet another at the edge of a hayfield about a kilometre off a highway.

We did find one 1st generation ancestral grave in Cape Breton, that of Myles McDaniel who is buried in Northeast Margaree. Myles was born in Wexford in 1788 (died 8 November, 1858) and married Rebecca Smith (born 1787 - died 28 February, 1864) of Port Hood, Inverness County on 11 September, 1811. Myles and Rebecca were the parents of Eliza McDaniel, who married John Kiely of Big Baddeck.

James Kiely of Wexford (also spelled Coyly, Coyley, Kieley, Keiley, Kielly and Kiley)

1. James (KEILEY) KILEY, born abt 1785 in IRELAND, died Oct 05 1876@91, buried in St. Michael's Cemetery, Baddeck, NS. Emigrated from Ireland to Newfoundland then Baddeck, NS. He married Sarah FORTUNE, born abt 1799 in County Wexford, IRELAND, (daughter of Thomas FORTUNE and Bridget DOYLE) died Mar 22 1881@82, buried in St. Michael's Cemetery, Baddeck, NS.


2. i John (KEILEY) KILEY born Jun 12 1832.

ii Thomas (KEILEY) KILEY, born abt 1833 in "The Margaree's", Inverness County, NS, baptized Sep 20 1835@2 recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, died at age 7. Godparents; James FORTUNE and Sarah DOYLE In Thomas' baptismal records, his parents' name were listed as "James KELLY and Sarah FORTUNE".

iii James (KEILEY) KILEY, born 1835, occupation Farmer, General Merchant. Moved to St. Paul, MN, USA. He married Mary DENNISON.

3. iv Mary (KEILEY) KILEY born Mar 17 1838.

4. v Patrick (KEILEY) KILEY born 1839.

5. vi Bridget (KEILEY) KILEY born Jul 28 1843.

Second Generation

2. John (KEILEY) KILEY, (1.James1) born Jun 12 1832 in Big Baddeck, Victoria County, NS, died Apr 23 1926 in Dorchester, MA, USA, occupation Farmer. In June 1887, he moved from Margaree where he lived since 1861 back to his native Baddeck, NS. In 1907 John and Margaret moved to Sommerville, MA, USA. He married (1) Eliza McDANIEL, married 1861, born Apr 11 1828, (daughter of Myles McDANIEL and Rebecca SMITH) died Apr 14 1872 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, North East Margaree, NS. He married (2) Margaret McGARRY, married Aug 10 1873 in St. Margaret's Church, Broad Cove, Inverness County, NS, divorced in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, born Oct 06 1837 in Lake O'Law, Inverness County, NS, (daughter of Dennis McGARRY and Mary DOYLE) baptized Dec 25 1837 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, died Aug 22 1909 in Somerville, MA, USA. Margaret: Godparents; John DOYLE and Sarah DOYLE Marriage Witness: Matthew McGARRY and Bridgette TOMPKINS.

Children by Eliza McDANIEL:

6. i James A. (KEILEY) KILEY born 1862.

ii Rev. Myles D. (KEILEY) KILEY, born Aug 03 1864 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, died Nov 25 1937 in USA, ordination Dec 21 1900.

7. iii Sarah (KEILEY) KILEY born Nov 13 1865.

8. iv Patrick J. (KEILEY) KILEY born Oct 16 1867.

v Rebecca Jane (KEILEY) KILEY, born May 15 1869 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, baptized May 16 1869 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, died At a young age. Godparents: James GILLIS and Jane DUNN. In Rebecca's baptismal records, her parents' name were listed as "John KEILEY and Elizabeth McDANIEL of this mission.

Children by Margaret McGARRY:

vi John (KEILEY) KILEY, born 1874 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS.

vii James (KEILEY) KILEY, born 1875 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS.

viii Most Rev. Moses Elias KILEY, Ph.D., S.T.D., born Nov 13 1876 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, baptized Nov 28 1876 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, ordination Jun 10 1911, ordination Mar 17 1934 Bishop of Trenton, ordination Mar 28 1940 Enthroned Archbishop of Milwaukee, died Apr 15 1953 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI, USA, buried in St. John's Cathedral, Milwaukee, WI, USA. Godparents: Myles DUNN and Ann DOYLE. In Moses' baptismal records, his parents' name were listed as "John KEILEY and Margaritte McGARRY". Appointed Bishop of Trenton, NJ, USA on Mar 17 1934. Appointed Archbishop of Milwaukee on Mar 28, 1940.

Obituary from The Casket April 1953: KIELY, Archbishop Moses - Moses E. born Nov. 13, 1876 in Cape Breton. Died at age of seventy-six years. Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Baddeck. When 18, the family moved to Somerville, where he worked in a carriage shop, started by his brothers, one of whom, Myles, became a priest. Buried in Crypt of St. John's Cathedral, Milwaukee. Son of John Kiely and Margaret McGarry.

ix Dennis (KEILEY) KILEY, born 1877 in Big Baddeck, Victoria County, NS, died Aug 05 1963.

x Mary (KEILEY) KILEY, born 1878 in Big Baddeck, Victoria County, NS.

3. Mary (KEILEY) KILEY, (1.James1) born Mar 17 1838 in Baddeck, Victoria County, NS, died Nov 09 1905 in Baddeck, Victoria County, NS, buried in St. Michael's Cemetery, Baddeck, NS. Obituary from The Casket: HARTIGAN, Mrs. Michael - At Baddeck on Nov. 9, 1905 after a long illness borne with resignation to the Divine Will, Mrs. Michael Hartigan, in the 68th. year of her age. Her remains were interred in the new Catholic cemetery, Baddeck, Nov. 11, after Requiem High Mass. R.I.P. She married Michael HARTIGAN, born abt 1832, died Apr 07 1910@78 in Big Baddeck, Victoria County, NS, buried in Catholic Cemetery, Baddeck, NS. Michael: Obituary from The Casket: HARTIGAN, Michael - At Big Baddeck on April 1, 1910 Michael Hartigan in his 78 yr. Deceased was one of the Irish pioneer settlers of Baddeck Valley, and by hard toil raised a large family in comfort and independence. The last rites of the Catholic Church of which he was always a faithful member were administered by Father MacKenzie of Iona. The high esteem in which he was held by his neighbours was shown by the large number of them which followed his remains to their last resting place in the Catholic cemetery at Baddeck.


i David HARTIGAN, born abt 1860 in Baddeck, Victoria County, NS.

ii Catherine HARTIGAN born Jun 12 1861.

iii Sarah I. HARTIGAN born Jun 06 1864.

iv Bridget "Bertha" E. HARTIGAN, born abt 1866 in Baddeck, Victoria County, NS.

v William HARTIGAN born Dec 16 1867.

vi James D. HARTIGAN born abt 1870.

vii Mary Ellen HARTIGAN born Oct 22 1875.

viii Elizabeth HARTIGAN born Mar 29 1878.

4. Patrick (KEILEY) KILEY, (1.James1) born 1839, died Oct 1924 in Gloucester, MA, USA. He married Margaret MacNEIL, born 1850, (daughter of Rory Glen Mor MacNEIL and Catherine).


i James Thomas KILEY, born abt 1883, died Feb 20 1919@35 in Big Baddeck, Victoria County, NS.

ii Joseph A. KILEY, born 1884, died 1918.

iii John A. KILEY, born 1886, died 1918.

9. iv Sarah Catherine KILEY born abt 1888.

5. Bridget (KEILEY) KILEY, (1.James1) born Jul 28 1843 in Baddeck, Victoria County, NS, died Nov 06 1923 in Grand River, Codroy Valley, NF, buried in St. Ann's Cemetery, Searston, NF. Obituary from The Casket Nov. 1923: DOYLE, Mrs. James (nee Bridget Kiley)- At Grand River, Codroy, Nfld., on the 6th. inst., Mrs. James Doyle, of bronchitis, at the age of eighty. Mrs. Doyle was born at Baddeck and lived some years after her marriage in Margaree, before moving to Newfoundland some forty years ago, with her husband and family. R.I.P. She married James P. DOYLE, married Oct 01 1865, born Apr 16 1839 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, (son of James DOYLE and Margaret MURPHY) baptized Apr 28 1839 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, died May 09 1937 in Doyle's, Codroy Valley, NF, buried in St. Ann's Cemetery, Searston, NF, occupation Teacher, Merchant. James: Godparents; James MURPHY and Mary COADY. He attended St. FX.U. in 1853 and member of 1 st graduating class. Taught school at Margaree Forks from 1867-1882 and of his pupils 10 became 8 became doctors, 3 lawyers, all are of Margaree except one. Family moved from Margaree Forks, NS to Codroy Valley, NF in 1882.

ST. F. X. WILL HONOR HER OLDEST ALUMNUS. James Doyle of Newfoundland Will Receive Honorary Degree of LL.D. at Antigonish. Antigonish, May 12 (1930) - James Doyle, native of Margaree, a gentleman of over 91 years, will journey all the way from Doyle's, Newfoundland, to Antigonish, to receive a homage from St. Francis Xavier university on Wednesday afternoon. The presence of the venerable gentleman, the oldest living alumnus of the institution, and member of the pioneer class, will add a touch to the commencement exercises hitherto unexperienced. In Immaculta hall on the occasion of the conferring on Mr. Doyle of the LL.D. degree, will be young men and women, who will receive from His Lordship Bishop Morrison, chancellor of the university, the degrees for which they have studied.

EVENT OF LIVES: To them it will be one of the outstanding events in their lives. To the aged courageous gentleman from Newfoundland the day will have a different significance. Well advanced in the evening of life with a proud record of honorable achievement and citizenship behind him, his degree will find him triumphant on life's sunset. The lessons learned since he left Xavier's halls almost seventy years ago could not have been learned in any class room. Volumes could be written by Mr. Doyle, touching merely the fringe of his knowledge of life, its joys, its sorrows, its victories and defeats. His has been a life well spent since he left St. F.X.

BORN AT MARGAREE: JAMES DOYLE was born at Margaree. In 1854 he entered the Arichat Seminary, the year after it had been opened. The following year it was moved to Antigonish and St. F. X. college was opened. Mr. Doyle was one of the students. Owing to ill health (he was threatened with tuberculosis) he was obliged to leave college in 1862. When his health was restored he opened a mercantile business in Margaree, but the wholesaler from whom he was buying his goods failed within two years and Mr. Doyle, who had had some experience in school teaching, turned to this profession, teaching in different parts of Cape Breton, but chiefly in Margaree. No less than ten priests, eight doctors and three lawyers laid the foundations for their professions in Mr. Doyle's Margaree school. In 1884 he moved with his family to the West Coast of Newfoundland and the community that he virtually founded carries his name, "Doyle's".

James' obituary indicates May 09 1937 and his tombstone indicates May 05 1937.

Obituary from The Casket: DOYLE, James - James Doyle, Doyle's, Newfoundland, who was honoured with the degree of doctor of laws from St. Francis Xavier in 1930, died May 9 at his home. He was 98 years old and was the oldest living St. F.X. student, having attended the infant institution in 1853. A sister and a brother, Mrs. Judith Tompkins, Newfoundland and Matthew Tompkins (*) Louisbourg, survive as well as the following nephews and nieces: Rev. Miles Tompkins, New Waterford, Dr. Gregory Tompkins, Dominion; Mrs. A.W. Miller and Mrs. John S. MacDonald, New Waterford. *(Matthew Tompkins should read Matthew Doyle.)


i Rose Ellen DOYLE born Jul 29 1866.

ii John J. DOYLE born Apr 07 1868.

iii Margaret DOYLE, born Apr 24 1870 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, baptized May 01 1870 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, died May 1941. Godparents: Moses DOYLE and Margaret DULHANTY. She married (1) Alexander MacARTHUR She married (2) Edward J. GILLIS, born 1877, died 1946.

iv Clement James DOYLE born Aug 29 1871.

v Thomas Bertram DOYLE born Oct 10 1873.

vi Sarah Martina DOYLE, born Sep 25 1875 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, baptized Nov 09 1875 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, died Nov 17 1875 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS. Godparents: Myles DUNN and Ellen McDANIEL.

vii Michael Moses DOYLE, born Sep 25 1879 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, baptized Oct 12 1879 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, died Jan 03 1899 in Grand River, Codroy Valley, NF. Godparents: Michael DOYLE and Ann Jane DOYLE.

viii Sarah Mary DOYLE, born Aug 07 1882 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, baptized Sep 03 1882 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS, died Dec 30 1929, occupation Sister Mary Dominic. Godparents: Moses DOUCETTE and Mrs. Thomas TOMPKINS.

Third Generation

6. James A. (KEILEY) KILEY, (2.John2, 1.James1) born 1862 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, died Feb 02 1938 in Somerville, MA, USA, occupation Blacksmith. He married Mary COLLINS.


i Mary KILEY.

ii John KILEY.

iii Albert KILEY.

iv Helen KILEY.

v Myles KILEY.

vi Agnes KILEY.

7. Sarah (KEILEY) KILEY, (2.John2, 1.James1) born Nov 13 1865 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS, baptized Dec 03 1865 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS. Godparents: Mathian FIDSGERALD and Sara THUMPKINS. In Sarah's baptismal records, her parents' name were listed as "John COYLY and Elizabeth McDONALD". She married Frank McHUGH.


i Edna McHUGH, died Dec 1929, occupation Sister Mary Edna.

8. Patrick J. (KEILEY) KILEY, (2.John2, 1.James1) born Oct 16 1867 in "The Margaree's", Inverness County, NS, baptized Oct 20 1867 in Recorded St. Michael's Parish Records, East Margaree, NS. Godparents: Gillis CARPENTIN and Bridget KILEY. In Patrick's baptismal records, his parents' name were listed as "John KIELY and Eliza McDANIEL of the NE. He married Joanna CROMSFORD, married Aug 30 1896 in St. Joseph's Church, Somerville, MA, USA, born abt 1872 in Somerville, MA, USA, died Dec 12 1903@31 in Somerville, MA, USA, buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, MA, USA. Joanna: Marriage Witnesses: Dominic ROGERS and Harriette DUNN.


i Edward KILEY, born Jul 29 1897.

ii Eleanor KILEY. She married Thomas GIORDANO.

9. Sarah Catherine KILEY, (4.Patrick2, 1.James1) born abt 1888, died Sep 14 1945@57, buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, North East Margaree, NS. She married George James McDANIEL, born Oct 15 1880, (son of Peter Matthew McDANIEL and Ann COADY) died Jul 15 1930, buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery, North East Margaree, NS. George: Obituary from The Casket July 24, 1930: McDANIEL, George - Mystery surrounding the disappearance of George McDaniel has been solved with the finding of the man's body in the woods near his home. Mr. McDaniel left during the morning to cut lumber, and when at a late hour in the evening he did not return, his family, anxious for his safety, spread the alarm and a search party entered the woods in an effort to locate him, their efforts being successful very late in the night. Heart failure was attributed as the cause of his death. Mr. McDaniel apparently enjoyed good health up to the time of his death. He is survived by a wife and seven children. His father, Peter, also survives but was in hospital at the time of his son's death. Mass was celebrated by Rev. Dr. Tompkins, Canso.


i Josephine McDANIEL, born Apr 09 1919 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS. She married Samuel SNOW, married Dec 22 1942.

ii Pauline Margaret McDANIEL born May 06 1920.

iii Austin James McDANIEL born Aug 01 1921.

iv Patrick Gorman "Herbert" McDANIEL, born Mar 24 1923 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS. He married Mary Margaret HARRISON.

v Anna McDANIEL born May 15 1924.

vi Helen Theresa Agnes McDANIEL, born Jan 21 1927 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS. She married Richard PATE, married Apr 24 1954.

vii Anita McDANIEL, born Apr 30 1929 in Margaree Forks, Inverness County, NS. She married Robert SMITH, married Feb 18 1950.