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Descendants of John Sapp

Generation No. 3

4. HENRY3 SAPP (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1698 in Kent Co., Delaware, and died May 02, 1743. He married ALICE MOORE.

Notes for H
Henry, son of John Sapp, is the first of whom we have official record. As early as 1733 he appears to have bought some land of one Joseph Booth. In 1739 and 1743 he had, from the Proprietary Government, grants of land. His will, dated May 2, 1743, appears below, together with copies of the deed and grant above referred to. He married Ann Moore, who died December 12, 1761, and whose will is made note of also.


Joseph Booth
Henry Sapp

THIS INDENTURE made the ninth day of August, one thousand seven hundred and thirth-three, between Joseph Booth of the County of Kent on the Delaware, Yeom. of the on part, and Henry Sap (Sapp) of the same County of Kent of the Delaware, Yeom. of the one part, witnesseth that the aforesaid Joseph Booth for and in consideration of the sum of five pounds current money of America, to him in hand paid by the said Henry Sapp, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath given, granted, bargained, sold, aliened, enfeoffed, and confirmed and by these presents doth give, grant, bargain, sell alien, enfeoff, and confirm unto the said Henry Sapp, his heirs and assigns forever, all tract or parcel of land situated in the forest of Mispillion Hundred on the south side of a main branch of the Murder Creek and the west side of a piece of land laid out to Mark Manlove, beginning at a corner marked gum standing on the west side of a small branch dividing this from the aforesaid land of Mark Manlove, and running thence down aforesaid branch and bounding therewith about one hundred and twenty-two perches to the aforesaid main branch, then up the said main branch about one hundred and twenty perches to the north of another small branch near opposite to another small gum; then up the said small branch bounding therewith about one hundred and thirty-six perches; then by a line of marked trees north, forty degrees east and one hundred and fifteen perches to the place of beginning, continuing and lain out for one hundred acres be the same more or less together with all houses, buildings, gardens, orchards, woods, underwoods, timbers, and trees, ways, waters, watercourses, improvements and appurtenances whatsoever, to have and to hold the land and premises hereby granted with the appurtenances, unto the said Henry Sapp, his heirs and assigns forever, under the yearly quit rents now and hereafter to grow due to the Chief Lord of the fee for the premises: And said Joseph Booth and his heirs of said land and premises hereby granded unto the said Henry Sapp, his heirs, and assigns; against him, the aforesaid Joseph Booth and his heirs, and against all manner of persons claiming, or to claim by, from or under him, them, or any of them, shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, aforesaid Joseph Booth hath set his hand and seal hereunto the day and year above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of

Edward Hart, Thos. Jarrout                  Joseph Booth (SEAL)

Acknowledged in open Court of Common Pleas held at Dover Town in the and for said County of Kent, on the Delaware on the Sixteenth day of November, One Thousand seven hundred and thirty-three.

WILL OF HENRY SAPP            Kent Co. Delaware, May 2, 1743

In the name of God, Amen.

I, Henry Sapp of Kent Co. being sick fo body, but of sound and perfect mind, and knowing the uncertainty of this life, which must be yielded up upon death, do make and order this, my last will and testament; hearby making all other wills, or will by me made either by word of mouth or writing and do declare this to be my only will in manner and form following:

Viz. - First, I commit my soul to God through Jesus Christ my only Mediator and Redeemer, and my body to the earth from whence it came, to be decently buried according to the direction of my executor; and as to my worldly goods which it has pleased the Almighty God to bestow on me, after all my worldly debts and funeral expenses being paid, I bequeath and give in the manner following: I give unto my eldest son, Henry Sapp, one iron nine gallon pot; and one two year old heifer; I give unto my son, James Sapp, forty acres of land not to come further this way that this house now is and one pewter basin; I give my eldest daughter, Johanna Bradley on pewter dish: I give to my daughter Ann Thistlewood, one pewter basin; I give to my son, Edward Sapp, one yearling heifer; I give to my daughter, Elizabeth, one heifer and one iron pot; I give to my son, Benjamin Sapp, one brood mare, one cow, one chest and one iron pot.

I give to my loving wife all the rest of my moveable estate during her widowhood; and after death, I give and bequeath to my youngest son John Sapp, all the rest of my estate, real and personal, to him and his heirs forever, except one bed and furniture to my daughter Elizabeth, and one bed and furniture to my son Benjamin, and to each of them one pewter basin.

My will is that my loving wife, Ann and my youngest son John, have the administration of this estate, and I do constitute and appoint them to be my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament:

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of May, A.D. One Thousand Seven Hundred and fourty three.

Curtis Evans      John Williams      William Barwick

Henry Sapp (Seal)
Children of H
8. ii.   HENRY SAPP, b. Kent Co., Delaware; d. December 23, 1772, Kent Co., Delaware.
  iii.   JAMES SAPP, m. RACHEL ?.
  Notes for JAMES SAPP:
Letters of administration were granted on the estate of James Sapp, February 4th, 1795 to Rachel Sapp who game bond with Thomas Williams and James Williams as sureties.

  iv.   EDWARD SAPP.
  Notes for ANN SAPP:
Letters of administration were granted on the estate of Ann Sapp to Henry Sapp and Benjamin Sapp, December 12, 1761.

  vii.   JOHANNA SAPP, m. ? BRADLEY.

5. GEORGE3 SAPP (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1705 in Kent Co., Delaware, and died 1788.

Notes for G
Born in Deleware, and migrated about 1765 to Cumberland Co., Maryland. The name of his wife is unknown, as well as the date of his death. However, he was on the tax list as George Sap Sr. in 1788.
Children of G
9. i.   HENRY4 SAPP, b. Abt. 1766, Allegany Co., Maryland; d. 1856, Ravanna, Ohio.
10. ii.   JACOB SAPP, d. Abt. 1829, New Jersey.
11. iii.   JOHN SAPP, d. Fairmont, VA.
12. iv.   FREDERICK SAPP, b. Maryland; d. Kentucky.
  Notes for MARY SAPP:
Nothing is known of her descendants.

13. vi.   GEORGE SAPP, b. Abt. 1740, Kent Co., Delaware; d. 1810, Danville, Knox, Ohio.

6. JOHN3 SAPP (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born in Kent Co., Delaware, and died in Kent Co., Delaware. He married RACHAEL.

Notes for J
John, son of John Sapp, held grants of land shown by the Delaware records.
Children of J
  i.   ISAAC4 SAPP.
  Notes for ISAAC SAPP:
Isaac, son of John Sapp, has a will on record dated 1752. Nothing is known of any of the family.

Letters of administration upon the estate of Isaac Sapp were granted to Elizabeth Sapp on this second day of November in the thirty-first year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the second, 1752.

  ii.   ESTHER SAPP.
14. iii.   WILLIAM SAPP, b. Kent Co., Delaware.

Page 18 of 542

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