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Descendants of John Sapp

Generation No. 5

15. ROBERT5 SAPP (BENJAMIN4, HENRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Bef. 1755, and died Abt. 1809. He married SARAH ?.

Notes for R
He is shown on the 1800 census of Guilford County, NC, to be over 45 years of age, living with 1 male, 0-10 years; 1 male, 10-16 years; 1 male 16-26 years; 1 female, 0-10 years; 1 female, 26-45 years; the latter being his wife. Robert Sapp was probably born in Maryland.

First record of Robert Sapp was for the 100 acres surveyed for him in Anson County. In Jesse Sapp's pension file, he stated when he became ill during the Revolutionary War, his brother came from Anson County and took him to his home until he recuperated.

From land records of Stokes County, Robert Sapp lived there between 1790 and 1792. He was a witness to a deed on March 11, 1790 between James Lefoy and John Sapp of Stokes County. From Stokes County, Robert Sapp moved to Guilford County. He purchased three tracts of land on the waters of Buffelow totalling 236 acres.

His will was dated December 28, 1809 and probated in May 1810 in Guilford County. He names his wife, Sarah, and son, Samuel, as executors.
Children of R
23. i.   SAMUEL6 SAPP, b. October 29, 1786, North Carolina; d. July 18, 1862, Ashe County, North Carolina.
24. ii.   JAMES SAPP, b. June 08, 1795, North Carolina; d. September 14, 1840, Guilford County, North Carolina.
  iii.   DOROTHY SAPP.
  Notes for DOROTHY SAPP:
From the will, her father left her one cow and calf, one new woman's saddle, one feather bed and furniture.

  iv.   ROBERT SAPP.
  Notes for ROBERT SAPP:
From the will, his father left him ten shillings.

  v.   BENJAMIN SAPP, b. Aft. 1784, North Carolina.
  Notes for BENJAMIN SAPP:
Benjamin Sapp was born after 1784 and probably in North Carolina. He is listed on the 1810 census of Randolph County between the age of 26 and 45 years and is listed with 2 males under 10 years of age, and one female between 26 and 45 yesrs of age, probably his wife. No record of marriage has been found. Benjamin Sapp did not appear on the tax list or on any deeds in Randolph County. Records prove that he moved to Tennessee with his brother, Jesse.

From the will, his father left him 10 shillings.

16. JESSE5 SAPP (BENJAMIN4, HENRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 19, 1761 in Calvert Co., Maryland, and died Bet. 1834 - 1840. He married HANNAH ?.

Notes for J
Jesse Sapp, born August 19, 1761 and died between 1834 and 1840. He was in the Revolutionary War and filed for a pension in 1834. He stated in his pension file that he was born in Calvert County, Maryland and when he was seventeen years of age, his family moved to Surry County (now Stokes), North Carolina.

Jesse Sapp enlisted in the Virginia Regiment, Revolutionary War at age 16. His brother, Robert Sapp took care of him while ill during the war. (This is from Jesse Sapp's Revolutionary War papers).

Jesse Sapp appeared on the 1782 Surry County tax list as single with 2 horses and mules, 2 cattle. Benjamin Sapp endorsed his 300 acres on Muddy Creek in Surry County to Jesse on March 2, 1786. Jesse sold this land to William Whicker in 1789. Jesse sold all of his land in now Stokes County by 1797 and moved to Randolph County, NC. He purchased land on Deep River in 1797 and received a land grant on Deep River in 1801. He sold all of this land by 1807 except for 49 acres. The deposition of the 49 acres is unknown. Jesse Sapp is listed on the 1803 and 1804 Randolph County tax list with 89 acres, 1 white poll. Jesse Sapp is listed on the 1800 and 1810 Randolph County census.

Jesse Sapp stated in his pension file that he left North Carolina in 1810, moved to Bledsoe County, Tennessee, lived there for seven years and then moved to Warren County, Tennessee. In Book 1, page 337 of Warren County deeds, Jesse Sapp had 94 acres surveyed on May 22, 1827. This land was on the waters of Charles Creek, waters of Collins River.

No marriage record has been found but it appears that his wife was Hannah. Jesse Sapp and Hannah witnessed a deed for John Sapp in 1794.

More About J
Fact 1: 1777, enlisted in Virginia Regiment, Revolutionary War, age 16
Children of J
25. i.   BENJAMIN6 SAPP, b. October 26, 1799, North Carolina.
  ii.   JINNEY SAPP, m. REUBEN LONG, July 02, 1810.

17. JOHN5 SAPP (BENJAMIN4, HENRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1764 in Maryland. He married (1) ELIZABETH SANDERS. He married (2) ELIZABETH KING, daughter of BENAJAH KING. She died Abt. 1813. He married (3) WINNIEFORD ANDERSON December 14, 1814 in Rhea County, Tennessee.

Notes for J
John was a silversmith in Augusta, Georgia in about 1796. He went to near Augusta, GA when he was about 32 years old.

John Sapp - Aliepheus / Eliepheus - "Lyfus" lived in Richmond Co., GA about 1832.

John Sapp was in Rhea Co., Tennessee by 1810, and bought land from a Collins. He had a mill on Piney Creek. In late 1813-14, his first wife, Elizabeth King died. Descendants know that John Sapp then married Winnie Anderson in about 1814 in Rhea Co., Tennessee.

John Sapp was gone from Rhea Co., Tennessee before 1830. Some of his children went to Alabama. Perhaps John and Winnie did also? But John and Winnie are in the 1850 census of Shelby County, Texas. Did they go back to Alabama or Georgia?John Sapp first appeared as a chainbearer for the survey of his father's land in 1786. No marriage records have been found, however, other records indicate his wife to be Elizabeth Sanders. In Nathum Sanders' will, he list John Sapp as his son-in-law. On September 10, 1794, John Sapp deeded land to James King who was also listed as a son-in-law in Nathum Sanders' will. Witnesses to his deed were Jesse Sapp and Hannah Sapp.

John Sapp left North Carolina between 1798 and 1800. His wife, Elizabeth Sapp, is listed with children on the 1800 and 1810 Stokes County census. Stokes County deeds show that on October 23, 1804, John Sapp of Franklin county, Georgia sold to John Macey of Guilford County the land granted to him in 1795. In Franklin County, Georgia, Georgia Tax Digest, Vol. 1, page 25 in year 1803, John Sapp was listed with 7n (negroes) and 150 acres on Stevens Creek. In the Franklin County Deed Book P, page 75, John Sapp and Elizabeth Sapp deeded land to William Smith on May 5, 1804. John Sapp was also found on the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery with two draws in Franklin County. No other record has been found on John Sapp. A Milley Sapp is listed on the 1800 and 1820 Stokes County census. Benjamin Sanders, a brother to Elizabeth, deeded land to Milley Sapp in 1814. It is not known if there is a relationship between Milley Sapp and John Sapp.
Child of J
26. i.   THOMAS6 SAPP, b. August 1803; d. Bet. 1860 - 1870, Stokes County, North Carolina.
Children of JOHN SAPP and ELIZABETH KING are:
  ii.   BENAJAH JOHAN6 SAPP, b. 1801; d. 1887, Shelby Co., TX; m. MARGARET STERLING, October 03, 1830, Blount County, AL.
  iii.   STRATFORD HENRY SAPP, b. January 01, 1802, Cooke Co., TX; d. August 04, 1865; m. ELIZABETH HARGROVE, August 15, 1849, Shelby Co., TX.
Fact 1: March 12, 1884, Could also be date of death, according to Gutke notes in Campbell file.

  iv.   JOHN SAPP III.
27. v.   MARY POLLY SAPP, b. July 30, 1797, Atlanta, GA; d. 1879, Buena Vista, TX.
28. vi.   HILLIARD SAPP, b. 1811, Tennessee; d. Abt. 1854.
29. vii.   BENJAMIN HARRISON SAPP, b. May 09, 1813, Rhea County, Tennessee; d. December 17, 1863, Mobile , AL.
  ix.   SERENA SAPP.
  x.   MARY E. SAPP, b. 1797, Richmond Co., GA; d. 1879, Shelby Co., TX; m. CHARLES RICHARDS.
  xi.   BARRON DECALB6 SAPP, b. February 03, 1823; m. HANNAH MURPHREE, August 18, 1843, Blount County, AL.
  xii.   MIDDLETON SAPP, d. Bef. 1851.
  xiii.   NEWTON SAPP, m. POLLY H. BATES, April 07, 1844, Blount County, AL.
  Notes for NEWTON SAPP:
Died in the Civil War

  xiv.   ELIJAH LIAFEUS SAPP, d. 1861, South America.
  xv.   DEMARCUS SAPP, b. February 05, 1828, Alabama; d. 1909, Rusk Co., TX; m. SARAH J. BENNETT, 1849, Louisana.

18. EPHRIAM5 SAPP (HENRY4, HENRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born in Kent Co., Delaware, and died 1807 in New Jersey.

Notes for E
Ephriam, grandson of Henry Sapp, has a will dated April, 1807, giving Elijah, his son, as administrator.

Letters of administration were granted on the estate of Ephriam Sapp on the fourteenth day of April, 1807 to Elijah Sapp.
Children of E
  i.   ?6 SAPP, m. ? ANDERSON.
  ii.   ELIJAH SAPP, b. March 02, 1771, Kent Co., Delaware; d. 1851, Kent Co., Delaware.
  iii.   LEVI SAPP, b. March 05, 1771, Hollandsville, Kent Co., Deleware; d. October 01, 1860, Boone, MO.

19. JOHN5 SAPP (HENRY4, GEORGE3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 1786 in Cumberland, Allegany Co., Maryland.
Child of J
30. i.   ISAAC6 SAPP, b. Abt. 1809, Cumberland, Allegany Co., Maryland.


Notes for G
George Sapp of Danville, Ohio, was an ensign in Captain Greer's Company in the war of 1812.
Children of G
  i.   ELIZABETH6 SAPP, b. Allegany Co., Maryland.
  ii.   DALILAH SAPP, b. Allegany Co., Maryland.
  iii.   MARGARET SAPP, b. Allegany Co., Maryland.

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