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Descendants of John Sapp

Generation No. 6

23. SAMUEL6 SAPP (ROBERT5, BENJAMIN4, HENRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 29, 1786 in North Carolina, and died July 18, 1862 in Ashe County, North Carolina. He married REBECCA EDWARDS April 02, 1818 in Guilford County, North Carolina, daughter of JAMES EDWARDS and PHILLIS JESTER. She was born April 28, 1786, and died March 17, 1876 in North Carolina.

Notes for S
Samuel and his mother, Sarah, were made executors of his father's estate. On May 22, 1813, Samuel and Sarah Sapp sold Robert Sapp's three tracts of land and on May 27, 1813, Samuel purchased a part of that land back. He sold this land on February 1, 1832.

Samuel Sapp first appeared in Ashe County in 1825 when he entered through the Land Grant Office, 100 acres near the south end of Pond Mountain. In 1832, he entered land on the waters of Rich Hill Creek, and in 1835 he purchased land on Stringers Fork of North Fork of New River. In 1836, Samuel Sapp purchased land on Rich Hill Creek which was called the Rol(t)son place. Witnesses to this deed were James Sapp and Sarah Sapp. The latter being his mother. In 1847, Samuel Sapp entered the legendary 640 acres and it was issued in 1853.

Samuel Sapp was a farmer, surveyor and justice of the peace. He gave his land to his childred, David, Eve, Jesse, Anne and to the widower of his daughter, Phillis. After disposing of his land, he lived with his son, David, until his death. No will has been found.

Samuel and Rebecca Sapp are buried in the Sapp Cemetery on Rich Hill in Ashe County. It is said that there were 12 children, however only 9 have been found.

Notes for R
She was a Quaker and was disowned for marrying out of unity.
Children of S
32. i.   JAMES7 SAPP, b. April 20, 1820, Guilford County, North Carolina; d. April 21, 1892, Ashe County, North Carolina.
33. ii.   PHILLIS SAPP, b. July 25, 1821; d. August 15, 1853.
  iii.   JOHN J. SAPP, b. Abt. 1822.
  Notes for JOHN J. SAPP:
He first appeared on the 1850 Ashe County census. He was listed as hbeing 28 years of age and a clerk. He also appeared on four Deeds of Trust between the years of 1852 and 1856. It is possible that he left North Carolina with his sister, Anne.

34. iv.   DAVID SAPP, b. March 08, 1824; d. January 31, 1907.
35. v.   JESSE SAPP, b. November 02, 1825; d. April 21, 1896.
  vi.   ANNE SAPP, b. Abt. 1827; m. ALVIN REEDY.
  Notes for ALVIN REEDY:
In 1856, Alvin and Anne sold the land that Samuel had given them, and in 1858, they sold another parcel of land. This is about the time they left North Carolina.

36. vii.   REBECCA ELIZABETH SAPP, b. August 12, 1831; d. May 16, 1916.
37. viii.   EVE SAPP, b. September 05, 1835; d. August 01, 1876.
  ix.   THOMAS SAPP.
  Notes for THOMAS SAPP:
On May 30, 1844, Thomas Sapp was issued 100 acres of land on the waters of Little Horse Creek in Ashe County. Thomas Sapp sold this land in 1857. He appeard as a chainbearer on September 2, 1851 for land surveyed for James Sapp. Thomas was not listed on the 1850 census and no other record has been found on him. It is possible that he left North Carolina with this sister.

24. JAMES6 SAPP (ROBERT5, BENJAMIN4, HENRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born June 08, 1795 in North Carolina, and died September 14, 1840 in Guilford County, North Carolina. He married HANNAH EDWARDS February 27, 1819. She was born January 26, 1791, and died October 04, 1881.

Notes for J
James and Hannah Sapp are both buried at Muirs Chapel Methodist Chrush at Greensboro, North Carolina. James Sapp was a doctor. Nor record has been found to show if there is a relationship between Hannah Edwards and Rebecca Edwards.

James Sapp purchased land on the waters of South Buffelow Creek in Guilford County on February 12, 1819. Samuel Sapp was a witness. On November 19, 1825, James Sapp entered through the Land Grant Office, 200 acres joining the Tennessee line on the head waters of New River near Pond Mountain in Ashe County. No record has been found on the sale of this land and records indicate that he did not live in Ashe County at any times. James Sapp listed this property on a Deed of Trust dated September 21, 1833 in Guilford County. Records indicate James Sapp was on the school board of Guilford county in 1835. A division of the lands of James Sapp was made in 1885 listing six children and two grand children. From this division of land and the census, there were nine children.
Children of J
  i.   JANE M7 SAPP, b. Bet. 1816 - 1826; m. FIELDS LANE, September 29, 1843, Guilford County, North Carolina.
  Notes for FIELDS LANE:
They resided in Randolph County.

38. ii.   ROBERT J. SAPP, d. 1847.
  iii.   ELEANOR W. SAPP, b. 1819; d. 1897.
  Notes for ELEANOR W. SAPP:
She is buried at Muirs Chapel Methodist Church. She never married.

39. iv.   SAMUEL C. SAPP, b. Abt. 1823.
  v.   POLLY ANN SAPP, b. Abt. 1826.
40. vi.   SARAH G. SAPP, b. Abt. 1828.
  vii.   AMELIA SAPP, b. 1829; d. 1890.
  Notes for AMELIA SAPP:
She is buried in Muirs Chapel Methodist Church. She never married.

  viii.   NANCY SAPP, m. ? REDDICK.
  ix.   DORCAS SAPP, b. March 1831; d. 1901.
  Notes for DORCAS SAPP:
She is buried in Muirs Chapel Methodist Church. She never married. She left her estate to her niece, Elizabeth C. Oakley.

25. BENJAMIN6 SAPP (JESSE5, BENJAMIN4, HENRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 26, 1799 in North Carolina. He married NANCY ?.

Notes for B
He lived in Warren County, Tennessee. In Book 1, pages 93 and 94 of Warren County deeds, he had surveyed 75 acres on November 8, 1825. This land was on the waters of Charles Creek.

Benjamin Sapp is listed on the 1830 census of Warren County between 30 and 40 years of age with 1 male, 5-10 years; 3 females, under 5 years; 2 females, 5-10 years; 1 female, 30-40 years and 1 female 40-50 years. Information from SOME LEAVES FROM THE SAPP FAMILY TREE by Bob Baker Goff, published 1982; and the Tennessee census, there were eleven children in this family.
Children of B
  ii.   THOMAS A. SAPP.
  iii.   MARY B. SAPP.
  v.   LUCY SAPP, m. ? HAMMON.
  vi.   HANNAH C. SAPP.
  vii.   WILLIAM S. SAPP, m. FRNACES STROUD, August 01, 1853.
  viii.   ELIZABETH S. SAPP, m. A. M. CRANE, June 07, 1857.
  x.   NANCY ANN SAPP, m. BENJAMIN MOON, January 13, 1856.

26. THOMAS6 SAPP (JOHN5, BENJAMIN4, HENRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born August 1803, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870 in Stokes County, North Carolina. He married ZILPHIA PARDUE February 20, 1826.

Notes for T
Information from THE SAPP FAMILIES OF N.C. 1763-1853, and the North Carolina census, there seems to have been 15 children.
Children of T
41. i.   WILLIAM SANDERS7 SAPP, b. Abt. 1827, Stokes County, North Carolina; d. July 01, 1898.
  ii.   ALPHIES CLEMENTS SAPP, b. Abt. 1829.
  iii.   ROSALINE SAPP, b. Abt. 1830, Stokes County, North Carolina.
  iv.   LOUISE SAPP, b. Abt. 1832, Guilford County, North Carolina.
  v.   JULIA SAPP, b. Abt. 1834.
  vi.   RUFUS S. SAPP, b. Abt. 1836, Stokes County, North Carolina.
  vii.   THOMAS SAPP, b. Abt. 1838.
  viii.   ARTHUR SAPP, b. Abt. 1839.
  ix.   ROMULUS SAPP, b. Abt. 1841.
  x.   RANDALL SAPP, b. Abt. 1842, Rockingham County, NC.
  xi.   ASA GUY SAPP, b. 1844.
  xii.   ZYLPHIA L. SAPP, b. Abt. 1846, Rockingham County, NC.
  xiii.   ELIZABETH SAPP, b. Abt. 1847, Guilford County, North Carolina.
  xiv.   JANE SAPP, b. Abt. 1848.
  xv.   PRISCILLIA SAPP, b. Abt. 1849, Guilford County, North Carolina.

27. MARY POLLY6 SAPP (JOHN5, BENJAMIN4, HENRY3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born July 30, 1797 in Atlanta, GA, and died 1879 in Buena Vista, TX. She married CHARLES HARRISON RICHARDS 1813 in Rhea County, TN. He was born February 29, 1780 in Blount Springs, AL, and died 1839 in San Augustine, TX.

Notes for C
      Charles and Mary still lived in Tennessee when their first child was born. They later moved to Alabama before their second child was born in 1818. Charles held two land patents in Alabama in 1822. One was for 820 acres in Belmont County and the other was for 79 acres in Blount County. Copies of the patents are in the history by Ima Dora Richards Haile. The Alabama census of 1830 shows Charles as having eight under-age children and several slaves.
      Charles loaded all of his family, slaves and equipment and moved into Texas in 1833. They settled near San Augustine. Texas was then in a war with the Mexicans. Charles learned that he and his sons, William and James, would get headrights (for land) for serving in the Texian Army against Santa Anna. All three did serve and received those headrights. The headright given to James and William were in Shelby County. William also received one in Bosque County; the headright Charles received was in Houston County. However, Charles settled on land in San Augustine County.
      There is much dispute about the death of Charles Richards. A court record, found in the archives of San Augustine, shows that in April of 1839 a hourse fell on him. This court record also shows that Charles had his hip set the day before he died, April 4, 1839. No one has been able to locate his burial site. Charles did not have a will when he died. As a result, the Probate Court, in Shelby County, made Mary the guardian of the minor children. The minor children were Stratford Hampton, Debby Ann, Charles H. Jr. and Eliza Jane. When he died, Charles was heavily in debt. The Probate Court made James the administrator of his father's estate, but only after he posted a $20,000 bond. James sold all of Mary's land and some of William's, to clear the indebtedness on his father's estate. San Augustine County records reveal that Charles' final bills were settled in 1854.
      Elizabeth (Betty) married Joseph Burns and had two children. She died when her children were small. Mary raised Betty's two children, as well as her own. Mary lived near the town of Buena Vista. Known as a thrifty and determined woman, she regained some of the land that she had to sell. She later donated land to Buena Vista, with the understanding that no one remove trees from the land. A further stipulation was that if the trees were ever removed, the land would revert to her estate. Mary died October 10, 1879 and is buried in the Buena Vista Cemetery in Shelby County, near Timpson, Texas.
Children of M
42. i.   WILLIAM B7 RICHARDS, b. 1816, Tennessee; d. 1892.
  ii.   JAMES RICHARDS, b. 1818, Alabama; d. 1889; m. SALLIE ?; b. 1832; d. 1892.
43. iii.   JOHN S. RICHARDS, b. 1819; d. 1873.
44. iv.   STRATFORD HAMPTON RICHARDS, b. August 14, 1825; d. 1900.
  v.   ELIZA JANE RICHARDS, b. September 04, 1827.
  vi.   CHARLES HARRISON RICHARDS, JR., b. Abt. 1832.
  vii.   DEBBY ANN RICHARDS, b. Abt. 1832.
  viii.   ELIZABETH RICHARDS, b. 1834.
  ix.   MATILDA RICHARDS, b. 1835.
  x.   SUSAN RICHARDS, b. 1836.

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