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Descendants of Philp Van Marnix Van St. Aldegonde

Generation No. 2

2. WALBURG DE MARNIX DE2 ST. ALDEGONDE (PHILP VAN MARNIX VAN1) was born in Belgium. She married WILLEM (WILLIAM) S. VAN OLDENBARNEVELDT May 27, 1610, son of JOHAN VAN OLDENBARNEVELDT and MARIA VAN UTRECHT. He was born November 12, 1590 in Gravenhage, Holland, and died May 29, 1623 in Brussels, Belgium.

Notes for W
William was a great favorite of King Henry IV of France and was a gentleman -in-waiting at the king's court. He had been attached to the Dutch embassy of Francis Aerssens and gave him trouble. Aerssens had reported to John Oldenbarneveld that William was extravagant, idle, and pleasure loving.

Later, William became Captain of cavalry and governor of the fortress Bergen op Zoom. After the death of his father John, all the family property was confiscated, and he was deprived of his governorship and captaincy. When the war resumed, he was not allowed to serve. Being reduced from a high station to obscurity did not sit well with him. Brooding, William swore to avenge the death of his father and blamed all their troubles on Maurice, the Stadtholder. William was the instigator of a plot to assasinate Maurice.

The plot was discovered. Only William and Vander Duissen, the husband of his cousin, E1ias Barneveld escaped. William escaped to Rotterdam and then to Brussels where he lived under the protection of Archduchess Isabella. His wife would have nothing more to do with him and the dishonor he brought upon the family.

William eventually became a Catholic and served as a Captian of Cavalry in the service of the Spanish. It is unknown if there were other children than Pieter.

info obtained off of the Internet: wysiwyg://555/ from John Warfield Reeves:

Pieter's daughter, Jannetje, married Albertus Philipzen Ringo in 1679.

The most interesting thing I want to tell you is that William's father, Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt, was Beheaded in 1619 in the hague but was later considered a hero ane his statue stands in The Hague today!

The following was copied from the typed sheets received from Annamay:

Willem was known as Signiour Craimgpolder, in the court of King Henry IV of
France. He was known officially as a Gentleman-in-Wating to King Henry IV of France prior to 1610. "Craimgpolder" likely meant "chamberpot".

Historically, he was supposed to be a favorite of the King and kept his own apartments and played tennis avidly. King Henry IV was assassinated in 1610, so Willem must have been a teenager when he "worked for the King."

Married May 27, 1616.
Wife: Walberg de Marnix de St. Aldegonde (dau. of Philip van Marnix van St. Aldegonde.

Philip was a secretary to willem The Silent of Holland, a celebrated satirist and a
professor at leiden University. He was born in 1538 and died at leiden in 1598.
He was born in Brussels, Belgium. His parents were Jacob de Marnix and Marie de Hamericourt.

copied from "Yellow Typed Sheets" from Annamay Batty:

Willem had much of his inheritance taken away with his father's death but I doubt that he was destitute. Whatever the circumstances behind their decision to assassinate Maurice, it did becomethe impetus which encouraged the emigration of persons or person by the name of Stoutenburg. Both of Johan Oldenbarneveldt's two sons, Pieter (Reinier) and Willem knew that they were to be imprisoned and ultimately beheaded for their involvement in the planing of this crime.

Older brother, Pieter (who may not have had full knowledge of the plot) was the "money man". Apparently, Willem used money borrowed from his brother to finance arms and men to help stage the murder of Maurice. Someone "told" and the plot was foiled. Pieter was caught, imprisoned and beheaded, while Willem was never caught. This was in 1627?

NOTE! During Pieter's confinement in prison, it was customery for the families of the condemned to plead on the accused's behalf. And when Maria Van Utrecht, Pieter and Willem's mother, did so, the authorities asked her why she pled for the life of her son when she did not argue for her husband's innocence four years before. She simply said that she knew her son to be guilty.

Willem's history after his flight from Holland is vague. Some accounts say that he escaped with his family and went to Spain. Other stories suggest that he tried to renew his contacts with France. (King Henry IV of France was assassinated in 1610 so he may not have had any allies there.) Most likely, he fled without his family, wife and young son, Pieter, staying in Holland. One accounting says that his wife, Walburg, would have nothing to do with him, and that he became a mercenary for Spain and was often seen dressed in black and silver carrying a "death's head" banner across Belgium, in an attempt to get back into Holland. To add insult to injury, he reportedly became a Catholic. His entire family was staunchly Protestant and his father-in-law's satire had been directed at the Catholic Church. When and where he died is a mystery. It appears that Pieter was his ony child and he was born in 1617 or possibly 1613.

13. i. PIETER8 VAN STOUTENBURG, b. Abt. 1613, Holland; d. March 09, 1698, New Amsterdam (now New York City, N.Y., USA.

More About W
Occupation: Statesman,politician
Child of W
3. i.   PIETER3 VAN STOUTENBURG, b. Abt. 1613, Holland; d. March 09, 1697/98, New Amsterdam (now New York City, N.Y., USA).

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