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Descendants of William Mabe

65. ALEXANDER4 MABE (ROBERT3, ROBERT2, WILLIAM1)667 was born June 15, 1818 in North Carolina668, and died August 04, 1902. He married (1) PRUDENCE 'PRUDY' CHRISTLEY669,670 December 23, 1839 in Wythe County, Virginia671,672,673, daughter of JOHN CHRISTLEY and HANNAH HARRELL. She was born Abt. 1822 in Virginia674, and died Bef. 1866 in Wythe County, Virginia675. He married (2) MARIA WHEELER676 Abt. 1875. She was born March 06, 1855 in Virginia676, and died July 15, 1902676.

Notes for A
I have an Alexander Mabe, b. 1820, NC. He married Prudence Christley, b.
1817, Wythe Co., Va. on 23 Dec 1839 in Wythe Co., Va. Ch: John R,
William L., Leander, Craig, Arnold, Hannah, Elizabeth, Jane, Martha C.,
James, Amanda. Hope this helps! Would be glad to share or trade info on this family if possible.
--Nancy Byrd <>

NOTE - Martha C. (above) is an error - her name is Martha J. - Mary Kay dug out her birth and she matches the JANE found in the census records below.

1840 Wythe Co. Census
Elkin Mabe 10021-00001001
Adult female age 50-59 (born between 1781-1790) mother Polly
Adult male age 20-29 (born between 1811-1820) Elkin
Adult female age 20-29 (born between 1811-1820) Prudence
2 boys age 15-19 (born between 1821-1825) brothers John and Larkin
1 boy age 0-4 (born between 1836-1840) son Robert

1850 Pulaski Co., Va., 48th District 236/202/209
Mazabb Elkin 36 m laborer Va 1814
Mazabb Pruda 28 f Va 1822
Mazabb Robert 11 m Va 1839
Mazabb William 8 m Va 1842
Mazabb Leander 6 m Va 1844
Mazabb Craig 4 m Va 1846
Mazabb Arnold 2 m Va 1848
Mazabb (Harriet) f Va
This whole entry was really hard to read, but got some help from the 1860 census. Last child looked like Harriet, but could be Hannah

1860 Pulaski Co., Va. 746/366/...
Mabe Alexander 40 farmer NC 1820
Mabe Prudence 41 Va 1819
Mabe John R. 19 laborer Va 1841
Mabe William L. 18 laborer Va 1842
Mabe Leander 17 Va 1843
Mabe Craig 15 Va 1845
Mabe Arnold 13 Va 1847
Mabe Hannah 12 Va 1848
Mabe Elizabeth 11 Va 1849
Mabe James 5 Va 1855
Mabe Jane 8 Va 1852
Mabe Ellen 4 mos Va 1860
No children missing.

1870 Wythe Co., Speedwell 474/12/12
Maybe Alexander 50 m day laborer Va 1820
Maybe Arnold 21 m day laborer Va 1849
Maybe Hannah 20 f keeping house Va 1850
Maybe Mary 19 f Va 1851
Maybe Jane 16 f Va 1854
Maybe James 11 m Va 1859
Maybe Ellen 9 m Va 1861
Names and ages of some children are messed up.
Missing Prudence (wife), John Robert, William S., Leander, Craig.
Prudence probably died. Craig found to be married.

1880 Giles Co., Va.
Mabe Alex 57 1823
Mabe Martha 30 1850
Mabe James 22 1858
Mabe A.E. 20 f daughter 1860
Mabe Lou 10 f daughter 1870
Mabe E.H. 1 1879

1900 Christian County, MO
Mabes, Alexander w m head Jan 1822 78 m 25 NC NC NC farmer
Maria w f wife Mar 1851 48 m 25 5 children three alive VA VA VA
Posey G. w m son Jan 1882 18 s VA NC VA farm laborer
Gertie w f daughter Oct 1888 11 s VA NC VA at school
Hogan living with Charlie Maples:
Hogan w m son Sep 1877 23 s VA NC VA farm laborer

From: [ Save Address ]
To: (Mary Mabe),,< (Mary Loyd)
Subject: Alexander "Elkin" Mabe Found
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 01:10:56 +0000

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are doing well and enjoyed the summer and preparing for the winter. Did
the black-out affect any of you?

Good news. I found the resting place for Alexander and his second wife, Maria.
They are buried in the Hammond-Highlandville Cemetery at Highlandvil
Christian County, Missouri. Matter of fact he is in the same cemetery as his
brother Larkin. The inscription on his grave is E. Mabe 6/15/1818-8/4/1902 and
Maria's is A. W. Mabe 3/6/1855-7/15/1902. Maria's maiden name is Wheeler. Their
son Hogan Mabe is buried in the same cemetery. They are in the 1900 Christian
County census listed as such:

1900 Christian County, MO
Mabes, Alexander w m head Jan 1822 78 m 25 NC NC NC farmer
Maria w f wife Mar 1851 48 m 25 5 children three alive VA VA VA
Posey G. w m son Jan 1882 18 s VA NC VA farm laborer
Gertie w f daughter Oct 1888 11 s VA NC VA at school
Hogan living with Charlie Maples:
Hogan w m other Sep 1877 23 s VA NC VA farm laborer

Alexander's son Hogan is the grand-father of the four Mabe brothers that formed
the Baldnobbers Country-Music and comedy act in Branson Missouri. One of the
brothers died in early November that was the lead I needed to find Alexander.


Mary Jo Loyd <> [ Save address ]
Subject: Re: Alexander "Elkin" Mabe Found
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 19:57:29 -0500
Hi Jim,

We are doing well - the black out didn't reach us, but hurricane Isabel well made up for that.

I'm a bit perplexed regarding Alexander and Maria; how were you able to conclude that those headstones with the initials E and A W are theirs?

The only headstone I found with Larkin was for an infant; did you have another source?

I'm trying to find all the related census records, so if you have the coordinates for any others, I'd appreciate some hints.

Take care and have a great Thanksgiving,

Mary Jo

At 02:54 PM 11/24/2003 +0000, wrote:

Hi Mary Jo,

I'm sorry the operative word is "I think I found". There are no sources just some interesting facts.

The Larkin identification as an infant has to be wrong. If he was an infant and his birth/death date is in 1826 then he was buried in the cemetery before it opened. In an earlier EMAIL then I sent I had the cemetery opening date of 1870 which I copied from a book containing the Christian County Cemeteries. Here is that EMAIL:
From: "Jim Mabe" <>
To: "Mary Kay Mabe" <>,
"Mary Jo Loyd" <>
Subject: Larkin's Birth Date
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 21:06:33 -0600
Happy Holidays all,
Hope everyone survived the Y2K non-event. I was pretty busy for most of the
month of December.
I think I found Larkin's birth date. I was looking through a book that
listed the Cemeteries of Christian County, MO and lo and behold a Larkin
Mabe is buried in the Hammond Cemetery of that County. On the tombstone is
his birth date of December 19, 1826, but there is no death date. The
Cemetery opened in 1870, so we can assume that he died after that date.
There are other Mabes buried in the same cemetery, but I have no records
connecting them to a family.

Jim Mabe
I plan to follow-up with Brenda Mogen the person who complied the on-line cemetery list and try to get her in-put. Also I have found only one family of Mabes living in Missouri in the 1820s and they were living in Clay County. If he is truly an infant then this is the first infant's 1820s grave that I seen that is located in a remote area in all my research. There is only one Larkin Mabe that I found who lived in the area and he was listed as an 84 year old male living with his son Cisero Rufas in the 1910 Christian County census. The age on the census record corresponds with the date on the tombstone.

The other two are less certain. A reasonable fact we know is that Alexander, Maria, and family were living in Christian County in the 1900 census. The 1900 census information compares favorably with the 1880 census information concerning this family.

Creek NA FILM NUMBER: T9-1367PAGE: 91C
Alex MABE Self, M, Male, W, 57, NC, Works On Farm, NC, NC
Maria MABE Wife, M, .Female, W, 30, VA, Housekeeping, VA, VA
James MABE Son, S, Male, W, 22, VA, Works On Farm, NC, VA
A. E. MABE Dau, S, Female, W, 20, VA, At Home, NC, VA
Lou MABE Dau, S, Female, W, 10, VA, At Home, NC, VA
E. H. MABE Son, S, Male, W, 11M, VA, NC, VA
Family of Alexander Mabe (1820-----)

The ages are similar. The state in which they and their parents are born are the same, NC for Alexander and VA for Maria. It is reasonable to assume that the Hogan that is living with the Maples family is the same as the E. H. listed in the 1880 census. Also the census taker misspelled their last name the same way, Mabes. Maybe the census taker knew they were related. And his parents are identified by Brenda beside his tombstone information that is listed on the Hammond Cemetery page that she maintains. So with reasonable certainty we can assume that the Alexander and Maria listed in the 1900 census is the same as the 1880 Giles Count census which lines up with the Alexander we have concluded is Robert, Jr's son.

Since Alexander, in some census information, is listed as Elkin which is his nickname or another given name and the brith date on the tombstone for E. Mabe is close to the dates of birth listed on his census records, and he was living in Christian County in the time frame that E. Mabe died it would not be unreasonable to conclude that these indivduals would be one and the same. Alexander is not listed in subsequent censuses. There are no other E. Mabes that would fit his age range listed in the Christian County census. Alexander has kin buried in the same cemetery. Could another E. Mabe move to Christian County between 1900 and 1902? Possibly.

How is A. W. Mabe tied to Maria? The only thing that could tie Maria to A.W. is their approximate ages. Even though A. W. is listed as younger than the two census records that we have for Maria, it is not unreasonable to conclude that the dates on the census records are incorrect to make Maria appear older because of the age discrepancy between herself and Alexander. Where does the A. come from? Could Maria be her middle name and Ann be her first? Where does the W.come from? Could it be for Wheeler her maiden name? Most of the other reasons listed in Alexander's comparisons would also fit here.

I plan to write Brenda and follow-up on all these items. Maybe she has another contact that could make this information more accurate.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Mary Jo Loyd <> [ Save address ]
Subject: Re: Alexander "Elkin" Mabe Found
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 19:27:21 -0500
Hi Jim,

I figured those were the conclusions you drew for E. Mabe and A. W. Mabe, but had to ask if there was other evidence.

I have no son named Hogan for Alexander. Is he the same son from 1880 seen as E. H.? How are the Baldknobber Mabes connected to Hogan? I see Hogan in 1910, but loose him and his family after that - have you found them in 1920 and 1930?

Also, I have no son for Larken named Cicsero Rufus, but then I've never found Larken and his family in any census records except 1860 Illinois to help me fill in those gaps.

I would have to agree with your conclusions regarding the headstone for Larken, but in all honesty, I thought the year of on that stone may have been a typo or misread because numbers are often hard to make out, and I felt the word infant would have been easy to discern. Perhaps Brenda will clear these issues up.

Mary Jo

Mary Jo Loyd <> [ Save address ]
Subject: Re: Alexander "Elkin" Mabe Found
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 18:27:01 -0500
Thanks for the details Jim; they certainly helped. I've was able to find Hogan in 1920 with his middle initial.

Other headstones at Highlandville - Posey Mabe's; do you take him to be the son of Alexander and Marie Wheeler? I found him and his wife in 1920 Greene Co with sons Ray, Gene and Wilfred. Posey and his folks were born in Va.

Still pluggin away,
Mary Jo

At 01:48 AM 11/25/2003 +0000, you wrote:

Hi Mary Jo,

Here is the 1880 census record I have for Larkin:

Larkin MABE Self W..........Male............W.......52 NC Farm Laborer NC TN
M. C. MABE Dau S..........Female........W.......20 IL At Home NC TN
R. A. MABE Son S..........Male............W.......17 IL Farm Laborer NC TN
R. C. MABE Son S..........Male............W.......15 IL At Home NC TN
M. WAGNER Other S..........Male............W.......22 IL Farm Laborer KY OH
Family of Larkin Mabe (1826----)
The R. C. has to be Ciscero Rufas. Here is the 1910 census:
Mabe, Sisco R (M, W, head, 43, m, 9/12, IL, NC, IL, farm Laborer), Aurie (F, W, wife, 14, m, 9/12, MB, US, PN), Larken (M, W, Father, 83, w, NC, US, TN)

Hogan is found in the 1910 Christian County census. His name is spelled Hoge.

Mabe, Hoge (31, VA), Ala (32, MO), Donald L (8, MO), Gladdis (6, MO), Lenal (4, MO), and Hershal A. (2, MO) Family of E. Hogan Mabe (1878-1927)
You notice he has a son Donald L. This Donald L. is Donald Lester Mabe, the father of the Mabe Baldknobbers. Donald, his wife, and son Jim Mabe are all buried together in the Hammond cemetery. Here is his son, Jim Mabe's, obit.

Jim “Droopy” Mabe

Jim "Droopy" Mabe, of Nixa, passed away Monday, Nov. 3, 2003, in his home surrounded by his loving family. He was born Sept. 12, 1934, in Highlandville, one of thirteen children of Donald Lester Mabe and Hazel Viva (Warren) Mabe. Jim grew up on gospel music, and loved to play and sing with his family since he was very young. He and Katie Lee Wolfe were married on May 7, 1953. A pioneer in the Branson entertainment business, he and three of his brothers founded the Baldknobbers Show in 1959. The show grew from a modest start in the Branson Police Station to a 1500 seat state of the art auditorium on 76 Boulevard. He was fondly known as Droopy Drawers, and had the personality for being a natural comedian. The washboard was his instrument of choice. Jim was a member of the Riverdale Baptist Church, south of Nixa. Survivors include his wife, Katie; two children, Marilyn Poitz and her husband, Lyn, Nixa, and Tim Mabe and his wife, Patty, Nixa; four grandchildren, J.P. Mabe, Brandon Mabe, Shane Mabe and Breanna Mabe; seven brothers and sisters and their spouses, Margie and Wilbur Blansit, Nixa, Bob and Sue Mabe, Branson, Bill and Joyce Mabe, Nixa, Cletus and Maebelle Mabe, Wichita, Kan., Lyle Mabe, Springfield, Joan and Tommy Bilyeu, Ozark, and Sharon and Gary Michel, Nixa; his mother-in-law, Gladys Wolfe, Nixa; a brother-in-law, Bob Wolfe and wife Jan, Ozark; and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents and five brothers and sisters, Don Mabe Jr., Connie Sue Mabe, Pauline McCafferty, Max Mabe and Nancy Carter. Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Friday, Nov. 7, in Nixa Assembly of God Church with Pastors Hosea Bilyeu, Tommy Bilyeu, and Wilbur Blansit officiating. Burial will follow in Highlandville Cemetery. Arrangements are under the direction of Adams Funeral Home, Nixa. Visitation will be from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday in the funeral home. Memorial contributions may be made to Community Hospices of America. Springfield News-Leader, November 5, 2003.

Hope this helps and have a Happy Holiday,


More About A
Burial: Hammond-Highlandville Cemetery, Highlandville, Christian County, Missouri677

Marriage Notes for A
Library of Virginia, Wythe Co. Marriage Register 1790-1850 Reel #60
Page 142
Marriage bond of Alexander Mayab with James Tipton, surety, dated Dec 23, 1839, for marriage with Prudence Christley, daughter of John Christley.

LDS film #34254 Wythe Co. Marriages Part 2: 1790-1853
Page 142
1839 12 23
Mayab Alexander
Chrisley Prudence
Marriage bond of Alexander Mayab with James Tipton, surety, dated Dec 23, 1839 for marriage with Prudence Chrisley daughter of John Chrisley. Assuming this is marriage date

More About M
Burial: Hammond-Highlandville Cemetery, Highlandville, Christian County, Missouri678
Children of A
  i.   JOHN R.5 MABE, b. Bet. 1839 - 1840, Wythe County, Virginia679.
229. ii.   WILLIAM LEE MABE, b. 1842, Virgina; d. Aft. 1920, Pulaski County, Virginia.
  iii.   LEANDER MABE, b. Abt. 1843, Virginia679; d. April 06, 1865, Virginia.
  More About LEANDER MABE:
Armed Forces: September 15, 1863, CSA, Co K, Va, Pvt680

230. iv.   CRAIG MABE, b. Abt. January 1844, Virginia; d. March 14, 1924.
231. v.   HANNAH MABE, b. Abt. October 1846, Pulaski County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1910.
232. vi.   ARNOLD MABE, b. Abt. 1847, Virginia.
  vii.   ELIZABETH MABE, b. Bet. 1850 - 1851, Virginia681.
233. viii.   MARTHA JANE MABE, b. October 08, 1854, Pulaski County, Virginia; d. Bef. December 02, 1900.
234. ix.   JAMES ANDERSON MABE, b. February 24, 1857, Wythe County, Virginia; d. 1918.
  x.   AMANDA ELLEN MABE, b. Abt. March 1860, Pulaski County, Virginia682; m. HARVEY P. CRINER682, December 24, 1880, Giles County, Virginia682; b. Abt. 1859, Giles County, Virginia.
  xi.   LOU5 MABE683, b. May 1872, Virginia; d. 1958, Franklin County, Virginia683.
  More About LOU MABE:
Burial: M. Zion Burial Park683

235. xii.   E. HOGAN MABE, b. November 06, 1878, Missouri; d. December 19, 1927, Christian County, Missouri.
236. xiii.   POSEY HAYMAKER MABE, b. January 19, 1883, Virginia; d. July 16, 1947, Greene County, Missouri.
  xiv.   GERTIE MABE, b. October 1888.

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