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Descendants of Thomas Markham, Sr.(ENGLAND1)

      791. Cora Lucy9 Markham (Thomas F.8, Christopher7, NATHANIEL E.6, JOHN5, ARTHUR4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, Thomas1) was born June 1884 in Bedford Co., VA, and died Unknown. She married Joseph Samuel Parker January 08, 1906 in Bedford, VA. He was born October 06, 1883 in Bedford Co., VA, and died Unknown.
Children of Cora Markham and Joseph Parker are:
+ 1262 i.   Lloyd Loney10 Parker, born Abt. 1907; died September 08, 1946 in Bedford Co., VA.
+ 1263 ii.   Manie Parker, born 1909; died Unknown.
  1264 iii.   Howard Parker, born September 08, 1909 in Bedford Co., VA; died June 09, 1992 in Charleston, SC. He married Dora Dowdy; born in Covington, Va.; died in Charleston, S.C..
  More About Dora Dowdy:
Date born 2: Covington, Va.
Died 2: Charleston, S.C.

  1265 iv.   Willie Parker, born 1913; died Abt. 1997.
  1266 v.   Henry Virgil Parker, born 1915 in Bedford Co., VA. He married (1) Margaret; born Unknown. He married (2) Tootsie.
+ 1267 vi.   George Morris Parker, born March 17, 1916 in Bedford, VA; died December 1985 in Lumberton, NC.
+ 1268 vii.   Woodrow Wilson Parker, born 1919 in Bedford Co., VA; died April 21, 1966 in Miami, Fla..
+ 1269 viii.   Anita Mae Parker, born June 27, 1925 in Bedford Co., VA.
+ 1270 ix.   Rosa Dale Parker, born Unknown.
+ 1271 x.   Virginia Parker, born Unknown in Bedford Co., VA.

      792. Thomas Atlas9 Markham (Thomas F.8, Christopher7, NATHANIEL E.6, JOHN5, ARTHUR4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, Thomas1) was born March 1885, and died 1950. He married Nannie Lee Goff March 1907 in Bedford Co., VA. She was born July 03, 1889, and died April 08, 1964.
Children of Thomas Markham and Nannie Goff are:
  1272 i.   Viola M.10 Markham, born 1909.
  1273 ii.   Oscar D. Markham, born 1910.
  1274 iii.   James Leonard Markham, born September 23, 1910.
  1275 iv.   Samantha Louilla Markham, born March 1913. She married Aubrey Arthur Coleman September 24, 1943 in Lynchburg, VA; born Unknown.

      793. Elmer Dove9 Markham (Thomas F.8, Christopher7, NATHANIEL E.6, JOHN5, ARTHUR4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, Thomas1) was born Unknown, and died August 17, 1959. He married Grace Markham Unknown, daughter of James Markham and Mollie Seay. She was born April 07, 1895, and died January 11, 1968.

More About Elmer Dove Markham:
Date born 2: March 22, 1885

More About Grace Markham:
Date born 2: Unknown
Died 2: Unknown
Children of Elmer Markham and Grace Markham are:
  1276 i.   Arnold Hobbs10 Markham, born December 09, 1914; died May 07, 1978. He married (1) Rosie Hartless; born Unknown; died January 1999. He married (2) Ola Rice Norvello October 23, 1939 in Lynchburg, VA; born Unknown.
  1277 ii.   Isabelle Marshall Markham, born 1916; died October 1989 in Lynchburg, VA. She married Harry David Fromm Unknown; born Unknown; died 1990.
+ 1278 iii.   Dillard M. Markham, born April 1920.
+ 1279 iv.   Stuart Dove Markham, born November 18, 1921.
+ 1280 v.   Dorothy Irene Markham, born February 02, 1924.
+ 1281 vi.   Alfred Allen Markham, born May 1926.
+ 1282 vii.   Arthur Ray Markham, born May 01, 1928.
+ 1283 viii.   Elmer Hayden Markham, born February 02, 1930; died February 19, 1998 in Lynchburg, VA.
+ 1284 ix.   Audrey Lucille Markham, born October 22, 1935.
+ 1285 x.   Mildred Marie Markham, born June 30, 1939.

      796. William Emit9 Markham (William Nathaniel8, Christopher7, NATHANIEL E.6, JOHN5, ARTHUR4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, Thomas1) was born January 1882 in Virginia. He married Nannie? Bef. 1905.
Children of William Markham and Nannie? are:
  1286 i.   Irene10 Markham, born Abt. 1905 in West Virginia.
  1287 ii.   William C. Markham, born Abt. 1908 in West Virginia.
  1288 iii.   Harvey Markham, born Abt. 1910 in West Virginia.
  1289 iv.   Glen E. Markham, born Abt. 1913 in Virginia.
  1290 v.   Josie L. Markham, born Abt. 1916 in Virginia.
  1291 vi.   Ethel V. Markham, born Abt. 1919 in Virginia.

      797. Samuel C.9 Markham (William Nathaniel8, Christopher7, NATHANIEL E.6, JOHN5, ARTHUR4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, Thomas1) was born February 1884 in Bedford County, Virginia. He married Susan P. Rickman March 03, 1909.
Children of Samuel Markham and Susan Rickman are:
  1292 i.   Claude10 Markham, born Abt. 1912 in Virginia.
  1293 ii.   Gladys Markham, born Abt. 1913 in Virginia.
  1294 iii.   Reatha Markham, born Abt. 1915 in Virginia.
  1295 iv.   Margaret Markham, born Abt. 1916 in Virginia.
+ 1296 v.   Dorothy Markham, born June 23, 1917 in Arcadia, Botetourt County, Virginia.
  1297 vi.   Eugene Markham, born June 24, 1918 in Virginia; died May 1963 in Virginia.

      798. Mary Lucy9 Markham (William Nathaniel8, Christopher7, NATHANIEL E.6, JOHN5, ARTHUR4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, Thomas1) was born May 1886. She married Robert Lee Crouch January 29, 1901 in Botetourt Co., Virginia, son of Harry Crouch and Virginia ?.

More About Mary Lucy Markham:
Date born 2: May 1886, Virginia
Children of Mary Markham and Robert Crouch are:
+ 1298 i.   Clarence10 Crouch, Sr..
+ 1299 ii.   Elizabeth Crouch, born Abt. 1910 in Botetourt Co., Virginia.
+ 1300 iii.   Lucy Maude Crouch, born 1918 in Botetourt Co., Virginia.
+ 1301 iv.   Nellie Crouch, born 1920.
+ 1302 v.   Willie Crouch, born 1920.

      799. James Lewis9 Markham (William Nathaniel8, Christopher7, NATHANIEL E.6, JOHN5, ARTHUR4, ARTHUR3, THOMAS2, Thomas1) was born March 09, 1887 in Virginia, and died April 09, 1930 in Botetourt Co., Virginia. He married America Lacks Whorley August 01, 1910 in Botetourt Co., Virginia, daughter of H Whorley and Catherine ?. She was born March 04, 1887, and died May 19, 1948 in Pulaski, Virginia.

Notes for James Lewis Markham:
[Markham III.FTW]

James Lewis is buried in the Arcadia Cemetary beside his wife, America.

Notes for America Lacks Whorley:
[Markham III.FTW]

America had been married to a man named Mason before she married James Lewis. I believe that his name was Norwell Mason. She had three daughters from this marraige. One of these daughters, Sadie, also married into the Markham line - Alonzo "Son" Marshall Bryant, son of Mary Elizabeth Markham.
Papaw tells some interesting stories about "Grandma Markham" - like the time she hit Ray upside the head with a piece of a broken crock. Grandma Smith had borrowed a crock for making pickles in and Grandma Markham had come to get it. Ray was going to carry it but he had been drinking. America told him several times to leave it alone, that he would drop it. Well, he wouldn't leave it alone. He picked it up, dropped it, and broke it. Grandma Markham picked up a piece of it, said, "I told you to leave it alone!" and whacked him in the head with it. His head bled "all over the place". Grandma Markham was so mad that she took off walking across the field. Daddy said Ray had scars all over his head from falling down while he was drunk but the worst scar was the one Grandma Markham put there!
America Markham lived with Miles and Elois Markham Smith (her daughter) and their children, for several years until her death in about 1948. They lived in Pulaski, Virginia during the time she lived with them. She is buried beside James Lewis Markham in Arcadia Cemetary on Cemetary Rd. in Arcadia, VA.
Papaw says that her middle name is Missouri, while Brenda Marble says that her middle name is Lacks. I don't know, but I suspect that Papaw is correct because her marraige licence to Norwell Mason lists her name as America M. Whorley.
Children of James Markham and America Whorley are:
+ 1303 i.   Madeline V.10 Markham, born Abt. 1907.
  1304 ii.   Cobett Markham, born Abt. 1908. He married Unknown in Christiansburg, Virginia.
  1305 iii.   Ed Markham, born Abt. 1909.
  Notes for Ed Markham:
[Markham III.FTW]

Uncle Ed was good looking (according to Daddy) when he was younger. He worked steady all week but come Friday evening he would get dressed up, shine his shoes, and go out drinking for the whole weekend. Monday morning he would get up and go to work.
I remember Uncle Ed from family reunions. He would give me chewing tobacco if I promised not to tell Daddy and not to throw up in the car. What a guy!

+ 1306 iv.   Elois Catherine Markham, born May 14, 1910 in Arcadia, Virginia; died May 20, 1980 in Lynchburg, Virginia.
  1307 v.   Loretta Lee Markham, born June 18, 1912 in Roanoke County, Virginia; died March 03, 1994 in Arcadia, Va Maybe Lynchburg. She married (1) James Orvil Henery; born February 09, 1911; died January 28, 1998 in Arcadia, VA. She married (2) James Micheal Monroe October 14, 1929 in Lynchburg, Virginia.
  Notes for Loretta Lee Markham:
[Markham III.FTW]

Known as Aunt Billie

  Notes for James Orvil Henery:
[Markham III.FTW]

Known as Uncle Hank.
Navy vetran of World War II. Served in China.
Hank was well-loved by everyone who knew him.

  More About James Micheal Monroe:
Name 2: James Micheal Monroe

  1308 vi.   Cecil Ray Markham, born February 04, 1914.
+ 1309 vii.   Benjamin Clyde Markham, born Abt. 1915; died July 06, 1990 in West Virginia.

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