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My oldest known ancestor is John McDuell, Gentleman. He served
in King George IIIs Army in Suffolk county, England, in the
1790s. He was born May 10, 1763, and was married to Ann Bareton
on June 17, 1784 in Northshield, Ireland.

One of his sons was Robert McDuell, born Dec. 18, 1805, died
April 27, 1869. Robert married Julia Marie Staley in 1833.

His son, in my line, was William H. McDuell, my Great Grandfather.
He was born in 1870, & died in 1905, in Weaverton, Maryland.
William married Sarah Ann Garrott in 1867.

My Grandfather, John Mortimer McDuell, was born Jan. 25, 1870,
and married his first cousin, Anna Miller McDuell, in 1908 at
St. Luke's Chapel, Weaverton, Maryland. John Mortimer had 3 sons, one
of which, Robert Lee McDuell, was my father.

I am looking for information regarding the various lines of McDuells
from Great Britain, especially ancestors of John McDuell,
Gentleman. I have a framed Commission, dated 1798 by King George
III with the King's Seal, commissioning John to Quartermaster in the
King's Suffolk Regiment.

Any information on his ancestors or decendants would be greatly

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