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Ancestory of McLaughlin/Nowakowski Family

Timothy John Mc laughlin

304 Garden Terrace

Thomaston, GA 30286-3612

706 646 8361

Researching these surnames: McLaughlin, Anderson, Mehle, Johnson, Roen, Griep, Nowakowski, Potczak, Pilny, Talaga, Nowakowski MCLAUGHLIN (Minnesota/Wisconsin) James Mc Laughlin (McLoughlin) was born 7-14-1852 I beleive in Syracuse NewYork. He married a girl from Cork County Ireland. James had a son named Dennis Mc Laughlin (my Grand-father) married Marie Anderson and they had Dennis JR who married Mary, Lorraine, Norma (Nora) Dennis had 4 children which were given up for adoption around 1940 around Sheyboygan Wisconsin which we know nothing about. They also had Marie who maried Huey Leach. James who married Lorraine Siegworth. Burke who married Leona and Charles Everett (my father) who married Betty Jane Mehle. ANDERSON (Minnesota) Ragnild (Reginald) b. 1821 d. 1890 Valders Norway m. Guttorm ? b. 1821 d. 5/25/1895 Arne Anderson born 9/26/1846 Valders Norway died 5/1 1901 married Inger Marie Johnson born 7/15/1861died 10/31/1886 children Gunhild b. 7/22/1878 married name Lee?, Johanna Marie b. 7/14/1881 m. Dennis McLaughlin, Emma b. 2/6/1884 d. 2/4/1903 & Bertha b. 3/6/1886 m. Baker d. 5/26/1925 JOHNSON John Johnson Roen b. 8/17/1831 Valders Norway d. 2/1927 m. Beata(Bertha) Ellingson Gulbrand-Dalen Norway ?? b. 11/1909 GRIEP Herman and Wilhemena Griep (my great grand parents) came to the US from Germany in the early 1900's with some of their children Herman, Gustave, Emma, Anna, and Meta (my grand-mother) shortly after they arrived on the east coast they had twins Myrtle and Marion in 1906. Myrtle married Leonard Kimmel and Marion married Jack Beattie. Mildred was born 1908 and married Robert L. Dietrich . About 1918 they had their last child George Griep that married a Betty. MEHLE Paul Mehle born 1895 (my grand-father) married Meta (above) Paul had a brother named Otto. Otto married Mary Cronon which later married as Hamlin. Meta and Paul had Ethel born 1923 who married Harry Grow from Two Rivers Wisconsin. Darlene born 1936 married Cliff McCambridge from Wisconsin. Richard born 1919 who married Barbara Ann Wilson. Richard was shot deer hunting in 1954 in Eagle River Wisconsin. Robert Paul who married Virginia. Dorothy born 1921 married Arnold "Whitey" Mazurek. And my mother Betty Jane which married Charles Everett McLaughlin. OTHERS Rose Katheryn POTOCZAK born 7-11-1889 died 9-14-1983 John TALAGA born 2/7-abt 1884 died 2/1930 Stanislaus POTOCZAK ?? Anna PILNY married Stanislaus POTOCZAK. Felix and Stephanie NOWAKOWSKI

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