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Descendants of Ralph Shaw

      4937. Harrison10 Allen (Nancy Chandler9 Coffin, Ebenezer Moulton8, Joanna7 Moulton, Joanna6 Shaw, Ebenezer5, Caleb4, Joseph3, Roger2, Ralph1)20304 was born WFT Est. 1871-189920304, and died WFT Est. 1896-197820304. He married Florence Boyden20304 WFT Est. 1891-193620304. She was born WFT Est. 1871-190520304, and died WFT Est. 1896-198620304.

More About Harrison Allen and Florence Boyden:
Marriage: WFT Est. 1891-193620304
Children of Harrison Allen and Florence Boyden are:
  6289 i.   Stearns Boyden11 Allen, born Private.
  6290 ii.   Frederick Allen, born Private.
  6291 iii.   Beulah Allen, born Private.

      4938. Asbury James10 Allen (Nancy Chandler9 Coffin, Ebenezer Moulton8, Joanna7 Moulton, Joanna6 Shaw, Ebenezer5, Caleb4, Joseph3, Roger2, Ralph1)20304 was born March 1880 in Robinston, Washington, ME20304, and died June 10, 1951 in Wolcott, Lamoille, VT20304. He married Mamie C. Stevens20304 August 21, 1901 in Fairfax, Franklin, VT20304, daughter of Sydney Stevens and Effie Wilcox. She was born June 2, 1880 in Ascoda County, MI20304, and died December 30, 1967 in Morrisville, Lamoille, VT20304.

More About Asbury Allen and Mamie Stevens:
Marriage: August 21, 1901, Fairfax, Franklin, VT20304
Children of Asbury Allen and Mamie Stevens are:
+ 6292 i.   Evelyn Ruth11 Allen, born 1904; died January 3, 1955 in Queens, Queens, NY.
+ 6293 ii.   Chester Gordon Allen, born June 28, 1910 in Wolcott, Lamoille, VT; died January 10, 1997 in Craftsbury Common, Orleans, VT.
+ 6294 iii.   Barbara Helen Allen, born September 3, 1913 in Wolcott, Lamoille, VT; died April 1980 in Morrisville, Lamoille, VT.
+ 6295 iv.   Paul James Allen, born December 9, 1916 in Wolcott, Lamoille, VT; died June 27, 1978 in Wolcott, Lamoille, VT.
  6296 v.   Kathryn Elizabeth Allen, born Private. She married William Henry Benson Private; born Private.
  More About William Benson and Kathryn Allen:
Private-Begin: Private

+ 6297 vi.   Donald Steven Allen, born Private.
  6298 vii.   Hazel Marjourie Allen, born Private. She married (1) John Foran Private; born Private. She married (2) Howard Church Private; born Private.
  More About John Foran and Hazel Allen:
Private-Begin: Private

  More About Howard Church and Hazel Allen:
Private-Begin: Private

+ 6299 viii.   Doratha Mae Allen, born Private.
+ 6300 ix.   Robert Elmer Allen, born Private.
+ 6301 x.   Gertrude Frances Allen, born Private.

      4949. George Louis10 Kemp (Sarah Elizabeth9 Gilman, Almira8 Shaw, Enoch7, Sargent6, Ebenezer5, Caleb4, Joseph3, Roger2, Ralph1)20305 was born April 11, 1867 in Maine20305, and died February 3, 1937 in Portland, Cumberland, ME20305. He married Sadie Noyes20305 189120305. She was born June 16, 1873 in Dixfield, Oxford, ME20305, and died September 29, 1926 in Augusta, Kennebec, ME20305.

More About George Kemp and Sadie Noyes:
Marriage: 189120305
Children of George Kemp and Sadie Noyes are:
  6302 i.   George Nelson11 Kemp20305, born WFT Est. 1889-191520305; died WFT Est. 1890-198320305.
  6303 ii.   Alvin Louville Kemp20305, born March 2, 189220305; died WFT Est. 1893-198220305.
  6304 iii.   Olive Esma Kemp20305, born April 8, 189520305; died WFT Est. 1896-198920305.

      4950. John Nelson10 Kemp (Sarah Elizabeth9 Gilman, Almira8 Shaw, Enoch7, Sargent6, Ebenezer5, Caleb4, Joseph3, Roger2, Ralph1)20305 was born May 11, 1870 in Westbrook, Cumberland, ME20305, and died December 23, 1935 in Denver, Denver, CO20305. He married Daisy Johnson20305 August 20, 1904 in Golden, Jefferson, CO20305. She was born September 5, 1886 in Denver, Denver, CO20305, and died June 15, 1960 in Pueblo, Pueblo, CO20305.

More About John Kemp and Daisy Johnson:
Marriage: August 20, 1904, Golden, Jefferson, CO20305
Children of John Kemp and Daisy Johnson are:
+ 6305 i.   Jack Edward11 Kemp, born March 10, 1907 in Wray, Yuma, CO; died August 6, 1933 in Denver, Denver, CO.
  6306 ii.   Marguerite Beatrice Kemp20305,20306, born August 10, 1908 in Denver, Denver, CO20307,20308; died October 12, 1997 in Grand Junction, Mesa, CO20309,20310. She married Frank Ted O'Hara20311,20312 October 28, 1947 in Salida, Chaffee, CO20313; born April 16, 1905 in Moffat, Moffat, CO20313,20314; died April 1, 1969 in Salida, Chaffee, CO20315,20316.
  More About Marguerite Beatrice Kemp:
Social Security Number: 521-07-102120317

  More About Frank Ted O'Hara:
Social Security Number: 524-48-365220318

  More About Frank O'Hara and Marguerite Kemp:
Marriage: October 28, 1947, Salida, Chaffee, CO20319

+ 6307 iii.   William Joseph Kemp, born July 26, 1917 in Denver, Denver, CO; died January 20, 1960 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA.
+ 6308 iv.   Clara Elizabeth Kemp, born Private.
+ 6309 v.   Arthur Robert Kemp, born Private.
+ 6310 vi.   Janet Naomi Kemp, born Private.

      4953. Letta Jane10 Shaw (Nelson W.9, Sargent8, Enoch7, Sargent6, Ebenezer5, Caleb4, Joseph3, Roger2, Ralph1)20320 was born January 15, 1858 in Delaware Co., OH20320, and died September 7, 1942 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20320. She married Garry Waldo Meeker20320 October 2, 1880 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20320. He was born July 1859 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20320, and died November 28, 1917 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20320.

More About Garry Meeker and Letta Shaw:
Marriage: October 2, 1880, Columbus, Franklin, OH20320
Children of Letta Shaw and Garry Meeker are:
  6311 i.   Garry Raymond11 Meeker20320, born WFT Est. 1877-190520320; died WFT Est. 1883-198420320.
  6312 ii.   Victor H. Meeker20320,20321, born March 31, 1881 in Genoa Tp., Delaware Co., OH20322,20323; died January 196420323.
  More About Victor H. Meeker:
Social Security Number: 273-12-979220323

  6313 iii.   Child Meeker20324, born 1884 in Franklin Co., OH20324; died January 20, 1964 in Westerville, Franklin, OH20324.
  6314 iv.   Harriet Blanche Meeker20324, born 1887 in Franklin Co., OH20324; died July 28, 1947 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20324.
  6315 v.   Alice Meeker20324, born May 23, 1887 in Franklin Co., OH20324; died November 2, 196720324.
  6316 vi.   Joshua Van Brimmer Meeker20324, born October 19, 1889 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20324; died Aft. 1964 in San Diego, San Diego., CA20324.
  6317 vii.   George W. Meeker20324, born 1892 in Westerville, Franklin, OH20324; died Aft. 1955 in CA20324.
  6318 viii.   John J. Meeker20324, born August 23, 1895 in Westerville, Franklin, OH20324; died August 6, 1937 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20324.
  6319 ix.   Albert Prince Meeker20324,20325, born February 16, 1899 in Westerville, Franklin, OH20326,20327; died April 12, 1955 in Galena, Delaware, OH20328,20329.
  More About Albert Prince Meeker:
Social Security Number: 298-20-592520329

      4954. Jefferson Davis10 Shaw (Nelson W.9, Sargent8, Enoch7, Sargent6, Ebenezer5, Caleb4, Joseph3, Roger2, Ralph1)20330 was born 1862 in Delaware Co., OH20330, and died July 6, 1938 in Westerville, Franklin, OH20330. He married Martha Elizabeth Hennis20330 November 189720330. She was born January 9, 1874 in Sunbury, Delaware, OH20330, and died March 11, 1916 in Westerville, Franklin, OH20330.

More About Jefferson Shaw and Martha Hennis:
Marriage: November 189720330
Children of Jefferson Shaw and Martha Hennis are:
  6320 i.   Alice Mae11 Shaw20330, born August 29, 1898 in Delaware Co., OH20330; died Aft. 1991 in of Westerville, Franklin, OH20330.
  6321 ii.   Carl P. Shaw20330, born 1899 in Westerville, Franklin, OH20330; died WFT Est. 1900-1989 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH20330.
  6322 iii.   Byron A. Shaw20330,20331, born February 4, 1902 in Westerville, Franklin, OH20332,20333; died May 1979 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20334,20335.
  More About Byron A. Shaw:
Social Security Number: 288-10-701320335

  6323 iv.   Donald M. Shaw20336, born 1905 in Westerville, Franklin Co., OH20336; died May 15, 1958 in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH20336.
  Notes for Donald M. Shaw:
Social Security shows a Donald Shaw, 274-10-1242, born on September 6, 1905 who died April 1984 in Columbus, OH. This may or may not be the same individual.

  6324 v.   Oreon S. Shaw20336,20337, born August 28, 191020337; died May 26, 1984 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20338,20339.
  More About Oreon S. Shaw:
Social Security Number: 275-03-756420339

      4955. Lell A.10 Shaw (Nelson W.9, Sargent8, Enoch7, Sargent6, Ebenezer5, Caleb4, Joseph3, Roger2, Ralph1)20340 was born 1864 in Delaware Co., OH20340, and died 195320340. He married Charlotte Miller20340 December 15, 1887 in Delaware Co., OH20340. She was born November 12, 1872 in Delaware Co., OH20340, and died February 28, 1950 in Columbus, Franklin, OH20340.

More About Lell Shaw and Charlotte Miller:
Marriage: December 15, 1887, Delaware Co., OH20340
Children of Lell Shaw and Charlotte Miller are:
  6325 i.   Ethel E.11 Shaw20340, born WFT Est. 1886-191320340; died 196420340.
  6326 ii.   Lester Shaw20340,20341, born November 20, 1895 in Genoa Tp., Delaware, OH20342,20343; died May 196320344,20345.
  More About Lester Shaw:
Social Security Number: 300-30-873420345

  6327 iii.   Sarah Elizabeth Shaw20346, born January 3, 1898 in Genoa Tp., Delaware, OH20346; died December 29, 196920346.
  6328 iv.   Jennie Eokla Shaw20346, born September 24, 1899 in Galena, Delaware, OH20346; died October 9, 1989 in Galena, Delaware, OH20346.

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