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Ancestors of Velva Willie Stringer

Generation No. 6

      32. Josiah Stringer, born Abt. 1758 in North Carolina, USA449; died March 1837 in Lawrence Co., Mississippi, USA449. He married 33. Celia Davis Abt. 1782 in Edgecomb Co., North Carolina, USA.

      33. Celia Davis, born Abt. 1760 in North Carolina, USA450; died Abt. 1820 in Georgia, USA. She was the daughter of 66. Emory Davis and 67. Rachel ?.

Notes for Josiah Stringer:
His will is in Lawrence Co., MS-BNF

More About Josiah Stringer:
Burial: Unknown, Hepzibah Baptist Church, Lawrence Co., Mississippi, USA
Children of Josiah Stringer and Celia Davis are:
  i.   Emory Stringer, born in North Carolina, USA; died Unknown; married Polly Horn December 21, 1813; died Unknown.
  ii.   John Stringer, born in North Carolina, USA; died Unknown.
  16 iii.   Daniel Stringer, born Abt. 1788 in North Carolina, USA; died December 1855 in Thomas Co., Georgia, USA; married (1) Mariah Melly ? Abt. 1808 in Burke Co., Georgia, USA; married (2) Mary Layton April 21, 1839.
  iv.   Abner Stringer, died Unknown.
  v.   Noah Stringer, born Abt. 1798 in Georgia, USA; died Unknown; married Rebecca Warner Abt. January 29; died Unknown.
  vi.   Levi Stringer, born Abt. 1801 in Georgia, USA; died Unknown; married Mary Burckett; died Unknown.
  vii.   William Stringer, born Abt. 1802; died Unknown; married Frances Mikell December 02, 1823; died Unknown.
  viii.   Sarah Stringer, born Abt. 1809 in Georgia, USA; died Unknown; married Soloman Hargrove October 11, 1826; died Unknown.
  ix.   Nancy Stringer, born Abt. 1812; died Unknown; married Charles Sexton June 08, 1829; died Unknown.
  x.   Abba Stringer, born Abt. 1815 in Mississippi, USA; died Unknown; married Pleasant A. Harris June 25, 1833; died Unknown.
  xi.   Deborah Stringer, born Abt. 1816 in Mississippi, USA; died Unknown in Marshall?, Texas, USA; married L. H. Lipscomb; died Unknown.
  xii.   Josiah Franklin Stringer, born March 05, 1818 in Mississippi, USA; died Abt. 1877 in Columbia, Mississippi, USA; married Sarah Ann Burkett; died Unknown.

      36. Zachariah Hopson, born Abt. 1770 in Georgia, USA451; died Abt. 1848 in Tyler Co., Texas, USA. He married 37. Leander Granade November 18, 1805 in Warren Co., Georgia, USA451.

      37. Leander Granade, born in North Carolina, USA; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 74. John Granade.

Notes for Zachariah Hopson:
Number - 148; Grantee - Zachariah Hopson; Date of immigration to TX - 16 Dec 1839; Amount - 640 ac; Issued - 17 Dec 1839. Taken from Page 38, "The First Settlers of Sabine Co., TX" by Gifford White.

  Notes for Leander Granade:
Name is probably Leah Amanda
Children of Zachariah Hopson and Leander Granade are:
  i.   Warren A. Hopson451,452, born Abt. 1807 in Georgia, USA453; died Unknown; married Elizabeth Ferrell December 21, 1829 in Thomas Co., Georgia, USA454; born Abt. 1810 in North Carolina, USA455; died Unknown.
  18 ii.   William Greene Hopson, born Abt. 1808 in Georgia, USA; died December 25, 1845 in Georgia, USA; married Martha J. Ferrell September 18, 1828 in Thomas Co., Georgia, USA.
  iii.   Hardy C. Hopson456,457, born Abt. 1811 in Georgia, USA458,459; died Unknown in Tyler Co., Texas, USA460; married Susannah C. Watson July 27, 1837 in Thomas Co., Georgia, USA461; born Abt. 1821 in Georgia, USA462; died Unknown.
  iv.   Mary Hopson463,464, born Abt. 1812 in Georgia, USA465; died February 1859 in Polk Co., Texas, USA465; married (1) Luday C. Ferrell January 20, 1825 in Decatur Co., Georgia, USA465; born August 10, 1792 in Franklin Co., North Carolina, USA466; died January 21, 1836 in Decatur Co., Georgia, USA467,468; married (2) Owen Montgomery Owens July 11, 1839 in Leon Co., Florida, USA469; died Unknown.
  v.   Edmond J. Hopson469,470, born Abt. 1814 in Georgia, USA470; died Abt. 1886 in Tyler Co., Texas, USA471; married Mariah Fiveash December 29, 1836 in Thomas Co., Georgia, USA472; born Abt. 1814 in Georgia, USA473; died Unknown.

      38. Ansel Ferrell474, born September 14, 1762 in Bute Co., North Carolina, USA475; died November 08, 1846 in Leon Co., Florida, USA476. He was the son of 76. Unknown Ferrell and 77. Sarah Ferrell. He married 39. Charity Hammons Abt. 1783477.

      39. Charity Hammons478, born September 25, 1766478; died February 21, 1839478. She was the daughter of 78. Jesse Hammonds and 79. Charity Alford.

Notes for Ansel Ferrell:
The Following Obituary & Will was taken from this Web Page:

THE FLORIDIAN, 28 November 1846 (Reference: Thanks to Jim Johnson)

Died in Leon County on the 8th of November 1846 Ansel Ferrell Sr. aged 84 years 1 month and 24 days.

The deceased was a native of North Carolina. He served with the militia of that State in the revolutionary war, and was at the battles of Guilford Court House and Eutaw Springs, where he was slightly wounded. He was also at the taking of Brown's Fort in Augusta, at the capture of a house known as the Widow Mott's and of a Fort on the Congaree, and was engaged in the course of the long struggle in various other expeditions against the English and Indians. He lived through the gloomiest days of the Republic, and poured out his blood that his posterity might be free. He survived long enough to see star after star appear upon the banner of the glorious old Thirteen, and his country powerful and prosperous at home and respected abroad; and he could say with old Simeon,"Lord let they servant now depart in peace."


Thomas County, Georgia

Know all persons whom it may concern that I, Ansel Ferrell of the State & County of aforesaid,after paying all my just debts,for the good will and affection that I have toward my loving son,John M Ferrell,being crippled and by poordanes rendered incapable of laboring for his support,do voluntarily and freely give to my loving son, John M Ferrell,absolutely without any means of consideration,the lot of land and plantation where I now live.Also,my two Negro slaves by name, man Dick,woman Jinny,also my plantation tools,also my household and kitchen furniture,also my stock of cattle and stock of hogs to safely and peaceable hold the above described property absolutely without any manner of reservation to my beloved son John M Ferrell and his Lawful heirs to his and their only use and behoof in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 7th. day of October in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty four.
Signed,Sealed and Delivered.

Ansel Ferrell ( A F )

in presence of wit;
Susan E Dickey
Shadrack E Dickey,J P

Entered this 24th May 1836
F.P.W. Atkinson Hansel R Sward,C S

Will 1: October 07, 1834, Written+Recorded Thomas co.,GA. May 24, 1836, Probated

More About Ansel Ferrell:
Burial: Unknown, Strickland-Ferrell, Leon Co., Florida, USA479,480
Military service: Rev. War soldier, North Carolina Militia481

More About Charity Hammons:
Burial: Unknown, Strickland-Ferrell, Leon Co., Florida, USA482
Children of Ansel Ferrell and Charity Hammons are:
  i.   Elizabeth Ferrell483, born June 13, 1785 in Franklin Co., North Carolina, USA484; died June 27, 1861 in Leon Co., Florida, USA485; married Alsey Strickland Abt. 1823486; died March 13, 1857487.
  More About Alsey Strickland:
Burial: Unknown, Leon Co., Florida, USA488

  ii.   Hutchins Ferrell489, born January 22, 1787 in Franklin Co., North Carolina, USA490; died July 27, 1841 in Thomas Co., Georgia, USA490; married Celea Millie Morgan; died Unknown.
  iii.   Burton Ferrell491, born November 08, 1789492; died July 15, 1836493
  iv.   Luday C. Ferrell494, born August 10, 1792 in Franklin Co., North Carolina, USA495; died January 21, 1836 in Decatur Co., Georgia, USA496,497; married Mary Hopson January 20, 1825 in Decatur Co., Georgia, USA498; born Abt. 1812 in Georgia, USA498; died February 1859 in Polk Co., Texas, USA498.
  v.   Benjamin Ferrell499, born September 25, 1795 in Franklin Co., North Carolina, USA500; died June 12, 1851 in Wakulla Co., Florida, USA501; married Frankey Barfield Strickland Abt. 1820502; died Unknown.
  vi.   Jabez Ferrell503, born October 12, 1798 in Franklin Co., North Carolina, USA504; died November 01, 1866 in Thomas Co., Georgia, USA505; married Harriett Willis Abt. 1830506; died Unknown.
  vii.   William Ferrell507, born March 29, 1802508; died August 29, 1842509
  viii.   John M. Ferrell510, born October 30, 1804511; died Unknown.
  ix.   Sally Ann Ferrell512, born October 30, 1804513; died Unknown.
  19 x.   Martha J. Ferrell, born February 23, 1810 in North Carolina, USA; died March 28, 1887 in San Augustine Co., Texas, USA; married William Greene Hopson September 18, 1828 in Thomas Co., Georgia, USA.

      48. Thomas Mills514, died Unknown. He married 49. Sarah Thomas.

      49. Sarah Thomas514,515, died Bef. May 01, 1837 in Newberry Dist., South Carolina, USA. She was the daughter of 98. Nehemiah Thomas and 99. Abbigal ?.

More About Thomas Mills:
Occupation: Blacksmith516

  Notes for Sarah Thomas:

State of South Carolina () I Sarah Mills of the District of New-
Newberry District () berry in the State of South Carolina
Do make and publish this my last will and Testament hereby re-
volking and making void all former Wills by me at any time here-
tofore made. And first I direct that my Body be committed to
the dust in a reasonable time after my Decease, and my funeral
Expences paid. My soul I commit to the mercies of Almight God
and as to such Worldly Estate as it hath pleased God to give me
I dispose of as follows. Having already disposed by sale of
the most of my Goods there remains but little to be sold.
What there is remaining I wish sold with the exception of a Ri-
Fle Gun which I give and bequeath to my son John, and hereby
charge my Executor to convey to him.
The amount of funds arising from the sale of the remaining
part of my substance as [the (marked out)] well as the amount of Notes and
cash remaining on hands which is now about nine Hundred Dol-
lars I desire to be equally devided share and share alike be-
tween all my Children, [forgiving from my heart those who have caus-
ed me trouble.(marked out)]. Excepting however my daughter Fatima Atkins, who
I cut off without anything.
Lastly I do hereby appoint my friend Thomas Frean Executor of
this my last Will and Testament
In witnefs whereof I Sarah Mills the Testator have to this my
Will Written on one sheet of paper set my hand and seal this
Sixth day of February in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight
Hundred and thiry seven )( The erasure above was done before
Signed sealed published and
Acknowledged before us as the last            Sarah Mills (L.S.)
will & testament of
Sarah Mills

Richard S. Cannon
Thomas Jones
W Muckle

Recorded in Will Book "M" Pages 513-514.
Proved May 1st, 1837.
Recorded April 24th, 1839.
W. Wilson Ordinary Newberry District.
Box No. 63. Pkg. No.158. Est. No. 1665.

Children of Thomas Mills and Sarah Thomas are:
  i.   Mary Mills517, born September 29, 1793518; died Aft. 1880518; married Archibald Todd; born November 12, 1789 in Ireland518; died August 08, 1871 in Limestone Co., Alabama, USA518.
  ii.   Abigail Mills, born October 01, 1799 in South Carolina, USA519; died January 20, 1845519; married John Harp November 24, 1817 in South Carolina, USA519; died Unknown.
  iii.   Sarah Mills520, born August 24, 1812 in Newberry Dist., South Carolina, USA521,522; died November 24, 1896 in Lauderdale Co., Alabama, USA523; married Joseph Joshua Hendrix December 23, 1830 in Newberry Dist., South Carolina, USA523; born November 26, 1809 in Newberry Dist., South Carolina, USA524,525; died March 03, 1897 in Lauderdale Co., Alabama, USA526.
  More About Sarah Mills:
Burial: Unknown, Romine, Rogersville, Lauderdale Co., Alabama, USA527

  More About Joseph Joshua Hendrix:
Burial: Unknown, Romine, Rogersville, Lauderdale Co., Alabama, USA527

  iv.   John Mills528, died Unknown.
  24 v.   Nehemiah Thomas Mills, born Aft. 1775 in South Carolina, USA; died Unknown; married Ann? Fletcher? Bef. 1812.
  vi.   Jacob Mills, died Unknown.
  vii.   Fatima Mills528, died Unknown; married Jerome Adkins; died Unknown.

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