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Ancestors of Roscoe Clinton Myers

      38. Gilbert Vaught, born 1756 in Hagerstown, Washington County, MD296,297; died 15 Jul 1832 in Muhlenberg County, KY. He was the son of 76. Christian*~ Vaught, Sr and 77. Hannah Crum. He married 39. Mary Martin 1777 in Pennsylvania.

      39. Mary Martin, born Abt. 1753 in Derry Township, Mifflin County, PA298,299; died 1814 in Muhlenberg County, KY. She was the daughter of 78. Johann Eberhard* Martin and 79. Jacobenia Elizabeth* Wunderlich.

Notes for Gilbert Vaught:
The "History of Muhlenberg County" contains a photo of a "wolf sculp" cert ificate issued to Gilbert Vaught by John Vaught and dated August, 1808.


Re: Elizabeth Vaught

Notes from Jean Rhoads Camas.


I have always believed that Elizabeth Vought Rhoads was the daughter of Gilbert Vought and Mary Martin. I had several reasons:

1)She named her first son 'Gilbert Vaught Rhoads.'

2)Gilbert Vought, Sr., is buried in Sears Cemetery right at the fo ot of my 3gr. grandfather Barnabas W. Rhoads who, I suspected, as Gilbert 's grandson.

3) I have dug for everything I could find regarding Gilbert VOUGHT and fou nd that he came (with John, who seemed to be his brother and was later con firmed) from Elk Lick Township in Somerset County, PA, where Henry and mo st of the other Rhoadses came from and they came about the same time th at Henry Rhoads and other Rhoadses came to Kentucky. (It does not appea r, however, that John Vought ever lived in Elk Lick Township, Somerset Coo unty, PA. Perhaps before coming to Muhlenberg County he and his wife, Eliz abeth MARTIN VOUGHT, stayed behind in Mifflin County to be near Elizabeth 's mother.)

Gilbert Vought was a soldier in the Revolutionary War in Pennsylvania, a nd I wanted to prove his relationship to Elizabeth so that I could get rec ognition for him in the DAR, but no actual proof exists that I know of. F irst, Elizabeth predeceased Gilbert. Second, Gilbert left no will, unli ke his brother, John, who left a lovely will naming every one of his child ren. It was to he concluded, therefore, that other young adults in the co unty at that time were possibly the children of Gilbert and Mary Vought a nd that possibility had to be explored.

Gilbert sold some acreage to Simeon Vaught who is believed to be his son ( he was not listed as John's son!). Finally, he "sold" all his remaining l and to Gilbert C. VAUGHT and Moses F. Glenn (husband of his youngest daugh ter-- Mary M. Vaught) with the stipulation that they care for him, givi ng him housing, food, etc. for as long as he wished to stay with them.

For the first time then, I saw that David and Elizabeth had another son be fore they had Gilbert, and he is called "Simon Vought Rhoads," born Janua ry 1802, so then I wondered who was "Simon Vought?" I even wonder ed if he was her father instead of Gilbert; however, she did name her fir st daughter "Mary M." and I believe that was "Mary Martin" after her mothe r. That would be according to the naming practices of the time. Incident ally, the first boy should have been named "Henry" after David's father; b ut since they did not do that, perhaps Simon was named after Elizabeth's u ncle who was killed by Indians while serving in Pennsylvania in the Revolu tionary War. The second son was named GILBERT VOUGHT RHOADS, and accordi ng to tradition that shows "Gilbert Vought" is, indeed, the father of Eliz abeth Vought.

I began suspecting last year (1994) that Gilbert and John VOUGHT had marri ed sisters. That fact has been verified with documents. They are the dau ghters of Johann Eberhart and Jacobena Elizabeth MARTIN of Mifflin Count y, Pennsylvania. The list of Elizabeth and David's children was obtained f rom a secondary source, a published source with no documentation given. S omewhere out there may be an old bible, or perhaps it fell apart and was d iscarded. ---Jeff Murphy Database
http://www.genealogy-orgt-smcgee/cgi-bin/genweb.cgi/DB--uftuphy/INDE ... / ?Lookuplntema

Subj: Gilbert Vaught, father of Elizabeth Vaught
Date:2/14/01 11:10:32 AM Central Standard Time (Jean Camas)

Dear Ron,

I just viewed your 1999 response to a Vaught inquiry online, as follows:

>I have a Gilbert C. Vaught, b. 1797, d. 1857, both in Muhlenberg Co. His
father was
> Gilbert Fite Vaught 1756-1832, b. in MD. See "Two
Centuries of Brothers Valley" by
> Austin Cooper for more on these Vaughts.

You posted that over a year ago, and perhaps you already are aware of this ,
BUT the "Fite" you show as part of Gilbert Sr.'s name is totally arroneous .
The lady who started that has been convinced of the error and has withdraw n
her conclusion that this man was somebody else. Meanwhile, I have seen th e
"Fite" in a couple places. Hope everybody gets it straight. Genealogy is
difficult enough without having people go astray because of posted errors.

Jean in Long Island NY (gggg granddaughter of Gilbert Vaught, Sr.)

Vaught, Gilbert KY MUHLENBERG CO. 1800 TAX LIST

Viaght, W. C. KY MUHLENBERG CO. 385 1810 00000-0010000
Vickers, Joseph KY MUHLENBERG CO. 394 1810 10100-1210110
Vought, Abraham KY MUHLENBERG CO. 407 1810 30101-1001000
Vought, Gilbert KY MUHLENBERG CO. 390 1810 01101-1200100
Vought, John KY MUHLENBERG CO. 407 1810 00100-0010000
Vright, Simon KY MUHLENBERG CO. 389 1810 03001-0100100

Name State County Location Page Year Age Sex Age Ranges Census Type
Vought, Elizabeth KY MUHLENBERG CO. 136 1820
Vought, Gilbert KY MUHLENBERG CO. 140 1820
Vought, John KY MUHLENBERG CO. 136 1820
Vought, Simeon KY MUHLENBERG CO. 136 1820

Vaught, Elizabeth KY MUHLENBERG CO. 090 1830
Vaught, Francis S. KY MUHLENBERG CO. 095 1830
Vaught, Simeon KY MUHLENBERG CO. 090 1830

4. Gilbert VAUGHT was born in 1756 in Hagarstown, Maryland. Researcher Je an Rhoads Camas He died on Jul 15 1832 in Muhlenberg Coun ty, Kentucky. Gilbert and Mary Vought were among the more than 100 peop le who followed Capt. Henry Rhoads from Somerset County, Pa. to Kentuck y. Gilbert went to Kentucky and was soon joined by John Vought who was pre sumed to be his brother, as they appeared to be the same generation.

Gilbert and John Vought appear in the 1780 tax lists of Cumberland Count y, Derry Township, Pa.

Gilbert also appears at one time as a Revolutionary soldier with the Pen n. Militia from Elk Lick Township, Somerset County, Pa.

Gilbert Vought was active in various areas in Muhlenberg County, Kentuck y, and his name appears in the "History of Muhlenberg County" by Rother t. His name appears often in court records, as he was appointed guardi an of the minor children of Joseph and Elizabeth Rhoads when they di ed in 1799. As of 7/95 his relationship to those children was unknown, oth er than the fact that Joseph Rhoads was the uncle of Gilberts son-in-la w, David Rhoads.

Muhlenberg County Book of Court Orders, March 23, 1801, Gilbert Vought cla imed right to 298 acres on Pond Creek.

Gilbert Vought is buried in Sears Cemetary, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Contributed by: Jean Rhoads Camas.

JRC References: Pennsylvania Archives Books.
Tax Lists of Kentucky and Pennsylvania 1780 and 1790
"History of Muhlenberg County" by Rothert
Muhlenberg County censuses 1810, 1820, 1830
Muhlenberg County cemetary records
Muhlenberg County book of Wills and Administrations

He was married to Mary MARTIN abtt. 1778 in Pennnsylvania. Mary MARTIN di ed in 1814 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. She was born UNKNOWN in Derry Townshi p, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. Mary Martin was the daughter of Eberha rd Martin and Jacobenia Elizabeth. According to the will in the Mifflin Co unty Courthouse, Lewistown, Pa. proved on February 20, 1784, Eberhard Mart in (of Derry Township, Cumberland County, Pa.) -- son, Christopher was exe cutor and received all of his land. Other heirs and recipients from will a re: daughter, Barbara, daughter, Mary (married to Gilbert Vought), daughte r, Elizabeth (married to John Vought), daughter, Rachel.

Mary Martin Vought is buried in Sears Cemetary, Muhlenberg County, Kentuck y.

Contributed by: Jean Rhoads Camas Gilbert VAUGHT and Ma ry MARTIN had the following children:

+34 i. Isaac VAUGHT.
+35 ii. Elizabeth VAUGHT.
+36 iii. Simeon VAUGHT.
+37 iv. Hannah VAUGHT.
+38 v. Gilbert C. VAUGHT.
+39 vi. Mary Martin VAUGHT.

Rhoads, Daniel and Catherine
Gilbert Vought's Account

Gilbert Vought guardian, to Dan'l Rhoads & Catharine Rhoads, orphans of
Joseph Rhoads dec'd return that he has received no effects or money
belonging to said wards since last August.

August 17th 1807
Gilbert Vought, Guardian

Muhlenberg County Sct.
July term 1807

The above account was produced in court which being examined and allowed
is ordered to be recorded
Att. Chas. F. Wing
Submitted by Vera Burnham
Source Muhlenberg Co. Will Book 1 Page 77

1810 Muhlenberg County Kentucky Census
p 296

Gilbert Vaught

More About Gilbert Vaught:
Burial: 1832, Sears Cemetery, Muhlenberg County, KY
Census: 1790, ?
Civic: 23 Jul 1799, Appointed to the first grand jury in Muhlenberg County300
Guardian: 1799, Of children of Joseph & Elizabeth Rhoads301
Migration: Bet. 1780 - 1789, To Logan (now Muhlenberg County), Ky
Military: Abt. 1776, American Revolution, Pennsylvania Militia, Elk Lick Township, Somerset Co.301,302
Property: 23 Mar 1801, Claims right to 298 acres on Pond Creek303
Residence: 1780, Derry Township, Cumberland Co, PA304
Rhoads Migration: 1785
Surname Variant: Vought
Tax Roll: 1780, Derry Township, Cumberland Co, PA305

More About Mary Martin:
Burial: 1814, Sears Cemetery, Muhlenberg County, KY
Property: 1784, Inherited 50 acres from father's will
Rhoads Migration: 1785
Children of Gilbert Vaught and Mary Martin are:
  19 i.   Elizabeth Vaught, born 29 Mar 1779 in Lancaster County, PA; died 01 Nov 1822 in Muhlenberg County, KY; married David Rhoads 02 Dec 1798 in Logan County, KY.
  ii.   Simeon Vaught306, born Abt. 1781 in Pennsylvania; died 1845 in Muhlenberg County, KY; married Elizabeth Zimmerman Dec 1799 in Muhlenberg County, KY.
  Notes for Simeon Vaught:

A History of Kentucky Baptists, From 1769 to 1885, by J. H. Spencer, 1886,
Reprinted by Church History and Archives, 1976, Lafayette, TN. Gasper
River Association. Logan County.

SIMEON VAUGHT succeeded Thomas Downs, as clerk of Hazle Creek church, in
1814, and filled that position till 1836. He was a messenger from his
church to Gasper River Association, at least twenty-three times. Late in
life, the good old brother was ordained to the ministry, and although
possessing small talent, doubtless accomplished some good in the Master's
vineyard. He was pastor of Nelson Creek church, a short time, including
the year 1837.

Vaught Downs

  Notes for Elizabeth Zimmerman:

Will of Elizabeth Vaught

Vaught, Elizabeth
In the name of God Amen. I Elizabeth Vaught being weak in body but of sou nd memory, do on the 2nd day of October 1843, make this my last will & tes tament. As follows to wit. I give & bequeath to my grandchildren the hei rs of Francis S. Vaught, namely John S. Vaught, William M. Vaught, Susan V aught and Elizabeth Vaught all my property now in the hands of Franc is S. Vaught my agent to divide among them as they may think but for the ir own satisfaction. In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & sea l. Signed Sealed and delivered in the presents of Simeon Vaught, Simon Vau ght. Signed Elizabeth Vaught
Muhlenberg County Qt, February County Court 1844. The foregoing last wi ll & testament of Elizabeth Vaught deceased was exhibited into court & pro ved to be the last will & testament of the said Elizabeth Vaught by the Oa ths of Simeon Vaught and Simon Vaught. Subscribing witnesses thereto whi ch is ordered to be recorded. Att. Ch.F.Wing Clk.
Submitted by Dorann O'Neal Lam Source: Muhlenberg County KY Will Bo ok 3, p. 59

  iii.   Hannah Vaught, born 30 Apr 1781 in Pennsylvania; died 1842 in Muhlenberg County, KY; Stepchild; married Elias Guess Smith, Sr Jan 1802 in Muhlenberg County, KY; died Abt. 1830 in Muhlenberg County, KY.
  Notes for Hannah Vaught:

37. Hannah VAUGHT was born on Apr 30 1781 in Pennnsylvania. She died in 18 49 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. On March 03, 1830, Hannah appeared befo re the Justice of the Peace, Solomon Rhodes, to swear her husband, Eli as G. Smith, dec'd. did voluntarily give all his estate to his son, Willi am B. Smith. Simeon Vaught (Hannah's brother) appeared with her to give oa th.

Contributed by: Jean Rhoads Camas

She was married to Elias Guess SMITH (son of Peter SMITH) in Jan 1801 in M uhlenberg County, Kentucky. Hannah VAUGHT and Elias Guess SMITH had the fo llowing children:

120 i. Rachel S. SMITH died in 1801. She was born on Sep 7 1801.
121 ii. Jesse W. SMITH was born on Feb 15 1803. He died in 1834.
+122 iii. Martha V. SMITH.
123 iv. William B. SMITH was born on Mar 22 1807. He died in Feb 1882.
+124 v. George L. SMITH.
125 vi. Willis S. SMITH was born on Feb 3 1811.
+126 vii. John Everett Vaught SMITH.
127 viii. Louisa S. SMITH was born on Jul 27 1815. She died in Jan 1832.
+128 ix. Sisera B. SMITH.
+129 x. Elias Guess, Jr. SMITH.
130 xi. Elizah F. SMITH was born on Aug 28 1822.
131 xii. Mary E. SMITH was born on Mar 8 1827.

  More About Hannah Vaught:
Burial: Sears Cemetery
Lineage: May be the d/o Christian and Hannah Vaught

  iv.   Gilbert C. Vaught306, born 30 Apr 1797 in Muhlenberg County, KY; died 15 Jul 1857 in Muhlenberg County, KY; married Mary Adams 15 Aug 1839 in Muhlenberg County, KY.
  More About Gilbert C. Vaught:
Burial: Sears Cemetery

  v.   Mary Martin Vaught, born 31 Aug 1799 in Muhlenberg County, KY; died 02 Jan 1884 in Muhlenberg County, KY; married Moses Ferguson Glenn 05 Jun 1827 in Muhlenberg County, KY; born 26 May 1791 in Nicholas County, KY; died 08 Mar 1869 in Muhlenberg County, KY.
  More About Mary Martin Vaught:
Burial: Sears Cemetery

  vi.   Isaac Vaught306, born in Pennsylvania; died 1818 in Muhlenberg County, KY; married Nancy Evans 24 Dec 1812 in Muhlenberg County, KY.
  More About Isaac Vaught:
Burial: Sears Cemetery, Muhlenberg County, KY

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